Target - Maternity Bra - outdoor.

Here's one for all those who fancy giant women, I guess. The Campaign Palace Melbourne has really put the engineered in maternity bras for Target.


Ads that looks like other ads thread (pics here too!)

Arity, so we've done the oversexed ads, how about ads that look like other ads?

Like this French Pepsi light ad, implying that Pepsi is a perfume..? Eeeew.


Showtime vs ACLU, parody or plagarism?

Remember when ACLU wentall flag-waving patriotic in a campaign shot by Peter Gerke? Yeah, I remember it too - even though it's almost 3 and a half years ago that Los Angeles Branding and Advertising Agency Benenson Janson "underlined the difference between talking the talk and actually taking a stand" with the imagery.

This american tongue idea is now showing up in an entirely different kind of campaign.


WIN the new edition of Luke Sullivans Hey Whipple! OR a signed Charmins package.

Way back in the year 2000 you could win a signed copy of the Luke Sullivan book just by the effort of signing up. HaHaSoup won that book (and I bet he still has it, don't you HahaSoup?).

Well, here's your chance again - since Luke Sullivan has come out with another edition of his widely popular "Hey Whipple, Squeeze This" book which includes new chapters addressing the galloping development of the web and the myriad of new media areas, we thought we'd throw another competition. Rules inside.


Cancer Council - Get your moles checked - newspaper ads

I'm a sucker for any ad that uses the media it runs in to really drive their point home, aren't you? I'm especially keen on newspaper ads that do this, I've tried using those little holes at the bottom of the page in some ad ideas but I'm afraid I had boring clients. This is anything but boring though. Another good execution inside.


From the Campaign Palace in Melbourne for the Cancer Council of Victoria.


Amnesty International - Freedom Pen - insert.

During freedom week these Amnesty International pens ran as inserts in magazines. Once you removed the pen it revealed a message "use your freedom to free others". The pen was a specially made floaty pen - normally used to strip babes of their bikinis, you know the kind - and as you wrote the bars around the prisoner would slide away. Thus the action of your writing frees him.
Created by Publicis Mojo, Auckland, New Zealand


PandaPanther works on trains planes and automobiles - literally.

Q&A with PandaPanther who just completed work on the MTV Tr3s Top Twenty count. By the way PandaPanther just signed to Blacklist’s roster in January of 2008.

What was the project brief?
Our task was to develop an open and interiors for MTV Tr3s' Top 20 countdown show. the brief was very open. we presented them with several ideas and they gravitated towards a live action based approach. they liked our treatment so much, that they asked us to create individual vignettes for each countdown number.


MTV Tr3s bumper - Top Twenty - (2008) :40 (USA)

MTV  Tr3s bumper - Top Twenty - (2008) :40 (USA)

Hula hoop de doop!


wotif.com - Scary doll - (2008) :45 (Australia)

wotif.com - Scary doll - (2008) :45 (Australia)

We all have our reasons for getting away. This guy has his girlfriends' seriously mood-killing doll to blame. (and possibly killing doll.. That things is creeeepy.)


Axe - Ejects - (2008) :60 (Argentina)

Axe - Ejects - (2008) :60 (Argentina)

Right, so we all know that Axe / Lynx attract horny females to the extent that you have to swat them off with sticks...