Speak Up design a poster competition - extended

Designers see this, Speak Up’s Poster Contest is on - create a poster with your favorite Speak Up quote ever, and you may win $75 Amazon giftcerts and $75 good towards Veer's lovely eyecandy products. The deadline has officially been extended, your poster must be in by Monday, September 20 at 11:59 pm Central Standard Time.


Dan Rollmans home rolled art fame.

Welcome to Snerko™, the online home of t-shirt designer Dan Rollman. Hailed as “a unique voice in the homemade t-shirt field”, Dan’s shirts have been worn by such icons as Beck, The White Stripes and Beyonce.. reads the intro on Snerko.com.
By day Dan works at Goodby, by night he inks shirts with a felt-tip marker and creates a myth about his famous artist alter ego who exploits the worlds love for celebrities and cheesy t-shirt slogans.


Angus Intervention says - stop it!

A message for all you award-chasers brought to you by the Angus Intervention website.

Created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the Interventions parody the self-help movement's affirmations approach by providing users with a list of humorous alternatives to tailor - including 'Stop Wearing Underwear All The Time', 'Stop Chasing Awards' and the ever popular 'Stop Spreading Companywide Emails'.


Blogfonks fonky new design and fonk for thoughts

You might ask "What is Fonkstra?". Their answer includes a pack of 3D-glasses.

The People at Fonkstra are a collective of creatives, inspired by Dutch Hendrik Johannes Maria Fonkstra's saying:

'To see or to be seen. That's the question.'

After noticing interesting trends, issues and developments in the market and society, BlogFonk tries to give creatives `Fonk for Thoughts' (inspiration to be creative).

BlogFonk has re-designed, making a much sleeker page well worth a visit. The content has gotten a face-lift as well, now they do interviews with creative minds from all over the world every week. So far they've had interviews with Peter McHugh CD of 180 Amsterdam, Chad Rea of 86theinions - you remember him, he's the one that made the PottyMouth baby t-shirts - and oh look, there's little ol' me.


BlogFonks Fonk for Thoughts: Åsk Wäppling

I chat a little about Adlands history and a lot about advertising in Blogfonks quest to see "what Fonks creative peoples minds?"

BlogFonk: Is there difference in mentality of creatives in the countries you've worked?
Wäppling: Not really, creatives fit certain stereotypes wherever you go. There's the 'work-smart-not-hard' guy who clocks off at 5 to pick his kids up from school, the never-stop-working types who scribble on napkins at bars until the wee hours, the cynical whiners, the hacks and rip-off artists, the 'good-enough' creatives who never put up a fight for anything with the motto 'pick your battles', and the utterly crazy creatives who passionately come up with one groundbreaking idea after another can be found in every country. The only thing that really changes is the language (including the visual) which they speak. Every single country has someone who says: 'This country is not so ad-literate, we can't do that ad here. Maybe that ad would fly in .' Seriously.

Every country I have looked for work in has at least one agency head that says with a straight face: 'We do very Danish/Swedish/Dutch/French advertising here.' Seems they forget that creatives can sell expensive cars to rich old men, even though they themselves bike, tampons to women, even though they are men, and diapers to mothers, even though they are childless. It's our job to communicate to people in various 'cultures' - be it a national one, or a target groups culture. We research and get on with it, cultural insight doesn't have to come from being born within it, but can come from observing it with an open mind.


Absolut TV

Absolut Vodka is doing TV-advertising for the first time. When releasing the Absolut Raspberri version of the Swedish vodka-line the campaign works integrated: the spots shows well-known artists painting "their" Absolut Vodka Raspberri-bottle and in printads and on the billboards these bottles will be shown. The taglines is "Absolut Release" and "Unleash the Raspberry." The last is another step from the company's brand-concept.

It's (of course) TBWA/Chiat/Day NYC who do the fandango on the Absolut-brand.

(New York Times)


Radcliffe kicked from Quakers ad

Since Paula Radcliffe did a pretty bad Olympic Games-show the Quakers is putting her aside in their advertising for their Quaker's Oatso Simple porridge. They think the showing of Radcliffe isn't working since the tagline is "It helps you go the distance." and Ms Radcliffe didn't.

The Radcliffe-side tries to put the blame on Quakers and explains that the scrapping-off is because of problems with the script.

Yeah. Sure...

(Ananova - Radcliffe dropped from porridge advert)


Commercials are easier to avoid - what shuld admen do?

Boston.com interviews a few good men in advertising discuss the future and possible media tactics now that TiVo and smart VCR skip commercials for people.

A choice quote comes from Terry Clarke, chairman and founder, Boston ad firm Clarke Goward.

“Advertisers have to stop shying away from doing something good or risky.”


Moaom fruit chews new wrapping too sexy.....

"Won't somebody think of the children!?"
Someone did - Ananova reports that a catholic college has complained about the new wrapper design for Haribo's Moaom fruit chews - the fruit on the wrapper seems to be copulating. If you have a dirty mind.

"We are shocked at the shameless presentation of sexual practices on the wrapping, which includes not only sexual intercourse but also fellatio and cunnilingus," wrote the St Blasien Jesuit College near Bonn.

(to see the wrappers read more...)


Bikes against Bush guy gets arrested

Remember the resourceful Parsons student, Josh Kinberg, who made a bike act as a dot matrix printer so he could leave messages on the pavement as he cruised down the street? Well, he just got himself arrested for it. On his blog you'll find that he has a video of his arrest posted together with another video where he's being interviewed on Hardball.