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Jim Hanas elert notices that the Trojan campaign has been done before, and he noticed that we noticed too.... The Badland twins ads are here; Orgasms affect short-term ad-memory?


Orgasms affect short-term ad-memory?

Or perhaps they've been playing with themselves so much they have gone blind on used adconcepts - Trojan condoms versus the sexy and controversial Coco De Mer campaign.
In late November of 2001 these ads appeared over the United Kingdom. Adam Scholes, art director of the series said: "These are war faces. The photographer was shaking and sweating after he took these." , I bet he was.... Already on the first day of the campaign the ASA was alerted and stated: "The British Codes of Advertising and Sales Promotion are quite clear: no ad should cause serious or widespread offence. The ASA will investigate any complaints it may receive about these posters." The campaign went on to rake in ad awards and photography awards.


Cross-dresser too much for the Finns and the Lebanese.

Panos swimwear catalog used Sweden's popular drag show artist Richard Engfors as their swimsuit model.
The collections concept is Unlimited Love, inside the swimwear there's a poem written by the designer, it refers to Sappho, one of the earliest writers about female homosexuality, and Aphrodite, the goddess of love.


The Advertising Show talks to Jane Maas

Here the "Adventures of an Advertising Woman" by Jane Maas including her behind the scene anecdotes on the "I NY" campaign, Merrill Lynch's "Bullish on America" campaign, Leona Helmsley and more.

As a former creative director at Ogilvy & Mather and Wells, Rich, Greene, Jane has worked on advertising for General Foods, Johnson Wax and American Express.
Tune in Saturday 8-10p.m. CET (2-4p.m. EST) to The Advertising Show for their live webcast. Or check out their commercial free archives.


Audi A6 Sedan - Dustin Hoffman/The Graduate (2004) 0:30 (Germany)

Audi A6 Sedan - Dustin Hoffman/The Graduate (2004) 0:30 (Germany)

The Dustin Hoffman Graduate remake that we reported about earlier is here!


Ethical advice group bans sexist ads

ERK the ethical advice group have been real busy banning ads lately. The infamous Spank fashion ad and the bad body-pun ad from Pentax were both banned for passing the line of what is acceptable and clearly against the ICCs International code of advertising practice. .


Welcome to Orange Denmark

Welcometoorangecounty, the Mallorca based international agency are opening another office - in Copenhagen, Denmark. They're currently hunting for officespace.

See their latest films, Ikea teaser 1, Ikea teaser 2, Ikea teaser 3, Ikea teaser 4, and finally the Ikea conclusion before they appear on the next Shots reel.


GPN matches producers worldwide with production worldwide.

LOS ANGELES: Making location shoots of the world more accessible to filmmakers everywhere, Global Production Network (GPN) executives announced the official launch of their company Thursday march 18th.

GPN, founded by Harry Tracosas, is dedicated to representing top-tier production service companies worldwide with more than 40 on its current roster. You may remember Tracosas underwater footage work from his Walk On Water Productions.

Tracosas, an experienced filmmaker with more than 17 years in the production industry, recognized a growing need to assist foreign and domestic companies connect with credible service providers around the globe: "As the world increasingly becomes the "backlot" for film and spot producers, finding the perfect foreign location and local talent for each shoot has become a logistical boondoggle," says Tracosas. "GPN's mission is to make this search easier. If Merchant Ivory wants to shoot in Morocco, Miramax in Chile or Moxie Pictures in Milan, GPN can help."


"Hello" project for and about homeless around the world.

86 the onions is now looking for photographers around the world to distribute up to 25 Hello-signs each to their neighborhood's homeless and take a picture of each person in their environment holding their oversized nametag, complete with their own handwritten name as part of the Hello project.

We will compile all of the images for an exhibition, website, and a book that will be published, sold, and distributed to relevant press and politicians. Proceeds will go into other projects benefiting the homeless. We encourage you to do the same.


Even animated lizard spokescreatures have blogs.

Ever since the Raging cow milk marketing blog last year we kind of knew what was on the horizon; more blatant marketing blogs pretending to be sincere. Soon everone and their spokesperson will have one. We didn't expect the Geico Blog to be so realistic though, sooo.. boring, even though he tries to spice it up by talking about the ads "he" has shot this week. Even animated lizards can have uninteresting "lives" apparently.

Ascii art comment at metaFilter perfectly sums it up.