With A-Level results out in England today and news headlines pronouncing the impending doom - a lack of University places for the 660,000 candidates applying this summer; some in the advertising industry are turning convention on its head and shying away from the traditional academic route. They have come together to create and leverage a new way of educating people who want to become a ‘creative' in the advertising industry. Could this be a blessing in disguise for those A-Level students who didn't ‘make the grade' this summer?

Taco Bell - Calling Card of Greatness - (2010) :30 (USA)

For Taco Bell’s national spot promotion for the Cantina Taco, which comes with a slice of lime, the zesty personality of the citrus plays a starring role. With delicious food at the heart of the narrative, Draftfcb tapped Director Tom Ryan who is known for his organic sensibility that finds glamour and beauty in detail.

With this directorial approach, Ryan has produced work that stands out from the norm and reads as tangible deliciousness. In “Calling Card of Greatness,” this deliciousness comes with a little flirtation as the lime, the self-proclaimed Culinary Casanova, adds a bright citrus note with a playful twist.

I thought everyone knew this by now, but apparently not. @John_Hegarty on twitter is as fake as @SirSorrel was, and @bbhlondon wants it stopped.

How did I know? The first day he was on twitter I tweeted him an injoke that the real John Hegarty would have known - something to do with condoms and yes I know what that sounds like. Please don't make me explain, trust me in that it really is one of those "You had to be there" stories. It's an ancient joke that stems from way back in the day when John was one of my fantastic tutors at The School of communication arts in London and every student in the school was making condom ads - kind of like how every student these days make tabasco ads. Stop it. Anyway, the fake John Hegarty did not respond. Thusly, I knew he was fake.

Seems not everyone is savvy to this though, so now you know. Unlike @davetrott @Heywhipple and @markwnek - John on twitter isn't the real deal. He's as fake as @BogusBogusky .

The Danes are making fools of themselves Danish women again in viral videos. This time there's no "Karen desperatly seeking the father of her baby", but a heroic nurse who straddles a wounded man, resuscitating the patient with the help of her naked breasts and some sort of stripper CPR.... "We have signs of life!" shouts a male nurse while the female nurse signals "Call me" to the patient.