More sex scandals in adland - spokesperson charged for child porn.

What is going on today? It's as if Adland is full of sexoholics pumped up on Viagra and happy pills. First that soft drink exec shows the world his not so soft package, and now this total brand killing event.
Beer ad's angry, kilted Scot faces porn charges reads the headline that is sure to send ad execs running for their aspirins. The beer brand Alexander Keith's has been using the actor as the main character in their ads for the past three years, and here is charged with kiddie pr0n. Or "two counts of possessing child pornography and one count of making child pornography available on the Internet". Yikes!
The pr-team that manage to keep this fire away from tarnishing Labatt Brewing Co's and Alexander Keiths image should win a golden fire extinguisher of sorts. Good news for actors though, Alexander Keith's beer is now looking for a new spokesman.
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"Viral" marketing is too much like spam

I've been saddened to see the Wikepedia spammed even more often these days by shady people who wish to push their own agenda, political or advertising wise. It's not a new phenomenon of course, a big place that anyone can edit will be edited by anyone, including marketers, although most of the latter might not want to admit to doing it. Except McKinney & Silver in Durham, North Carolina. They frankly, seem proud of their achievement as if they were the first to think of spamming anything.


French Connection Kung-Fu Lesbian Ad Causes Complains

A French Connection "Fashion versus Style" TV and cinema advert, part of a £2 million campaign, aired for the first time on Sunday. The ASA has already received 50 complaints about the :90 spot by BMB.

The French Connection advert shows a blonde and a brunette model fighting in a basement before getting soaked in water and sharing a passionate kiss.

Talk about "Packaging"...!

We all know the soft drink industry is known for its packaging efforts and innovation, but it seems like one marketing exec from a well-known soda company in Atlanta took that to new 'lengths'.

Gary W was exposed (literally) by a German newspaper for advertising HIS 'package' on the net. Nude photos of him posted in the 'amateur' section of an adult site for women were found by some co-workers and he was recognized (we assume by his face!).

While it was surely an embarrassment for him, we thank him for giving us a real good look at the real real thing... :)


Adidas makes brand boo-boo

Woopise, Adidas has made a pretty big mistake during the winter olympics. 30 German skiers have donned Belgiums flag as someone at Adidas made a color mistake when ordering the caps. And instead of horizontal stripes they got vertical stripes, and presto you've swapped the land of Bratwurst for the land of fries.

"If you just had a short look they look the same. And for the first few days no one realised." said Jan Runau in a statement sent out from Adidas "we apologise." he also added that new caps had been ordered and were on their way.

The ironic thing is of course, that Adidas is a German company. You'd think they knew their own flag. ;)


Guldkorn 2006 Jury - ces't moi.

Next Friday, the 24th of Feb, I'll be one of the jurors of Danish Creative Circles Guldkorn 2006 to judge the best of the best in Danish advertising. More specifically, I'm in the cyber award (Digitale Medier) jury with seven other people and will work all Friday scoring and sorting the submitted work. Maybe we'll see some web-wide famous stuff like that Fanta subtitle a Bollywood movie site created by Ogilvy a couple of years back. Maybe we'll find something miles better even. I'm excited anyway. I promise to tell you all about it - except who the winners be - on that Friday evening.


Udderly syncronized

Brandon at TextURL has spotted two cloned cow udders, visual representations that look and say pretty much exactly the same thing. A badlandian pair as good as any. I'm sure there are more of these udders though - can you think of any?

Now, I'm not really worried about which came first. I'm sure it's just a brain sync–or at least a brief-sync. After all, the solution is a fairly elegant way to visually demonstrate the key promise of "fresh dairy products." Kudos to both creative teams for finding a simple solution that distills the promise down to its essence.

Saatchi copies Saatchi?

It's as if Saatchi held season tickets to a certain style of execution.... I'll let our tipster spread some light on how this little synchronicity might have happened..

Saatchi first used the idea thru its London office then again thru its NY office 8 years later. The sunny delight spot was first produced by the London office... and then..

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Cruisin' with Lee Tamahori

It's tough being a Kiwi icon - tall poppies seem to be there to be cut down!
For those of you who haven't caught up with the news, it is alleged that our very own Lee Tamahori, one-time TVC director, but now successful Hollywood film director seems to have got in a spot of bother over in La La Land.
Hey, what a guy chooses to wear in the privacy of his own home is his affair.
If he feels that he should then go out late at night dressed like that - well, I guess that's also up to him as well.
Trying to pick up some guy while all dressed up- so what? We're all broad-minded people aren't we?
Asking that person for money for services to be rendered? - Ummmmm.......
Finding out that the person is an undercover cop? CLANG - DO NOT PASS GO....