KNGF Guidedogs - Sunglasses / blackout - ambient, The Netherlands

To let people experience the total darkness that is to be a bliind person, UbachsWisbrun JWT, Amsterdam inserted some perfectly fashionable but utterly unfunctional sunglasses into sponsor SpecSavers' racks of trendy sunglasses. When people out shopping for sunglasses tried them on, they couldn't see anything and the pricetag' explained SpecSavers' sponsorhsip of KNGF Guidedogs.


Microlamp inc. - Fish / Santa / Bug - print, USA

Damman Pearce, Atlanta, Georgia created this campaign for Microlamp who specialize in hard to find lighbulbs.

If anyone else recalled this other image of a light bulb bug, congratulations you're hanging around here as much as I am.

And if the fish ad made you think of that fish I think you should turn of the computer and go outside for a bit. ;)

Merry X-mas!


The Sun - WHERE THE BLOODY HELL WERE YOU? - poster, Australia

For the first time since forever the English got a higher medal tally at the Olympics than Australia, and The Sun Newspaper in Britain were determined to gloat. Euro RSCG London contacted their Sydney office and asked them to prepare a provocative stunt to shame the Aussies in their hometown. The stunt had to be ready for Sunday 3pm AEST that is, when the Olympics ended, so that it could be shot and the pics wired over to the paper for the Monday AM edition. Copywriter Darren Cole decided to spoof the "Where the bloody hell are you?" Australia tourism campaign (mocked by downright media here: So where the ¡#§‰*#¿ bloody hell are you!?) - and this is the mobile billboard he came up with:


Doctors of the World - Waiting line - guerilla, Netherlands

Euro RSCG Amsterdam sent out a crew of people from Doctors of the World carrying signs on their backs to tag onto any long line they could find in the city of Amsterdam. On their back the text read: Have to wait long? Waiting on a doctor in Birma or Libaria, that takes really long. Too long. with the giro number and website address of Doctors of the world signing off.


Ismet Dural Circumciser - Cut - print, Turkey

Grey Healthcare in Istanbul had a little fun with this brief - the problem to solve was that Ismet Dural Circumciser wasn't very well known in his neighbourhood. The solution, make a classic "take number" poster with a little extra on it. When people took the number they had the "circumcised" part left on the card to remind them of the doctors speciality.


Stihl - Stihl chainsaws do through anything - billboard, New Zealand

DDB New Zealand demonstrate that Stihl chainsaws go through anything, even steel bridges!


L'Oreal -Diesel - Unlimited Perfume - Fuel For Life Unlimited (Females only) - (2008) :60 (France)

L'Oreal -Diesel - Unlimited Perfume - Fuel For Life Unlimited (Females only) - (2008) :60 (France)

Dreamy Diesel ads from FFL france. Shot on location in Prague by Paul Gore.


MINI - Parachute / The fastest MINI ever - billboard, Switzerland

In order to promote the two benefits of the car, the campaign was based on two-step visuals either used as side-by-side posters or follow-up ads. Here's how the two posters looked like together. More images inside.


Laurel Hill Cemetery - "Here lies no one" - ambient, USA

Steve Red (President + Chief Creative Officer) and Steve Thompson (Art Director) at Red Tettemer created this campaign for

The guerilla marketing campaign includes vinyl "clings" – similar to signs – placed on sidewalks, monuments and elevators in Manayunk, Center City, East Falls and Old City.
One reads: "Here lies no one. What a waste of perfectly good marble. Laurel Hill Cemetery."

Many more images inside.


Microsoft - Shoe Circus / Shoes (2008) :90 (USA)

Microsoft - Shoe Circus / Shoes (2008) :90  (USA)

Featuring: A $10,000,000 Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates
Factoid: On top of Jerry's ten million dollar salary, this campaign's going to have an estimated 300 million bucks behind it.