Scorpion Helmets - "Sweat" - 2009 :45 (USA)

This is a spec commercial created for my director's reel and was eventually used by the client Scorpion.
Roger Feldman from Marshall Advertising wrote the spot as a beach setting that I eventually adapted to a '50s gas station scene.

Following up on the earlier post

OK, I'll admit to some mixed feelings about the U.S.'s health care reform. But the Obama as Joker Socialist poster just baffled me. Really, it just seemed like a lame mashing together of some outdated memes … so what am I supposed to be getting out of this? That our president is a Socialist? Or he's going to make me lie down in acid as he … cripes, people, if you're going to mount an opposition, get your act (and your message) together.

Anyway, it's all been revealed.