The 6 Myths Of Creativity

Bill Breen has an interesting piece in this month's Fast Company on the six myths of creativity. For example, the myth that creativity is the exclusive province of creative types. You know. Painters. Sculptors. That prententious phony down the hall with the black clothes, goatee and ponytail...


Suckers come to Bacardi.

Bacardi is seeding a new viral ad which seems to follow somebodies unwritten rule that virals need to have sophomoric crude and often sexist humor in it in order to spread. These are the virals we usually don't pass around, remember what you were showing your friends last week? Yeah that apple mini iPod ad wasn't it? Not a titty in sight.

Spoiler alert, the punchline is a woman has four breasts and meets her perfect man, with four hands.. ha. ha.. ha.. No that's not funny, and I really tried to smile at it, but it just wasn't clever anywhere.


Adage names McDonald's marketeer of the year

What? McDonald's Corporation was honored today as "Marketer of the Year" by Advertising Age magazine, for the brand's marketing achievements around the world in 2004.: Jim Skinner has been dying to use his tagline as a quote, and thus he does: "I'm lovin' it! We're honored to be recognized with one of the most coveted awards in the advertising and marketing world"

Right, remember the stuff they made this year? From the flop dryer sheet during the superbowl

to Justin Timberlakes overhyped "rap".


Google loves Ikea = true.

For all you google fans, there is a new toy on the ever encompassing searchengine, Google Suggest. Start typing a word and Google will suggest words that might be the one you are looking for. So what happens if you type the letter "I"? Ikea beats both Ipod and imdb to the top slot.

Amazon is the first suggestion on "A", and "Nokia" is the second suggestion on "N". How many brands can you find in this new toy?
Read more about this idea and how it works at googles blog, I have a suggestion.


CNN under your command campaign.

CNN has done a humorous ad campaign on the web where they poke a little fun at themselves. Anderson Cooper knows everything, Christiane Amanpour has a bug-a-boo peeve when people mispronounce Iraq, and to top it all off the site even shares some out takes and behind the scenes of each ad that are funny as well. CNN: at your command taken to the extreme.

In the words of Wolf Blitzer.. It's the drama, the passion, the blood, the guts.. It's a commercial. Lou Dobbs will not have a sitcom with his co-actor in the future though. ;)


Wired dubs George Masters homebrew ad as the future of advertising.

Wired: HomeBrew ipod ad opens eyes.

To some experts, Masters' ad heralds the future of advertising. Homemade ads will play a big part in marketing, just like blogging is shaking up the news. Masters quietly posted the spot to his site a few weeks ago. It received moderate traffic until it was picked up by several blogs last week. In a matter of days, the ad has been watched more than 37,000 times, and is making the rounds on blogs and e-mail.

For some digit context, note that the top ad of the viral chart has been viewed 49900 over the likes of a few months. Not bad for a home made ad then.

Who blogs? Women do!

Since there is a such a hype about advertising on blogs lately, with strange inventions like Marqui who pay bloggers to blog about Marqui (I did not get paid to blog that) I thought you might be interested in some blog-statistics. Yes I know, torture the numbers long enough and they'll admit to anything, but I find this valid.


Gone to the dogs nominated for Bafta award

Remember what kind of dog are you? The game was popular and we brought thousands of vistors to their funky little site that promotes the movie Gone to the dogs. Thats me there in the shot, I'm a snobby little Coton de Tulear with hair covering my eyes.

Rejoice all you who became fans of the film as well as the site, as Gone to the Dogs has been nominated for a Bafta (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Interactive Award for Best Film Website.

The full list of BAFTA nominees is here.


SinkYaDrink and the spam they generate.

With this I would like to apologize to all the webheads who might have followed my link to the SinkYaDrink back in June while I was guestblogging at As I'm a paranoid webhead I did enter the competition after sinking several hundred drinks, and let the site know who I was by filling in a false email "drink" at one of my domains, and real name.
Naturally I didn't win anything, I fear my few hundred drinks record was beat within hours, what a shame. But I did win some SPAM! Yes! Spam! It seems have no qualms about selling email addies gathered via their games to spammers as these days, six months later, that "drink" email I only used on their site is getting lots of offers like cashing chips with the gaming club from [email protected] which doesn't interest me in the least. Shame on preloaded, but I can't say that I'm surprised, it seems that all the fun games and competitions lately are just a way to gather fresh emails.


Forbes money mag wants ads for free.

You've been a poor starving artist all through your mucho expensive education and portfolio schools on top of that, selling pints of bodily fluids to afford your markers, pantone books, and leatherclad portfolios. Surely you don't expect to get paid now do you? No nonono, that's not how it works, not in the business where you pay to get to be one of the 12 working at w+k, and most dogyears of unpaid internships/placement actually lasts a dogs year, you know better than that by now you low ranking t-shirt clad creative.