The Heart of the City - Rubbish installation - poster, New Zealand

Colenso BBDO, Auckland set out to discourage people from littering the streets of Auckland - by showing people how much rubbish is dropped around a single bus shelter in one week. Every day the crap thrown about on the streets around this stop was collected and added to the poster - this is the result after a week. Messy people us the bin!

Here is what it looked like day one, and the days after as it filled up.


Jissbon Ribbed Condoms - Kitchen / Bathroom / bedroom - print, China

Firstell Communications, Shanghai suggest that you may need to soundproof you home if you are going to use those ribbed condoms....


Tipp-Ex - Teenage pregnancy / Bride / One night stand - print, South Africa

The Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town, suggest that Tipp-Ex can erase all of life's mistakes. Seems that every mistake made here has to do with sex! Teenage pregnancy? Call Tipp-Ex! One-night stand, nothing a little Tipp-Ex can't fix. Tipp-Ex is there for the bride who regrets her choice of groom too, of course. Oversell the product advantage much?


Microsoft Windows - Windows. Life Without Walls. - I'm a PC. (2008) :60 (USA)

Microsoft Windows - Windows. Life Without Walls. - I'm a PC. (2008) :60  (USA)

Phase 2 or Plan B, here it is.


Invading ESPN

OK, this one's a bit of an oddity.

So, Marvel Comics is in the middle of "Secret Invasion," a multi-part, giant cross-title event sure to Change The Face Of The Marvel Universe Forever, about the attempted takeover of Earth by a race of shape-changing aliens who have infiltrated our most trusted institutions. Not reading it personally, but following the coverage; by all accounts, it's generally well done and well received.

io9 has an article about a TV spot for Secret Invasion, designed to generate traffic to the event's Web site, that ran on ESPN the other night.


Getty images- whatever goes through your mind - print Israel

This print campaign could also be called "pictogram of how stereotypical creatives think". Ah, can you feel the honour in being the target group adgrunts? Aren't we special? Don't bother trying to enlarge the images, the submitted work was already in 600 pixels wide only.

Lines read:
Line: "Short list sucks I want Lions"


Milky Way - "Caramel Stretch Campaign", Movie Theater Line Barrier, Seat belt, Conveyer belt - ambient USA

Remember the Milky Way conveyer belt I posted 09/04/2008? There's more to that campaign, check out the Movie Theater Line Barrier, seat belt and bonus film of the conveyer belt inside.
(I like it, but then I'm a sucker for chewy caramel).


Tappening - Obama, McCain drinking problems - wild posters, USA

Tappening attacks the candidates bad habit of drinking bottled water wherever they go with this campaign. Their full release is after the jump. Tappening -- founded by Mark DiMassimo and Eric Yaverbaum -- is an educational campaign designed to encourage the public to drink only tap water, and to send a message to the bottled water industry about its unnecessary and extreme waste of fossil fuels and resultant pollution of the Earth.


Audi Quattro - Grip - print, UK

BBH London explain how Audi's quattro system works without the compliacted technical mumbo-jumbo.


Toshiba - Euro 2008 Closer than ever - print, Israel

Shalmor Avnon Amichay / Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv and Toshiba got together and decided to link its extra large screen LCD with the Euro 2008 the biggest football event of the year - by using the proximity of the pages in a double page spread to illustrate how close you feel to the action when watching one of these TV's.

Innovative use of media
We wanted consumers to experience the thrill of watching football on a TOSHIBA extra large LCD screen.
To emphasize the experience we used the media in a unique way:
We composed the double-spread ad in a way that involves the readers, makes them turn the newspaper around and lift it up.
We actually transformed the ad from 2D to 3D, and the audience – from passive to active.

The result
Best selling month ever for TOSHIBA extra large screens.