So it looks like Sears amping up their spending money. Recently, the big, giant American retailer has revamped some of their offerings, including a Facebook Wish Together tab and their bulky Wish Book.

Brings me to my collusion - the retailer is full of wishes... I don't think its too bad thing but everywhere I turn, its wish this, wish that but hey, its the holidays.

And I'll be honest, I do like some of their Wish book and together features.

For those who haven't seen the ads or press releases from their PR peeps, Wish Together is a new group-buying application hosted on the Sears Facebook page that encourages users to rally friends together and unlock amazing deals that can only be purchased through Facebook.

field print: 

Students Zorica Micic and Ana Hansel at the Miami Ad School in Berlin have this spec idea that you should be able to add homeless people as your friend, on facebook.

Holding up signs, with their name (reminiscent of the Hello Project), the signs say "give me a place in society" and have a QR code, making you able to befriend them in the virtual world.

Then they plan to build internet stations for the homeless, where they can log on and maybe find some encouraging words of support from their friends. "Because if someone is down, friendship helps them get up again".

Lets just pray the homeless people never meet anonymous or 4chan trolls out there, the internet can be a very mean place.

In 1965 or so, Campbell Mithun in Minneapolis created while MPO Productions produced this little clip, mocking the Cliché family. It's called "The Cliche Family in Television Land" and was screened at an awards show, though I am unsure which one. In it we find all the usual cliché members of the standard advertising family and learn that creatives mocked their own job as much back then as they do now. :)

Little spec commercial shot in Madrid, a few months ago, on Red One camera with UltraScope Anamorphic Lens.
Shoot in one day.
62 takes.
For almost every single take, the 7 runners had to run a 90 meters sprint
(corresponding to the distance between the beginning of the street and its end).