The Monterey Bay Aquarium - Penguin cabs and print ads, USA

San Francisco-based advertising agency BuderEngel (BE) has created a new campaign to showcase the renovation of, Splash Zone: Ocean Homes at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, one of the nations top attractions, it's all based around the tagline "Some Experiences Follow You Home".

The campaign included stunts, like the one on July 10th when for six hours, ten cabs and police escorts of two bike cops made stops at tourist spots throughout San Francisco with a character in a penguin suit to give out tickets to kids and families. Also, there were penguin-clad cabs driving around San Fran. There's even a competition on: "CBS Sacramento will be hosting a contest where finalists are given a Flip Video Camera and tickets to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to tape their experiences at the Aquarium" - the grand prize? "one week for four to the Monterey Bay Aquarium including accommodation, $100 in gas, VIP tour of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and dinner". I have no idea how to even begin to spend a week in a Aquarium - that place must be huge.


Monterey Bay Aquarium - Puddles - (2008) :30 (USA)

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Puddles - (2008) :30 (USA)

A girl and her penguin. See also the OOH work The Monterey Bay Aquarium - Penguin cabs and print ads


Tour de France - Cycling billboard - ambient, Australia

"RazorJunior created an advertisement for SBS's coverage of the Tour De France that is an epic 21 day endurance event for one Melbourne cyclist. Through wind, rain and sunshine, the cyclist is pedalling a racing bike connected to and powering a scrolling metrolite from 8:00am to 4:00pm, stopping only for two rest days as per the actual Tour De France event."

Yes folks,"even the ad is an endurance event."


Primrose oil - Storm center / House /Holiday /car park - print, Australia

Ward 6, Sydney, did this campaign for highlighting when to use primrose oil - only when little storm centers gather above your house. Oh good, that never happens around here so I won't need to get that rubbish. ;)


TBWA are two-faced, according to Chinese netheads.

The Amnesty "after the olympic games" China campaignThe Wall street journal reports that TBWA Worldwide has gotten into trouble for the bronze Lion winning Amnesty International campaign "after the olympics". (if anyone here reckons that campaign is similar to the Swedish Red Cross campaign which compares human rights violations to olympic sports it's 'cuz, well they are kind of similar) - or rather attracted the ire of Chinese netheads. Why? Well, while TBWA in China do chest-thumping olympic sports ads for Adidas with a Chinese twist, TBWA Paris do ads for Amnesty International highlighting the countries poor human rights record. Conflicting accounts are pretty much unavoidable when you're in a global network of "258 offices in 75 countries world-wide".

Chinese bloggers, spurred by a report in state-run media of the Amnesty campaign last week, are now calling for a boycott of all TBWA ads, among other measures.

"I suggest that all Chinese employees in TBWA resign from this company," wrote one blogger on

Uh, yeah, that'll happen.

TBWA's headquarters in New York said it wasn't aware of the campaign. "Had TBWA management known about this ad, not only would the ad not have been entered into an award show, but it would not have been produced," said Tom Carroll, chief executive of TBWA Worldwide. "This is the action of one individual at our agency working on a pro bono account." He said the agency is investigating the matter and will take appropriate action to "ensure this never happens again."

Say, what? The Amnesty campaign wasn't a one-man job, there were five people credited both here and at the Cannes Lions.


SKY TV Live Pause - Golf, Rugby, Football - billboards New Zealand

DDB New Zealand have clearly been having fun when they did these billboards to promote the capabilities of "Live pause" on Sky TV. In "Rugby" (above) and "Football" (inside) two billboards go together while "Golf" sprays sand and a ball away from the board, sent by Tiger himself.

Commercials: - Braille, an introduction , print UK

"If you keep touching yourself you will go blind!" - well, now that you no braille that's not a problem, is it?


Volkswagen Beetle, Hello Sunshine, print France

This campaign from Agence .V., Saint Ouen, Paris, France seems to have walked straight out of Todd Cole's photography portfolio, but I don't care as the images are that yummy.


Feed SA - Trolley - ambient, South Africa.

Feed SA is a charity dedicated to feeding disadvantaged people throughout South Africa. TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris says: "We placed decals of hungry begging street children at the bottom of supermarket trolleys bearing the Feed SA website and the line "See how easy feeding the hungry can be?" Any food placed in the trolley would appear to be given to the child."

Link to larger image


Mystery 'ad campaign' for the Hijab. Lollipops need to cover up?

I really want to know if this is a real ad, and who did it. What is it saying? Are women lollipops? Are men flies, or are the flies representative of "evil thoughts"? The text with this ad reads “You can’t stop them, but you can protect yourself.” (or so the arabist says and since I don't read arabic I'll take his word for it)

Web trail: The Arabist got it via an email forward, soon Sandmonkey picked it up, Andrew Sullivan weighed in, Adfreak spotted it and Gawker laughed at it in "Baby Let Me Rub My Thorax On Your Sweet Candy Face". Since the Arabist "received it as a completely random (but genuine-looking) email forward" I really couldn't say for sure if this campaign is a real ad campaign or not. What do you think, or do you know more details about this campaign?