The Official AdLand Advertising Tutorial: Part Five - Account Executives

It's baaack! The AdLand Tutorial Series took a bit of a break but returns for the first time in 2006 with tips for Account Executives. Because they need all the help they can get.

Professors: Leslie Burns-Dell'Acqua, John Backman, J. Goldman, Jesper Hansen, Åsk Dabitch, Clayton T. Claymore, Steve Hardy (in no particular order)

And remember kids, An AE is like a toaster, capable of tastefully toasting a concept, or burning it to a crisp.


The AXE mousepad stunt - not very clever after all.

We got that AXE mouse pad thing sent to us Wednesday night, you might have seen it already since most ad blogs already published the picture last week. It The tardyness of telling us about it reminded me a bit of high school, where my petite size would make me be picked last for basketball. That same lack of height ensured that the opposing team never saw me coming. ;)
But I digress, there's an interesting rationale behind the Axe "feel her up" mouse pad, read inside for the thoughts behind this rather risque ambient ad.

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Bless the Portuguese!

Portuguese chest-pounding patriotism might be the reason we found the Battle Of the Ad Blogs mentioned in print in the Portuguese trade press. No wonder so many .pt's were voting!

Thanks to Hidden Persuader, I now have scans of these rags, to add to our press scrap book. and Hidden were the countrymen that the press wanted to rustle up some votes for. Neat!

Oh, and while I'm on the subject - I have yet to get the Tee's in all shapes and sizes back from the silk screeners. So sorry this is taking much longer than I thought. But it'll come!


Sending your Ad Samurai to battle

Hey, after a year of viewing I just realised I could post articles. Who said reading FAQ's was useless!!

For all of us convinced that advertising is war, Yomiko Advertising in Japan has finally given us our own little advertising samurai army to control. As the Creative Director on a pitch, your decisions impact the many soldiers under your command.

To advertise the latest shoulder carried vehicle (circa 16th century) you have to choose between short films by famous directors, anime clips or outdoor.

Then as you come to battle with your largest rivals - you make further choices in order to win the pitch.

It is called Creative Bushido and can be viewed here (Warning it is very slow but definitely worth it):

Creative Bushido


Crap job? Crap day? Not as bad as this guys-

When the daily grind gets you down it's always nice to know that someone else is worse off. Even if it is just an animated sucker who keeps getting squished. Dudecorp toons can be ipodded and downloaded. Go see.


XM Free No More

XM Radio can no longer tout itself as "ad-free".

According to published media reports, an arbitration panel has ordered XM to inject commercials into some of its ad-free music channels.

Australia's tourism ad restricted for "bloody" in UK

The end of last month we reported on Australia's new tourism campaign featuring the tagline, "Where the bloody hell are you?". Now the UK's Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre has restricted the ad.

"How anyone can take offence at a beautiful girl in a bikini on a sunny beach inviting them to visit Down Under is a mystery to me," Federal Tourism Minister Fran Bailey said.
Tourism Australia managing director Scott Morrison said the ban, which applied only to the use of the word "bloody" on commercial television, was "a marketer's dream."

"We would have preferred the ad to run the way we first made it, but we can still run it the way it is cut now, which says 'Where the hell are you?'," Mr Morrison said. "It is not as if it is not going to be shown on UK television. It will be shown. It will just have that slight adjustment to it. It will be run in its original format on the internet, in cinemas and everywhere else."


Mary Woodbridge viral for Mammut

Who would have thought using a little old English lady as part of a viral campaign for an outdoor sporting goods company would work as well as the Mary Woodbridge campaign has for Mammut. Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett in Zurich Switzerland is the agency behind the campaign which started as a viral in December of 2005. The center of the campaign is an 85-year old woman who had bought herself a Mammut jacket and suddenly found herself wanting to conquer Mount Everest with her dachshund Daisy.


72andSunny's Glenn Cole Directs Music Video for Junkie XL

Glenn Cole, creative director of Los Angeles ad shop 72andSunny, has teamed up with international electronic artist and producer Junkie XL on a promo for the track "Today," from the forthcoming album of the same name. Cole directed the video, which was conceived together with 72andSunny writer Jason Norcross.

This has proven to be a very hairy pairing .....


Cool Concept: bannerSites

Since the beginning of Internet time, banner ads have run atop and alongside destination websites. But recently, banner ads are evolving, and becoming actual
destinations for web surfers. Below is a unique campaign by AgencyNet, a niche interactive firm based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida which illustrates the

"Footballers Wive$" is one of BBCA's hottest shows. After airing its first two seasons, the network wanted new viewers to tune-in to the show. They needed to
make potential new viewers feel like they "didn't miss too much" during the previous seasons to start watching. Before launching the third season on February
19th, the network looked to creative company AgencyNet to provide an interactive solution to drive tune-in.
Using a technology called PointRoll, AgencyNet was able to turn a standard banner ad into a fully interactive Web experience dubbed "bannerSites." By scrolling
over the ads, viewers were able to watch more than 11 minutes of customized video content on any of the six principal characters.

Check out the campaign at AgencyNet's own website..