Volkswagen Beetle, Hello Sunshine, print France

This campaign from Agence .V., Saint Ouen, Paris, France seems to have walked straight out of Todd Cole's photography portfolio, but I don't care as the images are that yummy.


Feed SA - Trolley - ambient, South Africa.

Feed SA is a charity dedicated to feeding disadvantaged people throughout South Africa. TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris says: "We placed decals of hungry begging street children at the bottom of supermarket trolleys bearing the Feed SA website and the line "See how easy feeding the hungry can be?" Any food placed in the trolley would appear to be given to the child."

Link to larger image


Mystery 'ad campaign' for the Hijab. Lollipops need to cover up?

I really want to know if this is a real ad, and who did it. What is it saying? Are women lollipops? Are men flies, or are the flies representative of "evil thoughts"? The text with this ad reads “You can’t stop them, but you can protect yourself.” (or so the arabist says and since I don't read arabic I'll take his word for it)

Web trail: The Arabist got it via an email forward, soon Sandmonkey picked it up, Andrew Sullivan weighed in, Adfreak spotted it and Gawker laughed at it in "Baby Let Me Rub My Thorax On Your Sweet Candy Face". Since the Arabist "received it as a completely random (but genuine-looking) email forward" I really couldn't say for sure if this campaign is a real ad campaign or not. What do you think, or do you know more details about this campaign?

Adland: - Knife, Hammer, Scissors - print, Hong Kong

This campaign from Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific seeks to raise awareness about the so called "Honour" killings that are happening all over the world and direct people to the Stop Honour Killings site. Personally I think "Honour" killings is the wrong word, it implies there's some sort of honour in hacking your own family to death, it needs a bit of re-branding, how about "pathetic barbaric neanderthal killings done by small minded and small dicked men"*? Read more at


Shark International awards - it's coming - print, Ireland

Remember the Sharks award ads? Here's three more executions from Publicis QMP Dublin. (Or rather two executions and one variant). closing date for entries = 08/08/08!


McDonald's - Animated Egg Billboard , USA

Wow, what a fun billboard! Leo Burnett Chicago created this huge egg billboard for McDonald's, it only opens up between 6am and 10.30am, the time that eggs are on the menu at McDonalds.


Humanitarian Lion - press SPEC

Remember that humanitarian lion idea that showed up on youtube in May? Yeah, it had slipped my mind too, anyway the guys behind it tried making some ads for it.



When they sent me the first one, which was basically a badge pointing to the youtube film again, I responded "Oh you know that'll you'll have to do better than that. I'll be happy to publish it when you do." so here's their second shot at an ad advertising the Humanitarian Lion. They explain: "we created this ad to communicate people about our website. Our idea is to collect the most signatures and companies support we can, to convince Cannes Festival. Thank you"

Double BLT magazine covers, NYT's "T" vs Coast a.k.a Toast.

New York Times blog finds that Coast Magazine is doing ye old 'sincerest form of flattery' thing regarding their own Spring 2007 cover of T (left).


Damn Tasty New York Pizza - Jus / Sauce - (2008) :30 (The Netherlands)

Damn Tasty New York Pizza - Jus / Sauce - (2008) :30 (The Netherlands)

This is serious, he says, as he gets the golf club out again. His pizza is damn focken tasty.


Absolut Kanye (2008) Print(USA)

Now Be Kanye - Sometimes when I'm at work sweating over some impossible deadline, I would daydream of being a rapper. My life would be filled with yachts, gold chains and girls wearing booty shorts. Yeah!

Now Absolut has something to help my dream come true. I found this small ad hidden in the personals section of the latest New York Magazine. Side-effects include inflated ego and temper tantrums.