Last year a school class of twelve year olds reported ToysRus Christmas catalogue to the Advertising Ombudsman in Sweden for "sexual discrimination" in their advertising - and won.

The class said that in the catalogue "All the girls are always dressed in pink, only found on the princess and Barbie pages, posing 'awkward' and never included in any of the action toy areas". The kids suggested that the background colors of the catalogue should be made neutral instead of stark pinks and blues, that girls should also been seen on the Lego and Toy car pages and that the princess and knight dress up pages could be gender mixed as suggestions on how to "stop reinforcing traditional gender roles". The class ended their motivation with calling the catalogue "old-fashioned and insulting". The Advertising Ombudsman took their time, but have now agreed with the class and Toys R Us need to rethink that pink. Source: Aftonbladet

Fred & Farid Paris have created this campaign, seven patterns with food items that would look quite delish on any table, to underscore the thought that Lesieur's oils and condiments really "magnify every flavor" and should be on every table. The mayonnaise one actually made me hungry for eggs. Mmmmm..... Condiments...


I don't know how I missed this, but our fave typenerd blog ironic Sans has created the ultimate Quiz to torture ad-assistants, our copywriters, and that clients cousin who has a computer and thus is a designer with: So you think you can tell Arial from Helvetica?. He has simply taken famous Helvetica logotypes and re-done them in Arial - then asks you to select which one is the original.
This would have been a lot more difficult if it were a bunch of Arial vs Helvetica logos, but I can honestly not think of a single logo based on Arial so I guess that's why he didn't go there. As you can see, I scored 20/20. No pressure. (Hint; t's, r's and i's are the window to the soul of a font - a's and o's are also a dead giveaway.)

From the team at Neogama/BBH, São Paulo, Brazil: The main goal of this campaign was to show how a single cigarette contains a huge amount of toxic substances that attack your body each time you smoke. They are a True invasion force. To illustrate such an idea we looked at the past, present and future of human conflicts and came up with these 3 ads.

Mentos Cube

Description from the creative team: Mentos Cube is a surprising gum shaped as a cube. The ad created by NeogamaBBH shows what happens inside one of THESE cubes: it’s a surprising world where a different scene takes place at each one of the sides. All scenes are fun, fresh and cool just like the product itself. The copy explains the idea: “Mentos Cube. More sides, more fun.”