Taxi and Reginald Pike tickle funny bones

A new campaign created by Taxi toronto and shot by Brian Lee Hughes of Reginald Pike takes a serious look at comedy films for the The World of Comedy International Film Festival. (links inside)


Blogs are like soap bubbles - Kom Nærmare TDC (Danish)

Blogs are like soap bubbles.
In the TDC magazine "Kom nærmare" there is a long feature about blogs and in it, yours truly is quoted - my quote even gets the big blue font signed "Åsk Wäppling".
Useless trivia: the baby in the bottom right bubble is my daughter. ;)

Select bits translated: Q: How do you see the future of weblogs?


Troika Design Group Creates Inviting Image Campaign for Fine Living

This past December, Troika Design Group spent a beautiful 75-degree afternoon directing the latest live-action image campaign for FINE Living network.
Troika wanted to help FINE Living convey that its programming, which provides viewers with tips for enjoying the best experiences life has to offer, including food, wine, home design and travel, speaks to everyone.


Overheard over the email wires

Perhaps I'm evil to laugh this hard at a snappy comeback, but top adgrunt Leslieburns of Burns auto parts (#) has had a recent funny exchange with someone who wished to align themselves with Burns' good name. Names changed to protect the guilty.
(Read more - all inside)


Virgin music "spot the song title" commercial

Remember that Virgin viral game? Well, now there's the commercial. Ground zero hired NATL tv to animate their way through upwards of fifty song titles from the last half-century. Can you spot them all?

Spoilers inside!

Go directly to the ad here, without reading spoilers!


Miami knocks on your door

Miami ad agency has created a guerrilla campaign for "Hyresgästföreningen" (the group for people who rent homes) in Sweden. The goal of the campaign is to make people understand the value of the rented homes, and that the suggested "market value rents" that some want to implement could make their homes a lot more expensive. This being an election year and that being a classic hot button issue, the campaign is well timed.


Saatchi copies Saatchi - again!?

Seems third time’s the charm, with this new ad from Saatchi’s NY, which uses the same idea as the Sunny D TVC created by Saatchi’s NY only months before, which itself is a copy of the "sun as ball" idea created by Saatchi’s London eight years earlier for the drink, Verb. I think this is a case of three strikes and someone’s gotta be out.

said adgrunt Farnster. Now, compare and contrast.


Microsoft caught with sexy sell. Hmm.

The Register has unearthed an old Microsoft ad ripe for a few laughs, it uses the promise of sex for geeks to sell. Now there's a tactic!

Fantastic. For the record, an MS operative confirmed this morning that this is "an old advertisement which ran only in New Zealand for a short period and is no longer being used". For the love of all that's Holy, why not?


Foshata? Hai, foshata, domo arigato.

For all you gaijin who's japanese skills are limited to "tempura" and "sukiyaki", have some fun subtitling Japanese ads to say what you think they're saying.


Correction fluid ads that never were

Three ads from Chile advertising correction fluid in a manner not consistent with the brand were previously posted on Adland. Both the client and now the ad agency credited have contacted us about the ads. The agency explains:

The story is that this material was inside the agency, as many other ideas, on a private basis, waiting for an internal analysis before even show it to , our international client. It has never been published or showed before. And it was not supposed to be shown to anybody yet. But somebody inside the agency, wrongly, thought it was ready to posted in the net and did it.
As you can see, we ask for your understanding and help in this situation.

On the ad agencies kind request we've removed their name and he brand names everywhere, but we will not remove the ads that now carry pixellated trademarks and are marked "spec work" for clarification. It would be pointless to delete a post here when thousands of caches have already seen it and it might even make things worse.