Check out my breasts!

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer and Rethink demonstrate how to check your breasts, or, considering the url and the gal, the breasts of someone you love at


Getting drafted to New Zealand, Draft gabs ambient with us.

Still itching to gab ambient and guerilla advertising stuff, even after my chat with Miami advertising about guerilla past and present, I had the chance to bend the ear of Chris Hunter from Draft NZ, and I jumped on it.
No strangers to cocky ambient stuff like their recent thumb-on-the-nose to Starbucks the crap coffee trasbins/giant cups on K road, he had some interesting insights to share. Chris explained to me that "the full name is Karangahape Road, but no-one
can be bothered to pronounce that, so it's known as K Road." But of course! More inside.

Mugshot of Creative Director Chris Hunter and Judi Lewis, the Draft NZ General Manager.


How do you interact with images? Getty gives you 10 ways

Getty Images wants you to Interact 10 Ways:


Got Neon?

The neon known as the Artkraft Strauss Collection - - is being auctioned at Freeman's auction house if you're looking for some ad icon neon to spice up your avant garde loft with that authentic 80's commercial touch.


Butterick Home Catalog Issue has cover issues....

The Panopticist has spotted the gem that is Butterick's winter 2005 cover. Somewhere a disgruntled designer is lauging an evil laugh for getting away with this, I'm sure. Is this revenge for all those "logo bigger" requests? Hmmm?


Create a whaling tune to stop whaling

IFAW's Stop Whaling campaign wants to you to help stop whaling by participating in the


Adland Memes: Choirs

In addition to Badland's ads of synchronized ideas, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at advertising memes. They do seem to come in groups. Most recently- within the last few months, Choirs seem to be a hot commodity in the idea factories of ad agencies around the globe.

Superadgrunts, read more to check out the spots.


It's game time for Footballers Wives

To promote the BBC America's Footballers Wives, Templar Studios created an online sim-like game, Everyone Plays Dirty, where the wives get drunk, the footie stars take steroids and you have to help k


Save the 76 ball!

Oh Noes! The Los Angeles Times reports that the 76 ball logo is being 86ed. The round orange cult icon can't die without a fight say - and I agree. I've loved that thing since I was a kid and even have it here as a choice among the user avatars. Don't let the 76 ball join the other classics in Logo R.I.P..
Save the !


Spammer 1 - Blue Security 0

frogSad news today in the seedy underbelly of the advertising business - I know you don't like it folks but you have to admit that spam is the ugly acnescarred bucktoothed cowlegged smelly ADD suffering stepchild of advertising who spits on the table and brings shame on the family. Name "advertising" and people think "spam!". It's like when you mention Hilton these days, nobody thinks of a posh hotel chain, but of nightvision and skank-daughter Paris performing robotic fellatio - I keep wondering when the Hilton hotel chain has to get a new name and an image elevating ad campaign. Call me.

Blue Security had a new idea to fight spam, all their customers would send opt-out emails (automagically) simultaneously to spammers for every spam received. Not only would the spammers on US Soil have to comply according to the can-spam act, but also getting half a million opt-outs for every spam you sent would be quite the headache. If you sent it from your own servers and adresses that is. Well, last week spammers attacked Blue Frog security and DDoS:ed them off the web. After all that downtime and no end in sight, Blue Frog waves the white flag and have announced that they are quitting the spam fighting game. On their way down, they dragged Six Apart blogs with them. Oops. (more inside)