Holiday cheer roundup!

This is a bit like those super addictive virgin spot the band names, except XPLANE want you to find the visual business cliches - you can download the PDF here. Yes, there are ducks in a row.

Zig jingle jam lets you mix your own jingle-tune. Just stay the heck away from the boyband who overdosed on auto-tune.

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky are giving you the 12 Days of Squatchmas. You can mix your own animated calender and send to friends.

Resumé reports that Åkestam & Holst sent "Bad Santa" to Playground shop in Stockholm to make people "buy stuff and get out". The actor who abrasively makes shoppers decide on what to get, and get on with it isn't dressed as a mean santa though, so.... fail. Otherwise quite a funny idea. I love mean santa. Krampus needs a revival!

Publicis London's "lip-dub" of "I got a feeling" is still cringeworthy. They should take classes from highschoolers on how to make creative lip-dubs, give Shorewood High School a call, they did their backwards and play it in reverse.

Elmex toothpaste bowling ball

Elmex wanted to promote their anti-cavities toothpaste, under the tagline “Helps prevent cavities” and asked them to find a surprising way to expose it. They collaborated with Israel’s largest bowling chain with branches in all major cities in the country. 140 bowling balls with no holes were randomly mixed with the regular balls on all the bowling lanes. 3 round stickers designed to look like the holes on the bowling ball were placed where the holes should have been. The stickers carried the message “Elmex – Helps prevent cavities”. The campaign was launched on December 2009 (peak holiday season in Israel) and is still running.


Desi and his co-worker Wanda were testing out the new facial recognition software on a new HP Mediasmart computer. They discovered that this facial recognition software doesn't like to follow Desi, but it does find and follow Wanda. Interesting bug, if it is a bug, does this happen with all HP Mediasmart computers? Desi, who seems quite amused by it all, welcomes "responses to why the HP webcam, does not pick up negroes". Lets see how HP deals with this one.

"And the worst part is, I bought one for christmas!" - OK Desi, I think the wife will see this video sooner or later, so you're secret santadom ain't safe with the web, mate. But with any luck HP will see this and get you a computer with facial recognition software that actually recognizes you.

We're saddened to hear that Brittany Murphy was pronounced dead this morning. She suffered cardiac arrest and was transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Multiple sources told celebrity news website that she went into full cardiac arrest and despite multiple attempts, could not be revived.
The Los Angeles City Fire Department told TMZ that emergency services were called to the house she shares with her screenwriter husband Simon Monjack in Los Angeles.
According to reports, her mother Sharon Murphy discovered her daughter unconscious in the shower.

Here she starred in a Twix ad, at the tender age of 16, giving us that look she got so good at.