HBO - Voyeur - (2008) 3:07 (USA)

HBO - Voyeur - (2008) 3:07 (USA)

The campaign goal was to fortify HBO against increasing competition by strengthening the brand's relationship with super-fans. Incredibly engaged in all forms of media, they seek intelligent, cutting-edge entertainment experiences.


Baden Baden - Hand Made beer campaign - print, Brazil

Lew'Lara TBWA, Sao Paulo made this ad for Baden Baden, who employs only 23 in their micro brewery and make a real "hand made" beer. To emphisize hand made, they stitched a glass of beer on to the page.

Three more executions (not stitched) inside.


Publicis/Saatchi to buy Leo Burnett in Stockholm?

The Swedish CEO Hans Sydow says to Resumé "We're currently in talks, I can not comment further"

The Publicis network already owns Saatchi Stockholm (which is owned by Danish Publicis holding), and the rumors are that they will buy Leo Burnett as well, and in the future merge all three Stockholm agencies into one. Pubsaatchinett? No, Saatneticis? Leopubchi?


Veja Vidrex - Dirty house = Dirty Image - print Brazil

Dirty Image, Dirty house. Gotta love Brazilian visual solutions. So simple. So perfect.


Nicotinell Nicotine Gum - World No Tobacco Day may 31st - print, Australia

It's a frickin' conspiracy. I was smoking when I opened the email with this one, wondering if I needed to buy eggs for my cake. Thanks a lot World No Tobacco Day and EURO RSCG Sydney. You got me. Now get me a beer.


Mohawk Flooring - click clack, done - print campaign USA

Ah, doesn't that room look lovely? I want to win the lotto so I can get me a house like that. And lie around all day doing nothing. ;) Bah, who am I kidding, you know I'll be posting ads all day anyway.


Onkyo Sound Systems: Cough - print, India

Here is an ad done by IBD Brands for Onkyo: World Environment Day.


(which is today btw)




Client: Onkyo Sound Systems.
Ad Agency: IBD Brands (Mumbai, India)
Creative Director: Raul Randolph
Art Director: Mandar Wadke
Copywriter: Sunil Shibad







Southwest airline: coupon ad that reads "don't #$*!% me over"

Southwest airlines aren't messing about with their Nofees promise. To show you that they're serious they published this simple coupon ad in the Wall Street Journal.


The ad agency mmorpg: World of advertising

I've been very amused by Creative beef: Game Time idea for a ad agency based mmorpg, where Art Directors weild the xacto-knife of doom, Copywriters have smart-ass blogs, Account Execs have the super power suit, Producers weild unbreakable SAG contracts, Media Buyers wave Knicks' tickets about, and Traffic can pull out The lost creative brief from their arsenal.

Now, if we place this game in crazy open landscape agencies and famous buildings such as the Chiat/Day Venice of the nineties, Kesselskramer's church or the mushroom woods of Young & Rubicam in Portugal - I'm all set!

Can someone please get on making this game? Pretty please? It's my birthday today and that's all momma wants.

P.S. For drool-worthy ad agency interiors, check out This Ain't No Disco.

Adland: - dead seals in ice, ambient Canada

The Canadian government authorizes the slaughter of around 270,000 harp seals in their annual commercial hunt. Now that global warming is thinning the ice, hunters can’t get close enough to the seals and use rifles from a distance. It’s hard to achieve a clean kill with a gun, so 50% of seals escape injured only to get trapped under the ice and die. Saatchi & Saatchi Paris embedded images of bloodied seals under the ice in ice rinks. The trapped seals were accompanied by a poster stating the number of mortalities and the IFAW website.