The Centre for Cerebral Palsy - Inside Out - print, Australia

The Centre for Cerebral Palsy called on 303 Perth to advertise for more cp support workers.


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Sony Premium DJ Headphones - Exploding notes / Hear More - print, Australia

aaaw look, aren't the little baby-notes coming out of the papa-note kyoot? I don't know what else to say except, yeah the exploding note looks neat.
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Deleting the ads dilute the resource we are trying to build here. Adland will no longer do it.

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I will correct the submissions, place them in SPEC WORK category, pixellate trademarks, add official statements from brands or agencies to the post and add to the information we have on the ads, but I will no longer remove the ad images.


TV6 - "Big in Japan" applauding poster, Sweden

Le Bureau installed huge speakers atop of the regular street poster sites, which coupled with a motion detector sets the cheering off whenever someone comes close enough to the poster. This is certainly not the first time a poster has carried sound - remember way back in 1998 when a SPA water poster in Amsterdam had the constant fizz of light bubbles emitted from it? Applause seems to a be a trend in Sweden recently when Vällingby and myrorna got together with ad agency Ruth and created clothes donation boxes that cheered you on whenever you donated clothes. Either way, noisy posters are still rare so I'm sure that this will get noticed, and perhaps even attract viewers despite the shows concept where "two ordinary Swedes are sent over to Japan to try and become famous in one month" sounds like utter dreck.


Diesel - worldwide Dirty 30 party - (2008) :30 (UK)

Diesel - worldwide Dirty 30 party - (2008) :30 (UK)

The Viral Factory and director Keith Schofield knock off SFW porn to create a viral for Diesel's "worldwide Dirty 30 party" in celebration of their 30 years of creating better ads than fashion.


Roygalan - Ralph the Gorilla - print, Sweden

DDB Stockholm's ads get odder, though in this case for Roygalan "a party to celebrate commercials"- and of course they need to mock the multi-award winning Cadbury Gorilla, just like Saatchi did for the Cannes Lions 2008 Showcase in Amsterdam. Looks like Magnus Jakobsson's paternity leave may have inspired him, as the gorilla either drank white russians or just lots of formula. ;) I keed!

Thanks Tim at Adfreak for helping us find our missing link.


Ikea - Really short bedtime stories - double page spread, Canada

Zig, Toronto are having fun with their latest Ikea campaign.

The unique print advertising appears in authoritative home magazines, where the headline “So comfortable, you’ll need shorter bedtime stories” is brought to life through the insertion of a book of extremely shortened versions of popular bedtime stories, written and hand-illustrated with the same care that goes into a real children’s book. To emphasize the coziness of IKEA mattresses, the stories do not mince words – the IKEA version of The Tortoise and the Hare reads “One day, a tortoise raced a hare. He won. The End.”


Hot french fries from Lychees, print, India

Lets play "what does the ad communicate?" I will be the first to admit that I'm not getting it. Sorry Siju I usually get your stuff but this time it's rather subtle. I'm overlooking something obvious, aren't I? Or is this just hard? ;) (Schwing! - she gets it)

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I'm sorry, we have a flyer apology pair for Badland. K-rauta vs Ambassadeur.

When you are about to have a party, you might want to let the neighbors know with a few well placed notes. When you are a brand or night-club desperate to get attention, you might hire an agency to create these hand written "sorry we're having a party" notes.

That's how we ended up with the battle of the apology flyers. Martin Schori at Dagens Media just spotted the flyer on the left the other day - it's an apology from the nightclub Ambassadeur which announces that the Ibiza famous DJ Roger Sanchez will be playing there, and to soothe any hard feelings with the neighbors there's even some earplugs attached to the note. As soon as I saw that I recalled the K-rauta "yard party" flyers from this summer. Aside from using flyers as the medium, the "we're sorry, we will be having a party" message is the same exact idea as well. Back to the drawing board kids, and while you are there thinking, contemplate what ad creep is and how annoying it can get as commercial messages gobble up the free space previously used for people rather than corporations.