Very 'Spontaneous'

Well, you've seen that one odd Gushers commercial titled 'Karate" (Titled "Dojo" here). So, maybe you're wondering exactly how they do it.

So, how do they take two kids doing karate, and turn them into flipping, twirling, gusher heads? Well, it's partly thanks to a company known as 'Spontaneous'. This very weird commercial has a very weird quote to go with. The director of the piece's animation, Lawrence Nimrichter, claims, "One of the things that made the spot so much fun to work on was its concept. Many commercials rely on CG to help strengthen an idea. But this spot used CG to realize an already great idea," Ok...sure. Karate kids getting their heads stretched into fruits. What a concept. Although the commercial itself was definitely not outstanding, there was quite a lot behind it, and the workings behind it can be seen here, On Spontaneous site


Ogre Sized ad Campaign

Hewlett-Packard, Sierra Mist, Dial Soap, and M&M's. All four of these companies have something in common. They're all helping to market one very special movie.

Donkey in the Dial Soap commercial.


No nipples please, we're British.

The offending nipple-scene, above.

An ad that encourages Europeans to vote has been re-edited for Britain, editing out part of a scene where a young woman breastfeeds her baby.
The CAA felt it was too overtly sexual for it to be given a universal certificate. In all the other European Union countries the nipple version will air uncut, the voiceover says: "You've been voting since you were born: don't stop now - European parliament elections, 10th of June."


ADC Global Chooses this year

Seems there's the ADC Young Guns as well at The Young Guns International Award shows. Not to be confused with the australian born Young guns award which is in it's fourth year. Emilio Estevez and Lou Diamond Phillips were not available for comment.


Keep Britian Tidy Competition

YCN, Encams, and Grafik have come together for a competition looking for the creation of an animation or piece of design involving the Tidyman character from the "Keep Britian Tidy" campaign. The competition is open to everyone - students, graduates and industry professionals. Prizes include cash and subscriptions to Grafik magazine. Deadline for entries is August 2nd, 2004.


Pay for Play?

Or something like that... latest radio station campaign to start trouble.
Two things, (a) I though this device was as old as time but usually hinted at as opposed to spelled out... (b) folks are concerned that this could bring about promiscuity or attacks on girls? Take a number, then...


Capital Radio's Scottish radio station Beat 106, has come under
fire from the watchdog for a poster in which a woman appears to be using sex as a bargaining tool, dressed in unzipped jeans revealing pink underwear.

Strawberryfrog drives Colt under water.

Andy McKeon, CW-CD at Strawberryfrog Amsterdam, says the underwater scenario expreses the idea that a Mitsubishi Colt can take you anywhere. They hired Seb Janiak to shoot the ads, he scubadived and even used a trick from the film "Finding Nemo" to acheive the right effects.
"Seb was the mastermind behind this very technical shoot that not many photographers could have pulled off," says art director Tuesday Poliak.
Seb shot ocean floors and coral reefs and sand in a lagoon off Mauritius, then returned to his studio to shoot the car. Two huge tanks of water were suspended above the prototype, which sat in the middle of a 360-degree hand-painted lagoon mural. When lit from above the tanks created water reflections, while the mural cast the right blue tone over the car. (read more to see the images)


CBC won't air SPCA ad that equates children with pets

Porkpie Hat Advertising, Toronto has done an attention grabbing campaign for the Nova Scotia SPCA, urging people to think before they adopt pets by using children as spokesmodels. The children ask questions like: "I cry at night. Will you have me put down?", another billboard reads "My parents are allergic to me. Can I come live with you?". You can view the commercial from the campaign at Porkpie

The Herald reports:

But CBC management says the "shock value" in them violates the public broadcaster's policy on advertising standards.
It recently e-mailed Porkpie Hat a note saying management rejected the SPCA commercials, though other networks have agreed to use them.

"In equating pets with children, the message expresses a point of view that some people would find very disturbing," the CBC's e-mail says. It says ads accepted by the CBC must meet the network's policy on standards of taste, and not "demand audience attention through use of shock value."


The Advertising Show - Battle over Product Placement

It’s the battle over product placement!


Undercover Marketing Uncovered

“Conventional advertising is about trying to charm us ... but it’s not usually about trying to trick us and it’s the trickery part…that makes this different.” - Malcom Gladwell

(CBS) 60 Minutes has a report on some covert operations being conducted right here in the United States - not by the CIA or FBI - but by Madison Avenue. Interesting reading me reckons ...More at CBSnews »