Coca-Cola Amatil / Deep spring - Apple & Black Currant - press, New Zealand

Ogilvy New Zealand let two new fruit flavours for Deep Spring - Apple and Black Currant - make a splash in the weekend mag.


St John Ambulance First Aid Courses - Dance, Karate, Party (Miss out) - (2008) :30 (Australia)

Three radio ads from RAREcreativethinking to go with their TV commercial "St John Ambulance - Miss out - (2008) :30 (Australia)".

Mitch Mitchell, Allyson Crimp : Creatives

Studio: Brainestorm
Producer: Marty Braine


Big Brother meets the youtube generation - check out

Atavahuset is a flash heavy house-website-thingie where people who have webcams can sign up to move into the house. It's the insurace company Atava, who in order to celebrate their new home insurance built this web-house which is a bit like a cross between Big Brother and youtube.
Viewers can vote on people who live in the house - and thus vote the most boring channels off the island, errr.. out of the building. Right now I'm watching Christer, a 47 year old father of three vacuum his living room and I want to keep him in just for doing something as ordinary as that. There are a few Glamour-models in the house, the fresh faced and super-blond Olivia is currently talking about all of her neighbours saying that she watches Andrea the most. And she admits that she really likes Mikael - becase who doesn't? I love him too (clip inside).

Every day one person is evicted and a new one moves in and the game starts over again - check out the queue to move in here on the left. Listening to them all at once is rather funny, right now I can hear a guy saying "I'm in Atavahuset I'm currently on air all over Sweden! Check me out!" as he's on the phone to his friends "no, A T A V A-huset, my god don't you have internet?".

There's also chats in the house so that you may ask the people who "live" in it questions, and some cheeky bugger just asked Olivia the glamourmodel to show off some outfits. Hey! It's not that kind of house Mr!

The blog keeps tracks of what has been going on in the house.


ESPN - Is it Monday yet? - poster, USA

Here's a grass billboard to go with that ...wait for it... grass Desktop Football Field we showed you earlier today. :)


Can you guess the website by just one letter?

Hey kids. We've played the Can you guess the movie title from just one letter? (and no, surprise, they were not all Trajan Pro.)

Now lets do it again but web-nerdier - guess the website from just one letter!

Axonoid's guess the Logos is friendlier than the Movie guessing game as it's case insensitive and space insensitive. Go nuts.


MINI Clubman - ‘Worlds Biggest MINI’ - posters New Zealand

To launch the ‘Worlds Biggest MINI’ - the MINI Clubman, DRAFTFCB Auckland plastered the city with these wild posters and billboards that had funny mirrors in them. Objects in mirror appeared larger than they are - see a film of the posters in action here.


Chevrolet Tracker - Metal / Cardboard / Marble - print, Brazil

McCann Erickson Sao Paulo demonstrate that the Chevrolet Tracker 4x4 cuts throgh any terrain.


Centraal Beheer - Abyss in the mall floor - Guerilla, The Netherlands

Oh bless, we've been fans of Julian Beever since at least 2004 (see 3D street chalk art used for ads.) and now he gets to show off his mad skills of anamorphic illusions for Central Beheer in a Rotterdam mall. Accidents can happen anywhere, you know. I love that Julian sneaked a self-portrait into this as well, that's him with his trademark baseball cap hanging on for dear life..


Zach and Miri make a porn movie - poster banned.

"Zack and Miri Make a Porno" opened at the Toronto film festival last week and this poster - yes, this one above here - was banned because.. Well I don't even know why.


ESPN - Desktop Football Field - DM, USA

Wieden + Kennedy, New York had a little fun with this DM for ESPN (say that ten times fast). It's a grow-it-yourself mini-fields for your desk, containing a sponge, seeds, a cut-out ref , goal and football. I like the instructions that read: 1. wet sponge 2. plant seeds 3: wait for it.