HC gruppen buys Boeing 727 to house agency

HC gruppen a full service agency in Århus, Denmark enters the world of crazy offices by buying the retired boeing 727 Lady Patricia to house their agency. Accessories are half the look, so to complete the style they are also building a small scale airport to go with it.

And they say ad people have their heads in the clouds. ;)


Euro takes the dollar - ad banned in Moscow.

Izvestia writes that this ad, from the Russian Finance magazine was banned with immediate effect in Moscow. The poster company had to tear down a 100 posters overnight after receiving a stern letter from Igor Presnyakov, chairman of the Moscow Committee for advertising and information.
Igor (and probably anyone else who saw it) thought the image depicted a sex scene, while the magazines publisher said: "I thought the currencies were dancing on our poster". A cossack dance, maybe....

this is not the banned Don Diegos ad

Sometimes a cigar, is not just a cigar.

The Australian Jockey Club have been accused of bad taste after running and advert depicting two women toying with a cigar and caressing each other.

Critics say the ad degrades women - which ironically is designed to attract more women aged 18-35 to the races.

Amanda Stevens, managing director of SplashGroup, said to the Herald Sun: "This ad is denigrating to women. Women just don't behave like that at the races. This is a male fantasy."

The ad was created by AdPartners in Sydney whos Marketing Director Steve Reid defended the ad, saying the scenes featuring women caressing each other and a woman playing suggestively with a cigar were only minor elements.


Orange ad faux pas - telling the truth.

Orange are proud of their network coverage, which reaches 98% of every square inch of Denmark. So proud are they of this that they spent this past year bragging about it in their advertising. "We cover here" posters proudly exclaim in far away corners and busy city streets all over Denmark.

Yesterday during the powerout, from 2 pm onwards every single one of Orange's antennas, relying on regular power, was off - making Orange the only mobile network that was completly in the dark.

Today Orange ran a planned advertisment in Politikens Newspaper - if there's ever been a time when an advertiser should have yelled "stop the presses!" this is it.


The Void Moves On

Since November of last year, AdLand had been home to a growing number of Hugh McCloud’s oft groovy business card cartoonities known as Gaping Void. We dug 'em.

But now, Hugh and his creations have cloned out into other websites besides AdLand. Because of this duplicity, we sadly say goodbye to the Void with the heavy hearts of parents seeing their children grow up much, much too soon. In its volatile place, we will continue to do what we were born to do - bring you the best, and the best of the worst, from the land of the AdGrunt - advertising culture, gossip, buzz, breaking news, reviews, links, exclusives, info, commercials, trends, surprises and more. Always interesting. Always advertising. Always AdLand.


Gordon Jump of Maytag fame has passed away

The maytag man has retired to the big theatre in the sky - Gordon Jump died Monday at the age of 71. He only just retired from his Maytag man role in July, and will be missed by many fans both adgrunts and theatregrunts.

Maytag.com has redecorated their website in Gordon's honor, stating they mourn the tragic loss of him.

Jump came to appreciate the attention he got for the ad campaign and the steady work it provided, Wagner said. But his heart was elsewhere professionally.


Results in from the Fark Reality Advertising Challenge

This is a follow up on the The Rise of "Reality Advertising" - "Reality advertising is a trend in the making. Ringo.com, a networking site like Friendster and Ryze have put out an RFP to members of Fark, a community weblog, asking Farkers to create an ad campaign for the company. Ringo is offering a $1,000 prize to the winning entry."

The winner has just been announced - it was Beer Friends. The rest of the entries can be viewed here.

Although none of the entries are likely to start any large felines roaring in S. France, this experiment does suggest that there is some decent potential here. Ringo only put up $1,000, and got this response. Imagine what could be achieved for $5,000.


Power outage blacks out Denmark

A massive power outage closed down shops, stopped trains and elevators, traffic lights, and naturally servers in Denmark, Bornholm, South of Sweden and parts of Northern Germany today.

The outage started in Swedens Ringhals which exports power to the above named countries. Nameservers and other internet traffic may have glitches for a few more hours as the power is now slowly returning, street by street. There is no need to email the hostmaster about failing to reach the site, as I knew it before you guys.. ;)

On the upside, our office freezer has finally been through a much needed defrosting. ChinChin!


Much ado about lovin'

Dial this number and you will receive in a jiffy a:

a.) Bubble bath
b.) Rubber Duckie
c.) Burger and fries

Read more for the answer and to view the clip.


Variety - Adland is center for news - September 2003

Link to Variety.com's article

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