Quicky ad breaks

Motley Fool informs us that NBC is trying "speed ads" this week on its USA Network. The experiement consists of a one minute commercial ad block with 2 :30 spots which so far Walgreen and Allstate have signed up for. The rest of the commerical breaks will be their usual 2-4 minutes in length. Here's a great point by the writer of the article:

On the other hand, I can't see just how effective this experiment might be. First off, there's the sheer fact that it lasts for only five days, during one program, which wasn't identified. If the experiment is deemed a success from this small piece of data and the practice becomes more widespread, I can imagine a few things that might infuriate viewers still more -- if the commercial breaks are shorter but more frequent, for example. As a Foolish colleague of mine commented earlier, the frequency of commercial breaks is already enough to make a lot of us feel just a bit ADD. Breaking up the story too many times for quickie breaks might rile up even more of the self-righteous indignation that many viewers already feel.

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Anything But Cute ad sparks controversy

A spot that is part of the Anything But Cute campaign by BBDO Detroit for the new Dodge Caliber compact is causing a bit of a ruckus among gay advocates. The ads were created to target 25-35-year olds with "edgy", "off-color humor". Chrysler has received a number of complaints calling the spot stereotypical and "a cheap shot", although they have no plans to pull the ad.

SuperAdgrunts, check out the spot below.


The Young Guns vs The Old Ones

suture says: Here's a game where you play the five independent agencies and go against the biggest holding companies in advertising.

Dabitch notes: It's a bit like old streetfighter archade games except you toss WOM-campagns and web-pages at the boring old farts that are your opponents. Mildly amusing. Try TV, it sets them on fire! Looks like truthdaredoubledare have created this piece.


Live ads at the theater

Visit London has created a 3 minute "live ad" that will be presented for the first time tomorrow night during the evening performance of "Steptoe and Son In Murder at Oil Drum Lane" at the Comedy theater.

The ad will connect aspects of the city is is playin with those on offer in London, and will be supported by print and online. Each advert will feature a local celebrity or actor making a cameo appearance.

They claim this is a first, although last February, there was news of scripted "commercials" piloted at the Apollo in Victoria acted out by the cast of Saturday Night Fever for products including McDonald's, Heinz and Kellogg's during breaks in the performance.
update Check comments, the first interactive ad like this was done at least 13 years ago.

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University of St. Arvin Website

New website for Kraft Easy Mac Cups. Features an interactive video area where you can make this college guy eat a bunch of stuff.



Beware of the Office invaders!

A surefire way to get sod all done today is to play Baskin Robbins Office Invaders, where the object is to knock out as many collegues as possible with rubber bands until you make it to the executive office. I've ony made it as far as getting mauled by the managers. Grrrrr! Like Space invaders, this is silly addictive.


Nakd directs visually arresting piece for Nike Maxsight

Toronto-based design collective Nakd (part of The Ebeling Group) has wrapped a 1:30 promotional piece for the Nike Maxsight sports contact lens from Bausch & Lomb.

The mostly animated film combines black-and-white live-action footage with CG to take the viewer on a surreal journey through the complicated inner-workings of an athlete's eye.


Adidas new campaign depicts the dream team

Adidas announces the launch of its global football advertising campaign "Impossible Team" for the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ in Germany featuring the world's best footballers from the past and present.

Ivan Zacharias, directed both of the the two 60-second films "Equipo" and "Partido" where two Spanish boys are playing make-believe football with their favorite players. Except in this case the players actually turn up.


Italian banned commercial featuring Freddy Krueger goes viral

In this italian banned commercial produced by Euro RSCG, Freddy Krueger breaks into a party where everybody is having fun. But this time he will not kill anyone... ehehe

After a few flights on italian TV, this commercial has been banned because considered too frightening for little children. Now it's on air on the web and it's spreading the world throught world-of-mouth.

Enjoy it on NinjaMarketing.it.


Alaska Tahoe Alliance paralell competition - make anti-Chevy ad.

Oh my, seems there's more to the story that caffeinegoddess posted Anti-SUV ads make it to Chevy's website last week, seems there's another competition going on - the Alaska Tahoe Alliance anti-chevy competition has hijacked the game and want you to create as many anti-Chevy ads as possible using Chevy's own ad creator. Ouch!

Talk about biting back: Chevy Apprentice - How Consumer Generated Content Can Bite Back. ;)