MTV Networks International, a unit of Viacom Inc. (NYSE: VIA VIA.B), today launched a new series of public service announcements (PSAs) by global advertising agencies 180 Amsterdam, Selmore and Cake, and ecopop and five short films by Element to captivate youth with the important message of slowing down global warming and reducing carbon footprints. The result is high quality spots that utilize creativity, humor and pop culture that speak to young people in their own language and empower them to make their lifestyle “greener.” MTV Switch is the first youth-focused, global, multi-platform campaign created to help slow down the acceleration of global warming.

The pro-bono PSAs and short films will be made available across MTV’s global network of 165 localized TV channels in 162 countries that will reach a potential audience of 560 million viewers. With an unique style and creative tone that resonates with MTV’s audience of 15-to 25-year-olds, the campaign helps viewers realize that small actions taken by many individuals can make massive differences to the world’s carbon emissions. The PSAs and films are available for viewing on MTV Switch’s dedicated website,

“MTV Switch was created to provoke, entertain, and encourage change among young people”, says John Jackson, Director of Social Responsibility, MTV International. “We are incredibly thrilled and honored to work with such forward-thinking international creative agencies in producing compelling work to continue to engage youth on this extremely important global issue."

These two "Switch" films were put together with practically zero budget. Sean Thompson, Creative Director for 180 Amsterdam said: “As you’re sitting in front of your computer screen, remember this: Real life is much, much better. The message in the MTV ‘Real Life’ series is simple; switch off your video games and computer screens and dive headfirst into real life and help save the planet whilst you’re doing it.”

MTV Switch Real Life’s Better - Mud - (2008) :30 (The Netherlands)

I know that it ain't related, but the oiled up women pushing a car in the mud make me think of Arla milk.

MTV Switch Real Life’s Better - Stallion - (2008) :30 (The Netherlands)

Then there's the green song - quite a catchy tune created by Sizzer Amsterdam - which attacks the abundant green-washing. Sean Thompson, Creative Director for 180 Amsterdam said: “There are so many fake greens out there it’s criminal. The MTV ‘Green Song’ simply asks you to do your bit for the environment by switching off your lights, computers and TV sets.”

MTV Switch - Green Song - (2008) :60 (The Netherlands)


Exxon Mobil's brand 'hijacked' by impersonator on Twitter reports And unlike the Mad Men tweets (all posts linked below) this is not a fan-fiction case. Exxon hasn't approached Twiiter about this problem yet, but judging by how fast Twitter removed the Mad Men people (before coming to their senses), they might be just as quick to kill off Janet. All you got to do now is ask, Exxon. Is it fan fiction when were talking about a real company? Will be interesting to see how this one pans out.

But the user posing as "Janet" from ExxonMobil and posting what appeared to be legitimate "Tweets" is not authorized by Exxon Mobil to be posting about the company. Exxon Mobil does not know who "Janet" is or if he or she is even a company employee, Exxon Mobil spokesman Alan Jeffers said Monday.

"She is not an authorized person to speak on behalf of the company," he said. "There are several inaccuracies (on Twitter). We take great care in having authorized people speak on behalf of the company. We want to make sure anyone who is speaking for the company is doing so accurately."

At the end of the article, Shel Holtz, principal of Holtz Communication + Technology, gives out some free advice:

"Any company should be acquiring the Twitter account names that are most likely to be construed as official accounts," he noted. "Far too many organizations shrug off emerging social media channels like Twitter and Friendfeed. The Janet incident should make it painfully clear just how easy it is for somebody to step in and represent your organization with inaccurate and even damaging information using these very channels."

Going mad for Mad Men, again! 08/18/2008
Mad Men Tweets not issued by AMC - takedown notices sent 08/26/2008
Twitter and AMC get smart - reinstate the Mad Men Tweets. 08/27/2008

Agencies Peacock and Lonely Duck got together and created the 100%-flash based code-cracking website "welcome to the list" where there are lots of interesting programming problems to be solved. The ones who solve the problems the fastest have 100 jobs at ÅF to choose from - because this is actually a recruiting site. The game ends the 31st of October.
Welcome To The List
But that's not all that is hidden on this site, there are also 1500 Jolt Cola's hidden as easter eggs everywhere. And since I'm not looking for a job as a programmer, I challenge you to find more of them than I already have! ;)


Adidas was an Official Partner of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and their brand positioning was – "When 1.3 billion people get behind their athletes Impossible is Nothing."
TBWA\TEQUILA Hong Kong were briefed to create an original print campaign to extend the adidas China Olympic corporate campaign; one that would specifically reflect and support local Hong Kong athletes - their response; a flip book. Enlarge image for more information.


As the text on this image explains, the impossible Jerseys were given away with magazines in Hong kong an idea conceived by TBWA\TEQUILA\ Hong Kong:

In late 2007, Adidas briefed TBWA/TEQUILA Hong Kong to excite football fans about the new collection of 2008 adidas Federation Jerseys.
So we decided to recreate autographed jerseys, fold them and place them as cover inserts into Hong Kong’s number one selling youth magazine, MILK.
So overnight, stacks of adidas Federation Jerseys appeared on Hong Kong’s newsstands.
Fans would find France, Argentina, Germany and Spain and every single one was autographed.
It was the first time any magazine had been used to sell apparel in this way.

Every year there's a book-trade fair (or Book-con if you will) in Gothenburg, Sweden. This year the Swedish post are launching stamps with Swedish cartoon characters on them in conjunction with the trade fair.

Eight toons were honored with their own stamps and Miami ad agency conceived of non traditional ad channels to get the word out. Since the client is the Swedish post, street arting the mailboxes with the characters was a given. Aside from invading mailboxes a la street-art, the toons were also spotted running off the funny pages and people wearing sandwich-board stamps patrolled the city of Gothenburg. (inside)