When I linked the "kill and idea" previously , I only linked to the illustrator, Scott C's blog straight up. Hit his archives and december of 2008 for the full campaign (that is, for uncropped images with the sender still on it) and the backstory.

for the independent film group Show Off! Designed by two awesome fellows named Marcelo Lourenco and Pedro Bexiga of Fuel with the help of Hiro Kawahara. I did a bunch of paintings for them depicting an idea and the enemy of that idea.

Gossip: This campaign is competing in Eurobest - we'll see next week how it did. I'm sure the baby seal (Idea) meeting the two guys with clubs (Rebrief) hits home with the jurors.

DISH Network has gone to Victors & Spoils, to redesign their entire fleet of 4,500 installation vans across the United States. Not a bad first paying gig for a new ad agency - as soon as it landed on their desks they turned around and asked the creative folks at 99designs to do it.

You probably know of 99designs.com - a.k.a "the largest marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design". Here's the Victors & Spoils DISH brief: Check submissions so far. Hat tip @jas_aiken

Ben Popken at the Consumerist has a recording of a rather peeved Jimmy Dean consumer who is ticked off by the sausage shrinkage from 16 oz to 12, at the same price. It doesn't get full of cursewords until the very end of the call, where the man thinks he has hung up and goes to cuss Jimmy Dean out to his family, who all agree that 12 oz sausage ain't gonna feed 600 pound of men.

Lets see how Jimmy Dean responds to this one. Their customers have spoken, and they say "... I wanna eat, goddammit."

Halogen Network - Launch Branding - 2009 - USA

RIOT Atlanta Brands Web/TV Cross Platform Network Halogen From the Ground Up

Atlanta, GA - Halogen, a new integrated web/TV network owned by the South Carolina-based Inspiration Network, came to RIOT for a unique, attention-grabbing look for their on-air IDs, bumpers and other network branding that would also integrate seamlessly online.
"The initial branding concept was the idea of a box unfolding," says RIOT Atlanta's Creative Director Jeff Doud. "We took that concept and turned it into a 3-dimensional theme. We brought the idea of social connectivity and the sense of community that Halogen is trying to build to the existing graphic elements.”

I Met The Walrus
Book of Negros
The Raw Shark Texts

HarperCollins set out to reconnect Toronto subway travelers to the experience of storytelling through the written word with a campaign that harnessed the power of sound to promote notable titles.
The effort, developed by Toronto-based Dentsu Canada, incorporated four subway ads – two on the Bloor- Danforth subway line and two on the Yonge – University line – that each featured a striking image and an audio jack where commuters can plug in their headphones and listen to a brief excerpt from a book.
The narration concludes with the name of the book, a plot description and the tagline: “HarperCollins. We tell the world’s greatest stories.”