Sony PSP continues to smut up London

Christ, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, they had to drag out that dead horse a.k.a the Paris Hilton video and beat it again. Uh... the horse I mean. shows it at British PSP Advert Name Checks Paris Hilton.


Rolling Stones Rice Crispies ad

Another old gem brought back to web-life on youtube.


Will Hanna Barbera or Winston Cease and Desist youtube?

"Banned" ads and forgotten things have a way of getting unearthed again on the internet, and now with google video and youtube everything old is new again.
Take this Fred Flinstone promotion for Winston cigarettes for example. In the late nineties, any web page that carried the footage would be asked to remove it, since both Winston and Flinstones are trademarks with a posse of lawyers ready to protect them, and so the film went into hiding on the un-googlable gnutella networks, and in the deep storages of avid commercial collectors hard drives.
Now that the film has popped on I wonder how long it will take before youtube are asked to remove the ad. And if so, will they comply? What do you reckon?


So - what is jury duty like? Guldkorn 2006.

Whenever my esteemed colleagues sat in various award juries - from Clio to Cannes - I always asked them what it was like. They often replied that it was boring, tedious, or just a lot of long hard work. Now that I've done my share of jury duty I know, it is - or rather it can be, but it's also a lot of fun. If you want to know what judging an ad award is like, do read on. I know one thing, (brand name left blank) can kiss all of our asses, as the jury moved them from one category to another, and had we not done that, they would have gone home from the awards empty handed. Can't reveal who they are yet though....


Arby's - Joan Rivers (2006) :30 (USA)

Arby's - Joan Rivers (2006) :30  (USA)

"Wouldn't it be great if everything was natural?"

"But look at me, I was wrong!"


Correction Fluid ads that never were, never seen again

We've obliged the ad agency involved and removed the spec ads for a brand of correction fluid which initially were sent in and posted as live work. Despite clearly marking the ads as spec and pixelllating away the trademark and removing the correction fluids brand name everywhere, the client and ad agency felt that the whole thing needed to be removed, the whole post and all the comments.

The posts have been edited thusly:
The original post - Correction Fluid Print no longer contains the images.


Buick QuietTuning - Library (2006) Print/Mag (USA)

Buick touts their use of a German measurement device.

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Penny Marshall puts Felicity Huffman into shows of yore

Dove has launched a new microsite for their Calming Night Body Wash, Soap and Lotions. Felicity Huffman stars in three webisodes directed by Penny Marshall. All films start with Huffman complaining about her kids, taking a relaxing shower and slipping off to dreamland. Here she encounters the mom's of TV land, as she ends up in The Brady Bunch, The Munsters and Leave It To Beaver.
Screenshots inside. (hat tip to adcritic email)


Sony's PSP Posters London

TBWALondon has created a series of 22 posters which have been up throughout London as of Feb 25th. These posters are part of the Do it Here project, aimed at showing off the features of the PSP.

Many gaming sites have been puzzled at the "white bits" poster. Is it a double entendre? Possibly. The line "Your girlfriend's white bits here" touts the ability to store photographs, so really it could be any thing from those pearly whites to knockers. Another ad reads "Strong language and scenes of a sexual nature here" to promote the movie-playing function.

Check out a collection of the ads on flickr

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Shed your shame with AXE

If you've had a questionable hook up, AXE wants to help by having you join the Order Of The Serpentine. The group is, supposedly, a sacred brotherhood dedicated to helping guys move beyond the shame of a questional hook up.