Public health campaigns to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS still playing catch-up with the virus.

Ever since those tomb-stones dropped down in a scary UK anti-aids campaign back in the late eighties, public health campaigns have been freaking us out, educating us and trying to calm us back down again. Still the virus has spread further than the information about it. For example in India, which has the highest concentration of HIV-infected people than anywhere else on the planet, 43% of women have never heard of HIV and don't know what it is. Every culture has a different problem to solve and thus need a different way of approaching their AIDS communication. In some parts of Africa, 'sugar daddies' are more than just a way to get neat gear, transactional sex is a way to survive. That's when campaigns like this appear:
"Would you let this man be with your teenage daughter? So why are you with his?"

Pardon the blurry high-speed back of car window style of this photograph, and thanks to Tomas for shooting it


Dexter is back and now bloodier than ever, Guerilla campaign Portugal

Torke in Lisboa (yeah yeah, Lisbon - Lisboa sounds cooler though) stabbed people in the back, drenched toilets in blood and generally squicked people out with their new Dexter Guerilla stunts campaign.
(link to larger case image)


Blurred posters show speed, going once, twice, three times.

I thought the Chrysler 300C STR8 = Fast , Ambient posters from Brazil were made of plastic because I was thinking of the concept idea semi-transparent resin billboard for Mustang. (which is a portfolio piece not a real ad)

They're not plastic though, like the Volkswagen R32 ads, they're photos of the background, blurred.


Stihl Chainsaws - Giant coupon billboard - Canada

Rethink Vancouver created this little "performance art" stunt for Stihl professional chainsaws:
First they put a coupon and an actual chainsaw on a billboard.

After a few of weeks a guy showed up one morning, cut out the giant coupon with the chainsaw, and left with it. The board then stayed up with a big hole in it.


Korea Animal Protection Society - pull to release, Korea

This little train and bus ad stunt comes from Ogilvy & Mather Korea, Seoul. The goal of these ad inserts was to encourage people to raise funds towards releasing caged animals back to their natural habitat.


Breeze Excel, Torture test , DM Thailand

To prove you could remove stains in just one wash with Breeze Excel, DM Thailand put it through the ultimate test: They wrapped a package with it.


Cannes lions film grand prix - Gorilla and Believe share top honors.

I asked which one you though would win, Gorilla or Halo?

For the first time in Cannes History, there's two winners that got the Grand Prix in the film category, Cadbury's "Gorilla" by Fallon, London, and Xbox Halo 3's "Believe" by T.A.G./McCann Worldgroup, San Francisco.

The Titanium Grand Prix went to Uniqlo's "Uniqlock" from Projector Tokyo.


USA takes the lead with 12 nominations to Titanium Cannes lions 2008

Will Mortierbrigades campaign ”Black boy wanting water” for Studio Brussels get the Titanium? Or Times of India ”Lead India” from JWT? Or is the HBO Voyeur Campaign set for yet another lion? Will Projectors campaign ”Uniqlock” for Uniqlo get it? Saturday night, we'll know. Meanwhile place your bets people. I'm off to celebrate midsummer.


Copywriter wanted for 18 bucks an hour, will not get access to gun.

Quite possibly, the most insane Craigslist ad ever. Copy writer - marketing materials - $18/hour

The twist: while you are writing copy you will also fill the role of security guard, working 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. We will buy your uniform. You won’t carry a gun. Applicants must be able to pass a drug screen as well as a criminal background check. The security guard spends most of the shift seated at the reception desk, and there will be very minimal security duties. Practically the entire shift you will be able to focus on writing copy – you’ll just happen to be wearing a uniform.

Yep, we are stretched thin. Good thing there's no gun, for that salary the copywriter might end up shooting themselves. Hat tip Caffeinated


$500 a month, free gas to drive a billboard

Here in the USA, where Regular Gas is $4.00+/gallon (with Premium Gas is $4.50+/gallon) - this could be helpful. :-)

I'd heard about these 'billboard' cars before, but not with free gas.