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Richardson snaps sexy shots for Lee Jeans

Terry Richardson has been rumored to have been paid $150,000 USD to shoot Australia's Lee Jeans Spring/Summer campaign yesterday in New York.

The competition is incredibly stiff in denim at the moment - everyone who has the chance to make a pair of jeans is doing so, said Richard Bell, the marketing manager for Lee's parent, Icon Clothing: "We feel like we have to constantly push it."

Although the two international models cast for the campaign did not have sex in the studio - as has occurred on previous Richardson shoots - Bell revealed the setting was "intimate" and that several shots showed nipples and pubic hair.

I'd hazard a guess that we can prepare ourselves for someone to complain about the ads in the future when they start running.


Link Lust: Where Is The Link?

Commercial touting Film 4 is free features Dame Judi Dench dressed as a lobster, Ewan McGregor as a tomato, Willem Dafoe, Ray Winstone, Rhys Ifans, Lucy Liu and others.

Here's an idea to make your copy pop. (via Coudal)

New X-tina Pepsi commercial also featuring Ozzy. Another version here with Elissa (and better sound quality). Also more at Hello!.

The Future of Advertising from 1995.

McDonald's Sundial Billboard.

HP launches new ads online.

German Axe spot - Thai Massage - click on goodies and then the TV to view.

Irony? Pete Coors, Coors Brewing Co. Chairman and beer pitchman was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Love Creative's new site reads like a book.

Write Room is a distraction-free freeware application that brings back the terminal/typewriter days. Version here for windows users. (Via Russell Davies).


Urinals upset McDonald's customer


Seduction on public transport

Scents make women go wild. It could be a sassy scent, or a seductive one. Apparently the ladies like to get close, especially while on public transportation.

Gain - Bus (2006) :30 (USA)


Wax, smoke and have a great night

Police in Suffolk, England put together a safety magazine to warn women of the dangers of over drinking during a night out. Pictures show young women slumped on the ground next to messages urging them: "If you've got it, don't flaunt it."

"If you fall over or pass out, remember your skirt or dress may ride up," the magazine says. "You could show off more than you intended -- for all our sakes, please make sure you're wearing nice pants and that you've recently had a wax."

This message brought to you by the letter V and the Square Dancing Cigarettes:


A crap viral for Charmin

Euphemisms abound in a viral for Charmin at ALittleBitRude.


You are infected by meth - new campaign from The Buntin Group

Partnership for a drug free America have a campaign out created by The Buntin Group in Nashville.


Partnership for a Drug Free America - Orphan - (2006) :30 (USA)

Partnership for a Drug Free America - Orphan - (2006) :30 (USA)

Partnership for a Drug Free America - Drink - (2006) :30 (USA)

Partnership for a Drug Free America - Drink - (2006) :30 (USA)