Whatever Happened To The Prime Directive?

It’s called The Prime Directive. If you’re a Star Trek fan, you probably know it by heart. Essentially what it says is that societies must be free to sink or swim on their own without outside interference. It is, as Spock would say, logical.

So where is the logic in The WIN Awards?


‘More Go’ for hungry hot dog hunter in new Nike TV commercial

Nike’s latest TV commercial is based on the concept that its Shox 2:45 running shoes give you ‘More Go’. Instead of being led by a top athlete, it shows a ‘Mister Average’ man, who puts his running shoes to good use in an unusual setting far removed from standard running shoe advertisements.


Ogilvy London Hijacked - Part II

Because this story just won't die yet!

Now I'm layed up in bed with some pooick tummy bug that my 3 year old daughter brought home from nursery, so with my new found down time, I could not resist finding out the latest from the guys who are eating away at the ad establishment.
So to date the big agency is still keeping schtum about www.ogilvymather.co.uk domain, the url was scooped up just 24 hours after it became available; but its evil minions seem to be rallying round below.
And one strange voice has been heard that disagrees with the rest of the webs resounding support for this viral stunt, but as we say, every one to their own though, and this is after all a free web.
But, after reading this INDEPTH and somewhat personal attack especially on the agencies creative director Ben Wheatley, by the site Netimperative, the viral jesters obviously felt that it was only right, and modern to have their say back. Yet, on the original netimperative site, and although they describe themselves as a community, there is no provision to comment in any way publicly, even worse there is no authors name given either.

But as one would expect from the ASABAILEY team they have taken the matter into our own hands. And guess what? Having their say was as simple as taking the netimperitive.co.uk domain name. Oh dear indeed.


Nippon is lovin' it right.

For over a year now, hordes of creatives around the world have been cringing at McDonald's insipid "I'm lovin' it" campaign. But now, believe it or not, we have found a diamond in the rough on a notable Asian archipelago.


Father Knows Best. Except At Verizon.

As Howard Stern would undoubtedly testify, the media times they are a-changin'. Well, boohoo for Howard and hooray for every poor schlub who ever had a creative conscience and a desire to do great work.

I mean, regardless of what Naomi Watts and Adbusters think, a lot of us in the business have been embarassed for years by the crap that passes for advertising. Especially on television. But come on. Other than getting a couple of chuckles as an awards show judge before we throw it out with greasy pizza boxes, well, what could we really do?

But now comes groups like Dads And Daughters and as it turns out, these folks are doing a lot. Their latest target? Verizon. Specifically, that DSL spot where the bumbling dad gets chastised by his wife for hovering over his daughter's computer, with this look on his face like any second he's going to break out with, "Shazaaam!!!"

Is it a lame spot? Oh yeah, absolutely. Is it worth thousands of irate viewers writing letters in to Verizon demanding that they yank the thing? Probably. I mean, how is this different from that perky housewife bouncing around from room to room with her new Swiffer magical dust remover? Help me out here. Is it me or is what we need to get away from isn't dads with oatmeal for brains or moms with a dust rag fetish. It's sterotypes and the hacks who love them.


Channel 4 fined for interrupting a movie for commercial break

Sweden's channel 4 has been fined 50 000 SKR for interrupting movies with commercial breaks.
When channel 4 aired the film Leon in December last year they broke for commercials during the rooftop scene where Leon is teaching Matilda how to sniper shoot. As Matilda aims at the head of an unsuspecting person in the park below, Leon tells her to "shoot now!" but right then the movie was interrupted for 6 minutes of ads.


Viral marketing POZZ for sale on Ebay

Oh no not again, first the AD, the superbowl commercial, then the Gold lion, the mint condition copywriter - and now the Viral Marketing agency POZZ. All for sale on Ebay, of course.

Pozz, specialists in Advertising Video Viral Marketing are offering a viral campaign for the minimum bid of 3000 Euro on Ebay.fr.

What I want to know is, what does that cheesy porcelain angel thing go for?


2004 London International Awards

The 2004 London International Awards received 14,716 entries from 75 countries this year.

Scholz & Friends, Berlin was the winner of the 2004 Grand Prize - Print for its Noise Protection Windows by Weru - "Gardener", "Policeman", "Worker" series, as well as a Category winner. Happy Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg was the 2004 Grand Prize Winner - Design for Wood on Wood, as well as a Category winner.

The Grand Prize in Television/Cinema was awarded to Gorgeous Enterprises, London for PlayStation 2 - "Mountain,"(view it here if you're a superAdGrunt) which also won in two Categories. London's Pearlfisher International Design won the Grand Prize - Package Design for 37 Degrees line of children's clothing.

See all the winners, credits and images at the LIAA Awards site.


Freethinkers documented for Levi's 501.

"We've had the rebels and revolutionaries. Now we have the ANTI-FIT."

With a new project, Levi's puts the spotlight on 6 creative individuals who are independently expressing their personal vision and share stories that aim to inspire a wider audience to believe in themselves.
Apart from the website, 501anti-fit.se and 501anti-fit.no, the project is widely spread on a free DVD, via TV programming and with non-traditional marketing.
The zero-tolerance city Oslo, for example, was haunted by graffiti on public buildings by spotlighted artist Mari this weekend; only that it was projected instead of sprayed.
Robo-action-dub playing Gaffaman is searching for a contact to his planet via personal ads and the freerunners from Le Parkour physically demonstrate where and how they cross a city in a straight line with the help of the usual urban obstacles.


Corruption scandal at Grey Global Group NY hits new low

Shades of grey: How deep does the rabbit hole go? Very very deep. According to adweek the new low in the Grey kickback corruption scandal is the revelation that "two Grey creatives asked for - and received, with a Grey manager's blessing two nights in a hotel with a pair of prostitutes." Prostitution is illegal in New York, for both sellers and buyers. Remind me to ask for some class A drugs as a kickback at my job. ;)

The hiring of prostitutes happened twice for the same pair of Grey creatives, exactly the same way, both times, and Mosallem and Ergulec personally approved the expenses on both occasions, Casas testified.

In the article the creatives are (both) called Art Directors; "The cash receipt and the art directors' names never made it into the government's evidence file, the files show." Any takers on guessing who they might be?
Hat tip to Matt on adlist.