Dentyne spec ad rap.

Ben and Rich are a a junior creative team with too much time on their hands, a pile of stock photography books, some singing abilities and a love for creating ads, so they chopped together a spec ad for


Guerrilla advertising past and present: Talking with Miami

Despite having been around as long as advertising itself, guerrilla advertising and ambient ads seem to be a little like cinderella, the step child who only gets invited to the ball because the prince is desperate. Often it seems that the guerrilla stunts are haphazardly thrown together as an after thought within a branding campaign. So I called up Miami, the ad agency who's main business is guerrilla and unusual stunts to talk about the past, present and future of these ads outside of mainstream media.

(Photograph by Karim Hatoum )
Miami advertising are located in Gothenburg, Sweden and we've previously done a spotlight on Miami. They've worked for clients as varied as Ikea and the politicial conservative party, clients as large as Mitsubishi Motors as well as small like local Spanish tapas bars. If anyone knows what they're talking about it would be Fredrik Olsson, far right above. (more inside)


Suzuki spot amended for misheard swear word

A Suzuki spot by Nexus/H has been pulled in the UK. Viewers complained they heard a man say "I fucking love you" at the end of the spot. Nexus/H had amended the spot before the Broadcasting Advertising Clearance Centre reviewed the spot, which had replaced the speaking with laughter. The agency claims that at no point did they use the "F-word", and the sound viewers misheard was laughter. SuperAdgrunts, check out the ad below and see what you hear.


Knorr vs. McDonald's

These two spots sound alike to us, but what the bleep do we know?


72andSunny Helps G4 Conceive--and Promote--New "Star Trek 2.0" Show

Los Angeles ad agency 72andSunny has teamed up with G4 to launch and promote "Star Trek 2.0," a new TV series that reinvents classic Star Trek episodes in an innovative and interactive way. In addition to collaborating with G4 on the concept for the show, 72andSunny also conceived a stop-motion ad campaign to help promote the series. "Star Trek 2.0" premieres Monday, April 10th on G4 at 11 pm ET/PT, with the promo spots "Karaoke," "Coffee Shop," "Cribs" and "Pool" breaking that day as well.


AIGA: Inequality Matters

AIGA: Inequality matters.
"Inequality of income, access to health and education, and access to markets for trade is trapping people in a cycle of poverty despite their best efforts.

The posters in the "Inequality Matters" series illustrate how much disparity there is in the world even in the fundamental human condition. "
poster set one and poster set two.

There are some really nice posters here, which one is your favorite?


Tennis Power - Mauresmo / Federer / Sharapova / Nadal

Four Italian posters for the Italian Tennis Tournament - see inside.

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Unfortunate Art Direction

I don't know why, but this sort of thing seems to only happen with meat ads. If you recall, there was that Argentinian chunk of meat - now there's Super Target's sliced ham.

Adland: redesigns, goes back to Advertising Age

Trying to get to an article on over the weekend was unsuccessful as the site was down for maintainence. The reason? A redesign which launched today. Scott Donaton gives a sum up about the redesign and the reasoning behind it. It definitely has much more of a "blog" feel to the layout now compared to before. One new plus is not having to be logged in to read the front page news. They have also added the ability to add comments to news stories. Currently their opinion poll for the site is split down the middle between "it's worse" and "it's better." Hopefully they will work out the kinks in the design, such as overlapping columns (in what I'm guessing is css) on some of the pages.


Adicolor goes global

Idealogue created an idea for podcast commercials for adicolor. Seven color-themed films in total will each be directed by well-known directors. The first film released was White, (r255g255b255) in which Jenna Jameson bashed the crap out of a Whack-A-Mole machine. It was directed by Tronic. This past week the second film Green (r006g146b071) was released, directed by Happy, which tells the tale of the Finkles and the Gladstones celebration the end of the nuclear winter.

The remaining directors include: Neill Blomkamp, Roman Coppola & Andy Bruntel, Psyop, Saiman Chow, and Charlie White. The rest of the flims have the following release dates: Pink (r243g197b208), April 12; Blue (r023g075b158), April 19; Red (r213g037b053), April 26; Yellow (r254g245b60), May 3; Black (r000g000b000) May 10. The urls for those unreleased spots will also carry on the theme of RGB, which is a very nice touch. The colors relate to the original markers that were sold with the adicolor back in 1983.

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