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New York, N.Y. – March 18, 2009 – The 2009 International ANDY Awards, one of the most coveted advertising awards and first show of the season, announces the year’s winners for most outstanding global creative work. The GRANDY, the ANDY’s top honor as Best in Show, has been awarded to BBH NY for its groundbreaking and innovative integrated campaign “Dig Out Your Soul In The Streets” that launched Oasis’ latest album. Sponsored by Rackspace, the Show and Party, now in its 45th year, takes place this evening at Terminal 5 in New York City.

The winner of the GRANDY Award receives $50,000 in cash award, the GRANDY “championship” ring, and acknowledgement as Best in Show. BBH NY’s campaign for Oasis’ seventh studio album was a fresh, guerilla marketing approach to “reinvent an album launch” not through traditional means but on the streets of New York.
The group taught NYC street bands their songs, who then publicly performed the music weeks prior to the album release in conjunction with an extensive viral/PR-driven campaign including news on Oasis fan sites, the NYC website, in consumer media and a documentary that was globally distributed through MySpace (and viewed more than a quarter of a million times). At the Show & Party, two of the groups, Dagmar (a rock duo) and Next Tribe (a psychedelic rock band with beat boxer) made an appearance and played the songs that launched the album.
BBH NY Creative Directors: Kevin Roddy, Calle Sjönell and Pelle Sjönell.


Here's a tip for when you're entering awards shows. Don't characterize your work as the "first-ever" or "world's first" anything unless you're absolutely sure it hasn't been done before. Practically everything has been done already. Not to say your work couldn't be the "best ever" or "best application of" something. But first ever? Get over yourself. The world isn't that small. Plus, it sounds like bullshit and EVERYBODY says it. Best plan is to let the work do the talking. No more over-thinking in the description. There isn't a whole lot of time to read the descriptions. As Rich Silverstein once told me, "Shut up."

The all new Honda Insight launches with campaign that says it's the “Hybrid for Everyone”. They have posters, commercials, celebs and of course, even a blog. Posting the release in full here.

A fully integrated national advertising campaign for the launch of the all-new Honda Insight begins March 16. The Honda Insight defies hybrid conventions by being inclusive and affordable. The strategy developed by Honda’s long-standing agency of record, RPA, communicates the down-to-earth, democratic “hybrid for everyone” concept with upbeat, optimistic imagery among a diverse collection of people.

The campaign targets consumers who want the benefits of a hybrid, but don’t want to sacrifice fun, style and sportiness.

“The launch of the Insight marks a new day for hybrids. The Insight’s fun-to-drive performance, versatile and fuel-efficient hybrid technology is reflected throughout the national ad campaign and invites everyone to consider a hybrid,” said Tom Peyton, senior manager, national advertising, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.


Okay, so judging the One Show is a great honor. And, of course, it's incredible to be surrounded by a group of people who are so passionate about their work and dedicated to their craft. But honestly, it's also kind of a drag. I mean, we slugged through almost 300 entries today.

Short rationale: Creative thinkers such as Stefan Sagmeister, Paula Scher and Milton Glaser teach classes at the School of Visual Arts.
This campaign reflects that tradition by encouraging people everywhere to "Think" while also giving them a place to write down their thoughts.

Ah, neat, KNARF New York has made lined papers out of our beloved idea-receiving objects at hand everywhere, like the good old napkin, toilet paper rolls (yes, using toilet paper as ad media just like crumpler did in October last year I predict coupons on TP by 2010), even sugar packets and tray liners. Nice idea, nice looking execution and thanks for all that lined paper I totally need. Check out the other executions and credits inside.

Death Cab for Cutie - Grapevine Fires - music video

Crossroads' directorial duo Walter Robot's dynamic and inventive visual style is the driving force behind a trio of uniquely inspired music videos for Grammy award-winning recording artists Gnarls Barkley, French-born DJ Vitalic, and Death Cab For Cutie.

Grapevine Fires, the must see music video for alternative rockers Death Cab For Cutie, is the ingeniously animated story of a boy in search of his brother amidst a wildfire that decimates his neighborhood. This emotive story reflects the autobiographical lyrics of lead singer Ben Gibbons who was caught in the horrific 2007 California wildfires and witnessed the tragedy firsthand.