*cannes radio shortlist 2009

Advertised brand: TEFAL BY NEWPAN
Advert title(s): HEATS UP IN 3 SECONDS
Chief Creative Officer : Yoram Levi
Creative Director: Ben Sever / Ad Noy
Scriptwriter: Amrel Shoshani / Rani Tzalach / ben sever
Other additional credits:
Account Supervisor: Shlomit Kloger

Illinois Lottery - Drums - (2009) :30 (USA)
The Illinois Lottery is launching it’s “Second Chance Summer” promotion with two new comedic spots created by Energy BBDO/Chicago and directed by Station Film’s Cannes award winning director Harold Einstein. The promotion encourages lottery players to replay their old tickets for a second chance to win $35,000 each weekday this summer.

Ok, so the world is not yet that crazy - I've been wondering what on earth was going through a commercial production companies mind, having set lose such an obvious "you're gonna get in heaps of trouble" commercial on the web like that so called "Banned German Sprite commercial". I could see it coming from some guy who just left moms den do something like that, but a real production company knows better. And frankly, so should the director Max Isaacson. "Spec ad" does not equal "Parody". He had posted the ads on youtube (yeah, there was a 'campaign' of this crud) under the name SillyDogFilms, perhaps he thought that he could launch his own production company with this stunt.


Everyone knows it. You can never find the perfect image you need and I don't even want to think about the hours I've spent scouring sites, looking for something, ANYTHING, that could work. But you don't have to do that anymore....

customAdArt is a custom image marketplace that is designed to connect advertisers and photographers for custom imaging needs.

Advertisers post jobs on the site and say how much they will pay for the image. Photographers from around the world then compete to create the image. The advertiser reviews submitted images and may purchase the one that best fits their needs. Upon purchasing the image, the advertiser receives the full commercial rights to that image.



Excederin gets rid of really really big headaches.

Jeremy Salzm at ideas4cheap did pretty much everything in this one-off. Except yaknow, get the actual client to pay him for it. The concept behind ideas4cheap seems to be a recycled adstore (remember them in the nineties?) but with less no money.


In all businesses things go a little wonky at the height of summer. Interns take over, TV channels show the "commercial goes here" sign instead if the commercial that should have gone there (I managed to catch that on one of my old tapes, hilarious), at your favorite lunch place the median age of all employed suddenly drops with ten years, and newspapers in Sweden rewrite an insignificant non-story to death in a phenomena that has its own name: "Nyhetstorka" (news drought), as all the real journalists have kicked off their shoes and are relaxing in the sun somewhere.

I think I have figured out what happens at all ad agencies right after the Cannes hangover and soon before the christmas cheer briefs hit our desks. The Super Heroes attack our collective ideabrain.

See, last year That super hero angle is getting a bit tired, when I had seen it used for doing, very simple, good deeds: "You're a hero for turning off the water, or turning off the power. You're a local hero if you volunteer to help others like in this incredibly cheap (50 quid!) Scottish campaign. "

Now here the hero is again. This time it's Mullen agency that at least had the brilliant idea to call up Adam West to lend his Batman-super-voice to our everyday heroes that take control over their economy. How far we've come, last year it was all save electricity and others, this year it's all about the money.

The other two are available here: Lending tree - You , Lending tree - Old Chum