AOL Keyword: free ad mention for AOL

There is something in advertising that has been bothering me for ten years. On movie posters, in TV commercials, even in newspaper articles, everywhere there is always a rather large "small print" that states the AOL keyword for whatever is advertised or written about.

Am I the only one who feels this is like giving up a chunk of your own adspace to AOL? In the case of newspapers reporting on some website , declaring the URL of that website makes sense, but then they also print the magic words "AOL Keyword", and AOL gets mentioned more often than Dubya Bush.
Talk about clever branding. "I know" they must have said to themselves, "lets invent a browser without a location bar, and force people to mention our brand name all the time, even in their own ads!"

Pepsi spends a million dollars on a commercial, and happily throws a few seconds of it away on a lousy "AOL keyword" super. With so many people not on AOL - and the dawn of a AOL browser that actually has a location bar, isn't it time to cut them off the free advertising ride?


Trevor "The King of the Hill"

Trevor Beattie, CD at TBWALondon is "The King of the Hill" in a interesting interview from Ad Week.

What does Frank bring to a production?
He adapts to match the project he's on, and that's the important thing. With a lot of directors, you can tell at a glance who's directing. As soon as a Traktor commercial comes on, you've got an ugly-looking Scandinavian bloke, some sardonic humor and perhaps a professor in a coat. I don't like that. The style of the film should match the idea.

Lowe kicks out the planners - to live with the punters.

Lowe London have started something called lowe Groundwork, a sceme where 24 planners will be sent to live, shop and breathe with the punters.

Every fortnight, two Lowe planners will be 'relocated' to live in one of the areas that have the most typical population of a distinctive consumer types, from single mothers in council flats to families of four living in suburban semis, inner-city Asian families and wealthy countryfolk in rural areas.


Honda vs. Mercedes

Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Captain Dabitch and the entire crew, we would like to welcome you aboard Adland Airlines flight 007, non-stop service to Badland. My name is Robblink and I'm your chief flight attendant. At this time, make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position. Also make sure your seat belt is correctly fastened. Thank you.

Click here to view the Honda commercial.
Click here to view the Mercedes commercial.


Clear Channel Communications refuses anti-war ads

The group called "Project Billboard" booked their ad space way back in December of last year, on a Billboard at the Marriott Marquis Hotel at Broadway and 45th Street in NYC. Now Clear Channel Communications - one of the largest Media Companies in the US (and the world) - has nixed the ad and will not run it next month as previously planned. has more. The Project Billboard group are accusing Clear Channel for breach of contract and are expected to file a suit today in Manhattan federal court. Read more to see the offending posters.

Hat tip to Michael modern times film @ adlist.


What kind of Dog are you?

I'm a Coton de Tulear, apparently. What dog are you?

The new film "Gone to the dogs" is being promoted with a little game on their site (click on game). It's suprisingly accurate, somehow.


www is redundant, by the way

I don't know how many people have noticed but this site does not use www in front of the domain. We're a bonafida class B non-www site and have been for the past three or four years. If you link to us and use the dang www's, our redirect will get rid of them anyway. In fact, all domains on this server redirect to non-www domain names. is a site where you can test yours and others www-class and explains in short why the www is - and has been for years - redundant. Isn't it a blessing to be able to say "u-arr-ell-dot-com" these days rather than "double-ya double-ya double-ya (phew) u-arr-ell-dot-com" to someone? You save on typing and space on businesscards, it's all good. :)


Old political ads exibit opens in Dallas, Texas

For many old political ads, the Living room candidate is a very good archive, and they have now opened the first of it's kind exhibit at Dallas' Sixth Floor Museum. The Museum director Ruth Ann Rugg was so impressed by the New York museum's online display of campaign ads, she wanted to expand its reach beyond the Internet.

But for pure slam-bang vitriol, no race has equaled the 1964 Johnson-Goldwater ad war. "1964 was the height of the Cold War and nuclear paranoia," Mr. Schwartz said. "I think both campaigns played into the fears of the time. It was the year of Dr. Strangelove."


Dan's Chelsea Guitars does rock'n'roll ad campaign

Dan's Chelsea Guitars has been lucky enough to get top creative help to do his advertising campaign for free, Bob Cohen and Dave Cuccinello from Euro RSCG put together a pure rock'n'roll sell. Dan is planning to buy media in the Village Voice and have run the ads in the Onion.

Emily Wilson shot the stills while Kohl Norville and d.o.p. Leif Husted-Jensen shot the commercial in super-8 - it will be made available on Chelsea Guitars website soon.

Har Mar Superstar (previously spokesperson for Vladivar vodka) frolics with a bunch of near naked ladies, while wearing nothing but sweat socks and tanga-underwear, in another shot Leif the d.o.p. who looks quite rock'n'roll strikes a pose with digital pee added. Read more to see the campaign.


Poses overexposed!

How do you take a picture of someone taking a picture? With a camera covering their eye, of course - it's just that some poses are becoming overexposed.......