H&M sue Wedins for plagiarizing their "skull" patterns on rubber boots

The left boot is from H&M, and the skull pattern on it is created by Helena Lindholm och Nini Andersson and has been used on various items during 2006 & 2007. The boot on the right is from Wedins and showed up in their shops this April. H&M thinks that Wedins pattern is a direct copy of their own and sent warning letters to Wedins already back in April. Since they got no response on that, they went ahead and filed suit the 28th of July demanding among other things that all of the boots shall be destroyed.
Wedins response?: "It is not a copy. I think it's a bit stomach turning that H&M are filing suit when they are world famous for plagiarizing." said Mats Björkenfeldt, Wedins lawyer, to Resume.


Branding the Olympics - Logos are in the details.

There are logos everywhere in the olympics and this site has put together a list - with images - of the adidas, hang ten feet, visa birds and whatnot that littered the opening ceremony. Even if you can't read chinese (but this might help) the pictures are still very interesting.

Hang ten feet? Were they really? It's those 29 feet that were helped with a little CGI (confirmed by officials) in the broadcast as a steady helicopter shot of live fireworks might not be able to run so smoothly. Here's what those footprints looked like from the ground (and without CGI-help) - they "walked" above the heads of cheering crowds. Pretty neat. I had no idea they were the Hang Ten logo-feet however, and all I can figure the poster on the Chinese site is saying is: "29 big foot bifurcations it may be said the impression is profound, but how did I look how looks like “jubilantly” (fireworks cost 3,000,000, advertisement value 3 hundred million)" - perhaps he knows more than I do on the topic.


United Airlines - It's Time To Fly - Heart - wide (2008) :60 (USA)


Link lust: Lame virals, photo shower curtains and google ads on brand sites.

Computerworld lists Lame and lamer: The 10 dumbest viral marketing campaigns ever - and all the usual suspects are on that list. From the Aqua Teen Hunger Force and 'the bomb' to Microsoft Vista's "Wow" campaign (Wow 1 long, Wow - 2 - long, Wow 3 long). Funny lame & lamer comments on each example:

Lame: Building a marketing campaign around a catchphrase that was tired back in 1994.
Lamer: Windows Vista itself.

Bored with your bathroom? Photocurtain might be just the thing for you. They run between $150 (stall curtain) and $220 (bath curtain) but if you have an awesome digital image design or photo you want to decorate your bathroom with, this is the place.

Adverlab has discovered a new trend: AdSense Ads on a Brand Site that seems pretty weird to me.


What are you DOING?!

Shelley Malil, '40-Year-Old Virgin' actor charged with attempted murder, police said he stabbed his former girlfriend more than 20 times.

Malil appeared in the Budweiser "What are you doing?" commercial 2001 and "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" on the big screen 2005.

Since it's a superbowl commercial, it an be found in the super bowl commercial archive - here you go: Budweiser - True - Wassup - What Are You Doing? (2001).


Wonderbra's thousand boobs mosaic ad is up.

Wonderbra has found Britain's best breasts and completed the billboard idea we reported on earlier in: Wonderbra wants your breasts, melons, knockers, puppies and jugs. They shot the lucky Eva-wannabees and added the line; “D – G; Because we’re more than a handful” for the poster which was erected (teehee) in London august 11. The full poster can be seen at wonderbra.co.uk where you can zoom in on the poster to see each individual image.

Utalk marketing.com reports that the ad might even stop traffic.

Julia Nolan, Marketing Manager for Wonderbra, said “The campaign iris created has engaged with our audience and got them involved directly with the brand. The average UK cup size is getting bigger and we know that Wonderbra girls are proud of their cleavage whatever their size – this campaign has given them the chance to be confident, playful and sexy be they an A cup or an G cup.”

Full billboard:

I think I prefer the scary boobs that shatter glass poster.


Burger King sinks are good for bathing too.

The last time I ate Burger King, I suffered with a stomach flu type bug and spent the entire night driving the porcelain bus. No matter how good their advertising is, nothing can make me return after that.


Adland is in Dagens Industri today.

The article about Adland in Dagens Industri (a.k.a Sweden's pink paper) today focuses on the "Chinagate" affair. "Death threats from angry readers commonplace for Ad-blogger" reads the headline.

For those of you who missed it, the posts about the Swedish Red Cross Youth human rights campaign drew a lot of attention. One adgrunt, whole9yards, spotted that some photographs in the campaign depict police in Nepal rather than China - see Red Cross (Youth) pulls "Olympic" human rights campaign in Sweden - and voiced his concerns about this. Other commentators attracted to the posts weren't anywhere near as decent and well articulated as he was, and soon the comments became a regular flame-fest. What you see on here the site is not everything that was posted, since most of the comments were flagged as spam by the automatic spamtrap, but it will give you a general idea of what was being said. Emails directed to me personally were a hundred times worse, and it culminated in late night phone calls and even death threats if I did not remove the campaign and apologize for its existence. Not to mention the DOS-attacks, spambombings and google-bombings attempting to link Adland with the word prostitute. A few events were serious enough to warrant a call to the police. The Swedish Youth Red cross have had to endure the same, and several facebook groups were started rallying people to join in the hate for them.

For the record, I never remove campaigns submitted unless the creators of said campaign asks me to.

Links on anti-cnn regarding that campaign can be seen here: 瑞典青年红十字会借西藏炮制辱奥广告 and Unbelievable: The Red Cross——Hypocritical and misleading !.

Resume.se also had an article a few weeks ago about the threats I've received for publishing that campaign (and the note that the campaign was pulled). See : Adlands grundare hotas för OS-kritisk reklam. The anti-cnn sajt is created by students to expose what they call "Western Goebbels' Nazi media" - that is, Western media's biased coverage of unrest in Tibet. See news.com Australia: Chinese students launch 'Anti-CNN' website


What is your blogs name, and the reason behind it? What is your username, and same?

A friend of mine states on his blog that "More and more people are being quite open with who they are, even when blogging. Still, some people keep blogging using their handles" in his post "Bloggnamn och handles". He wants to know two things;

1) How did you create your blogs title/name? Or, if you are using a handle when commenting in other blogs, how did that handle come about?
2) What is the story behind your handle/username?

In a world full of ad-this-or-that blogs you might not find my answer all too surprising. Back in 95 I was loving Zeldman's Ad graveyard, and a guy named Dave Dumanis who wrote a piece every Friday which he called Ad Lib - so when I decided to make an ad-obsessed site with all the worlds ad gossip and ads on it, Adland was a rather obvious choice. My only regret is that I didn't buy the dot com domain name at the time.

Dabitch on the other hand, is not my real surname even though it is in fact a surname. In the days of DukeNukem3D another gamer simply dubbed me that (presumably for my headshot-camping habit during deathmatch) and the name stuck. It was also a practical choice when signing up for emails, or on other websites as unlike my real name, it's not full of those funky dotted and circled letters. Plus, it is still a real name.

Now that I've fessed up, what's your blogs name, your username/handle, and the reasoning behind it?


ESPN - Olympic Games / spoon / fish / car - print, Brazil

Headline and copy text: Olympic Games. For the few good ones.