When Energy BBDO/Chicago set out to promote the Illinois Lottery as a "good gift idea" for the holidays, they pulled out all the media stops.

For radio they updated the classic carol to include “…the pizza guy who pre-blots your pizza” and “the trainer you totally have a crush on” as well as your heroic co-worker who turns on your computer so that nobody will know that your late.
On the street, BBDO set up street teams that "encourage by passers to participate and hype up the promotion" by first asking them to sing (and be videotaped) the Illinois Lottery “Joy Someone” carol, which can be put on IllinoisLottery.com as well as YouTube.com - and a second song would be a carol of the participants choice. After which, the participants are given a free taxi ride anywhere they fancied to go.

It all wraps up with this TV commercial.


Rather sad news at Adage: BBDO Signals End to Chrysler Relationship, Its Detroit Office

In a sign that the end of Chrysler's relationship with BBDO is near, executives familiar with the situation said BBDO's Detroit office will close its doors in January, leaving the fate of its remaining 485 employees up in the air.
The news of BBDO Detroit's shuttering was delivered today and in-person by BBDO Worldwide President-CEO Andrew Robertson, who called an emergency meeting of all staffers and told them the agency needs to "plan for a life without Chrysler from February 2010."

As one commenter put it, they're "Another victim of the Bob Nardelli factor. Never before has a man been paid so much to accomplish so little." to which another quipped : "how does this man continue to find work? that's two companies he's practically single-handedly run into the ground. huh. now that i think of it... would love to see him become CEO of walmart."

Either way, expect to compete for work with an entire agency from Detroit unless a miracle lands in their lap soon.

luerzer's archive

How can one improve on a product whose contents one does not make oneself? This is a question that Lürzer’s Archive pondered in depth before deciding that the best way to make Lürzer’s Archive even better is to produce better creatives. And what better way to do so than to support promising but penurious applicants to Miami Ad School by awarding them a scholarship?

The very first Lürzer’s Archive Schoolarship has been awarded to Katrina Mustakas from Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, who spent the last four years waiting on tables and managed, during that time, to smash no less than 237 glasses. “A waitress that talented just has to go into advertising”, said Miami Ad School and Lürzer’s Archive to themselves, especially since she already has a BA in Advertising and Public Relations, and is currently completing a course in graphic design.

Joy to the world - the unexpected retro version of the holiday classic “Joy To the World” arranged by Spank Music works quite well in radio.

Ad agency: Energy BBDO


"Yes, Walter did the show from his bed, Åsk did it reclining on some strange Swedish bed-chair-thing and the rest of were just envious..." says Bob Knorpp about last nights beancast. I hopped into the empty chair at the very last minute as @bmorrissey got delayed on a train in Jersey after running a marathon in only 3:09. Me and Walter Pike ( @WalterPike ) were night owls and thus reclining comfortably and propping laptops on our bellies while David Vogeleer ( @missinglink ), Creative Technologist, The Martin Agency informed us that he was just plain old sitting at a desk. Ana Andjelic ( @andjelicaaa ) had just appeared in Adage with the piece "Why Digital Agencies Aren't Ready to Lead" so we dove straight in the deep end and started the show with talking about that.

Episode Seventy-Eight: Live From Walter's Bed and you can download the show here or subscribe via itunes.

Paris Hilton VACANT copyright Lathkill96

Paris not laughing at 'vacant' Kiwi billboards

Paris Hilton is not amused. The American hotel heiress is upset a photo of her is being used to advertise vacant billboard space in Auckland.
The photo, which shows Hilton partying, has the word "vacant" written in giant-sized lettering across it.
Hilton's Los Angeles-based manager Jamie Freed said Wellington billboard company, Media5, had no permission to use Hilton's image, and they could expect to hear from Hilton's lawyers.

We can all have a giggle at what superfish says: "I love how Paris Hilton's own manager doesn't even try to dispute the content of the billboard and sticks solely with the legal aspects. He's paid to make his client look awesome no matter what, yet saw this and went "Aw, shit, they got us."
If we stop snickering for a moment, we know how well that American Apparel billboard using Woody Allen went, it cost AA a pretty penny and the news was written up around the world for several months.. Oh wait, that looks like a plan.

In all seriousness, what is going on photography in advertising lately? Did all the educated art buyers get fired? (and by educated I mean those who are aware of the legalities of using celebrities and rights issues). Take for example the recent storm over Toyota's Flickr-pillaging that adgrunt LeslieBAP has been talking about, directing me to Brandsanatomy and "The bigger the company, the bigger the blunder". Long story short, Toyota used images found on Flickr* on their new 4-runner website but forgot to do the whole rights dance. When the photographers found their images on the site, and got Toyotas attention via Twitter. @Toyota finally responded with

@calanan @Photo_John @stuartzero We're currently pulling the photos and will be in contact with each photography who was represented

Brandsanatomy says: "This is why your company needs an experienced marketer on staff. Real marketing directors have an understanding of intellectual property laws. Photographs, fonts, illustrations, and other design elements found online are not free for you to use, especially for commercial purposes."

I might add, another reason you need people with experience is that they probably won't misspell a tweet, further annoying the people they are meant to calm.

Devaluation, this constant strive to beancount and get things for cheap (or free) is causing this along with inexperience and a general muddling of people knowledge of rights, model rights and advertising law. Seems to me (and Leslie) that in the hunt for corners to cut someone skipped the Art Buyer/producer (or hired one that had no IP training) and went straight to production. Costly mistake in the end, please remember that dear beancounters. Job positions are not like appendixes, people actually fulfill needed tasks.

* Note to everyone. Just because an image is on Flickr does not make it automatically free-for-all CC-heaven. It might make it a CC-Licensed image, but even then you need to read and understand what license it is before using them in the manner allowed by said license.

Photograph of Paris Hilton Billboard taken by Lathkill96 at Flickr, all rights reserved.

Mazda  - What's inside - (2009) :30 (Canada)

Rhino CD Vico Sharabani recently collaborated with director Jason Smith of Industry on an elegant new :30 for Mazda via Doner, Detroit. Sharabani supervised the planning, shoot and post work for all VFX, with a special focus on a detailed pre-vis to streamline the spot's creation as much as possible.
The setting of What's Inside is a high-tech garage where a MAZDA3 is partially deconstructed then seamlessly reassembled into a MAZDA5. As the crew of mechanics and machines finish their job, the vehicle is boarded by a family who drives the new MAZDA5 out of frame. While the spot appears to be totally live action, it is really a seamless mix of CG and in-camera footage blended to show off both the interior and exterior of Mazda5.

You said “Til death do us part.” You’re not dead yet.
http://rescuemarriage.org/ have decided to tackle the issue raised by last years Proposition 8 by doing the classic "zig-zag" Luke Sullivan favors. If those who argued for Proposition 8 last year were saying that gay marriage should be banned because it ruins the sanctity of marriage and the family unit - then clearly divorce must be made illegal in California. Zing! In order to get this proposed voter initiative on the 2010 ballot, supporters of the initiative must collect nearly 700,000 signatures in order to qualify it for a vote.

Two talking head PSA's in the style we're so used to have been created and are currently making the rounds. On the site rescuemarriage.org you can pick up banners, t-shirts and help rally support in various ways as well as keep up with all the press mentions. The site is done entirely with a straight face, and I must say: well played sir.