SoBe - Lizard Swan Lake - (2009) :60 (USA)

Created by The Arnell Group this ad follow right after the DreamWorks Animation SKG trailer for their "Monsters vs. Aliens" 3D movie in the second quarter - and on super Sunday this ad will air in 3D just like the Monsters vs Aliens trailer. It features the SoBe Lizards and Monsters vs. Aliens characters doing an updated swan lake ballet dance with less than nimble beefy NFL players on tippytoe.

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Check out the trailer here:

NFL - Usama Young - (2009) :60 (USA)

This by NFL fans chosen story will be shown the third quarter. More than 200 player stories were collected and filmed, posted online, and from the 48 best ones fans got to vote for which one would be on the superbowl. Here ya go Young, now you're in the superbowl indeed. But listen to your dad, it's just an ad. Created by BBDO New York.

Ok, I'll be the first to admit that the small attempt at pun above does not work in US English, unless you say "American football" and then it's just not a snappy headline anymore. Oh woe headline writers. Cheers very much to Gothenburg ad agency Miami who fame-spotted us in todays Dagens Industri (Sweden's version of the Financial Times), where there's a blurb about our 37 years of Super Bowl commercials collection.

The blurb reminds readers of DI that you can already view some of this years ads in the 2009 XLIII collection here.
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