September has arrived, and what better way to fight off the languid, dog days of summer than with some island hopping? The latest :15s Bus and Pedicab for the casual dining staple T.G.I. Friday's, completed via Publicis NY, offer up the colorful adventure of the Caribbean thanks to Pirate NY Composer Watt White's licensed track "Playing In The Sun All Day." Created for T.G.I.F.'s new Caribbean menu, both spots feature vibrant, island-inspired vehicles dropping American tourists off at a seemingly exotic destination spot, the popular American restaurant.

Calle Sjönell, Executive Creative Director, BBH New York has A Radical Proposal to Save Advertising on the Web up on BBH labs blog.

I propose we create a clear set of universal instructions letting users know if they are staying on a site or leaving it. Or, to push it even further, what if every ad had two standard buttons at the same location, “Save for Later” (like Instapaper for display) and “Go to Website”. That way ads would behave more like we use the web today. A Universal System for display, in which everyone knows what to expect. A system that respects the user.

Respects the user are the key words here.

Hilarious and somewhat unrelated image found at Designer Daily.

In a collaborative showcase between their top-flight color-grading and VFX departments, full-service post studio Nice Shoes just finished work on the latest stunning spot for GE Capital's ongoing co-branding campaign, this time spotlighting the company's relationship with Polaris.

Polaris opens on a panoramic shot of a stunning, jagged-edged dunescape. A Polaris dune buggy streaks across the screen, tossing a trail of sand behind and adding a flash of red color to the brown-and-tan-hued land. A voiceover extols the merits of GE Capital's intensive client relationship with Polaris before the spot ends with the occupants leaping from the buggy and dancing joyously across the sand.

MTV VMA - Drake Promo  (2010)

Drake, a VMA performer and dual award nominee, relaxes in impossibly cool Frank Sinatra-style 1950s black and white while his crowd waits breathlessly stageside for his appearance - footage shot i

The famous MTV VMAs are just a few weeks away, a fact that will be a secret to no one thanks to a vibrant five-spot campaign color-graded by Smoke & Mirrors Colorist Ben Eagleton. Working direct-to-client with MTV, Eagleton expertly colored the challenging campaign, which mimics the look of various past eras with a funky mix of black-and-white, full color, and mixed footage. The campaign stars VMA nominees, presenters and performers: Nicki Minaj, Drake, Ke$ha, Eminem and Justin Bieber.