So, now that most of the tradepress has caught up, lets update the fantastic Coke Happiness machine stunt from Definition6 (which has set the retweet record at 285 now, for those keeping score at home) with the invariable, the crowds that yawn and say "seen that before". It's an advertising disease, my last post about the ebay auction was one big "seen it". The only known cure is to be reborn.

Let smile at the happiness machine again first:

Coke / Coca-Cola - The Happiness machine - (2010) 2:00 (USA)

The Denver Egotist have a fun story where Digital CD Keith Miks uses Larry King animation to get on the 30 second pitch. Keith has been playing around with all sorts of digital ideas to get his name out there and get a gig, his most recent effort was an animation of Larry King, that he sent to CNN in the hopes of getting on the 30 second pitch.

It worked! - watch Keith on CNN after the jump

Fancy a Cannes Lions Grand Prix? You can get it on Ebay.

It's Eugeniy Danilov, copywriter from Russia who wants a new job and is offering the lion "an installment plan for several years" with monthly payments, that is, a salary. We've seen blowout sale on creatives at Ebay before, like when the jilted art director sold his writers notes, and the mint condition copywriter (in a box) sold herself on Ebay, Alex the art director and the PeopleSoft/Oracle in house creative team. But hey, this is the first time we've seen a bonus Grand Prix Lion attached.

KNARF/New York scored a great feline actor to star in this campaign for, which depicts what happens to someone who spends too much time without human interaction. It'll drive a cat to take one of his nine lives.

A guy and his cat are the heroes of the story. Well, the cat is the real hero, not only has he taught the man how to speak cat as we see in the first ad;