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Energy BBDO helped create buzz for the Art Institute of Chicago’s Modern Wing using OOH, Print and Digital media - in short, they went all out.

The basis of their idea is that the most modern thing of the modern Wing is the museum itself - architecht Renzo Piano has created a fitting masterpiece to host all others.

OOH work included: train cards, bus kings, double-decker bus wraps, two-sheet posters, bulletins, retailer windows; while the Print included newspapers and magazines; and the digital space utilized banner ads. All elements worked together to bring news of the new wing of the AIC to Chicago, Mid-West and NY art enthusiasts.

Pop Pop Music - Balloons

Just to show off some lovely editing and sound creativity, Pop Music cover by the sound of popping balloons. Nice one.

Created by rossangeles.net, Directed,shot and edited by Ross Harris. Featuring Maya Harris as the balloonatic.

Image of Adland: Searching for the Meaning of Life on a Branded Planet
"With a unique blend of humor and insight, Othmer guides us through this rapidly changing business and lets us see the direction in which it is headed. A must read for any student of advertising."
-- Rick Boyko, Director, VCU Brandcenter

"Advertising is an industry like any other, except it changes our planet daily. James Othmer, one of my favorite writers, takes you inside that world and makes the people and places real. You can dislike these guys, but you can't ignore them. They make sure of that."
  --Seth Godin, author, TRIBES

"I've been in advertising more than twenty years and spent countless hours trying to tell people how insane and hilarious and exciting and pointless and fascinating it all is. Now all I have to do is hand them this book."
-Jamie Barrett,
Creative Director/Partner Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco

"Othmer's struggle to do the next right thing in a business predicated on greed, lust, envy and sloth makes for an enlightening
as well as entertaining read."
                                                                    -Steffan Postaer
                                                                    Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, 
                                                                    Euro RSCG Chicago

Stumbling through the web I found this review over at Slate: Why we say yes to drugs which reviews This Is Your Country on Drugs: The Secret History of Getting High In America., and I stopped in my tracks because i love that cover. America will never shake those "This is your brain on drugs" frying egg ads. Though personally I prefer the Partnership for a Drug-Free America: Heroin where the woman goes nuts smashing the eggs and everything else.

Big thanks to the Perlorian Brothers who totally made my morning by spotting adland in the New York Times, even if it just a teeny link to the Clorox Machines History commercial, we love seeing our URL near anything Mad Men. ;) The Perlorian Brothers rock, my favorite ad that they have done is probably the multi-award winning Vim Prison Visitor which cracks me up to this day.

Remember http://undrln.com born last fall as a "digg for advertising, design and marketing"? Well, since the community votes on any design or marketing relevant links they find the most compelling it's a good way to drive some traffic to your extra-good blog posts, and now they've released a new tool that allows people to vote for your stories directly from your site. Using it is easy, just go to http://undrln.com/bar for tech-details.


*cannes radio shortlist 2009

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