Beate Uhse AG - Directions - ambient, Germany

How do you get attention and show directions to a Beate Uhse AG, who sells adult entertainment in the form of sex toys, lingerie, clothing and pornography - while avoiding showing nipples in public?

The answer is obvious, isn't it? Signs like these showed drivers whether they should make a left or a right!

Creatives at Cayenne
Andreas Ruthemann, Marco Obermann : Creative Director


Alka-Seltzer - Champagne & Beer - print, Puerto Rico

Alka-Seltzer did these ads with BBDO Puerto Rico to deomonstrate what you might need relief from.... (Badlandian twist inside)


Absolut / Absolut World - Ice - press, France

In an Absolut world, some magical being with giant hands sits on a cloud dispensing ice into the oceans? What? Does this mean that the giant being is going to add a dash of salt to the rim of the earth, and a lemon wedge too, before he drinks us all up? TBWA\Map, France, might have turned up the environmental factor, but turned off the agnostics with this one.


Denver Water - Boxers - billboard, USA

Honestly, someone needs to explain this ad to me - perhaps the Denver Egotist folks can help - is this poster trying to say "conserve water, don't wash your undies"? If so, why are the hearts getting paler for each day of wear?

Sukle Advertising and Design , Denver, Colorado - the guys behind the fantastic looking total beverages total rehaul - created this. Kudos to the team;


Quicksilver - Deep Blue - print, Denmark

Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen shows us the kingdom of Deep Blue.


Snickers - Shark, Lion, Bear - print, USA

TBWA New York alerts us to this campaign being a fake

Their exact words: "not approved by the client and have been distributed without permission"

Snickers had nothing to do with these ads created by a young green team armed with photoshop.

Art Director Matthew Woodhams-Roberts and Copywriter Nick Terzis at TBWA\Chiat\Day dug around Corbis images until they came up with this for Snickers.


Museum of Natural History Stuttgart - Ostrich, Tapir, Duckbill - print, Germany

Moral of the ad: if this is how you think it worked, you should get some facts at a museum.


Vanish - the Bib tie - print, Brazil

Euro RSCG Worldwide São Paulo created this fathers day "bib tie" for Vanish. The idea being that you use this bib to protect your tie if mommy (who presumably does the laundry) hasn't heard about the products spot-busting abilities.
Course, vanish will only work on ties that can actually be machine washed in water which, lets see here now... Hmm..... *counts all ties in the closet* Exactly zero ties in this house can be. So while the idea is cute, it fails to talk to any owners of dry clean only ties which I've always assumed is everyone who ever owned a tie. But then, perhaps there are cheap nylon ties out there that can be machine washed? Does anyone know? Bueller?


National Foundation for the Deaf - Trains Planes and Automobiles (Truck) - print, New Zealand

DDB New Zealand in conjunction with the National Foundation for the Deaf Awareness Week show that it's actually the little things that cause the biggest damage.


Sirromet Wines - Paper bag, Glass, Age - print, Australia

Meet Sir Romet, the persian cat persona for Sirromet Wines. So ridiculously silly.