Wonderbra - Shattered poster glass - print, Germany

Wonderbra, via Publicis Frankfurt, would like to inform us that with the wonderbra you do not only get a nice lift but also a rock hard chest that can shatter glass. I didn't know this was something to strive for, but I guess glass-shatteringly strong boobs could come in handy if you're a cat burglar or something. Maybe use them for self defense? "You looking at my cleavage? Huh? That THAT! *bang! boom" pow!*" Yeah, that could work.
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Can you guess the movie title from just one letter?

Do you have what it takes? Are you a font nerd and a movie buff? Or simply a movie poster design addict?


Heineken / ESPN Fantasy Draft Week - Draft Picks (2008) :30 (USA)

test pattern books

Book Warehouse -Test Pattern - print, Canada

Congratulations to TBWA Vancouver for being the winners of the 2008 Lotus Awards in the category "Best POP single" with this sleek looking test pattern ad.


Damn Tasty New York Pizza - Kantoor / Office - (2008) :30 (The Netherlands)

Damn Tasty New York Pizza - Kantoor / Office - (2008) :30 (The Netherlands)

It's like a scene from Scarface, where this guy snorts a giant pile of the white stuff.


Bernie Mac is Dead?

So a rumour was started earlier this week saying Bernie Mac had died after being hospitalized with pneumonia - and then it was denied by his agent. But now Bernie mac is dead says the Chicago Sun Times Obituary. See also: Cicago Tribune, and TMZ that both report Bernie Mac died this morning.
Bernie Mac is known as the King of Comedy - but here in Adland, we know him best from the "Nike The Chosen one" commercial from 2003.
R.I.P. Bernie... 50 years is way too young. What if Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson all bought the farm tomorrow (they all turn 50 this year) wouldn't that be a shocker.

Nike - LeBron "King" James - Passion / The Chosen One (2003) - 0:60 (USA)


Greenpeace - Light Bulbs / Owl, Firefly, Moth - poster, Romania

Scala JWT Bucharest brings us this lighbulb-propaganda from Greenpeace.

The line reads;
Unlike normal light bulbs, the economic bulbs save up to 80% more energy.
- If nature could act for itself, what would it choose?


Save the Kinder Egg - Überraschungs Ei Simpsons campaign - print, Germany

When Lukas Lidemann Rosinski, Germany, made this campaign their only goal was to draw attention to the special promo with the Kinder surprise egg & the Simpsons. But now the Kinder Egg itself is threatened by a ban, so I hope they're working on a "save the kinder egg" campaign.

Nasty surprise for children as Germans plan Kinder egg ban

The children's committee of the German parliament, which is responsible for introducing legislation, fears children might mistake the toys contained in the eggs for food and swallow them. Critics have also said that mixing toys and food is not helpful when trying to teach children the value of good nutrition.
The same committee meeting proposed a law requiring the paper in school books to be lighter to reduce the health risk of heavy schoolbags.


PETA reaches now lows of tacky, tasteless and just plain mean.

In their most tasteless effort yet to squeeze themselves the news on the tails of real tragedy PETA compares bus decapitation to animal slaughters. "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals submitted an ad for publication in the Portage Daily Graphic this week that compared the murder of Tim McLean, 22, to the "needless killing" of chickens, cows and pigs in "factory farms."" Yeah, because when a dude on a greyhound bus decapitates and cannibalizes another rider, I think of chickens.


Molson Canadian - in Bar posters / Unwritten rules - print, Canada

Ad agency, Zig Toronto. I don't get it, so I guess I'm neither Canadian, nor a man. Oh wait, that's totally correct.