Best ass wins - Sloggi and Daewoo competition.

Amsterdam ad agency LaMarque has created a competition for their car client Daewoo that they hope will gain fame amoungst the younger market. Jeroen Oosterman, branddirector at LaMarque said: - "Daewoo noted that it's hard to reach the younger market on your own, this collaboration campaign together with Sloggy works as an icebreaker."

The idea is as simple as it is tasteless, at women can send in images of their bums, and the one with the best "bodywork"-behind wins a Daewoo car. If you fail reaching the top ten, not to worry, there's pages of workouts and diet-tips to get into "Sloggy-shape".


Tesco gives shoppers in-store adverts

Tesco Supermarkets in the UK has gone a step further with its in-store marketing.

"Leading UK supermarket Tesco says it "supremely confident" its in-store TV network will be a big hit with customers and advertisers alike when it is given a full launch next month.


Dentsu Advertising Museum

"Dentsu Advertising Museum presents selected advertising artifacts and works of art from the Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation collection, in order to give you a taste of the historical background to Japanese advertising techniques."

Very cool site... (Dentsu Advertising Museum)

I wonder if they would qualify for the Dead Ad Festival? ;-)


The Advertising Show - Scott Collins

Hear Scott Collins, author and reporter, discuss his book, “Crazy Like a Fox: The Inside Story of How Fox News Beat CNN” as well as how the cable and broadcast news industry has changed. Collins is a television/media reporter at the Los Angeles Times and he previously worked at The Hollywood Reporter and

Tune in Saturday 8-10 p.m. CET (2-4 p.m. EST) to for their live webcast. Or check out their commercial free archives.


Baseball player's "spidey" senses might be tingling

Advertisers have their names on stadiums and on signage in the stadiums. Now the ads are making their way to baseball's infield. "Major League Baseball has agreed to have its bases and on-deck circles adorned with logos promoting a movie during games June 11-13 as part of the film's (SpiderMan 2) marketing campaign.

Read more for opinions on this from current and past baseball players. And you can read more about advertising and baseball here.

UPDATE: Adage reports that Major League Baseball Commissioner Allen H. "Bud" Selig has cancelled the on-base ads for Spiderman 2 due to a public outcry.


Bizjournals - Advertising & Marketing Briefs

The appeal of the show even stretches beyond U.S. borders. The show has a relationship with Adland (, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, to provide a blurb each week about the upcoming scheduled guest. The show's site has also been posted on the Web sites of Ad Age Magazine, the show's title sponsor (


Guidelines in Norway not a cartel!

Y'all remember the cartel-like behavior adbuyers accused agencies in Oz of that caffeinegoddess tipped us about in March?
Now agencies in Norway are drafting rules of engagement for pitches as well. Propaganda reports today that advertisers and agencies have actually agreed on guidelines for pitches, and both parties are happy about the result.


Lynx spice up posters with Boris Vallejo pinup art

In the USA where Lynx is called Axe, they still seem to be running them surreal ads showing armpits with feet in dating situations. Meanwhile in the UK, the campaign on the same proposition is illustrated with ubercool Boris Vellejos pinup art and point out that all women prefer dry guys. Yup, all of 'em.

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Trivia Chain game - Round three!

Round three, the final round, of the trivia game, a chance to show off your adgrunt skills, impress everyone with your ad trivia and win a 20-pack of Jewelboxings! Last weeks winner was Claymore - congrats to our resident rhyming poet.

Ask a question about advertising that contains the answer to the previous question. Simple as that.
We'll pick a post and send them a Jewelboxing 20pack free of charge.

Watch out for wrong answers! And remember, rhyming isn't a requirement but if you wanna go nuts, by all means..... Go nuts!


Lowe Thailand sells Scholl sandals without showing them.

Subun Khow (cw) and Vancelee Teng (ad) under the creative direction of Jeffrey Curtis at Lowe Thailand have created a new poster campaign for Scholls with a twist. There's not a product in sight. Read more to see it.