The purpose of this campaign is to rebrand San Diego as a creative city, particularly among independent film makers.

Made In San Diego is the brainchild of film maker William C. Wilson Jr.

Image of Ad Nauseam: A Survivor's Guide to American Consumer Culture

Thanks to Carrie McLaren I got myself a copy of the Survivor's Guide to American Consumer Culture as seen here on the left, posing on a pile of sick bags with genuine falafal fat stains on it. (Yes, I have collected several hundred sick bags, if you haven't noticed by now, all signs point to me being a packrat on my way to rivaling the Collyer brothers)

If you have been an avid reader of StayFree magazine like myself, don't worry there's fresh data in here to feast on mixed in with some of their best articles. If you've never read StayFree magazine, it's a bit like adbusters. Sure the authors bemoan the advertising seeping into every pore of our culture, but at the same time they are fascinated by it, armed with wit and plenty of research. Those who have followed adland for as long as I have written it will find ad creep and other phenomena as familiar faces in here, all helping to paint a bigger picture of what advertising and consumer culture is doing to our society as a whole. The whole book is funny, subversive and eye-opening - if you've had them closed that is.

A freindly adland-follower tweeted me that this student award winner is rather good: an idea for "Create Not Hate" by a Miami Ad School team- Lets have a look shall we? The idea here is that you read from top to bottom, and then again from the bottom to the top - and presto the message has changed.

And sure, it's a great idea. Perhaps even award worthy. It has after all been awarded before, that idea. (Oh dear, he she goes again - I keep asking for a support group people, I need one.)