Friday 13th Is Lucky For Music Lovers

Previously unknown mother-of-two records “Catch a Falling Star” for Tropicana Smoothies advert

Wide-spread interest spurs 1,000 free downloads available from 13th June exclusively at tropicana.co.uk/juices/smoothies
Tropicana smoothie - Fireworks - (2008) :20 (UK)


Exemplar - an exemplary typeface fresh out of the oven

Exemplar Pro is now available - a typeface that took a long time to get here, but good things come to those who wait.... Göran Söderström tells the story:

I had just finished my calligraphic studies when I made the first sketches of Exemplar in 1994. Inspired by the beauty and perfection of several typefaces and the art of calligraphy, I got started on my first attempts to create a new typeface. My goal was to create a typeface that was traditional yet unconventional, a balanced combination that felt both old and new. Respectful of the art of typography, I turned to history for inspiration and placed equal attention towards taking a step into the future. Two years later, the designs for both regular and italic versions were complete. A first attempt to make Exemplar a fully functional font took place in 1997. But years passed and a general lack of time needed forced the project into a deep sleep for about nine years. In the first days of 2006, Exemplar experienced its revival when Psy/Ops signed a distribution deal for the typeface.

Link to example-image

take a closer look at it on this pdf. Buy it now at the introductory price as it'll eventually rise somewhat.


Mebucaine - Battlefield - Press and Outdoor, Switzerland

Mebucaine - Battlefield, there's a war in your mouth.


CEAT - Extra grip - spec print India

Client: CEAT
Headline: Extra Grip
Agency: Freelance
Art Director: Siju S Nair
Location: Bangalore India


Murketing revealed: Mobile phones can not pop popcorn

Murketing revealed: Mobile phones can not pop popcorn

Can cellphones pop popcorn? Of course not, it's a viral video advert you gullible doofuses.


Local Woman Åsk Dabitch Rescued By House Cat

I'm so sorry that I've been offline for hours now, there's been an incident around here. All I can say is, it's lucky I'm not a dog person. My brave cat rescued me, while the turtle cheered him on.


KFC - Opening soon - print, Serbia

Djordje Djukanovic, Art Director at Incognito Belgrade brings us this simple visual to announce the opening of a KFC.


Ariel - Pop Up Menu - print, France

Saatchi & Saatchi Paris brings us yet another clever 3D thing for Ariel, now it's a pop-up book/ad.


CUBE - Brokeback (2008) :35 (South Africa)

No Adobe Flash Player installed. Get it now.

It's a tad anti-brokeback.

Agency: KingJames Cape Town
Alistair King (Executive Creative Director)
Devin K (Creative Director)
Peri VP (Copywriter)
Simone O (Agency Producer)
Production Company: Spaced Out Sound


Font humor for font nerds.

If you laugh at this, you are a font nerd.

Also, don't miss part two. Hat tip to the Bold kids.