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You must... You must...

Over at the aptly named URL there is a photo snapped by Peppe showing an incredibly frank poster. Truth in advertising after all?


Garfield's "Chaos Scenario"

If you haven't read Bob Garfield's "Chaos Scenario" you might want to head over to and have a read. It does bring up quite a few good points and although some might say his arguement is one-sided, he does take a look at both sides of the mania over the death of TV, the rush to new media and ponders where we might be heading.

One of the things that bothers me the most about this whole arguement, and I'm sure I've brought it up before, is the claim that viewers are now in control. Viewers have always been in control. If they hadn't been, then all those TV shows that the network executives loved but the population hated would have continuted to air, and not be killed after less than 10 shows getting to air.


Performance Enhancing Drugs Rear Their Head At The One Show

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Perfomance enhancing drugs have been at the center of one sport controversy after another lately, from weightlifting to major league baseball. Now comes word that one of the United States' hottest creative talents, Kevin Roddy, may in fact be forced to return all those bowls and pencils. What's the world coming to?


Opel Zafira - Sleepy ride lullaby / Tom Waits (2005) :30 (Denmark)

Opel Zafira - Sleepy ride lullaby / Tom Waits (2005) :30 (Denmark)

Tom Waits sues Opel over "voice theft" in advert, so clearly not everyone loved this lullaby.


Tom Waits sues Opel over "voice theft" in advert

Tom Waits really hates it when his work is used in a commercial, he has made this very clear and he will always say no. He has a long standing policy against using his music or voice in commercials and said in a statement: "Commercials are an unnatural use of my work. It's like having a cow's udder sewn to the side of my face. Painful and humiliating."

Somehow an Opel ad currently running in Denmark, Sweden and Finland has managed to use a sound-alike to Waits singing a lullaby, possibly thinking that they would get away with it. Alas, Tom Waits fans alerted him to the ad and presto, Opel was served.

Never happy about commercial dilution of his unique style, Tom Waits isn't afraid to sue anyone who might misbehave, in 1994 he sued his own record company for licencing his song "Heartattack and Vine" to a Levis commercial. In '93 it was Frito Lay in the USA who felt Waits wrath. Audi, Germany were sued in 2000 for using a soundalike song and Lancia Italy had a similar case.


Anti-Wal-Mart Group Rolls Out Nationwide Ad Campaign

Anti-Wal-Mart group Wal-Mart Watch took out a full page ad in Friday's New York Times bashing the sales giant for its treatment of workers. Interestingly, while most people who attack Wal-Mart based on this come from the viewpoint
of stopping the unfair wages paid to the workers, this campaign doesn't try to touch upon the benevolence of people but rather their selfishness. The ad claims that due to low wages and bad healthcare, Wal-Mart employees are forced to "resort to Medicaid, food stamps, and public housing" which they call the "Wal-Mart Tax" that adds up to $1.5 billion extra per year. They also claim that on top of this tax payers have to pay more to support the costs of public services such as roadways and electricity lines that Wal-Mart uses. Their truck fleet especially tears up roads but doesn't have tp pay for it. This is a rather interesting tactic and it should produce results. People will always talk about seeing the suffering of others but they are much more likely to actually do something if they feel personally affected.


Carte Blance want to physically shake up the Quebec ad industry

Carte Blanche ad agency is launching a self-promotional campaign in Quebec touting their new "physically" credo.

No, I'm not quite sure what it means either, but this is supposed to attract advertisers who have been disappointed by the results of their prior advertising efforts with other agencies. I wish it meant that the suit-clad reservoir dogs like posse of Carte Blance was actually out there knocking competitors over the head with baseball bats. It would be a new approach, as back-stabbing with knives is getting so old. ;)


MTV Japan: The Hunt for the EyeDolls

The Hunt for the EyeDolls was created to spread awareness and heavily hype the Video Music Awards Japan 2005. To do this, we created a scavenger hunt all over Tokyo where interested fans are to seek and discover EyeDolls. Each EyeDoll is a free ticket to the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2005 and each EyeDoll has additional prizes depending on its color. The most special EyeDoll is silver, and this one gives the lucky finder a walk on the Red Carpet with all the music stars at the Video Music Awards on May 29th. Other prizes include iPod shuffles, CD's from Tower Records and Tommy Hilfiger apparel.


Link Lust: Avant Garde font, movie poster fonts and fresh desktops

Even up here in the chilly northern part of Europe, the snow has melted for good, the sun is shining every day and the days are getting warmer. Now we really need to clean house as we do every spring, but don't ignore your desktop. It's time to backup and redecorate, for the latter Veer has sweet spring wallpapers in all sizes. My favorite is "Studio Sweet Studio".

The Designforum at AIGA brings us the story "Crimes Against Typography" chronicling the constant misuse of Avant Garde. The author Steven Heller confesses:

Crimes against typography are committed everyday. But few typefaces have been victimized more than the late-sixties/early-seventies gothic Avant Garde - and the felonies persist. The reason is a surfeit of angular ligatures that offer too many cheap tricks. I know because I am a recovering Avant Garde abuser. Although I haven't touched the stuff in almost thirty years, when the face was in its prime, I was hopelessly addicted.

One of our new adlinks is this lovely site about movie posters and the fonts that make them so cool. This poster-obsessed weblog looks at anything from vintage movie posters to modern solutions, discussing everything from the choice of font to the photography.