The Alpha Coffee Table - aptly named.

Leslie BAP just emailed me this, and now if you'll exscuse me - I need to pop downstairs and casually set fire to my current living room so that I may replace it all starting with this A B C D table. I am in a seriously bad case of lust for a coffee table folks. If it asked, I would marry it in a heartbeat. And we'd have little doll house sized Eames lounge chair babies and live happily ever after!


Jessica Simpson is smart. The drinking beer with vitamins kind of smart.

Last night when I was reading the news about Jessica Simpson becoming the new spokesperson for "smarter beer" - Stampede Beer - I had a feeling it would be quite the opposite. I can't even find what minerals and vitamins make up the + in this 'smart' beer on that site.
Dallas News:

She's the face of the brand now," said Lawrence Schwartz, Stampede's president and chief executive, who says sales have more than doubled in the past year.
Stampede's marketing is focused on its vitamin content, which it describes as "functional additives."
"As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for ways to diversify my portfolio with good ideas and good people," Ms. Simpson said in a statement. "Yes, I work out and take care of myself, but I also like a cold beer once in a while.".

On the left, exhibit A. See the smart in the ad?
See it? Look carefully.
Isn't she just the picture of smart? The droopy eyes, the mouth breathing, the horrendously photoshopped cleavage-line, the props such as Italian restaurant table-cloth skirt and bales of hay like she never left the farm. You have to click on the image here to see the larger version, trust me. So yes, there's the smart - all of teh intarwebs will now either be gawking at or mocking this ad. Well played Stampede beer, well played.


Nike+ Human Race Marathon post race concert - Faker / Hilltop Hoods - print, Australia

Nike & Publicis Mojo Melbourne promote the Nike+ Human Race marathon by showing off the headline bands playing at the post race concert. If anyone else is getting Sony hands free Band posters déjà vu it's because Ken Taylor is a jammy bastard that gets all the fun gigs. ;)


Who said government clients were boring? Farm Advertising & th1ng rock out for the COI

Looking at this - I can imagine how stuffy the brief must have read: "A £6 million government advertising campaign launched by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF). The campaign aims to encourage young people to study foreign languages to open up future opportunities in their people’s professional and personal lives." Oh snore!

However when Farm Advertising got their hands on it and rang up th1ng for a little directing help, magic was made.

"Reach 11-14 years olds? Be hip? Sure, we can do that." Just feature real street dancers, footballers, indie stars and add a dash of creativity from young talent to the mix! Of course there's also a website:

Three of the commercials were by new directors at th1ng, including ‘Dancer’ by Dan Lumb, Disiz by Angry Natives and Neon City by Anne Xiao. Daniel Cohen directed ‘Football’ and ‘Shadows.’

Dominic Buttimore, th1ng’s executive producer said: “The commercials were directed by th1ng’s new breed of directors who have shown promising talent and very impressive capability. The whole series has been very well received and the feedback is very encouraging”.


Defeat TB - Death Certificate - print, Philippines

Dentsu Philippines reminds everyone that tuberculosis can be transferred from you to your children.


Axe Bullet - Airport / Home / Gym - print, USA

BBH New York show how a practical portable bullet-deoderant can spice up your life.


Bumper Ads (1-800 PET-BUTLER)

I started advertising in Lexington Ky for Pet Butler. I created these bumper ads. I catch people every day taking pictures as they drive behind or when it is parked in a lot.

See a larger image if you wish, and below:


The DDos and Death threats of Adland makes news in Agencyspy


Band-Aid - I am stuck on band-aid song (2008) :30 (USA)

Band-Aid - I am stuck on band-aid song (2008) :30 (USA)

So, that adorable little girl who sings "on fingas toes and KNEES" is Skai Jackson, current starlet of the Disney channel's series Bunk'd, and also known for her role as Zuri Ross in the Disney Channel sitcom Jessie.


Sol Protonik - Class Photo - print, Colombia

Sancho BBDO Colombia channels "The Ring" to demonstrate just how energetic kids get when they drink Sol Protonik. As if kids need more energy. Puhä! No!