Water drop posters - BitFall

Bitfall is a waterfall that displays images by changing the sizes of the water drops it drops. They are currently having a huge boost of traffic, which their internet host didn't much like, due to curious onlookers like myself so the images and german descriptions can be found here right now, but the ubercool Quicktime videos are offline at the moment. Still, this is so neat I wonder when it'll be used as actual ad 'water' posters to sell us Perrier. ;) File under very cool.
via smidigt.se

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Nikon uses photographers image in ad, without the rights.

Lee Tae-young is a full time fireman and part time photographer, and as the latter he tends to check out camera ads more than most people. Much to his suprise he found one of his own photographs in an ad for the Nikons new D50 - yet nobody had asked him for permission to publish it clearly infringing his copyright.

See the ad and images at Quesabesde and read more - if you can read Spanish.

That's not the worst of it though, the camera that actually appears in Lee Tae-Youngs photograph is a Canon 300D. Nikon has simply photoshopped the Nikon name onto the Canon.

The ad agency that made the ad explains that they had taken the image from Lee Tae-youngs website in order to use as reference.

"For reference, we have collected some photos from Internet sites including Lee's. But by our mistake, Lee's photo was used for the Internet ad," Kang Jun-shik, a manager at the ad agency told The Korea Times. Kang admitted that he didn't even get Lee's approval to use his photo as a reference.
Hat tip to adgrunt Mikker


WIN 2005 ... and the nominees are.

It's that time of year again, the Winfemme awards just announced their nominations list.

You know the WIN thing, it's as their commercial expains, an award for women and ads that empower women.
The Women's Image Network anounces it's 2005 WIN Award advertising nominees. Selected from hundreds of broadcast and internet commercials, the final twenty two competing spots are.............. (listed inside!)


It's a JUNGLE out there! Talent Zoo vs. Jobster suit

Talent Zoo filed a trademark infringement lawsuit on Monday in federal court in Atlanta, Georgia against Jobster, because Jobster uses the confusingly similar mark "Work Zoo."

Back in July it was announced that Jobster Inc. was acquiring WorkZoo (StudlyCaps included). Talentzoo are not happy about Jobster unauthorized use of the "WorkZoo" name and logo in their promotional materials and on their website etc. Hence the suit.

Talentzoo has recently settled a prior trademark infringement lawsuit with Work Zoo.
"Talent Zoo always takes the protection of its name and intellectual property very seriously," explained Talent Zoo's president Rick Myers. "The 'Talent Zoo' mark has tremendous value and recognition in the on-line recruiting and job community built up over years in the marketplace, and we can't allow any damage to that value," added Myers.


Alternative to pops


We've been producing for over a year now a new online dynamic ad format that allows users to view their chosen sites happily free of pops and instead housing dynamic interactive elements in a SubLine (TM) either top or bottom of page. Just wondered if anyone here liked the idea and whether it could be useful to US or otherwise publishers and agencies? More info at http://www.sublines.co.uk

We've had a lot of great press and response here in the UK.


International word-of-mouth marketing conference (Germany)

Interested in buzz, viral or word-of-mouth marketing? Europe is finally getting a proper event specifically dedicated to the subject:

The International word-of-mouth marketing conference will be held from October 6-7, 2005 in Hamburg, Germany.

More than 200 prominent marketing experts and researchers from around the world will gather to discuss with other attendees the latest marketing approaches and future trends in the realm of word of mouth marketing.

The event is being sponsored by Brand Science Institute. (read more for links)


Ads called too sexy in Mexico

An ad campaign to save sea turtles in Mexico is getting some people angry. The campaign by Wildcoast, a US based environmental group, aims to reach men who buy turtle eggs because they believe that they are a natural form of Viagra. The National Institute for Women (a government agency) objects to the stereotype of a woman as a sex object. The ads direct people to check out the Tortuga Marina website.

Read on for the controversy and to see the "too sexy" ads.

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Rumor Mill- Jack White to write next Hilltop song?

NME.com reveals that Jack White of the White Stripes is getting ready to do his first advert ever - for Coca-Cola. Well, maybe.

Despite none of The White Stripes songs having ever been used in advertising before, White has been in talks with the soft drinks giant to pen a new song for their commercials. It's also rumoured that the song already exists.

"Coke have been talking to Jack about getting him to write a new song and he's very interested," an advertising source told NME on condition of speaking anonymously.

Coca-Cola are apparently keen to find a new song which will rival impact of 'I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke' which featured in a 1971 advertising campaign.

The song was written by creatives at McCann-Erickson and performed by the New Seekers. Recently the song was voted the number one greatest song in a TV commercial in a poll done in the UK. The song was so popular it was eventually released as a single.


Million Moms go against DishTV sucky ad campaign (which doesn't suck).

Oh dear.
One Million Moms insist that the "DISH Network commercial teaches kids to use crude language". Yep they are actually talking about the campaign of ads that don't suck which we showed y'all here last week.


Making (logo) copies an art

Bad Design Kills have found a treasure of logo-twins, and show them all off in the Logoworks rip-off collection. By the looks of it, logoworks work is often to close for comfort when compared to other logo works.

What do you think folks, a case of plagarism conveyer-belt style, just change a dash of color here and there, et voila a fresh new logo - or a strange series of amazing coincidences?