VW Rabbit hops back into the scene

Last night VW Rabbit ad "Multiply" by Crispin Porter + Bogusky broke. The ad was directed by Nicolai Fuglsig of MJZ, who also directed Sony "Balls". (You can check out pictures of the shoot here.)

Superadgrunts, watch the spot here


Use celebrities to get elected

Chris was running for president of Student Council at his high school. He also happened to have standby tickets for SNL. He brought along a "Vote for Chris" poster in the hopes to get some SNL celebs to pose with him so he could use the snaps as posters for his campaign.


Chunk Bid to Boost PriceYourMeal.com

Priceyourmeal.com, the food auction website that gives bidders the chance to dine at their favourite restaurants for as little as a penny, has appointed Chunk to create an online campaign to boost traffic to the website.

The campaign, 'Meal or No Meal', will be a take on a popular game show featuring a well known bearded presenter.

Chunk MD Donnie Kerrigan said; "We're excited to work with Price Your Meal and to get our teeth into the idea. The site itself has a lot of word-of-mouth appeal and a push from this campaign will help increase its already considerable user base"

Sukhvir, MD of PYM said; "Since going live 3 months ago, PriceYourMeal.com has already registered over 2,500 people who now regularly use the site. In order for us to expand very quickly, we need an online marketing campaign that can boost our database and give us a platform that we can use to launch into other cities very quickly. I am confident that Chunk has the required skills, experience and imagination to create a campaign that will attract users of all ages to the site. "


IKEA Germany - Visiting Schweden again...

I’m kind of late this year (blame it on the World Cup and Lars Lagerbäck), but after a gentle reminder from Dabitch I thought I'd let you know that IKEA Germany is once again on-air (and online) with their "Crazy Midsummer Prices" campaign.
You may remember that last years "TV spots" caused something of a stir in viral-land when the films were pulled and replaced with some small frogs... Well this years films and website are slightly more tame, but still funny... Check "Bingo" and "Wettrennen" out on the Ikea Germany website here.


Happy birthday - now make the logo bigger dammit!

Belated congratulations to Bill at Makethelogobiggerwho's blog lit a solitary candle this Saturday when it turned one year old.


Beaming ads into cars - the future?

Sony has filed a very interesting patent in the US for some "vehicle communication equipment" where you can push some buttons in your car and beam a message over to another car nearby that has the same widget installed. Apart from messages like "you cut me off mofo!" and "hey lady you're hawt, pull over" coming into frequent use, my money is on these devices being spammed as soon as a large enough portion of cars have them installed.
Just think, years from now college kids can have cruising and beaming messages to cars as their intern gig, rather than web surfing and spamming myspace and xanga. Now that's progress!

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TV is dead, long live the commercial, part two

Most everyone has been talking about the death of the commercial for years now, but with the boost of online video (which was bound to happen as everyone got broadband) things are not only looking up, new video channels seem to appear daily. See the video blimp and the video posters in the tube.

Mark Tutssel, worldwide chief creative officer at Leo Burnett is even touting youtube as a media channel, which I'm sure will cheer up the guys at youtube whom I hear burn through $12 million a month with no business model or income in sight.

Apart from similar services, such as google video and hundreds of lookalikes, youtube might find that users choose to upload their content where they get a slice of the ad-income-pie. An article in TV week "Gold rush in viral video" announces that Revver plans to come out of beta already in July. Revver shares the ad revenue with the video content creators, much like google adwords let a chunk of the income spill on to the sites that use it. One of the most famous videos released on Revver is the Coke and Mentos fountain insanity.

Revver's software lets video creators track their videos across the Internet, whether on MySpace, blogs, social networking sites, via e-mail or on Revver, said Steven Starr, Revver's founder and CEO. "Revver's allows for dynamic ad insertion, so where the video is being viewed we are serving up an ad after the video is seen," he said.

Perhaps next time you film your cat crashing into a wall, your baby sister miming to Barbie Girl or your dumb neighbour nearly castrating himself doing a stupid bike stunt, you'll opt to upload said video to a place where you could not only track its popularity, but also make a buck or two on it. Youtube needs to watch its back. Video creators might also decide to hold on a little tighter to the content they create now that they can make money on their own funny films....

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Black Horse hit the road with Chunk and Summer Street

Chunk has worked with Summer Street to create an online game for Black Horse Motor and Leisure finance to promote the launch of their new website.

A Switch in Time takes the user through different life-stages from 18-65 and with the help of Black Horse Finance keeps them switching to the right car for their circumstances.


Sonic wants you to make TJ a drink

How many Sonic thirst-quenching combinations are there? Make TJ Drink is a new microsite they've created where you can try your hand at mixing. The point is to try to figure out TJ's ultimate drink. TJ happens to be one of the blokes in the Sonic ads (never realized that was his name-see below). I'm guessing it's more fun to try to gross him out than get the right combo. ;)


A Cannes Titanium Badlander

By now y'all know that the Titanium winner this year was the Japanese company Design Barcode for inventing and implementing cool designed bar codes.

Naturally, we've seen this before. (More inside)