Ikea - Facebook Tag / Ikea Showroom - (2009) 1:35 (Sweden)

Ikea Malmö (yeah, that's my town) moved from their old boring building in the outskirts to a shiny new one near the Svågertorp train station. The new Ikea is much larger, recycles everything, and uses only green electricity to boot in order to become the first Ikea with the smallest carbon footprint. In order to attract people to Ikea, ad agency Forsman and Bodenfors decided to advertise where the Swedes hang out all day. In a word: facebook.

OLPC, XO Is For Hope, Canada

One Laptop per Child (OLPC) is a non-profit humanitarian organization whose purpose is to provide educational opportunities to the world’s poorest children by giving each and every one a connected, rugged, low-cost laptop. This video tells the story of hope using the alphabet and a simplistic animation style. Real photography was married with childlike drawings bringing to life an otherwise desolate landscape. The story unfolds in seamless transitions to show the interconnection between opportunity, education and change. This isn’t just about giving a child a laptop, but giving them access to the world, and ultimately, the chance at a brighter future.

Main Visual of Campaign 'Fuck You AIDS!'
Poster Fuck You AIDS!
Advertising Fuck You AIDS!
Kit 'Against AIDS'

The AIDS is BAD: he respects neither age, nor sex, nor religion or social class. It is aggressive, virulent and bad-mannered. Such a complex problematics, full of edges that to interpret and factors of diverse nature that to neutralize deserves a simple, direct and forceful response. Because of it, we are going to treat to the AIDS like it deserves, giving him a good dose of his own medicine.


Todays Crazy ad was erected by Phil Wolf, the owner of a local auto dealership, and it has gotten a lot of attention. After putting up a controversial billboard about President Barack Obama asking for POTUS' birth certificate, complete with a turban caricature of the president next to the word Jihad?, Wolf's phone has been ringing off the hook with reactions to it.

Wolf says he initially drew the billboard on a napkin and then had an artist paint it. The sign, which was completed Friday, is visible to drivers on Interstate 70 near Kipling Street.
"I can't say I expected everything that's been going on with the responses we got," Wolf said.
He says his business has been overwhelmed with phone calls. Some callers have threatened both Wolf and his employees.

see 9news.com

Radiotjänst Sweden have this viral film where the idea is to send it as a thank you to your pals as a Thank you for paying for your TV Licence guilt-trip. Or and honest thanks, depending on if the recipient paid or not.

The setup is a press conference that the whole country, in fact the whole world, is paying attention to, where the speaker goes on at length about this single hero who has ensured that everything you hear on TV and Radio is independent and free from hidden agendas. She keeps singing the praises of publicly funded programming that remains independent from government, short sighted commercial ventures and how it ensures quality programming. Then the reveal, the hero is you (or in this video your own Dabitch).

Fun fact, the license in Sweden has been renamed "fee" to be less ambiguous and is annually approx €200 per household (not per TV set).

It takes forever to load, be patient.

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Germany is in the lead with 802 entries, followed by France with 521, Sweden with 383 entries and Belgium with 346. Apart from the award show great seminars will be held, Paul Lavoie, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of TAXI is bringing a professional knife thrower Norbert, psychologist-turned-pornographer Jennifer Lyon Bell and a surprise secret guest to his seminar on Wednesday where they'll explore "the importance of creating an atmosphere of trust to allow creative collaboration to flourish". Later that same day Jeff Kling, Executive Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam
has a seminar titled Show Me The Ad, You Motherf*****. On Friday WIRED will be asking if creating an iPhone app is yesterdays news check out the full programme to see what is on your "must see!" list.