Unaired Anti-Smoking ads

The fine folks over at McSweeney's have posted some unearthed scripts for anti-smoking ads. Powerful stuff that, I fear, will never see the light of day.


The Advertising Show - Guerilla Marketing

Hear Jon Margolis and Sean McCarthy, co-founders of The Michael Alan Group, discuss their stealth and guerilla marketing techniques for Christian Dior’s handbags to premiering HBO’s Project Greenlight.
Tune in Saturday 8-10 p.m. CET (2-4 p.m. EST) to The Advertising Show for their live webcast. Or check out their commercial free archives


McLawsuit of the Moment - Fight the designGurus

Roland Henss 'Capitalis Pirata' font has gotten Plazm font factory their very own cease and desist letter from McDonalds fat factory, McDonalds doesn't like the "M" which looks a lot like theirs. Actually that was the idea, "By placing corporate icons into the form of an alphabet, Henss challenges the notion of ownership of letterforms. Since a copyright cannot be placed on the alphabet itself, this typeface raises issues about the boundaries of ownership and the proprietary nature of letterforms in the public domain."
An M-free version of the font can be downloaded at Plazm.

If I ruled design is a little flash game that lets you take on the big men of Bauhaus, the logo king Paul Rand and the typographers with mad skillz - just remember to duck!


A dog poo burrito?

Went to Burritoville for lunch today and spotted two cans of Vapoorizer on the counter.

It turned out to be a restaurant promotion for a new movie called Envy.

What would possess Burritoville to smear feces imagery all over their restaurant? Oh yeah, greed.

Click read more to view what's cookin' south of the border.


French's vs. Burger King vs. A-1

How is this possible? Three commercials running at the same time with the same concept? Face lickin' good it ain't.

Superadgrunts, click read more to see how many licks it takes to get to the center of a badlander.


McCann Advertising : Jesus branding logo / Fidel Castro cigar

How do you sell your ad agency? If branding is your esse, you could try and take credit for that daring cross symbol as branding for christianity. Even Fidel Castro consults McCann advertising. Not sure how the two are related but it does make for an amusing thought of what the client might be saying in these meetings. "I like the circle symbol better, it didn't kill me.."

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Forest Service hopes you can't see the woods for the trees

The Forest Service burned to get some good PR and hired a firm to create a misleading brochure for them. In the brochure 6 small B&W photos spanning 80 years are shown;

"The 1909 photo shows an open, parklike forest with large trees spaced widely apart. More trees and underbrush appear in each successive picture -- 1948, 1958, 1968, 1979 -- and finally a photo thick with trees in 1989.
'Today's forests, dense with green, may seem beautiful, but in fact are deadly,' the pamphlet reads. 'Our old-growth forests are choking with brush, tinder-dry debris, and dead trees which make the risk of catastrophic fire high.'

Spike's likes?

The NY daily news gossips that Spike Jonze has been spotted with Karen O of the yeah yeah yeahs. Sofia doesn't look too upset, as she's got Oscar.

Many in the film industry speculate Jonze was the inspiration for the shallow and self-absorbed director-husband in Coppola's Oscar-winning film, "Lost in Translation."


Transgender models in ads

The end of last month, Dab posted an article about a cross-dresser which offended Finns and Lebanese.

Now there's a transgender singer doing ads for menstrual pads in Asia (agency is in Taiwan, article is from a S.Korean pub, so I'm not sure where exactly the ads will air).


update-o-rama, stonetwins win ADCN, forehead ads for real.

Congratulations to the Stone Twins who won a Silver ADCN lamp award for their book project Logo R.I.P.

Another pat on the head goes to Cunningstunts (now simpy called 'cunning') for making it to the bigtime with their forehead ad idea, even though the Guardian made fun of it. Adage reports that human billboards prowled Times Square with ads for Toyota on their foreheads last week.