Who the *explitive deleted* is Ted?

Who is Ted?
People in Denver, Colorado, US have been wondering who the heck is Ted. The city has been taken over by signs about Ted, people roaming the city on Seguays wearing signs that say "I'm not Ted", free lunches with stickers that say "This one's on Ted", and more.

As it turns out United is behind this guerrilla marketing campaign, attempting to create a buzz for it's new low-cost, low-fare carrier TED.


15 Logo Design Trends

Top fifteen Graphic Design Logo trends.
Even adgrunt GrapefruitDesigns logo is trotted out as an example.


Comparing ad culture to Islamic militant culture

Here's an exerpt from the article by N.D. Batra, a professor of communications at Norwich University, Vermont, USA:
"How advertising creates and transforms our desires and wants into compelling needs is a fascinating field of study that should not have been ignored by counter-terrorism experts.

Just as the culture of consumption has been driving people, for example, to McDonald's to consume billions of hamburgers and tons of French fries, the culture of paradise/afterlife that Islamic militants, such as al-Qaida and its decentralized networked franchisees, preach to Muslim youth has been driving them to jihad suicide. Both cultures promise fulfillment: here or hereafter. So did communism."


Too sexy FHM ad banned by ASA

Excerpt from the Media Guardian:

"A sexually suggestive campaign for the lads' magazine FHM that appeared to show a woman performing oral sex on a man has been banned by the advertising watchdog.

The Advertising Standards Authority said the advert, for spin-off fashion title FHM Collections, was "likely to cause serious or widespread offence" and ordered the magazine not to use it again."

See the ad here.


Trojan Games: Masters of the precision vault

claymore "To quote from Reach and Frequency, competition is stiff".

Trojangames.co.uk - Where the Americans are masters of the precision vault and the Ukranian pelvic weightlifting team hold arms out for three lights. A sure-fire viral condom campaign in the making, Trojan proves the brits have humor, if not sex even!


ratings sorted by date

Hey all. Just a quick note to let everyone know that the ratings now sort by date so the latest rated is on top. Adgrunts who do rate stuff, like myself, cip, mikker, Reznut, adlib, claymore, caffeinegoddess, marcomp and happ61 now have their freshest ratings stored on top. Makes for a fun surf to see what others love and hate enough to rate. ;) Thanks to all who rate stuff and to cip for tweaking the system.


TV show cheat's ad complaint rejected

Major Charles Ingram and his wife who filed a complaint about an Easy Jet ad, have had their complaint rejected.

Major Ingram was found guilty in April this year of conning his way to the "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" £1 million top prize by using a series of coded coughs from accomplice, lecturer Tecwen Whittock, to guess the right answers. His wife Diana Ingram was found guilty of helping to organise the scam.

EasyJet ran a newspaper advert soon after the verdict, which appeared in a Sunday newspaper, it carried the headline "Need a cheap getaway?" See ad? Read more.


Florida Shorts Outside the Box

Film Florida presents Florida Shorts
A web based sitcom about creatives, producers, directors and other species. A series of short films that poke fun at the film production process, complete with stereotypes like the fussy creative director who demands perfection from anyone around him including cabdrivers and waiters. ;) shot by Mia Films director Massimo Martinotti.


Hot Air, Helium, Huffing and Toys R Us

Once again, parents gripe to the media about a commercial instead of sitting down with their children and explaining things to them. Ad showing helium inhaling is criticized.

Watch the spot if you are a super adgrunt - the giraffe is not "sucking the helium". In the spot, he is in the basket of a hot air balloon, and when he raises his head to speak into a PA system, he is warned about the helium in the balloon, but it's too late - he starts talking in a helium voice. (Once again, it's a hot air balloon, but they stretch the logic a bit so that they can do the helium gag.)

Flawed as the concept for the commercial is, it is pretty obvious that Toys R Us is not promoting human helium intake, or breathing in any other form of gas, as some concerned and zealous parenting groups have insisted in their complaints to the media. If anything, it's playing with the fact that there are obstacles to being a talking anthropomorphic giraffe (with a really long neck) that lives in a world built for homo sapiens.


Celebs, exclusive content for the holidays at Amazon.com

"Over the next two months,around 60 top celebrities and entertainers will promote exclusive content including original art, music and video clips on Amazon's website, with the homepage personality changing every day. Bruce Springsteen will provide a preview of a concert video from his upcoming DVD 'Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band Live in Barcelona', while R.E.M. will promote its new single 'Bad Day' along with rehearsal footage. Other celebrity participants include Justin Timberlake, Michael J Fox, Jeff Bridges, Foo Fighters, Bill Cosby, Mary J Blige and the Dixie Chicks. The move comes as Amazon considers entering the market for music downloads -- chief executive Jeff Bezos said earlier this year that Amazon was considering an online music store."