Raid - Moth , Mosquito, Cockroach - print, Romania

Be very very afraid you little bugs, as death approaches in these spooky looking print ads from DraftFCB Bucharest.


Johnson & Johnson Reach - Pig / Chicken - print, Brazil

Cute clay art direction shows teeth, and extras - because "Your teeth may hide many things." From JWT São Paulo


H.O.P.E: - Care for the Girl child - print, India

IBD India, Mumbai addresses the issue of girl children not being cared for in the same extent as male children in India, despite the countless possibilities their life can be.


Dabitch wants the ABCD3D book for Xmas!

Image of ABC3D

I want this book pretty dang bad, ABC3D is as much a work of art as it is a pop-up book - each letter moves and some turn into other letters when you manipulate them, like C which turns into D with a snap. Bring your budding typographer up right, have them practice their ABC's with this book. Or simply treat your inner child to a brilliantly (and stylishly) executed book idea.

Marion Bataille is graphic and book designer who lives in Paris. The footage shows a hand-made mock-up of the actual book which will be published 14th Oct. 2008. In stores soon, folks! (You can pre-order at Amazon if you, like me, can't wait!)

Ad Books: 

EverFresh UHT Milk - Mammoth / Dinosaur - print, South Africa

Seems that consumers believe preservatives are added to make UHT milk last longer, this campaign from King James Cape Town with its mammoths and dinosaurs is supposed to change that, somehow.


WeightWatchers - Slanted Bus - outdoor, The Netherlands

At first glance, I thought this slanted back poster on a bus-behind created by Lowe, Amsterdam meant that weight watchers will help you get that perfect crookedness... Then I spotted the fat lady on the right hand side of the bus. Very funny guys.


Museum of Communism - Karl Marx & Stalin - press, Czech Republic

Euro RSCG Prague did this campaign to temt you into the Museum of Communism where you will get to know the dictators intimately. I think I'll pass.....thanks.


TeliaSonera puts ads over other peoples content with their Surf Open mobile content.

TeliaSonera, the cellphone provider, has a browser with which you can connect to the web called Surf Open. When you view a web page with Surf Open, you'll see a header, a matching menu footer, and advertisements from Telia in both areas - above the newspapers site. Basically - the browser removes any ads displayed on the newspapers site and inserts TeliaSonera's own ads. This pissed newspapers off enough when Surf Open launched in February that over 40 newspapers joined the boycott and disabled Surf Open browsers from accessing their content. For a while, Surf Open didn't show their own ads at all, but today they relaunched with ads again.
"The provider owns the area in the display", says Telia's Information Director Bengt Olsson to Medievärlden and adds "the newspapers haven't understood how the internet works"

"I'll assume that they misquoted him, else the man is an idiot" said Morris Packer from Expressen's mobile content to Veckans Affärer, and Anna Serner agrees with him: "That's like saying that the mailman owns your mailbox."
"Everyone realizes that it is unreasonable that a distributor - in this case Telia - should make money off of advertising space that other parties - the newspapers - have already sold. A reputable company such as TeliaSonera should surely be able to generate revenue in a more responsible manner," said Anna Serner, Managing Director of the Swedish Newspaper Publishers' Association.

For those who think that this idea is comparable to the Opera browser's advertising display or other (free) software that displays ads to stay free, keep in mind that TeliaSonera is a distributor that has customers paying to use this service, and they are locked to using this system only. What if the broadband internet that you paid for locked you to one browser and put their ads all over it, would you think that was OK?


Avast ye scurvy dogs: Pirate Ad Action

Yes, the day we all wait anxiously for each year is here. It's the official Talk Like a Pirate Day. So in honor of this fun, we decided to pull together some pirate-themed or influenced ads from our archives (leaving out many of the spots for the Disney movies, of course). So grab your pirate name and a flagon of rum and sit back and enjoy!

FedEx - Pirate / Counseling (2005) 0:30 (USA)


Arby's and Fletcher Martin too cheap to buy media space - Hijack other peoples billboards instead.

The brag-gag-alific press release from Fletched Martin says: