Help Get Concepting In The Dictionary

Join copywriter, Ray Del Savio, in the effort to convince Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary to add CONCEPT, as a verb (ie: concepting, to concept, concepted), to their upcoming edition. Currently the annual only recognizes CONCEPT in noun and adj. form. By doing so, this will better reflect what we, as creatives, do on a daily basis.

Please take a moment and visit the site below to learn more. When you're there be sure to click on the link, Verb4Concept Online Petition, and add your name to the growing list.

Verb4Concept Main Page.

It will take word of mouth and help from fellow creatives to achieve this initiative, so your support is important.

Thank You.


Mootube launches

In conjunction with PBS, we've (Peel) created MooTube, a look at the daily life of cows, from the cow's eye view.
We rigged up a wireless camera setup, found a bunch of ranches to record on, and off it goes! All this as a viral promotion for Texas Ranch House, PBS's upcoming old west reality show. It's been fun.


Samsung has everyone looking

Samsung's new ad's got people turning their heads and staring at their product.


2006 Good, Bad and Ugly Awards

Wieden & Kennedy (Portland and New York) won both AWNY's Grand Goods for Nike and ESPN in print and TV. Check out the Nike Women print here. Below to view the ESPN TV spot.

Read on for the Ugly.


Yutaka viral for Virgin Atlantic

A fake Japanese programmer, Yutaka, is the main character of a viral campaign by Crispin Porter + Bogusky for Virgin Atlantic. London is showcased through a snazzily designed web site, YutakaLovesLondon with tips on places to go. Click on the plane in the sky and you'll end up at Virgin's site.

An additional site supposedly created by Yutaka, YutakaProjects gives you the power to change the time on Big Ben, raise and lower Tower Bridge and even put a message up at Piccadilly Circus. (hat tip Adverblog)


Roadside Sheep = Illegal Media

In the northern Netherlands, an online hotel site,, has been using sheep in blue jackets to advertise. Mayor Bert Kuiper of Skarstelan, claims that roadside advertising is against the law and will dole out a "hefty fine"of 500 euros (600 dollars) per sheep per day, if the sheep don't lose their jackets by Monday. director doesn't seem to care, as the farmers and his company have profitted from the venture.

But the company concerned was undeterred. "We are not going to remove the adverts. We will simply pay the fine," director Michiel Nagel said.

"It goes up to a maximum of 20,000 euros, and that's not so much," he added.

And he said his business was also gaining. 'We had a record turnover last weekend, because we had more clients, partly through the sheep,' Nagel said.

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Cricket Cola asks Coca Cola to cease-and-desist stealing tagline

Adage reports about the tiff between Coca Cola and the green tea happy soda called Cricket Cola who have been using the tagline happiness in a bottle for the past two years. Cricket want Coke to stop using the same tagline and now run print ads with the headline "Hello Goliaths, Meet David" explaining who was the happy in a bottle first.

"Cricket's marketing efforts -- and its ability to build a distinctive brand around the 'Happiness in a bottle' tag line -- is threatened and frankly can be destroyed by Coca-Cola's marketing power and use of that message in its current worldwide marketing campaign," the letter said. "Coca-Cola's conduct in that regard would support a finding of trademark infringement under 43(a) of the Lanham Act."

Lets hope for a happy ending.

Funnily enough, as Cricket Cola huffs and puffs at Coca Cola, someone else out there is feeling a little ripped off. Meet an even smaller David : Cricket Soda - "They stole my idea once again". ;)


Montana Meth Project Phase 2 Just As Gritty

Last month, Dab posted about the Montana Meth Project and posted a very hard to watch spot of eyebrow tweezing by Venables Bell & Partners in San Fran. Yesterday, the group issued a press release stating that a statewide study "revealed that teens, young adults, and parents are increasingly becoming aware of the specific, negative consequences associated with Meth. The survey results also showed a significant increase in the frequency of dialogue between parents and teens regarding Meth in the last six months."

The second wave of ads launched yesterday, and include four TV commercials, eight radio spots, three billboard/newspaper ads, and three Internet spots. Read more to check out the creative.


Winners of Guldägget last night: Alternative Media

It should come as no suprise to anyone that the coveted Golden Egg (Sweden) in the category alternative media went to King, Stockholm, for their "crop circle ads" in fields lying directly beneath the flight path of their target market. To sell SJ's cheap train fare, their ads bragged about the low prices in plain view of those who were in the airplanes above.


Virgin Mobile USA celebrates An Arbor Day by saving trees

Virgin Mobile USA announced today that Pay As You Go wireless saves approximately 100 trees per month - or, over 1,100 trees per year. That factoid can only result in a truly weird commercial campaign from Mother New York and Smuggler production house.

Virgin Mobile - Arbor Day Song

Although Virgin Mobile is one of the nation's largest Pay As You Go wireless providers, the company does not issue paper bills or statements. According to wireless industry analyst estimates, U.S. wireless carriers send out approximately 126,884,000 wireless bills every month to their customers. If each of those roughly 126 million bills includes just 2 pages, total paper used per month for wireless bills alone totals over 253,768,000 pages. According to, each tree yields approximately 80,500 sheets of paper, so wireless providers are chewing through something like 3,153 trees each month. That's 37,836 trees per year!

Virgin customers just go to to see their balance. This tree-waste spurred a strange campaign from Mother, read more to read more and get quick links to films in the commercial archive.