"The Storm is Coming"

When it's not raining cats and dogs, or frogs, it's RainingBuckets.com, who helpfully storm proofed some windows in rainy Seattle to get their message and URL out there.

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Paranoid PKD fans wonder about viral marketing

A scanner Darkly is going to be released...ehm..soon. A Trailer remix contest on the web is recutting those same three minutes of footage into more or less succesful trailers, some thinks the contest is producing better trailers than the official one. But leave it to the paranoid Philip K. Dick fans to create viral marketing hype, where there is none... Or is there..? And what does Morgellons disease have to do with it? (read more)


Ego Emissions Index for Volkswagen

Crispin recently released new spots for the Volkswagen Passat which mocks others who buy German made cars, claiming that they only buy them because "daddy never loved me" or a myriad of other ego reasons. And of course in classic Crispin style, there's a microsite too. You can rate the ego emissions of things like lip gloss and add your own items to the list for others to rate. Superadgrunts, check out the ads inside.


Sam Baerwald Joins 72andSunny as Head of Film Production

Los Angeles ad and design agency 72andSunny has brought Sam Baerwald on board as Head of Film Production.

He previously spent 10 years at TBWAChiatDay, Los Angeles, where he began as an office coordinator and moved his way up to Producer. During his tenure there, he produced work for Sony PlayStation, ABC, Taco Bell, Nissan, Apple, and Nike, and worked with directors including Errol Morris, Lance Acord, and Rocky Morton, among many others.


Ad creep = ads actually creeping up on you.

Well, it's not like we haven't known here in adland where we were headed, already back in 2001 there was a poster-campaign in New York that beamed restaurant guides to peoples palmpilots via infrared, and everyone knew that GPS and SMS would make phones the ultimate targeted ad media eventually. (You can read the very paranoid Resumé article I wrote about those infrared beams back in 2001 if you can read Swedish)

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Ikea dresses up bus stops. Again.

Curbed have admired some Ikea couch-clad bus stops, the idea sprung from Deutsch/N.Y. and iDeutsch. However, it is far from the first time Ikea went out and funished a city in general and bus stops in particular to make a point.


AdCrapReCap - week 20

Morning sunshine!


Local dealership owner marries self in ad

Typically, you can expect your local automotive dealer's ads to be pretty low budget and less interesting than the proverbial watching paint dry. In the recent wedding issue of The Improper Bostonian, Boston area dealership, Boch Automotive, ran an ad that still went down the still low budget route but is perhaps a bit more interesting than ususal. What the hell is going on? Your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps it was an internal joke? Or maybe social commentary? Should this go under "advertising jokes"?


PG Tips goes nutty for footie

Here's a time-wasting game to throw off your schedules with, PG Tips slightly different take on a football game where the goal (hehe) is to dunk a teabag in a cup. Cute.

Inside is the press ad that goes with it, "We're out of the Cup... and in the saucer." Punmeisters there.


Play with WaMu's Banker Pen

WaMu's new ads feature a pen of stodgey old bankers (see them here and here).