Crazy Eddie sells out and the prices are INSANE

Crazy Eddie, the man with the insane prices, kooky local ads and other life as "The Darth Vader of Capitalism" tried selling out on eBay.


The Future of Advertising Is Now

Strategy+Business' summer issue is chock-a-block full of articles in their special report section, A Field Guide for the New Marketer. One article in particular, "The Future of Advertising Is Now" by Christopher Vollmer, John Frelinghuysen and Randall Rothenberg, takes a look at the changes across the board as they claim the long hyped digital revolution is upon us. Read more to check out some exerpts.


AdCrap Recap - Week 26

Get your fill of Adland goodness with a quick recap of last week's ups and downs.

Down: More annoying media on the way with blinking ad blimps and ads beamed into cars.
Up: Cool Amnesty International ads from Denmark which won Bronze at Cannes.
Up: Cartoon Network's Crazy Billboards.
Up: The Official Adland Advertising Tutorial: Part Six - Creating TV Commercials
Up: Proof TV isn't dead - Part 1 and Part 2


Japanese children foundation ad.

Ah yes, a school, a classroom and of course children busy drawing. This opening is seen in almost as many ads in adland as the classic wedding scene. There's a twist at the end of course - and it might even take you hardened adgrunts by surprise.


Coca Cola = Happiness

The Media Guardian reports on Coca Cola's latest push for their Coke Side of Life campaign which began a few months ago. The new ad is expected to be rolled in in around 199 markets.

Moseley (executive creative director at Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam) said that the "world inside a Coke machine" idea had the ability to cross any culture or language. He said the agency had looked at films with universal appeal, such as Shrek, adding that Coke needed to think like Disney.

Super adgrunts check out the new spot "Happiness Factory":


Snoop Dogg cleans up dirty mouth

GoodCleanFeeling from Orbit Gum features Snoop Dogg. Supposedly he's cleaning up his dirty mouth (if you believe that I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you).


Bad ad! Go stand in the Badland corner

sandeepmakam reckons that these BBC "corner" ads, are a bit like these


ASH ad wins Best of Show

Best of Show at the IPA Best of Health Awards 2006 went to an anti-smoking advertisement by Clear Marketing Communications for ASH (Action on Smoking and Health). The full list of winners can be viewed at the BestOfHealthAwards website. Read on to see the ad.


Hasta La Vista Manuel Battista

What do you do when your ad salesman leaves? Write a song! That's what a group of emap folks did as a goodbye present to Manuel Battista left after 15 years with the company. The song was composed by Andrew Bailey, a collegue and friend of Battista, who also writes stage musicals, has a show broacast by the BBC on primetime television. Since last week the song has gone around the work and Bailey has been interviewed by radio stations as far flung as Melbourne and Scotland.

'Hasta la vista, Manuel Battista' reached No 70 as so many colleagues at publishers Emap logged on to hear it.

Manuel Battista said: "I was gob-smacked. It was a complete surprise - it's a fabulous song! They even put it up on its own website, so the whole world can hear it.

"They managed to summarise 15 years of my life in three verses, make it rhyme and set it to music. I was blown away."

Listen to Hasta La Vista Manuel Battista here.


Link Lust in Adland

Adscam points to a McDonald's ad from Russia.

Cheetos and Mountain Dew product placement in an animated clip where characters from console games play Dungeons and Dragons. (via screenhead)

Brands (are)(will become) channels - Takes a look at the ongoing trend.

Virtual Burma Shave randomly generates copy from the classic ads.

W+K London point to a spoof of their Rooney ad.

Beam me up, Molson - A rather Shatnerian homage.

Peta are strutting that tired old "I'd rather be naked than wear fur" thing again, using Pamela who we'd rather see with a paper bag over her face.

Copyranter turns one year old! Like MaketheLogobigger (also birthday boy) already noted, June is a big blog birth month. I don't know if this means everyone was screwing around in September, but probably.