Diners Club International - Around the world - (2009) :60

In this ad, it's fun to play "spot the city", as the footage comes from all over the world.

Cutters' lead editor Nadav Kurtz states, "The sheer amount of compelling material, with over 30 hours of 35mm, 16mm and Hi-Def footage, was initially daunting. I spent the first week just digesting it all and cutting longer versions. I was initially drawn to the "bigger," more beautiful imagery. But by the second week, it became clear that the spot also needed those simple, intimate human moments. Draft FCB's John Claxton, Kurt Fries and Greg Lederer were, as always, very patient and thoughtful and were committed to giving the footage its due diligence. In this type of spot, there's a moment when the cut achieves a certain harmonious balance and I feel like we captured that."