Copy: The group weights workout that helps you achieve incredible levels of stre
Copy: The supremely balancing group workout that blends tai chi, yoga and Pilate
Copy: The highly addictive, martial arts-inspired group workout.
Copy: The indoor group cyclingthat inspires your inner athlete.

Draft drops hard bodies in fitness ads

A new international poster campaign by Draft NZ for Les Mills International, a fitness company, shows no hard bodies and no svelt figures at all. Instead the focus is on the benefits of working out such as strength and balance. The ads were shot in Death Valley.

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Solo Mobile Ads Spread The Word

Two new Solo Mobile spots from Rethink and Reginald Pike Director Brian Lee Hughes show just how easy it is to spread the word. Unfortuantely, just like the game of telephone, the message doesn't always end up the way it started off. Superadgrunts, check them out.


More old barcodes chipping away at the titanium.

The Cannes Titanium winner is already immortalized in Badland, since a few other designers and at least one record company were already making those ugly lines prettier.

Now it turns out, this barcode decorating been going on since at least 1986. See this post at the NZ Creative Circle Blog for more examples scanned from an old book.

Above, "barcode on the back label of Eye of the Swan Californian wine. Since the swan on the front is treated naturalistically, cat's-tails continue the story. Tharp Did It, USA , 1986"


Madonnas new track for H&M

H&M has released some shots of the Madonna designed track suit that will be in stores this fall, and they say is on Madonna and her dancers while off-stage during the Confessions tour this summer.
"Partnering up with H&M feels like a perfect fit. We'll all get to express ourselves in our own individual ways. The dancers and I are excited to go shopping together." said Her Madgesty.

The sleek suit pictured above will be in stores mid-August and comes in white, black and purple. It's retro - my god is it 1982 again? - look will suit anyone with a svelte figure like Madge's. It's rumored that H&M also used Madonna's entire 150-person tour crew for photo shoots in the coming ad campaign.


Link Lust in Adland - Week 27

Andy Rutledge explains the difference between a logo and a brand.

Yet another rash of transparent billboards over at briefblog.

You recall these sumo wrestlers shouting....well it doesn't sound like "bon giorno" even though it should. The Japanese wonderland of bizarre ads have now brought us a bikini-clad top heavy lass who shouts "jerk off"...or something.

Back in 1982 AYDS was a diet brand, and here's the commercial to prove it.

Everyone should speedread influx article Are agencies fast enough?

Al Gore beats up Bender. Fun fact: Kristen Gore (Al's daughter) was a writer for Futurama. Mr. Gore appeared in a few of the episodes before the show got canceled, which is due to return! Another fun fact: Billy West, the voice of Futurama's Philip J. Fry is also the voice for the Honey Nut Cheerios Bee and the Red M&M.

b3ta users show us the hazards of driving those transforming citroens. Ouch!

Sunsilk - Hair Therapy spot...what a bad media buy - this is exactly how it aired, 3 similar spots from Sunsilk in a row. Did an intern forget to switch to another tape?


Saab in the barbershops and salons near you soon

Next time you go to get your hair buffed you might run into and ad from Saab. Since they celebrate 20 years of cabriolet cars this year, and their agency Lowe Brindfors has a love of finding new media and surprising places to advertise, the idea seems so simple and so obvious.

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More babies in bins - badland.

Briefblog tips us that there is a commercial-twin to that strange baby in a bin ad I spoke of yesterday. Zappingdigital has more in depth analysis on the ad (in Spanish). This time hidden camera footage shows people reacting to the "baby" wailing in the bin - and how quickly their body language changes once they see its an ad.
A woman approaches the bin with her hand on her chest as if clutching her heart, and then slams the lid shut once she's seen the ad. The message here is different, instead of touting the pill it reminds people about abortions risks and consequences.

Interestingly, both the baby-in-a-bin ads come from Ogilvy.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Chile.
Client: Movement for Life.


Dear Marilyn, Science world fancies you

The classic pose, the white dress, those thighs. Yes but Science world doesn't fancy you in the way others do...

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New Viral Ad Tells Men To Notice Their Nuts

A new viral advertisement by Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners wants men to notice their nuts. Yup. You read that right. The viral spot for the Everyman Campaign highlights testicular cancer and features Dermot O'Leary.


TLC/The Learning Channel - Life Lessons Figurines

Not content with just watching the TLC - Life Lesson TV commercials? Now you can buy the figurines. Perfect for the eBay generation.