America would have 50% less electricity if our coal miners didn't make this trip

Consol Energy - On Switch / Escalator ad - ambient, USA

Line reads: America would have 50% less electricity if our coal miners didn't make this trip every day.
Consol Energy
America's On Switch.

Hmm. So you feel like you're going down a hole? I guess so.

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Link Lust: An Everlasting Link

The Woostercollective remixes BBDO's anti-grafitti campaign (one , two , three four - etcetera) and share their two cents on the topic. "..if advertising is so powerful, why are more and more advertisements looking more and more like graffiti art?"

Subway franchisees sue over advertising fund, uh-oh.

Ideagrove media orchard interviews fark founder Drew about ads. "The whole advertising industry confuses me sometimes. Advertisers for some reason really, really want to buy ads that annoy the shit out of the consumer." Yeah those ads bug me too, as do paid links but as long as its all boobies I guess I don't care.

All this points to the future, Ad Agencies: A Change Is Gonna Come - everything else is evolving, and so should the agencies.

These links brought to you by the transforming photocopier.


86 the onions does homegrown campaign for FUEL TV

86 the onions has created series of stop-motion idents entitled "Homegrown" for FUEL TV, and the animations are truly homegrown - made with a sharpie-pen, some paper and scissors and a camcorder. Sweet.

Sink skating

In an age when high-tech and high-design are the norm, it's now possible for virtually anyone to create entire films with a camcorder and a laptop (iMovie and GarageBand) and bring something seemingly fresh to the table. It's no wonder brands are having a heyday with user-created content. In fact, FUEL TV's "Homegrown" series came about when Charlie Hilton, a surfer and 86's office manager, came to work one day with a short clip she and animator Andrew Dolan had produced. 86's Founder/Creative Director Chad Rea pitched the clip to Jake Munsey at FUEL TV. He liked the idea so much he commissioned 2 more just like it, including original music that was also written and performed by Hilton and Dolan. (more inside)


Synedrex vs. Bluefly


WIN gives love to Nike and maybe you

Earlier this year both AWNY's Grand Goods for print and TV. Now the WIN Awards will be giving Nike their Advertiser of the Year award at the award ceremony on October 25th in Los Angeles. Early call for entries to the WIN Awards is July 31st with final entry call deadline August 31st. More info here if you want to enter.

Judges include: Janet Champ, Kathy Hepinstall, Melinda Kanipe (Ogilvy & Mather, NY), Audrey Huffenreuter, (McCann, NY) and Emma Hill, (BBDO, Clemenger, Melbourne).


Italians Use Maori Haka to flog Fiats - Fiat "Haka" Italy 2006

Italians Use Maori Haka to flog Fiats - Fiat "Haka" Italy 2006

It's a bit much. First they win against Australia in the dying seconds of their WorldCup match with a dodgey penalty. Then they sledge Zizou until he explodes with a butt and now they've gone and pinched New Zealand's Maori War-Dance - the Haka - to advertise frigging Fiats. Fiats! Of all things. Not something decent like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. But your common or garden variety Fiat. And to rub salt into the wound they've got women performing the ersatz Haka. The Kiwis are not amused, I can tell you. Have a look - How to re-start the Maori Wars.

Related story: Handbags in ads peeve Kiwi players


Hell hath no fury, like a media-woman scorned

Update Someone sent us this photo proving that there are least three poster sites with this message. This one is on the I-95 North near Jerome Avenue in the Bronx, NY.


Bad boss? Tell the world and you could win a vacation.

Advertising's a great business. It attracts a lot of smart, talented and funny people. But for some reason, it also brings in the a**holes.


2006 Midsummer Awards

Last Friday the Midsumer Awards were held at The Savoy in London. The jury consisted of: Chairman Mark Roalfe of Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe, Steve Jones of DDB London, Stuart Outhwaite of Mother. Charity Charity of JWT, Andrew Petch of Publicis, Mark Hendy of Ogilvy, and Gary Anderson of Fallon. Best International Director went to Michael Wong of The Sweet Shop. Palme D'Or for Best Production Company went to Stink. Best Director was taken home by Ne-o. of Stink And Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO won Most Successful Agency.

Grand Prix for Most Outstanding Commercial was awarded to Sony Bravia Balls by Fallon, directed by Nicolai Fuglsig of MJZ.


UK Kellog ad gets cult rep - Frosties kid not dead.

For those who haven't seen the tremendously annoying Kellogg's ad with the blond kid singing in it, you can view it here. Thanks to Joel a member of lowculture we know how David Whitehouse of the Guardian feels about this, full excerpt posted here in their forums.

And what we're left with is a jingle being sung by a boy at the exact moment his voice breaks, in a tone so monotonous it appears to be operating at a frequency which toys with people's bowels. It is, quite simply, the worst soundtrack to an advertisement ever.

Lets not forget, with the worst rhymes too, check out "pirate" rhyming with "great". *shudder*
The Museum of Hoaxes has looked into rumor about the Frosties kid being dead. He's not as Kellogg's has stated "The current advertisement has been well received by the vast majority of our customers. We would also like to take this opportunity to confirm that the lead boy within the advertisement is well and continues to live in his native South Africa."