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Pinball dreams - replayed.

Ford Fiesta vs Nissan Terrano - who is the original pinball wizard? Nissan Terrano poster above....


Marketing to women a no-brainer that marketeers don't get.

"Studies from around the globe suggest women are responsible for 85 per cent of all purchasing decisions - yet by Stevens's reckoning, 80 per cent of all ads either offend women, ignore them or hark back to stereotypes developed 50 years ago."

The Australian writes about advertising failing to communicate with women, and interviews a few people along the way. Choice quote from Amanda Stevens; "Unfortunately a lot of marketers think that sticking a picture of a woman in an ad is a marketing strategy."
Hat tip to Clayton.


Sex no longer sells

British brand consultancy HeadlightVision's report on the latest cutting-edge trends "found that youths were bombarded by sexually explicit advertising to the point where the ads no longer moved them. It concluded that if brands wanted to reach young trend-setters, they needed to use more subtle techniques."

Allison O'Keefe, global editor of the HeadlightVision's report, D-Code said, "Sexual imagery is becoming so mainstream that it is becoming such a regular part of their life that it doesn't break through any more. It's not shocking them and its not clearly marking it (a brand) as youth-orientated or anti-conventional."

There's also more in another article here.


India adverts use sex and humor to sell

Over in the big colorful land of India they have discovered that sex really does sell, if coupled with toungue in cheek humor. No, not that cheek.
Traditionally, they've steered away from being so bold as to do raunchy ads, but if you make the punter laugh at the same time you can get away with almost anything as long as you highlight your products special features.


Subway in Germany depict 'twin towers" on trayliners

How do you remind people that Subway is the 'healthy' lunch alternative in countries where no Jared ever dieted with them? Easy, make lots of tray liners, advertising the film Super size me, depicting an obese Statue of Liberty holding a packet of freedom fries, showing a giant fatty hamburger crushing twin towers as panicked citizens run away. Top it off with the headline "Why are Americans so fat?" and you're ready to cause controversy. (read more to see images)


Eclectically curious magazine for free - no catch.

Voor Art-Directors die kunnen lezen... For those who are eclectically curious about art, street art, movies, media, poetry and the world in which we live, the tasty mag Maisonneuve has an offer too good not to share. All North Americans can sign up and get the mag free for six months. Read "Kafka on Prozac" about Christmas in Saudia Arabia, if Paris Hilton wrote poetry, interviews with young artists or simply let the sexy illustrated covers grace your coffee table.


NewsDirect Features Adland - "Advertising community hits the 35.000 members mark"

Advertising community hits the 35.000 members mark reads the headline at NewsDirect.

The worlds largest community for advertising people,, has hit 35.000 members. The site is run by the Swede Åsk Wäppling from Copenhagen, and it's always been her goal to keep the community financed by members rather than advertising. It has succeeded.

Hear Paco Underhill on “Why We Buy” and our “Call to the Mall” on The Advertising Show

Hear Paco Underhill, explain the research and ideas behind his best-selling books, “Why We Buy” and “Call of the Mall.” In his books, Paco applies his research methodologies to the retail environment where he dissects the behavior of everyday consumers and how people live, work, play and spend. Paco has over 21 years of experience in behavioral research and consulting. His international consulting company, Envirosell, has established its reputation as an innovator in commercial research and as an advocate for consumer friendly shopping environments and packaging.


Church of Sweden re-brands it's 4.000 subbrands

The Swedish agency go.garbergs is working with the Church of Sweden and their brand(s). The mission is to make the CoS' 4.000 brands into one.

The Church of Sweden is a "national" church, until a couple of years ago it was the Church of the State of Sweden. During the years since Gustav Wasa the Church of Sweden has been the national moral and religious guide but now the Swedes, known as the most secular people in the world, is free to choose to be member or not. Still about 85% of the Swedes are members but the stats is decreasing.


A double dose of iconic comebacks.

Morris the Cat? The Energizer Bunny? They're back!

Perhaps up next, the return of Max Headroom for Coke and Frito Bandito for everyone's favorite corn'n'oil chip!

...actually, bringing Max back would be kinda cool.