TV2 Movie Promotion / Kill Bill - Blood splatter billboard - New Zealand

Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand went all out and drenched the streets (and some shiny white cars) in blood when promoting Kill Bill, one of the bloodiest things caught on films since Sam Peckinpah's "Salad Days" (Monty Python).


BKP studios - Two Tarts / Confessional (2008) United Arab Emirates

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"Two Tarts" and "Confessional"

ImpactBBDO Abu Dhabi

Peter Vegas, Creative Director/ writer
Paul Akiki, Creative Group Head/ Copywriter
Client/Producer - Alice Hazelden


Dear ad agencies, try to ignore these billboards. Zapp, skip me, click me away. Billboards, Austria

Gewista billboard media wanted ad agencies to notice their media that you can't ignore, so Bircher/Rabl´s campaign speaks to the ad agencies directly. Over 70 different executions were placed nearby ad agency and media agency offices, each tailored to address them by name.


Butler, Shine & Stern get boingboing backlash for their Lego viral

Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners has LucasArts games as client, there will soon be some Indiana Jones/Lego game as far as we can tell.


National Campaign against online pedophilia - This shouldn't be here - Brazil

To encourage people to report pedophilia , Lew Lara\TBWA Brazil placed children's underwear in the racks of adult (sexy) underwear in lingerie shops and department stores. The underwear carried a tag with the text: "This shouldn't be here, but some people pretend that they can't see it" and was signed "report pedophilia www.censura.com.br


Cerca - Afraid of the dark (pedophilia) - print, Brazil

From EuroRSCG São Paulo, Brasil comes this print campaign that glows in the dark. When the lights are on you only see half the story, turns the lights off and you'll see what goes on in the shadows.



You make the call :
Is this a well-done ad for a network television show
(in this case, MGM's American Gladiators on NBC),
or a sly PSA on the possible side effects of steroid use?


Prison Break - Soap , Ambient New Zealand

Colenso BBDO, Auckland advertised prison break (the show) by placing special bars of soap in public restrooms all over new Zealand. On one side there was a key-imprint, and on the other the shows details. I wonder how long the soaps message lasted.



Evil Mama Mia, Evil les Miserables, Evil Hairspray.

I'm a big fan of Zombie movies, and a fan of musicals. Someone has heard my prayer - and the poster campaign created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Toronto for "Evil Dead the musical" isn't half bad either. Homaging Les Mis, Mama Mia and Hairspray the tagline is "like the musicals you love, only evil". Someone get me a ticket stat!






Carrefour Malaysia - Flasher Flood, red red stars! - print, Malaysia

This is what happens when an Art Director goes postal, folks. Starbursts bloody everywhere!

Or, this is the solution to a client brief where the messages to be conveyed was "you always get the lowest price at Carrefour." Solution: starburst mania!