Criticize their advertising? Get sued!

The Boston Globe among others is reporting that Lance Dutson, blog writer at Maine Web Report is being sued by New York advertising agency Warren Kremer Paino Advertising for libel, defamation and copyright infringement. Dutson posted critical comments about the tourism office's Web marketing strategies developed by the agency.

The suit claims that Dutson's blog contains defamatory statements that hurt the ad agency's reputation and its business. The agency also says it owns the copyright to certain images Dutson uses in his blog and is asking for $150,000 in damages for each work the agency said Dutson infringed.

Dutson, who runs a Web page design company, says he is being targeted simply because he's been critical of the campaign.

"It's the latest in this battle between the whole First Amendment thing and new media," Dutson said.

A Portland lawyer who represents Warner Kremer Paino said the suit isn't about Dutson's criticism.

"Our issue is that Mr. Dutson has infringed our client's copyrights and has committed defamation and trade libel by stating facts that are inaccurate," said Stephen Wilson.


Firefox Flicks Announces Winners

Last night at the San Francisco International Film Festival, the folks at Mozilla announced the winners for their FireFox Flicks Contest, which received nearly 300 submissions from around the world. All winners will be used in Mozilla's 2006 marketing activities.

The grand prize went to "Daredevil" created by Pete Macomber of Venice, CA, who creates music videos, commercials and screenplays. His spot will be short-listed for the NY Festival of Advertising's 2006 International Advertising Awards in May.


Finally - we've switched... to our old domain

Say what you want about George Parker, but when he's right he's so on the money dead presidents envy him.

He recently posted about the plethora of "ad*" site and domain names in our ad obsessed corner of the blogosphere as he had confused adfreak with adrants. Oops. See: Oooops... Too many "Ad's".... He concludes

The only one allowed to keep theirs is Dabitch at AdRag, 'cos she's been doing it for longer than all of us combined!

This be true. So, to start a new trend, we're switching over to our other URL we've had since 1999. The Diehard adgrunts know that I've long been irked by Norton Internet Security and the way it errounously blocks all of Adland, as I have to help people with it who think that the site is broken, making me Symantecs unpaid and very disgruntled tech support. Well, Norton isn't the only adblocker to do this, Adblock list FiltersetG does the same thing, and if you ask how to get around that in their forums you get the unhelpful advice "If you want to look at a page with advertising-related content, turn off Adblock".

Mmmmokay. Thing is, a lot of people with this stuff installed aren't even aware of it - or they don't realise that the stuff they installed is at fault when they suddenly can't see Adland. I know, it's weird.
In the arms race of adblockers versus banners ads security will only get tighter even when it's dumb, so it's time to switch domains to avoid getting our site blocked. What does this mean to you, dear adland reader? Will you have to rearrange your bookmarks and change your RSS readers feedlinks for the news, the films and the whole enchilada? No you don't have to do a darn thing, the only thing that changes is that poor sods surfing with adblockers on will actually see the site instead of a linkless mess, and won't have to email me in a panic screaming "Your site doesn't work in ".
It was never the browsers fault folks, it was the Norton Internet Security, FiltersetG and who knows how many other adblocking software things that messed our site up. So these days automagically redirects to, which we used to do the other way around!


Obie award 2006 - All the other golds

Only after this post will we be done with the OBIE Award winners 2006. I simply can't leave a gold out now can I? They're all so yummy! Proof - boone/oakley dropped giant muffins on poor unsuspecting cars for Bloom in the retail category.

More posters inside!


Ivan and his blog

Seems Anr BBDO in Stockholm are trying to kick up some hype for Festis the old-fashioned viral way, by starting a little blog: Ivan's Festis Deluxe Blog is the blog by the character in this

Festis Ivan commercial
Ivan is a 21-year old rich Russian from "Prostokvashino" and he drinks Festis Deluxe Doctor to stave his hypochondria and Festis Deluxe Lust to be able to satisfy all his lady-friends.


Obie awards 2006 - Hall of fame et al.

Stop right there, not quite done yet with OBIE Award winners - who won in 2006. Chick-fil-A was inducted into the OAAA OBIE Hall of Fame for their outstanding work these past few years.

"The Chick-fil-A Cows have become an American advertising icon that entices travelers with entertaining wit. The brand's ongoing outdoor campaign has remained fresh with new messages while always maintaining the core integrity of the campaign," said Stephen Freitas, OAAA's chief marketing officer.


Obie awards 2006 continued - poster installations

Continuing with the OBIE Award winners - who won in 2006?

Some very interesting use of posters inside!


Sex is dead. So stop fucking around.

Taking a moments break here from the awards to point y'all to an English post at Swedish ad-community written by Magnus Jakobsson a copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi.

Bad naked on the other hand, is when good naked is exploited. The self proclaimed master of bad naked is photographer Terry Richardsson, always trying to provoke us with his ever so boring Sisley-ads; advertising that tries so hard to provoke us it's bound to fail. Advertising that just screams: LOOK, A TEEN-RAPE IS BEING PORTRAYED HERE! ISN'T IT TERRIBLE!? Advertising that isn't actually advertising anything else but controversy itself.

Read the full article here at Bold. Article oiginally published in Showroom online magazine.


Obies Award - Best of Show

The OBIE Award is the oldest award for creative excellence in the world of outdoor advertising and brought to you by the Outdoor Advertising association of America (oaaa). The award itself is modeled after the obelisks of ancient Egypt, tall stone structures that were used to publicize laws and treaties. Some reckon that the obelisk is the first true form of outdoor advertising. Enough trivia, I know you are all dying to know - who won in 2006?

Best of show was bestowed (ironically) on Pedigree posters with oh-so-cute dogs. Read more to see them.


DMC helps reveal Weird Flatmates via Myspace

The 'Weird Flatmate' connected marketing campaign has just been launched for in the UK, Australia's leading property web site, and

Digital Media Communications (DMC) developed the basic concept of the campaign, which is to get everyone to share their weird flatmate experiences via an online blog (created by DMC and Webqem and run by blog editor Dave Watson). The blog also features some interesting results from an Australian and British survey about shared accommodation, and a fun video clip called 'Weirdo' created by cummins&partners.

"weird flatmates" in the commercial archive

One of the campaign's seed routes is the consumer-driven network, which is providing targeted features to UK, Australian and New Zealand users - a first for this kind of marketing campaign.

A PR campaign is included in the connected marketing activity, focusing on some of the surprising survey results, such as which celebrity flatmates Britons and Australians want to live with (shurely Bill Gates cannot be that popular??).

You can check out the weird stories, the clip and the survey results at