National Foundation for the Deaf - Live testing station in an adshel - print, New Zealand

DDB New Zealand are still grabbing attention for the National Foundation for the Deaf Awareness Week - this time they made a poster a "testing station" to see if your volume level is too loud, since most people don't know what volume level is safe. You simply insert your headphone into the poster and the lights will go red if you're listening too it too loud. I SAID, THE LIGHTS WILL GO RED.. Oh nevermind.

See also their previous posters: Trains Planes and Automobiles and the National Foundation for the Deaf - Dance party / Concert radio ads.

Watch a movie showing peoples reactions to the poster inside.


Denver Museum of Nature & Science - Livingroom, Bedroom, Bathroom (Dinasaurs everywhere) - print, USA

The kids at Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis seem to think that there are still scary animals under their beds. ;)


MS Society Halton Region - Grips - print, Canada

Having managed to squeeze one of these hand-training devices together exactly...uh... never (I have a pathetically weak grip) the difficulties met by MS patients daily in every move they do is instantly understood by me with this visual. BBDO Toronto created this piece of communication for the MS Society Halton Region.


Adcrap Recap: Sex, aids, and more sex.

Hey adgrunts. I dunno about you, but for me It's been a rough week. Hence the confusing covers playlist.

Monday began with some recaps of the Crispin campaign for the operating system known as Vista - Eric Karjaluoto at ideaondeas got nerdy and Apple/MS back-and-forth in their ad campaigns while I declared that Microsoft is a supermarket and Apple is a restaurant in The Microsoft Saga.

The Denver Egotist pointed us to what must be the "the most complex way to land a new client in history" - a full fledged viral campaign for stock photo, press release here.

As a newly formed design shop, General Projects launched with a self-assigned first project – to get the attention of Corbis and eventually turn that into a client relationship. This was done by launching a faux-viral campaign online with the intention of getting the Corbis name in front of as many members of their target audience as possible on a limited budget.

- so the site they designed went viral and all I'm wondering is did they pay for using the stock as well? In that case it might also be the most expensive pitch in history. Naah. I heard some agency took apart a car and rebuilt it in their lobby several floors up just to impress a potential client once.

Over at Good Kate Roberts is interviewed about AIDS-vertisements. "Todays youth never saw the shocking images of Freddie Mercury or Rock Hudson dying, or those really scary, in-your-face, aggressive public-service announcements" which makes selling social responsibility in sex more important than ever.

We had masses of print ads submitted, the Ikea short bedtime stories was popular, the puking Cadbury gorilla was gross, the hard on french fry was confusing, as was the steamy elevator scene while the Melanoma Foundation got straight to the (gun) point. Teppanyaki Food Fest was pretty, and Rok Vegas was juvenile. Meanwhile I learned how to say lingerie for your feet in french: Lingerie pour les pieds. BC Lottery Corporation found the end of the rainbow and the burning man giving out flyers is still haunting me.

We also had masses of print ads recalled, leading me to make a new rule: Deleting the ads dilute the resource we are trying to build here. Adland will no longer do it. The horrific school shooting in Kauhajoki brought out the worst in banners.

Commercials flooded in, and Diesel's "worldwide Dirty 30 party" might not be safe for work even if they used the SFW porn concept of covering things up. Axe meanwhile did a sexier version of hiding all the naughty bits with Squares. Frucor V Lemon mocked soda ads, Wrangler asked Why?, and Quercus showed us suicidal animals depressed about global warming. Famous Dave's cows went people-tipping, Tina Fey and Martin Scorsese talked about a time share in Boca, and ground zero showed us Alpha males and their side-kicks in CopStache and Pier (ouch). We had strange giant eyes, mouths and extra hands in Freaks like us for the Australian Director's Guild Conference 2008.

Best this week was that new members uploaded their work to the Radio ads section. You should do it too. Radio ads are fun!


Eveready Torch - Ball, Spider , Toe - print, India

Youknow, sometimes you really need a torch - and this campaign from Rediffusion DYR Mumbai perfectly illustrates the situations that may require a torch, without showing you anything but pitch dark.


The Centre for Cerebral Palsy - Inside Out - print, Australia

The Centre for Cerebral Palsy called on 303 Perth to advertise for more cp support workers.


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Sony Premium DJ Headphones - Exploding notes / Hear More - print, Australia

aaaw look, aren't the little baby-notes coming out of the papa-note kyoot? I don't know what else to say except, yeah the exploding note looks neat.
Link to bigger image


Deleting the ads dilute the resource we are trying to build here. Adland will no longer do it.

After much hand wringing and thinking I have come to a conclusion regarding campaigns submitted before they were due to run, approved or even properly thought out, and here's our new policy.

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I will correct the submissions, place them in SPEC WORK category, pixellate trademarks, add official statements from brands or agencies to the post and add to the information we have on the ads, but I will no longer remove the ad images.


TV6 - "Big in Japan" applauding poster, Sweden

Le Bureau installed huge speakers atop of the regular street poster sites, which coupled with a motion detector sets the cheering off whenever someone comes close enough to the poster. This is certainly not the first time a poster has carried sound - remember way back in 1998 when a SPA water poster in Amsterdam had the constant fizz of light bubbles emitted from it? Applause seems to a be a trend in Sweden recently when Vällingby and myrorna got together with ad agency Ruth and created clothes donation boxes that cheered you on whenever you donated clothes. Either way, noisy posters are still rare so I'm sure that this will get noticed, and perhaps even attract viewers despite the shows concept where "two ordinary Swedes are sent over to Japan to try and become famous in one month" sounds like utter dreck.