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The "How to speak Australian" campaign from the nineties has been revived by Digitas Chicago. The spots were originally created in 1994 by Agnotti, Thomas, Hedge and last seen on air in 2006. The spots were directed by Clay 'dude' Weiner who did the "Dude" spots for Budweiser. See Dude & Dude, Vegas, dude (shortcut to bud + Dude search.)

For the other two ads in this campaign, see Long Distance relationship and Bailout.

Thanks @adlandsuit (who blogs at about life as a suit in advertising, by the way) for enlightening us philistines to the history of the Ashes. Now I've learned that yesterdays Yahoo - Obituary for Australian Cricket ad wasn't at all as cheeky-mean as I thought, more like a cheeky nod to history as the first test match played between Australia and England gave rise to this obit in The Sporting Times.

On 2 September a more celebrated mock obituary, written by Reginald Brooks under the pseudonym "Bloobs", appeared in The Sporting Times. It read:
In Affectionate Remembrance
which died at the Oval
29th AUGUST, 1882,
Deeply lamented by a large circle of sorrowing
friends and acquaintances
N.B.—The body will be cremated and the
ashes taken to Australia.

This has got to be a first, ever seen a new ad refer to an ad that was published 132 years ago before?

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di-dah-di-dah-dit (that was my impression of an old fashioned telegraph beeping start of a news show. Pretty good huh? Why yes, I'm available for nerd-kid parties)

PETA have removed the Save the Whales sign (that got the obesity coalition ticked off. They explain:

I noticed you recently covered our "Save the Whales. Lose the Blubber: Go Vegetarian" billboard that was erected in Jacksonville earlier this month. As I'm sure you are aware, the billboard has caused quite a stir all over the country. I thought you may be interested to know that we have decided to replace the notorious billboard with a new ad that simply says, "GONE. Just Like All the Pounds Lost by People Who Go Vegetarian."
While some people have expressed their opposition to the ad, we've also been inundated with calls and e-mails of support, including from people who are taking PETA's 30-day Pledge to Be Veg. So many people have contacted us that we decided to post information for people who are interested in losing weight with a healthy, low-fat vegetarian diet on our blog, including a quote from an Oregon mom-of-six who was inspired after viewing the original artwork. You can view this information in detail here:
"Going vegetarian is the best way to keep weight off and improve your health," says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. "We're thrilled that people have been inspired to give a vegetarian diet a try, and we know that they—and the animals—will be glad they did."

And they got yet another flurry of coverage for mediocre creative that even offends their supporters. Everyone hug!

It looks like Marketing 3.0 has uncovered a factory-system of copied films, he posted "International ads Egyptianized" a while back, and now there's even a facebook group dedicated to collecting the stolen promos that are produced by Tarek Noor TV “new satellite channel”. There's plenty of examples, elevator fart and Berlitz language school being only two drops in the bucket. Joelapompe has badlanded the Berlitz language school copy, but there are plenty more where that came from.

Lets compare an example, shall we?

And the one;

Eh? What on earth? Isn't that pretty much exactly the same old joke? (Like the Berlitz language school, this advert seems to be based in what is a rather old joke, I should know I tell old jokes like a parrot all the time.) And since that is only one out of many examples, what is going on here?

On Facebook there's this comment:

A topic started on the official group on 15 august (1 am ya3ni 14 bas belel shewaya) stating that:
“TNTV is proud to compare the funniest TV content and duplicate it in Arabic. However, in each promo there is a difference. Find out and win an interview on Al Kahera Wal Nas in front of 70 Million viewers.Check out the fillers on YouTube and compare them to the original.”

So... They meant it as a game? but wait, there's more:

Notice that the previous was posted only on facebook and the website, for internet geeks to shut up, but never on TV, as only facebook users knew then about the whole rip off thing, tv watchers supposedly didn't know, han3arrafhom leh???

OK, that does seem rather odd. I have no idea what is the gameplan here. Did they make that "Game" thing up as to cover their asses after they got caught, or was there in fact a "game" in it? If so , what do us badland-obessed people win? I'd love a trip to Egypt!

If you have a facebook account, you can check out the rather impressive video collection of copy-cat skits here. We can at the very least conclude that are pretty productive.

If you've been hiding under a rock lately (or avoiding everything adlandsuit has tweeted - hehe) you might have missed that there has been cricket going on. Nick Burcher found a bunch of Ashes cricket ads in the UK press this morning with this obit style ad from Yahoo, declaring the death of Australian cricket. I haven't paid any attention to the games, but I think that's a response to the cocky SBS / Ashes truck ads.

Image Copyright Ulrika Good

Ulrika Good has a quick update on the Apoliva campaign which scared the bejesus out of at least 90,000 Swedes who joined a facebook group declaring they were very very afraid. Print ads are now appearing in womens magazines, and there's a glued sample stuck to the page. When removed, the glue looks like snot runnig from the models nose - eeew. Unlike with the hombre magazine sticky spreads or the Powa anti rape ads this sticky position was not planned.