“Not every suicide note looks like a suicide note” - print, Canada

There’s a distorted perception about eating disorders. People don’t choose to have them, eating disorders are one the deadliest of all mental illnesses,” says Cindy Dobbe, president and co-founder, The Looking Glass Foundation. “The objective of this campaign is to educate the public and lessen the stigma attached to a very real and life-threatening disease.”

“To articulate the severity of eating disorders, the campaign’s strategy and tagline profess, “Not every suicide note looks like a suicide note.” Our intention is to illustrate that seemingly innocent signs are actually clues that a loved one may unknowingly be on a path towards self-harm,” says Daryl Gardiner, associate creative director, DDB Canada. “The campaign’s tone reflects both the seriousness of this disease and optimism for those afflicted, and leaves viewers with a positive message of hope.”
Full release here


Red Cross (Youth) pulls "Olympic" human rights campaign in Sweden.

The recently much debated Red Cross (youth) campaign has been pulled after a discussion with Red Cross headquarters in Geneva last Thursday. You can see the previous posts here; Red Cross campaign compares Chinese human right violations to olympic sports (16th June 2008) and a follow-up posted by the Red Cross Youth Sweden here; Red Cross Youth campaign for human rights (16th July 2008).

The campaign was first posted june 16th here on Adland, and like the (very similar) Amnesty International - After the Olympics campaign (posted 14th of March 2008) it didn't receive much attention at all, until about month later (12th July) when a new adgrunt - whole9yards - spotted something wrong with the images and left a comment about it. The photos in the campaign were shot in Nepal, and not in China.

The campaign then quickly took on a life on it's own, appearing in forums such as Anti-CNN.com, HK Yahoo.com, LKCN portal, bbs.hdpu.edu.cn, and even spawning facebook groups like this one*. For the extra curious who can't read chinese, you might find the worldlingo translator useful when trying to make out what is going on in some of those threads.


Mail and Guardian - Roboku mailer - DM, South Africa

TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, Johannesburg created this mailer for the Mail and Guardian. With it, they've invented what is likely the most mind-boggingly difficult game ever - Roboku. Aaargh!
They explain:

In order to seek out the future bright talent of the journalism industry, the Mail and Guardian sent out a direct mailer to the near graduates of various tertiary education facilities.
The direct mailer arrived in a with a line written on the lid "If this is for you". Inside the box was a piece of paper that read "Then you are for us". At the back of this paper was a request to send CV's to the Mail and Guardian's HR department. Resting underneath this paper was a Rubik's Cube, but not just any ordinary one. This Rubik's Cube contained six games of Sodoku that needed to be re-assembled in order to be complete, therefore challenging these future journalists and letting them know that only those who are willing to rise up to a difficult challenge need apply for a job at the Mail and Guardian.


Boral - Hippie painted trucks (natural gas) , Ambient branding, Australia

Q: How do you let the punters know that your trucks now run on compressed natural gas, which emit less greenhouse gases?
A: Hippie paint them all, of course!

Agency: Brave, North Sydney
Geoff Corbett (Executive Creative Director)
Yanni Pounartzis (Creative Director)
Annika Johansson (Art Director)
Guy Collins (Copywriter)


CaliforniaPsychics.com (2008) US (Web Ad)

If you can ask a psychic one question, what would it be?
Where is Osama Bin Laden?
What will the stock market do?
How will LOST end?


I'm seeing double in the halls of the Shining.

I don't know what brought on the sudden popularity of The Shining - perhaps all work and no play makes ad-Jack a dull boy?

Verizon - Dead Zones / Creepy kids :30 (USA) vs Queen Silvia's children's hospital :60 (Sweden)


Quiksilver launches line for women, showcasing 6 women on website

“We believed the Quiksilver brand and its values would resonate with a group of women, so the line was created in that spirit,” said Greg Macias, VP of Marketing, Quiksilver. “72andSunny’s research supported that assumption, and also found that young women were looking for something more than was already in the market.” “Our job was to help frame the opportunity. In our research it became apparent that there was an opportunity to create a line for women just out of college who are figuring out what they want to do and who they want to be,” said John Boiler, Co-Founder, 72andSunny. “Our purpose was to inspire not only the apparel Quiksilver was going to design for this journey, but create a brand idea that celebrates the experience of defining yourself in the world as an intelligent, creative, independent woman.”

With us so far? Lets translate, Quicksilver makes clothes for the out-of-college but not yet a soccer-mom girl and to launch it they created a site - http://womens.quiksilver.com/ where six women - a fashion blogger, an artist, a bicycling activist, an architect, an automotive designer and a musician - showcase the clothes as well as their journey to becoming, youknow, women. (check under "SiteLA" to see them and their stories.)

“The idea to feature the women of SiteLA is great because they are radiant, talented, creative and fun,” said Natas Kaupas, Global Creative Director, Quiksilver. “They’re perfect ambassadors for the brand. Instead of just talking about what it’s like to make your way in the world as a young woman, we can experience it right along with them. They do a great job of showcasing the apparel collection, too.”

With this is also a short film showing off the six women who are “Visionaries in Residence” and '"bringing the brand to life".


Quiksilver women - Visionaries in Residence - (2008) 1:38 (USA)

Quiksilver women - Visionaries in Residence - (2008) 1:38 (USA)

72andSunny Los Angeles created this look on women.


“Spike Wars” - Star Wars on Spike campaign by Mother New York.

A few years back, during some sort of big "blog"-meet thing, a bunch of people stated that Adland is "not a blog" because, god forbid, it sticks to only one topic (advertising), has any member writing (just like Metafilter or the protoblog Slashdot), and my personal favorite "it has no pictures of you, your cats or your kids." Ha!

Jump for joy then, now that Mother New York created the "Star Wars on Spike" campaign so I can torture y'all with a shot off my offspring in her fashionable R2D2 and C-3PO t-shirt. Are we a real blog now? Huh?

Anyway, I digress, back to advertising. Spike wanted to announce their exclusive six-year contract to show all star wars films, so the question is - how do you get a universe of people who have already seen the movies to watch them again, only on TV?

Show men that Star Wars isn’t just the ultimate sci-fi saga featuring some of the most memorable characters of all time, but it’s also an invaluable resource for man knowledge. With every viewing, a guy can learn something new he can apply to his own life.

So here are the films, created by Mother, directed by Ryan Ebner at HSI Productions and filled to the brim with wisdom you can apply to your every day lives people. Who said you can't learn anything on TV? (Even wee girls get their wisdom from Star wars, like some robots are friendly.)


Spike TV - Spike Wars / Golf with Darth Vader - (2008) :30 (USA)

Spike TV -  Spike Wars  / Golf with Darth Vader - (2008) :30 (USA)

Created by Mother in New York and directed by Ryan Ebner at HSI Productions