A life lived vicariously through spam - malspam headlines are a great source for laughs.

It is Malspam - fake news headlines tempting you to click something you shouldn't and forcefeeding your PC an .exe file that can do bad bad things. The Malspam campaigns began somewhere in June, but haven't dropped off much since from what I can tell.

However, their headlines provide endless laughs! On adlist we've amused ourselves by showing off the funniest headlines we've gotten - can you top any of these? There's a few key players often mentioned, Paris Hilton & Britney Spears reign supreme in the gossip-girl corner, while Bush and Cheney only show up rarely, sometimes even with either Paris or Britney.

Lets see what she's been up to lately, shall we?
"Paris Hilton Had Sex With Aliens" - you know, if we ever get confirmation that there is extraterrestrial life out there, I bet we'll get it in this way.

"Bisexual Paris Hilton likes Bush & Dick" we know that already, oh, did they mean George Bush and Cheney?

A few days later it appears she was feeling sinful, thus: "Paris Hilton Becomes Nun"

The by far scariest one yet, however, has to go to "Paris Hilton to Operate New Atom Smasher". We can't trust her to operate a car people.

Former Pop-diva Britney is repackaging old tricks it seems:

Britney: My Vagina Made Me Shave My Head - I'm trying very hard not to picture that. I don't want to know how that worked. What holds the razor?

"Britney Spears pregnant with antichrist" - I thought she already did that?

The "MSN Breaking News"-spam or CNN.net-spam usually revealed itself in their headlines choice of words. For example:
"MSN Breaking News: Iran Kicks America in the Nuts" - the nuts folks. Well, America does have it's fair share of nuts, I guess.

Of course, we can't escape Paris even here:
"msnbc.com: BREAKING NEWS: Paris Hilton Considered For Mother Teresa Role" - if there is a god he would smite us all for that.

This one is really good: "msnbc.com: BREAKING NEWS: Mike Tyson To Fight Michael Jackson" - what kind of fight? Who can sound most like a little girl? Will Tyson eat Jackson?

Politics and patriotism is always a big click-puller - therefore we get: "New National Anthem Proposed by Bush"

But then the "bizarre" headlines might get you to - how about: "Man killed by flying cocktail glass" - I swear it wasn't me.

Some people are crazier than others.
"S.D. man pleads guillty to harassing deeer" - I wonder what he did to that deer. "Hey doe-eye, you're looking fine today!"

Also - rock out to my home country "Swedish princess slaps town florist". Yeah, even our royals are crazy, that could totally happen.

" Facebook under attack by clones" - if only!

Now, my personal favorite because it is wrong on so many levels.

" Scientiists iisolate animal fart gene"


GSD&M CD creates phony gmail account in ECD's name - gets fired.

Yikes, mediaspy has some hot gossip - as the story goes, a CD created a gmail account in the name of ECD Mark Taylor, and used it to ask employees opinions about the work, salary and other issues. Well, he forgot that pretending you are someone that you are not is actually called fraud and it is further rumored that Roy Spence, GSD&M's president and founder, "called in a political favor and got a warrant through the local U.S. Attorney's office" to find out who sent that email. How very Sopranos, except you know, legal.
The email-faking CD was tracked via their IP# and now there's a photo of them at the front desk stating "No admittance". Youch!

Well let that be a lesson to you all - gmail does not mean "anonymous and totally untraceable and it never did.

The little birdies are saying this to the Agencspy:

"It was a dumbass idea, to say the least, and nobody knows why the guy/gal did it — what he/she was trying to find out. Maybe he/she thought he was underpaid. More likely, he/she felt like his/her job was one the lone. He/she'd been on the chopping block before but was rescued by one of the founders."

It's not clear which CD it was, or what exactly was said in that email to piss everyone off that much - I'm sure we'll hear more on this story.


Ford G Series - Chandelier Billboard - New Zealand

How classy is the new Ford G Series? Classy, says JWT New Zealand. They created a sophisticated special build billboard for it - one with real chandeliers supplying the glittering light on the billboard. To the left you see a close-up of these chandeliers that are pretty cute. Inside you can view the full poster. The Model Maker for the special chandeliers was Bootleg.


Puma hijacks Stockholm library as ad-canvas for beamvertising. Forgot to ask for permission.

Dagens Media reports that Puma made a marketing mishap last Thursday when they projected a commercial onto the Stockholm city library. (An utterly gorgeous building designed by Gunnar Asplund, by the way.) Seems that the agency AdCity Media forgot to sort everything out before using the famous building as Johanna Hansson, the Director of the library, says to Dagens Media: "We have not given permission for this, and do not want to be used as advertising space. We are a library, and as such should be impartial and free."
Even the client wasn't informed, as Puma's marketing director, Rickard Kull said: "I'm not totally up to speed on the media plan. It is Adcity Media who has done the advertising."

Unlike the previous Puma mishap - oh yes you remember the sperm-splash Puma pitch-ads that did a tour around the world after showing up here at Adland 2003 - this mistake was given the green light by Puma. Somehow.

Other ads projected on walls in Adland:
WWF - Burning Panda Beamvertising - (2008) :60 (Denmark)
Bos creates interacting billboards for Fido / 2007
Light Graffiti in Atlanta / 2005


TV3: Cheryl - (2008) :45 (Australia)

Colenso BBDO, Auckland has put to air a series of radio spots to promote 'Outrageous Fortune' on TV3 - this show sounds like all Shirley Conran TV-films and Harlequin novels put together.
Nick Worthington (Executive Creative Director)
Ashwin Gopal (Copywriter)
Tim Yates (Copywriter)
Karl Fleet (Copywriter)


Nike - We Have Softball - long (2008) :60 (USA)


ESPN / Espen.com.br - Finger workout - print, Brazil

Neogama/BBH, São Paulo annonces the new ESPN website, www.espn.com.br by telling everyone they need to do finger workouts to get ready for it. Yes baby, make those fingers sweat!


Smart Car - Slim poster / billboard between billboards - Switzerland

Jung von Matt, Zurich, show off the Smart cars biggest asset (hehe). The wee thing can park pretty much anywhere.
Copywriter, Sergio Penzo and Art Director Hisham Kharma are the team responsible for this billboard-squeeze. Neat that they got it in between two of the biggest car brands today as well.


Career Junction - Grocery Lists, Garden contract, Wardrobe diagram - print United Arab Emirates

TBWA\RAAD, Dubai want you to "put your skills to better use" and ring Career Junction.
I wonder if Amritraj Gupta's grocery lists really look like that. :))


Amnesty International - Start gun / Execution - print, Romania

DDB in Budapest has created this topical ad which ran during the olympics asking the public to join in the fight against death penalties in China. (click for large version as usual)
It reminds me quite a lot about the Amnesty "after the Olympics" ads which won bronze in Cannes, despite the fact that the ad campaign never ran according to Amnesty making it one of many scam ads in this years Cannes Lion awards. That Amnesty campaign got TBWA Worldwide into trouble when Chinese netheads saw the ad and thought that the worldwide networked had acted mighty two-faced. TBWA China, who've done the very patriotic Adidas campaign were not amused. (see printwork: Bejing Moments, Impossible is nothing, Impossible is nothing 2 and commercials: Countdown, Gametime and this interview with psyops directors for the rest)

Lets hope me posting this ad, doesn't get me in the same hot water I was in for posting the Red Cross Youth campaign which compared human rights violations to olympic sports, and the follow-up posted by the Red Cross youth Red Cross Youth campaign for human rights which caused not only a flameout on this site, but enough email-writing for the Red Cross (Youth) to pull the "Olympic" human rights campaign in Sweden after pressure from Geneva. The flame-party didn't end there for me (nor the Red Cross) though, as reported in Resumé and Dagens Industri, far more serious incidents than simple angry comments dogged me personally and Adland for weeks.