Renault advertises its own ads

New website from the iconic French car brand Renault: “On réclame la pub!” (Wordplay hard to translate which means both “We want ads” and an oldschool version of “We advertise ads”)


10 Market Research Mistakes Not to Make

Market research is essential to understanding your customers and your competition. Market research can also identify trends that affect sales and profitability. But successful market research takes planning and strategy. Here are some of the most common mistakes businesses make in conducting market research and tips for avoiding them.

PETA your daddy kills animals
PETA your daddy kills animals

PETA - Your Daddy kills animals - leaflet

With this crazy looking leaflet modeled on scary cartoons, children can read: "Imagine that a man dangles a piece of candy in front of you. As you grab the candy, a huge metal hook stabs through your hand and you're ripped off the ground. You fight to get away, but it doesn’t do any good. That would be an awful trick to play on someone, wouldn't it?"

It has not been well received: Fox News reports "PETA Tells Kids to Run From Daddy"

"This is traumatizing kids by the thousands. There's going to be long-term psychological damage from these kids being exposed to the material that PETA puts in front of them on a regular basis," Martosko said.
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Napster Viral Ad

Napster wants you to get the whole thing. Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge.


Some ad agencies in India are favoring freelance copywriters

In India, some agencies are opting not to hire copywriters but to only use freelancers. Why? Because it's cheaper.

"Copy the concept from another ad and use for their client is the shortest way to make clients happy for other advertising agencies so they don't prefer to hire copy writers," said Vibhuti Bhatt, CEO of One Advertising.

Her company has four to five freelancers working for her company and her competitors at the same time.
Even if companies fail after stealing ideas, hardly it matters to them, informed Bhatt.

"Companies do not have time to waste in any market research, they do not want to hire high salaried copywriters and want maximum margin. So they prefer giving projects to fresh or experienced freelance copywriters instead of hiring them," said Bhatt. Similarly Jigish Shah CEO of Sanket Advertising believes that instead of hiring copywriters he would prefer to spend money after graphic designer which is more demanded.
"In ads graphics and designs attracts more than any content now a days. So if we need any copywriter we give away the project to the freelancers," said Shah.


Burger King advert is offensive to cows

The Telegraph reports that an advert featuring a cow wearing a BK logo has attracted over 70 complaints. The Advertising Standards Authority has begun an investigation "after viewers said that the commercial was distasteful and cruel".

The advert, in which a cow walks in a field wearing a Burger King-branded blanket, touts their £1.99 baguettes which come in a range of fillings, including barbecue beef.

An ASA spokeswoman said: "Viewers found the fact that the advert conveys that the cow is going to become a burger distasteful. They said it was exploitation of an animal."


PSP furniture

6 students from Design Products, Industrial Design Engineering and Interaction Design at the Royal College of Art have designed a landscape of concept furniture derived from the statue-like forms of people sitting, standing or leaning against walls engaged in playing the PlayStation Portable (PSP). The furniture is designed for use specifically when playing the PSP, and can be tried out during the exhibition.

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Sorrell gets critical of competitors

The Media Bulletin reports that during a conference in Barcelona, Sir Martin Sorrell bashed rival advertising networks, saying they behave in an 'irrational' and 'desperate' way in their attempts to win new business.

The WPP chief executive mentioned British rival Aegis Group and Havas as two companies that had guaranteed media rates to their clients -- meaning that the agencies' fees could be eaten in to if the guaranteed rate can not be secured.

"It is the act of an irrational competitor. It is a little bit disturbing. It is driven by people in the mid-market who are a bit worried about what the consolidators are doing," Sorrell said in the Financial Times.

"IPG is a wounded animal and it lashes out. I do not think there is much in the way of cost control in terms of hiring people. You do not give people three-year guarantees to move unless you are pretty desperate," Sorrell said.


Sony graffiti for PSP handheld

The Wooster Collective points out some chalk drawings that have appeared in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco for the Sony PSP handheld. The guerilla campaign of the chalk drawings and posters show cartoony kids playing with oversized PSPs. But there is no Sony or PSP logo. No website to visit. Just the illustrations. See images here.

Reactions aren't happy: HongFire Forum calls it "Sony's coming to vandalize your neighborhood!


Round 74590 in the battle between Miller Lite and Bud Light

Yes, folks, they are at it again. Tuesday Miller issued a press release after Anheuser-Busch contacted several cable television networks to request that they cease running new Miller ads pointing out that, despite a change in Bud Light, Miller Lite still has more taste.

Some cable networks did in fact pull the ads until Miller can verify the claims (10 out of about 32).