The Wilde Ones - preview - (2009) - (USA)

Thirty-five years ago, Richard Wilde launched the BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Today, he still is still chair running the program with enthusiasm and unparalleled leadership, recruiting the top industry talent as instructors to maintain the college's reputation as one of the best of its kind. He is nothing less than a living icon in the world of graphic design and advertising. So when Director Benita Raphan (SVA alumna) approached SUSPECT CD Hoon Chong (also SVA alumunus), to handle the open for, "The Wilde Ones", a documentary tribute for Wilde's 40-year anniversary at the school, he readily accepted. Raphan quickly expanded the offer to include all post and effects for the film.

plane stupid ad polar bear falling

Mother, London have created an ad to "Bring the aviation industry back down to earth", and a site to go with it at The ad shows polar bears falling from the sky in a skyscraper filled city, hitting buildings on the way down and crashing into large gas-guzzling chevy's on the street. Subtle. More than one person I've talked to over in the US immediately made the association with the falling man and the jumpers of WTC, due to the shots of falling corpses reflecting on skyscrapers carrying a strong visual similarity. The advert is only aired in UK cinema and online.

Went to the BNE exhibit last night at Mother NY's future office.
It was still under construction, but it was the perfect space for the party. Stella Artois on tap!

A few blocks away was Ogilvy. Why is everyone moving to Hell's Kitchen? Cheaper rent? If this keeps up, 11th Avenue might be the new Madison Avenue.

Quentin Tarantino

You'll have to give props to Quentin Tarantino for decking out in hakama, saying his lines in Japanese and choosing to do a cameo as Uncle Tara-chan in the quirkiest Japanese soap-opera ad campaign running as of late. The SoftBank ads feature a family where mom is your regular mom, but father is a Hokkaido-ken dog (real name Kaikun). Quentin isn't the first American celeb to shill softbank, Brad Pitt was starring as the sumo wrestler's humble assistant in an earlier campaign run. He's in good company with the White family, the daughter, "Me", is played by popular celebrity singer actress Aya Ueto, and the brother Oniisan is played by Brooklyn born american actor Dante Carver - he has is own youtube channel at sec2productions.