Durex Play Lubricant - Piano, Phonebox, Canoe - print, New Zealand

I dunno about you, but I've never thought "I'm so randy I could hump a phonebox". But hey, different strokes I guess. DDB New Zealand had some fun creating ads to promote Durex Play Lubricant that ran at the Erotica Lifestyle Expo, which celebrates sex in all the kinky forms it comes in.


The Greenville Humane Society cheeky campaign to snip your pets, sound design by Big Yellow Duck

The Greenville Humane Society and ad agency Erwin-Penland, Greenville, SC created these funny ads to go with the TV spot encouraging people to snip their pets. Because there is no such thing as "safe sex" for pets. The print ads spoof 'personal' ads where cats and dogs seek some naughty time with likeminded, and another one shows all the tricks you can teach a dog and the one trick yu can't.

Meanwhile, Subtle sound design from Big Yellow Duck’s, New York, engineer Keith Hodne played a key role in the TV spot “The Talk” (:30) for the Greenville Humane Society, Greenville, SC. For Hodne the biggest challenge was to replace much of the audio from the original shoot because, among other things, you could hear the dog trainer whispering, "hump" to the dog.


The obvious comeback from Apple's campaign: "Microsoft spends more on ads than fixing Vista"

This idea probably formed faster than anyone can say "Vista", this comeback was practically handed to Apple on a silver platter - summation: Microsoft spends more money on advertising Vista than fixing it. Ha ha ha....


Obama ads are everywhere, even in Xbox games

You can't escape the Obama ad spend now, Obama announced yesterday that he raised more than $150 million in September, obliterating previous fundraising records and giving him an enormous tactical advantage over Republican Sen. John McCain in the final weeks of the presidential campaign. So what doe she spend it on? Ads appearing in 18 Xbox games - something no presidential candidate has ever done before. Keep your eyes peeled when playing Guitar Hero 3, The Incredible Hulk, NASCAR 09, NBA Live 08, NFL Tour, and even Burnout Paradise, where this virtual Obama billboard can be seen.

"The 18-to-34-year-old male is the mainstream demographic for the hard-core video gamer," said Van Baker, an analyst for Gartner Inc., a technology market research firm in San Jose, California. "They're hard to get to because they don't watch much TV and they don't read a lot, so it's a good venue to get that segment."

- Reuters
Obama is not the kind of guy who would put all his eggs in one basket and only target the game-playing males who are too lazy to turn on the TV (much less vote). He's also bought 30 minutes of airtime on CBS, NBC and Fox to pitch to voters on October 29, which might be another presidential candidate first.


Ekstra bladet sells sponsor space on the page 9 girls.

I guess it's official: Naked women are the ultimate ad media when it comes to eyeballs. Since 1976 Ekstra bladet has had a topless "page 9 girl", inspired by the UK rag The Sun's page three girl, except in Ekstra Bladet the models are occasionally fully nude. Clicking that link, by the way, will bring you to topless chicks so if you work in an office where you might get fired for seeing mammaries don't click, please.

Times have changed and the page 9 girl is getting too expensive, Ekstra Bladet spend a lot of time scouring the beaches for Danish beauties who won't mind appearing topless in the paper and have a much harder time finding girls these days. The photos are expensive to keep on the web as well, there's a subscription based log-in on the web so that people can't browse all the girls for free and now Ekstra Bladet has decided to have sponsors finance the girls full on.

First out is AC/DC who sponsored Charlotte, from Aalborg, 21 years old here on the left. Their new album is out October 20th if you can tear your eyes away from all that skin to read the background. ;)

Who's next? Goldenpalace? Carlsberg? Hmm. Maybe I should look up how much it would cost to have our URL written in whipped cream on one of these gals.


Link lust: Google now serves gambling ads, Oz wants less booze ads, Youtube might make money in 2011

Google: No gambling ads! (unless we need to make more money, like right now)

When we asked Google about its gambling change of heart, it didn't respond. But the company tells The FT it's been reviewing that four-year-old gambling ad policy "to ensure it is as consistent as possible with local business practices." According to James Cashmore - who describes himself as the company's industry leader, entertainment and media - Google hopes that lifting the UK ban "will enhance the search experience for users and help advertisers connect with interested consumers."

He did not mention that this would bring the company mountains of cash.

Aussies want less alcohol ads, as long as they can keep drinking. I keed.

YouTube will need at least two years to start making a meaningful contribution to parent Google Inc's revenue says the Guardian, so come 2011, bo-yah people, flashy ads all over YouTube. Looking forward to it. People are waiting impatiently for YouTube to show some sort of profit;

"This has gone on long enough. It's easy being the Web's largest video repository when you're giving it away," said Colin Gillis, analyst at Canaccord Adams.

Other voice concerns of youtube's basic idea is 'wrong' to advertise on - the youtube idea.

Experts say it isn't easy to monetize a majority of the user-generated and sometimes pirated videos. "Major advertisers don't want to advertise against the user-generated content that dominates on YouTube," said Jeremy Allaire, chief executive of Brightcove, a Web video distributor for a range of businesses.

F-stop interviews Julian Wolkenstein.

Fstop mag has an interview with Julian Wolkenstein which is a great read. Julian Wolkenstein photographed dolled up horses (don't tell the "my little pony" people), ending up with these dark, painterly beautiful portraits like the one of the black beauty with the colored beads on the left here. “One of the things we learned from the test shoot is that a horse’s head is incredibly big,” said Wolkenstein to F-stop, and he shares more anecdotes from that shoot and advice on how to handle a recession.
F-stop have my number:

To the chagrin of certain art directors, this gorgeous image will never wear type. And that’s just the way Wolkenstein likes it. “People wanted to put in a strip line on the bottom of a neutral work and say it was theirs. I wouldn’t have been comfortable with that,” says Wolkenstein. “It’s just nice to do something that has no reason.”

Here I was hoping for a release of secret Stevie Wonder recordings from his late seventies genius-era with this on the cover instead of Stevie himself, visually punning what a workhorse that man is.


Color Me Horrified


Adland emails no longer blocked by AT&T

Quick nerd-update. Good news, AT&T has removed our IP# from their RBL. I don't know why we ended up on that blacklist in the first place, but it was pretty quick and simple to get off it after filling in a few forms with my name, email and number(s) over at att.net.

So, to anyone who has an emailaddress at an AT&T network, such as people with sbcglobal.net in their addy - you didn't get your mails. But you can get them now. So if any passwords went missing, request a new one.

The mail-server IP address(es) associated with your request will removed from the block list within 24-48 hours from the date of this notification. AT&T, Bellsouth, SBC and any affiliates do NOT intentionally block legitimate mail in the course of our anti-spam initiatives and regret any inconvenience this may have caused. If the IP that was recently blocked begins to exhibit the characteristics of a compromised network object or is compromised by an offender of Acceptable Use Policies, the IP address will be blocked again.


Crumpler crapvertises! Seriously, they have a toilet paper campaign.

Yet another "+tises" word is invented as Crumpler - known for their bags for everything but you creative folks probably have the slip covers for your laptops - advertises on toilet paper. And it's not just any old toilet paper folks, it's now a paint by number toilet paper where every color you need is "brown". Oh yes, they went there. PR blurb: