Ticking DM pharma ad bombs. No, like in getting the bomb squad called over, bombs.

Aqua TeenThis one is too good to be true - a pal tips us to a "direct mail that bombed " (pun!)

The ticking noise that brought a bomb squad to a Carmel Valley medical building Monday turned out to be a small battery in a greeting card.

The card, from a pharmaceutical company promoting its products, said "Your time is up" on the cover, San Diego fire spokesman Maurice Luque said.

A receptionist at Children's Medical Group office in the three-story building on El Camino Real heard ticking coming from a mailbox in the hallway about 4 p.m. She called 911 and security officers evacuated the building.

HA! You'd think they'd learn after a few 'bomb scares' as ads, like the LED billboards for Adult Swim which caused havoc in Boston last year. When are you US ad folks going to learn? Everything changed after "9/11", man. Nobody has a sense of humor anymore (but somebody knows who mailed the anthrax - do you?)


Peachmobile Zim Zoo ad gets banned by the ASA for "lowering Robert Mugabe's dignity"

You'd think it couldn't be done, the "Lowering of dignity" bit that is, but the annoying ringtone with the equally annoying ad from Peach mobile which shows president Robert Mugabe as a caged gorilla has been canned. Peachmobile protested, saying that they had a constitutional "right to mock Mugabe because he is a despot." (From The Times: ‘Racist’ ringtone advert banned)

The ASA found, "... the respondent is infringing on the rights of Robert Mugabe by portraying him in an offensive an undignified manner and as such the commercial is demeaning and lowering Robert Mugabe's dignity. A hypothetical reasonable person would be offended on viewing the commercial as it unnecessarily and intentionally demeans Robert Mugabe."

The ASA ordered that the commercial be withdrawn immediately.


What everyone wants: Head. Lots of head.

Bizbash reports that to promote the new Eddie Murphie movie "Meet Dave" 20th Century Fox took a 15-foot-tall foam head on a cross-country tour in the US.

"The sell has always been Eddie Murphy in Eddie Murphy. Eddie as the vessel and Eddie as the captain of the vessel," said Iannelli. This concept was key as the movie centers on Dave Ming Chang—a human-shaped ship—that is controlled by a miniature crew of aliens.

This explains this photograph, where people can walk into Eddie Murphy's giant head (how Malkovich) and hang out in his ears. Ew, gross. But if you ever wanted to get inside the head of a celeb, I guess this is your chance America.
Via BizBash NYC


Ponds - "White beauty sun protection" Shade - posters China

Chinese women, like me, prefer being fair skinned, to the point they even carry umbrella's around to shade their faces from the sun. I'm hiding in giant hats on the beach to avoid ten bazillion freckles, but they're just following their own ideas of style (pale being 'classier' than any orange spray on tan - can't we all agree that it is?).

Taking their target markets avoidance of sunlight to heart, Ponds demonstrate what Pond's white beauty UV protectant cream does - it hides you from the sun. I'd want some, if I didn't know any better and actually have to slap on spf 50 every day - UV protect creams are wussy, Swedish southern sun is not. ;) That said, this is a cute execution, printing extra long posters that fold over themselves - with the logo and Ponds packaging printed on the other side, to create a natural shadow.


Rubik's Cube - Going Rubik's - print, New Zealand

From DDB New Zealand comes this reminder that the Rubik's cube has been driving us all nuts for 25 years. Some are more obsessed with solving them than others....


Draft/FCB recruitment video on youtube pisses off Draft/FCB people.

Youtube user ninaaldredge (*) is in trouble for posting the Draft/FCB recruitment video to youtube. She posted it there, and tipped adscam's George, to which she soon got an email response from Draft/FCB which she also sent to George, see: DRAFT/FCB'S RECRUITMENT VIDEO REARS ITS UGLY HEAD... AGAIN!

You should understand the context of this video before sending it anywhere. it's not top secret as we show this to our clients and suppliers, as well as potential recruits, clients and even other agencies. However, you should have asked my permission before you rip it off and posted it on a public blog to be ridiculed by people without knowing the context."

Here's a tip to Kestrel Lee who (allegedly) sent that email, just flag the video at youtube as "infringes my copyright" (which it does if Nina has no rights to post it) and don't email people about it, you're just making it worse. Though maybe that's the idea? Lets see how long this stays up for, flagged and removed in 5...4...3...


Spa Water - Resurrect - print, Bangladesh

Forget "Red bull gives you wings" (possibly the most annoying campaign in the world) - water resurrects according to Grey Dhaka, Bangladesh for Spa water.


Euro RSCG Amsterdam recruitment - a very targeted poaching poster

One doesn't usually book a single busposter (or "abri poster" as it's called in Dutch) - but that's exactly what Euro did for this one. This poster is at a tramstop where tram number 5 picks up creatives and suits from the four largest agencies in Amstelveen - a suburb of Amsterdam. They are either on their way home, or heading to the Bermuda triangle and a few drinks after work, quite likely hanging out with other ad-people. Either way, these ad-men and women wait here and the tram stop poster now speaks to them directly - want another job? Euro RSCG got help from JC Decaux so that they could make this one-time-and-place-only poster was placed on the ideal spot. Useless trivia: I used to wait for the tram at exactly this stop.



Agency: Euro RSCG Amsterdam
Joost van Praag Sigaar (Creative Director & CW)
Laurens Boschman (Creative Director & AD)


ESPN Classic - Time traveling channel - print, France

Hey look, it's a time-machine!

For you near sighted art directors, there's a link to larger image here.


HSBC - Grass Art at Wimbledon, ambient UK