Ad placement of the week

I think this is great, atop the Spam folder in Gmail (still beta) sits a text-ad for Hormel Foods luncheon meat, a.k.a Spam!


The Lenovo tapes

Take a little Blair Witch attitude, some amatuer homepage, a computer lab, a few quicktime movies and add a big helpful of "boring" and what have you got?


Ideas: Branding Tragedy - did we create a monster?

Does anyone else want to pull the little blue squares at ideas on ideas or is that some AD/designer damage I've suffered? ;) I can't help myself when I get there. *pull pull* So kyoot!


The way things go - Der Lauf Der Dinge

You probably recall the fuss kicked up by Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss back in 2003, as the Honda Cog spot created by Wieden & Kennedy was a wee bit too close to their award-winning 1987 masterpiece, Der Lauf Der Dinge (The Way Things Go).
Well, for all of you who never saw the way things go, here you go, 29 min 45 sec of things going..and going..and going...

For comparisons sake:

The Honda Cog
advert is in the archive, weighs 8.6 MB - super adgrunts can watch it.


Elvis returns to sell Tennessee with Dolly Parton

USA Today reports that Elvis Presley will be in ads that break today for the state of Tennessee's tourism with Dolly Parton. It took the advertising agency, Chandler Ehrlich, six months to get clearances to use Elvis.

"When I go outside of Tennessee and talk about the state, there are two people that everyone knows are from Tennessee, and they are Dolly and Elvis," Gov. Phil Bredesen says. "To get the two of them together in a commercial is a home run."

It's also the result of the technology that enabled the producers to make it seem as though Parton is sitting next to Presley as he drives a red convertible in a scene from the 1967 movie Clambake.

SuperAdgrunts, read on to see some other ads that brought Elvis back to hawk their goods.


Nando's Limited Coca Cola Bottle for Freedom Day

Freedom Day, celebrated April 27th in South Africa, provided the perfect opportunity for Cross Colours to develop a collector's Coke bottle for the Nando's Freedom Day Meal promotion.

It is seldom that Coca Cola allows any agency the freedom to design outside the usual brand parameters, so when Nando's was given the go ahead to brand a Coke bottle sleeve for this special occasion, their design agency Cross Colours was briefed to interpret Freedom Day, Coca Cola and Nando's on the bottle sleeve.

It is reminiscent of the funky bottle designs from last autumn for exclusive distribution in the trendiest of clubs and bars.


Apple adds ads to iTunes

Apple adds ads to itunes, say that ten times fast!


Banks suck, so use our bank instead!

We've seen a bit of a creative renaissance with bank ads so far this year, in a "Your bank is old and busted. Ours is hip and fresh and trusted!" sort of way.


U.S. Bank - Name Game (2006) :30 (USA)

U.S. Bank - Name Game (2006) :30  (USA)

"Rob, can I call you billie, Willie? Are you married? Here's a little something for your missus, Ernesto. I need you here Teddy."


U.S. Bank - Low Rates (2006) :30 (USA)

U.S. Bank - Low Rates (2006) :30  (USA)

"I'm looking for a low interest rate.."
"Hmm, how does 18.5% percent sound?"
"Can you go any lower?"
"How does 18.5% percent sound?"

Banks are pretty much like this.