Swimsuit Issue? What Swimsuit Issue?

Some would say the attitude toward media in the United States has taken a decidedly conservative shift. Howard Stern would probably say that. So would Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake. Abercrombie & Fitch, too. Others. Now, Sports Illustated is giving subscribers the chance to opt out of the annual swimsuit issue. They say it has nothing to do with the chill in the media air.


Embracing Real Beauty (part 2)

I had a chance to speak with Guy Gould-Davies, one of the planners who worked on the hair care part of the Dove campaign. He told me that as the manifesto for Dove was being formed and the UK executions were going out in front of the public, the team at Ogilvy in Chicago was given the task of creating a campaign for Dove hair care products.


Embracing Real Beauty (Updated)

Soap. It's considered a parity product. But Dove doesn’t see itself as such. "In 1957, Dove® Beauty Bar was born. What made it different from other soap cleansers? It really wasn't soap at all. It used mild, non-soap ingredients, plus 1/4 moisturizing cream, so it didn't dry our skin like soap. This was a unique combination and the first of its kind." This Dove bar brand heritage was the basis for the Dove mandate, which started about 2 1/2 years ago- that as the company started to create new products (deodorant, hair care, etc), "any product Dove comes out with must go back to the idea of the Dove bar".


Another year added to the Super Bowl Commercial Archive

January 16 1972 was the 6th Super Bowl, and whaddya know now we have some of the 1972 Super Bowl VI commercials in the ever-growing Claymore Project, the Super-Bowl-o-rama collection. So while we wait for Feb 6th and Super Bowl XXXIX to roll around and be added to our collection, you can walk down memory lane to back when Pabst still ran lifestyle TV commercials.
Thirty one years of Super Bowl commercials are now available in the archive - no other collection on the web is this complete, so if you are an ad-nut welcome to our one stop shopping ad archive. ;)


Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Quietest Tsunami Donor Of Them All?

Remember back in 2000 when Philip Morris ran those nauseatingly transparent spots taking credit for the good it was doing for flood victims and battered women? And what did they get for their $100 million? Well, I don't think I'm sticking my neck out here when I say that all the allied bombers in World War 2 took less flak than PM. Now comes the tsunami. Have companies learned a lesson? For the most part, they have. The question is, have they gone too far this time?


Opel Tigra launch Holland, Opel gets Bendy

Opel launches a online viral commercial as a pre-launch for their Pan European TV campaign.
In the viral commercial Opel promotes it's new Tigra TwinTop in a funny way. A guy so hilarious about his new car starts to do crazy stuff all the way to the men's room. The commercial was produced by McCann Erickson and MRM Partners (www.mrmworldwide.com ) and the wordwide tracking of the campaign is done with viraltracker (www.viraltracker.net ).


VW Polo viral - the punchline kills. (uk)

The punchline will kill you.

(Scroll down to view the spot.)

Rumour Mill Update: As predicted, this volatile viral has been flagged as a fake at this time. However, if previous and similar events are any indication, the story will morph before it runs its course.

Rumour Mill Update 2: If you go to http://www.leeanddan.com and click on "Virals", then click on "Playstation", a "Volkswagan" (sic) link appears above it, but doesn't appear to go anywhere at this time (8:51pm Central). So... current buzzy status is now set at Spec Viral or True Viral.


Everything you wanted to know about RSS but were afraid to ask.

There is a new e-book in town, this one covers RSS in depth from a publishers/marketeers point of view, and you can pick it up over at MarketingStudies.net right now.

The book, Unleash the power, covers all aspects of RSS, how to make your feed, RSS vs Mailinglists, how to promote it, how to use it. The author Rok Hrastnik has picked the brains of 30 odd people, marketers, publishers, RSS developers, consultants, yours truly included, so that you don't have to.


St. Jude Children's Research Hospital - Robin Williams (2004) 0:30 (USA)

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital - Robin Williams  (2004) 0:30 (USA)

Robin makes us smile.


RSS Book "everything you wanted to know about RSS but were afraid to ask"

There is a new e-book in town ad we're in it, if you buy the tomb about RSS called "Unleash the Power" you'll learn more about RSS than you thought possible.