Wrath of Cannes Freakfest goes from 'envious little shits' to, hey, that's neat.

(From left to right: Harry Woods, WWD&S Partner + Creative Director; Grand Coney Winner Rob Wenger; Gill Witt, WWD&S Partner + Creative Director)

So the wrath of Cannes folks have been at it for a few years now, hanging out in Coney Island assumingly bitching about how rough it is to be an ad creative over a few Nathan's. The first times I checked it out it, it seemed just a local silly (not undeserved, just local) award thing with and extra dollop of tacky to get attention. Now however, they've climbed up a bit on the ladder and not only gone out with the aim to get totally hammered in effort to forget not reaching Cannes, but also collecting some neat-o ads as winners while they were a it. Which was the original idea, so kudos to them and this years winners for raising the bar. Check out RamirezTerminix.jpg - that's the bronze winner mates. Cute, ain't it? Then check out Wrathofcannes for links to silver and gold.


Ball Girl Gatorade was once Powerade Tennis Ball .

Fine, so Pat Baker suddenly no longer deserves all those pats on his back that I just gave him, because "he did an ad years ago on the same thing but with tennis".

Oh Ok. Fine. Hey you wanna know why it's cool to have a commercial archive with over fourtythreethousand ads in it (gasp)? Because kids, when someone says something like that, you can point to the actual ad - like so (watch me pointing, pinkies erect):
Powerade - Tennis Ball (2002) - 0:30 (USA)
- even if it happened six years ago. Man, I thought I carried a grudge. ;)


The "Ball Girl" gets on ABC mornings (or something like that)



United Way - Super Hero Steve Barnes, Rick Jackson, Janet Williams, (2008) :17 & :30 (USA)

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Energy BBDO created this campaign for United Way of Chicago - it also has posters and postcards, and street theater.

Volunteering makes you feel good, like you’re making a difference and doing something extraordinary. Taken to an extreme, it makes you feel heroic. Or super-heroic.
To bring this version of superheros to life, we wanted to use a medium that everyone can relate to: comic books. All ages, races and classes can relate to superheros and the comic book medium.


Tide - Lipstick on your collar / Ketchup / Ice Cream - print, India

To demonstrate the stain removing abilities of Tide, Leo Burnett Mumbai created an interactive bunch of double page spreads. The pages are stuck together - just like in that rather naughty set of sticky double page spreads for Hombre magazine and the POWA (People Opposing Women Abuse) rape ads from Lowe Bull in 2003.
But from there on, these ads work different, instead of ripping the paper, they leave a stain on the opposing page, from the lipstick, ice-cream and ketchup. It's done in a rubber cement type glue that the reader can easily scrape off with their nails - and there you go, they just demonstrated how Tide works. It's a box full of genetically engineered rabid nails that scrapes stain off your clothes you know, what did you think those little white flakes were?
update: read comment, I got a little too exited here.


Exhibit celebrates people behind those classic ads

"Exhibit celebrates people behind those classic ads"
Associated Press

"NEW YORK - "Does she or doesn't she?" "I can't believe I ate the whole thing." "Where's the beef?"
Before these slogans became lodged in our brains, they were dreamed up by advertising copywriters and executives with a knack for tapping into the spirit of the times."

"A new exhibit at the New York Public Library (www.nypl.org/) celebrates the creators of some of the most successful ad campaigns of the last 80 years - from a fresh-faced girl selling Palmolive soap in the 1920s to today's silhouetted figures with iPods. ....."

See: http://www.philly.com/dailynews/features/20080625_Exhibit_celebrates_people_behind_those_classic_ads.html


Lets celebrate Rampenfest!

In an idyllic Bavarian town named Oberpfaffelbachen, the villagers are preparing for Rampenfest. There will be lots of beer, pretzels and oh yeah, a big frickin' ramp. If all goes according to plan, a 135i BMW will fly Evel Knievel style from Europe to America.


Forget fakes, enter The London International IDA (it didn't air) award.

So the client didn't like your soooper genious special snowflake radio idea?
Fret not creatives and producers, you can enter it in an award show anyway (and without paying Cannes outrageous fees for it).

Here's the London International IDA (it didn't air) award to your rescue!


Saatchi NYC, kings of fake ads or just proactive?

After the chatter about the Cannes winning JCPenney's ad, a little birdie told Mediabistro's AgencySpy:
"Saatchi most certainly knew about the fake JC Penney ad. Everything Saatchi did under Granger was fake. This one example is just the tip of the iceberg. It's a great story just waiting to be blown wide open. Crest was fake. Buckley's Cough Syrup was fake. Stuffit Deluxe was fake. All made for award shows just to win some medal."


Sexy sells everything, even TV shows about widows.

The other day I was surfing around unprotected (and could *gag* see banners, oh the horrors) when I stumbled upon a banner advertising Showtime's two big shows this season - Weeds and The Secret Diary of a call girl. Seems that the right thing to do in order to sell anything is pose sexy.

Silly me, of course it is, I should have tattoed Adlands URL on my chest years ago and tried to pose for Playboy to generate some buzz. I know you are all reading this because I actually have a chest, right? There can be no other reason for your interest in this here adblog.

(Banner smallified, click on it for full scale)