GNC Ginko Biloba - Page Numbers - print, Singapore

Kudos to the math whiz kids over at Y&R Singapore for figuring this one out - though I am curios as to which magazine it ran in (looks like a design mag?) I think math is hard, I probably need some GNC Gingko Biloba supplements. Either that or I'm Barbie.


New Kronenburg 1664 - Dynamo Systeme / Perfect bubbles - (2008) :60 (UK)

Tony Kaye is back folks! This is his first ad since.. Gosh.. Since forever.
In it the master chef keeps demanding smaller bubbles. Smaller! Smaller! And then as we zoom out we find that we're in the glass.


Firebrand still sending out press releases as attached word docs. Gag.

So, firebrand aren't dead yet, they reckon, and are again sending us press releases as attached word documents (which we hate - email was designed to carry text stop being so cumbersome). Their email teases "If you have been wondering what's next for Firebrand..." which quite frankly, I have not - but for once, I opened their doc.


HSBC A5N Rugby - A true gentleman - print, Hong Kong

JWT Hong Kong announces the Asian 5 Nations Rugby Tournament sponsored by HSBC, a gentleman's game.


Bob Martin Conditioning Tablets - Cow, Lamb, Rooster - print, South Africa

Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, Johannesburg, South Africa
(two more executions & credits inside!)


MTV3 - Anybody out there? / Count in / Next song? (2008) :20 (Finland)

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Agency: TBWA\PHS Helsinki Oy
Tommy Makinen (Copywriter)
Erkko Mannila (Copywriter)
Director: Timo Laru
Production Company: Miracle Sound


Rodney District Council Road Safety - Dreams - New Zealand

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand enlisted the skills of Terence Tsang (Illustrator), Dede Putra (Illustrator), Max Thompson (Illustrator), Nick Smith (Designer) and Dan Liao (Designer) to bring us this dreamy campaign - "cyclist", "car" and "truck"


Newspapers run ads about fake airline Derrie-Air

"Derrie-Air has been exposed. Readers of The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News opened their papers Friday to see ads for a new airline called Derrie-Air, which purportedly charges passengers by the pound."


ASTOC (Brazilian Association of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) - Stuck, print, Brazil

Here's a visual that kids won't get ten years down the line. (Perhaps)

See also the commercial that goes with it; ASTOC rewind.
ASTOC - Rewind - (2008) :30 (Brazil)


Psyop Adidas CVA - Angels - (2008) :60 (China)

Psyop Adidas CVA - Angels - (2008) :60 (China)

CVA (Chinese Volleyball Association) is the forth and final spot in Psyop's Adidas campaign for the Beijing Olympics. The previous spots were Together, Zheng Zhi and Hu Jia.

Adidas - Hu Jia (2008) 0:60 (China), Adidas - Zheng Zhi (2008) 0:60 (China), Adidas - Together - (2008) :60 (China)