Is the headlong rush towards creating an iPhone app really right for your client? David Rowan, Editor of technology bible Wired, hosts a "for and against" debate on the value of the iPhone app as a marketing tool. How can your client make money from an app? Is app success measurable? Would your marketing spend be better used elsewhere?


David Rowan, Editor – Wired


Scott Seaborn, Head of Mobile Technologies – Ogilvy Group UK; Co-Chairman – UK Mobile Marketing Association
James Easterbrook, Client Services Director – My Agency
Jorge Calleja, Creative Director – Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam
Chris Carmichael, Manager, & Mobile Innovation – British Airways

Advertising is immersed with the notion of infusing creativity and dynamism into a successful and connecting marketing idea.

In an industry where creativity is key, and convention is thrown out of the window on the very first day, ‘normal’ just doesn’t cut it.

If you missed being the adland fly on the wall when we aired live yesterday, here's a peek at what B-Reel said in their seminar they held together with Acne and North Kingdom.

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@LeslieBAP shared this link; Surgeons, pilots top list of stressful jobs and points to Number 4 - Advertising Account Executive. MSNBC :

4. Advertising Account ExecutiveAverage annual salary: $64,107
Maybe there's a reason Don Draper drinks and smokes so much in the TV series "Mad Men": Even four decades later, ad executives have one of the most stressful jobs out there.
Although today's ad executives may have little in common with those depicted in the 1960s period drama, ad executives are on the list now because of the tough economy, Lee said.
Account executives "are required to sell ad space for the media, and that's just about as stressful as you can get right now," Lee said. The media industry is going through cataclysmic changes, and ad executives are almost totally dependent on sales commissions. If account executives can't sell ads, they can't pay the bills.

Aren't we confusing at least three different jobs here? Don is the Creative Director, selling ad space is done by media folk, and if you think life is rough as an account exec as your budgets keep shrinking, try a year as a vending creative, the crumbs reaching them are now infinitesimal.

"The list of most stressful jobs was compiled by, a job search Web site" and the quotes are from Tony Lee, the site’s publisher. Ho-kay, so we know where we won't be looking for advertising jobs. Good to know.

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