I knew I'd end up doing a list of list eventually today. The decade summed up in icons, and once again the NYT graphic designers have us with our mouths agape. Nice one.

Agencyspy has another list: Endorsements Evaporated: How Sex, Drugs and Teardrops Spoiled the Aughts. It is aughts or naughts? Or naughties? You'd think we'd have this figured out after ten years of zeroes, but nooo. I guess that memo was eaten by a spamtrap.

Adfreak's traditional freakiest ads list is out the thirty freakiest ads of 2009 are up.

25 predictions for Indian advertising might have some local injokes on it, but one thing in Adland never changes, only the names of places do: "Of the 10.5 copywriters left in advertising, 6 will quit to try their hand at writing scripts for Bollywood."

Campaigns sums up advertising in the naughties, oh so it's naughties now? Way to tell me just two days before I stop having to use it.

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Another countdown to 2010, in the past ten years the internet (and this website) has matured its way up to "2.0", everyone on earth learned to play along in the security theatre at airports and advertising has broken new grounds offline, these days its not so much ad creep as a great wave of advertising molasses seeking to cover every inch of the earth. Lets see the top ten oddest and most innovative new ad media ideas in the past ten years, shall we?

Eggvertising. You can have your egg and brand it too.
Egg ads media in Canada sold this space alone, meanwhile some folks in London decided that the sandwich wrapper made a great unused ad space, and now no food was safe - we had Printed pringles with logos straight on them, Nanner ads on Bananas, Gourmet impressions - selling ad space on pizza and even ads inside your Tokitos.
It was enough to make us loose our appetite.

Alfa Romeo - Expedition 147: Alfa Romeo advertises on lowest point on earth.

Expedition 147: Alfa Romeo advertises on lowest point on earth. What for? To bring home the point that they have really low prices. Oh dear.

Using the codename 'Expedition 147', Alfa Romeo dives to the lowest point on earth - 11000 meters below sea level - to promote the lowest price ever to be advertised for an Alfa Romeo.

• Campaign website: http://www.expedition147.be

Sheesh, how low can you go in advertising?

Alfa Romeo Belgium explains how the expedition got through: "a while ago we decided to put up a campaign for the 147-model. We wanted to re-introduce the car at the annual carfair in Brussels. The car would be advertised at the lowest price possible. Duval Guillaume answered our brief with an extra-ordinary brand momentum idea."

Kim Kardashian reportedly makes ten thousand dollars per tweet, tipping people to Rebook EasyTone training shoes, quick trim body, and Carl's Jr - there's consistency for ya.

This leads Jim Edwards at B|Net to ask "If Kim Kardashian Can Get $10K a Tweet Why Can't Twitter?". He concludes with a thought:

One answer is that Twitter may not want to find out what its real revenue stream would be if it sold inventory to advertisers. The company may be (mistakenly) valued more highly by potential acquirers if they don’t know what the potential revenue actually is. The moment Twitter becomes a grown-up business and sells ads, it would generate a revenue stream that would allow investors to accurately calculate how much the company is worth.

What is Twitter worth? Techcrunch reckons (complete with pie-charts) that if Facebook is worth $10 Billion, Twitter is Worth $1.7 Billion. All that money on what people still say is just a waste of time.

Welcome to that odd Monday where everyone in advertising goes to work but nobody really knows why.

As a distraction, I offer you the sexiest ads of 2009. Since I find good ads sexy, we're not going by my standard but by the most common standard. In short, here are the ones with the most nudity.

#1 PETA came out early this year to try and grab the crown, they had models frolicking with asparagus and being "so smitten that she makes herself part of a steaming "orgy" of mixed vegetable soup." In other words, they had models and phallic symbols, lots of skin and suggestive moves and then they press released the hell out of not being allowed to air during the superbowl. "Banned" they called it, even though it's simply "rejected by network".

PETA - Veggie Love (failed superbowl ad) - (2009) :30 (USA)

#2 "Becoming a donor is probably your only chance to get inside her", sexy and it stings.