Cai Guo-Qiang: Head On could be seen at Deutsche Guggenheim, 2006 : link.
Head On concept:

With few wolves scattered in the front gallery, all ninety-nine wolves run, gallop, and jump toward the far end of the exhibition hall, where a wall stands. The bravery of the wolves is met head on by the unyielding wall. As the leading wolves go down, many more follow with force and determination. As those in the front fall and pile up, those behind take up their positions.

Meanwhile the Harvey Nichols "sale" ad called wolves created by Y&R Dubai won a Bronze Lion in Cannes this summer.

Finally, we can get that Camera Lens Mug we've lusted after for a year or two.

When Sharad Haksar created the "Camera Lens Calender" as a DM piece I spoke to them about getting me one. They were quite expensive per piece, one had to do a large run in order to make it worthwhile (and I only wanted one). As I admitted then (revealing what I was about to get the beau for his birthday);

My Significant Other is a photographer, so when his birthday was coming up I spent a silly amount of time trying to make a camera-lens travel-mug for him to drag his coffee around in. I failed, my welding skills aren't what they used to be and I never did look as cool as Jennifer Beals doing it.

Then LeslieBAP posted "It's a lens, it's a coffee mug, it's a desert topping...", proving that other people had the same idea, but also better skills in making the mug. This one was a limited edition mug made for the press by Canon as swag during the Olympic games, and it looked just like the 70-200mm. swooon!

Now finally, there's one to buy for the likes of you and me! It'll only set you back $24 at Photojojo!

Fragrance and Beauty Limited has released a "Sex Pistols" perfume that has lemon and black pepper notes, and thankfully no Johhny Rotten stink.

It also has hints of: "Electrified by aldehydes, the fragrance exudes pure energy, pared down and pumped up by leather, shot through with heliotrope and brought back down to earth by a raunchy patchouli. " or that's the way The Fragrance Shop describes it. A bottle will only set you back £19.99.

Taglines used to market this are: “Is this the scent of anarchy?” and “Certainly, there’s a revolution in this bottle.” Malcolm McLaren is reportedly laughing his head off in his grave.

Twist for 3M - (2010) :1:07 (USA)

For the past three years, Twist Director/DP Rich Michell has enjoyed an ongoing collaboration with 3M, which is currently celebrating the 30th anniversary of its popular “Post-It” brand. Twist’s Michell has directed a series of commercials for 3M and ad agency Grey Advertising. A unique partnership, the Twist-3M collaboration has resulted in the production of 15 spots featuring many of the hugely popular 3M home and office products.

So, a month back Dodge released Tent Event with "monkey" (it is not a monkey, it is an ape).. And soon enough PETA sent them a letter, pointing out that chimps and other wild animals should not be used as actors.

Dodge responded. By removing the "monkey". This is it.

However, PETA has responded to that and nodding their head in approval.

"PETA applauds Dodge's decision to distance itself from cruelty to apes who are used and abused in entertainment," says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. "Public attitudes about animals are changing for the better, so steering clear of ads that exploit animals is good for business too."