Back in September we announced that Doritos will air three user generated ads during the superbowl XLIV. Now we're one step closer to finding out which three. The Doritos brand has revealed six finalists selected from more than 4,000 entries in the fourth annual Doritos "Crash the Super Bowl" challenge, the contestants are not only competing to have their self-made Doritos commercials aired during the Super Bowl XLIV broadcast, they also are shooting to make history by beating the ad pros and garnering the top three spots in USA TODAY’ s annual Ad Meter. (I personally don't know any pro who gives a flying toss about the USAToday ad meter, as it tends to favor horse fart jokes, but different strokes.)

Last year two unemployed brothers from Batesville, Indiana turned 2000 dollars into one million dollars with their nutbusting commercial.Now they have new jobs as commercial directors,

Here's a little taste of what the six finalists have brought to the table.

Boingboing just posted about the Karen26 video stunt, so we can probably count on another mob calling for someone to get fired.

Recap: Ad campaign (this was a teaser) created by Grey. Seeded Goviral and paid for by Visit Denmark. In the end Dorte Kiilerich, CEO of VisitDenmark resigned, as the ad cause such a backlash in Denmark. Backlash was spearheaded by Extrabladet where the journalists had initially fallen for the stunt hook line and sinker.

Our posts on the story:
"Karen" the Danish mother seeking is actually Ditte Arnth
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Karen26 on The O'Reilly Factor FOX News last night

...and, since it was such a fantastic failure, it ended up on our Top Ten Marketing Mishaps in the past ten years list.

Beeline - Call the Frog - (2010) :45 (Russia)

Rhino Creative Director Natasha Saenko crafted a unique cast of animated animals from scratch in stylized CG for the largest Russian telecommunications company Beeline. The prominent company sought out Rhino to develop a completely original concept, impressed by the studio's extensive animation and photorealistic VFX, specifically a recent series of Kleenex webisodes directed by Harry Dorrington. Saenko's fluency in creating and animating, a completely original cast of Russian-speaking characters in a :40 spot dominated by music is typical of the flexibility, diversity and versatility that defines Rhino.