Homage or ripoff?

Am I the only person who wonders if the "I'm only here for the Bud?" TV campaign is an homage or an outright ripoff of the "I'm only here for the beer" campaign run very successfully for many years by Double Diamond?


The Neil French Ad Awards

Our favorite sexist is working on new advertising awards!

If he sticks to his guns, the categories are sure to include:


Irn Bru 32 Blue Bird Advert Upsets Police

The Scotsman reports that police officers are calling for an Irn-Bru 32 advertisement to be pulled because they claim it encourages violence.

But officers at Strathclyde Police's Violence Reduction Unit said the 30-second advert glamorises violence and portrays Glasgow as full of gangsters.

Two complaints from police in the VRU have been made to TV watchdog, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Detective Chief Superintendent John Carnochan and deputy Karen McCluskey have both voiced their concerns at the ad vert. Mr Carnochan said: "We look at violence and its causes very seriously, no matter where it is portrayed."

There have been a further 17 complaints from members of the public since the advert hit the screens in March.

The ASA has launched an investigation into the complaints and will issue a decision within weeks.They can order the advert to be withdrawn if the complaints are found to be justified.

Check out the ad inside.


iPod? iDon't.

While some adore iPods, its advertising and the whole apple cult culture, others hate it with equal passion. SanDisk are on the opposing team as they too produce mp3 players, and their new campaign wants you to people to stop being sheep. They have launched the idont.com anti iPod campaign to peddle their wares. There you can download screen savers and posters with themes like iSheep, iChimp and iPuppet. SanDisk wants you to rise up against the iTatorship!

Mobile magazine: SanDisk launches anti-iPod campaign

The obvious question, though, is how original and non-follower like are we being if we go out and buy what they tell us to buy.


Snapple gives Bostonians more music, less ads

Beginning tomorrow and running through July 4th, Boston area rock radio station WFNX will be commercial free thanks to Snapple.

According to the New York Times, they are paying a $2 million for the privilege of purchasing every minute of the station’s advertising time for the six-week period, with non-traditional recorded audio collages, live DJ reads, bumpers, and sweepers all in support “brandcasting” Snapple beverages.

I think this is a fab


Fruit of all knowledge - as advertising

Andersson & Jourdan ganged up with Miami advertising and created the original fruit of all knowledge to tempt people into checking out "Profession Swedish Master Cup" (Yrkes-SM). The games winners end up in a national team competing for Sweden in World Skills Competition, which will be held in Japan 2007.

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Extra Strong Coffee From Asia

DDB Indonesia created this series for CDM Coffee Company. One sip and their eyes are twice as awake.

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D&AD 2006

Last night, only two Black Pencils were handed out at the 44th D&AD Awards in London. One went to Leo Burnett Canada for their "Big Ideas Come Out Of Big Pencils" site redesign. The other went to The Guardian for a redesign of the paper.

In addition to those two highly coveted Black Pencils, 54 Yellow Pencils were awarded as well. Some of those went to the same winners with Leo Burnett London winning Yellow Pencils in the Viral, Direct and Digital Crafts categories for their youth-targeted public-awareness campaign, Cameraphone.

Check out the Black Pencil winners inside.


Levi's wants to know your truths

Similar to CP+B's Come Clean site for Method from last year, Levi's is asking folks to visit the


Magic and Logic

Yesterday the the IPA, ISBA and the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply released a white paper titiled "Magic and Logic" which aims to advise these industries how agencies, advertisers and purchasers can best work together to produce profit

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