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British Airways national pride footie poster

Everyone has football fever and British Airways knows it. Their latest 96 sheet poster is busting with national pride and has a different way of depicting the Cross of St. George.

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CP+B teams up with Miami Ad School.

Maybe it was Wieden & 12, or VCU and their connections...Now the Miami Ad School has added to the fray by having hotshop CP+B help mold their curriculum. Unleash those hot-buttered and tanned subservient chickens (affectionately called roasters in the poultry business).

More over at Adweek.


Copyright isn’t a Threat, it’s a Protection

There is a big push via email and the web to rally support for a court case called Kahle v. Ashcroft, # (in this case, “Ashcroft” is the US, it has nothing to do with him personally). This case is a follow-up (of sorts, the legal points are different) to the unsuccessful Eldred v. Ashcroft, which also sought to overturn portions of current copyright law.

Kahle supporters are portraying the current copyright laws as oppressive and are using rallying cries like “Free the orphans!” in order to swing public opinion their way. “Orphans” in this rallying cry is referring to works of questionable copyright status and/or those who are still under copyright protection but whose rights owners are impossible to trace.

There are several errors in their arguments as presented to the public (I’m not going to refer to the actual legal arguments as I am not a lawyer). In fact, there are so many I couldn’t list them all without writing a book. However, I do think some of them need to be addressed.


The Advertising Show Live at American Advertising Federation National Conference

Hear top leaders from Leo Burnett Worldwide, Radio Advertising Bureau and Wall Street Journal discuss current trends and issues in the advertising industry with The Advertising Show at their live broadcast from the American Advertising Federation (AAF) 2004 National Conference. More than 900 advertising executives representing all industry segments - advertisers, agencies, media companies and service providers/suppliers - convened at this premier industry event. The National Conference featured high-profile speakers, sought-after networking sessions, the Ad Expo and star-studded events such as the Worldwide ADDY Awards Show and the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC).

Tune in Saturday 8-10 p.m. CET (2-4 p.m. EST) to the Advertising show for their live webcast. Or check out their commercial free archives.


El Paso, Texas - the armpit of U.S.A?

Red Zone antiperspirant from Old Spice has awarded El Paso's mayor a years worth of antiperspirant, for 'winning' the dubious honor of being the sweatiest city in the US.

"...El Paso's residents produce enough sweat to fill an Olympic swimming pool, with individuals shedding more than 36 fluid ounces of perspiration an hour."

cites a study made by Research scientist Tim Long and sponsored by Procter & Gamble Co. who own the brand Old Spice. Hat tip to Claymore.


TheSpecSpot is open - rate others and add your own Spec films.

Planet Blue, a commercial post house in Santa Monica has created a site called TheSpecSpot where anyone can rate and add their Spec commercial work. The purpose of the site is to lend a helping hand to new, and no-so-new commercial directors to get exposure and feedback from the likes of you adgrunts. You can browse all the current films and rate them on creative idea as well as execution, they range from the sublime to outrageous. All films are in QT.

This iPod ad is worth a look - go rate it.

It's not the only experiment, they're also working on retooling Hyperchannel, a widget that puts video content directly on your desktop to be more of a "broadcasting for the masses" technology, where a trusted content source (a video-blogger) could put content on their Hyperchannel, and have it delivered to all who subscribe to their hyperchannel. Right now this toy is in Windows only but you can expect a Mac version sometime in September.


Queen vs Bauer & Borsato

A strange coincidence, a fluke or a case of getting a little too inspired? Either way this is an odd couple, Queen vs Dutch singers Bauer & Borsato. Hat tip for these twins goes to adgrunt JLB.


Copywriter actually writes a book

Are you or are you working with one of those copywriters who keeps tinkering on their novel? Do you dream of becoming a "real" writer? You could learn a trick or two from Chad Williamson, a copywriter formerly at KesselsKramer in Amsterdam, currently at King in Stockholm and now published author of a book called "What comes around".


In-store Ads makes you buy more?

Ok so much of our groceries shopping is habitual than considered, and we buy stuff when we spot it even if they're not on our list. Is in-store advertising the next focus-big thing for marketers and agencies? »» International Herald Tribune

related post by caffeinegoddess Tesco gives shoppers in-store adverts


adgames online - samorost part 2 and Sink ya Drink

Those who remember and enjoyed the beautiful point and click game Samorost (clues here) will be pleased to know that Amanita designs have made another one, called Quest for the rest for the band The Polyphnic Spree. It's shorter and easier but still good. Amanita has also made this interactive game for Nike labs.

On another viral game note Sink Ya Drink was released on Friday, where the object of the game is to drink as many pints as possible before the pub closes. I downed 103. *hic*