Kaiser Permanente - Emerald Cities / Thrive - (2009) :30x2 (USA) [directors cut]

Dear Kaiser Permanente.

I know what it's like. At the presentation you're sold on the idea of a VO, because someone at Campbell-Ewald acted it out so well in an effort to sell you the idea. At the pre-production meeting you keep bringing that VO up, because now your staff of meddlers have all added points to the once powerful and carefully selected set of few words, making it twice as long, and you think twice as powerful. At the post-production meeting you insist on adding something more, like "saving lives" to really really make it extra powerful. You just paid for extra hours of post, copy changes and the VO actress to suck the magic right out of your ad. Sucks to be you.

Either we've become really really cynical or people are trying to pull the wool over our eyes too often, but Superfish reckons that the Seth Green mugging videos are fake. Why? We'll, if you look at this first one where he freaks out, it seems that he's pausing for the other players to have time to say their lines. Does that seem right to you?

Quoting the fish;

Now a new video has popped online last night (after the jump) that's supposedly security footage of Seth getting mugged which also looks staged as shit. So I went back and found the old e-mail of him freaking out and that's when I noticed something odd. The link redirects me to YouTube via Threshold Interactive: A marketing firm. Whoops! And I hope Seth Green didn't pay a lot for this.

The freakout video was posted by TheCaligirl310 who has only had an account since October 4 2009, and the response video which is security footage of Seth getting mugged was posted last night by MegaChzheads. If you check teh intartubes for anyone named MegaChzheads you'll find he's all about Seth Green's mugging, on Digg, Reddit, ebaumsworld and any other buzz-propelling site out there. 88 hits in total. Can't say he doesn't work hard for the money.

If this is just a stunt, what the hell is the point?

Michelin - Evil Gas Pump - (2009) :30 (USA)

The other day when a big truck rolled past with those michelin man lights on top of it, I turned to my daughter and confessed I've always wanted one of those as a night light to which she responded by giving me her best 3-year old "Mom's crazy" roll-eye. She's getting way too good at that.

But he's a fascinating tire-guy, those with a fetish for the man who - until recently - wasn't ashamed of his love handles should pop over to truly deeply to see the Michelin man evolution, and remember his name is Bibendum. I call dibs on that first Sumo-Michelin he has as top image! In 2007 Michelin slimmed down a bit, and now he's getting pumped too.

So pumped he can save a town held hostage by an evil gas pump. Yeah, I went there.

American Society of Media Photographers (ASMPNY) say "Don't Screw Us"

"If you're an artist you should protect your work" says some anonymous guy in this ad, because of course we should all wear oak barrels around our body to protect us from pickpockets, it's up to us to protect from wrongdoers. Yeah? No. If you do disable right-click on your portfolio site, people will complain, if you add DRM people will scream, and if you don't people will pass your copyrighted works on like Wil Wheaton just experienced. It is indeed a complicated issue, as in damned if you do and damned if you don't.