KFC - Opening soon - print, Serbia

Djordje Djukanovic, Art Director at Incognito Belgrade brings us this simple visual to announce the opening of a KFC.


Ariel - Pop Up Menu - print, France

Saatchi & Saatchi Paris brings us yet another clever 3D thing for Ariel, now it's a pop-up book/ad.


CUBE - Brokeback (2008) :35 (South Africa)

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It's a tad anti-brokeback.

Agency: KingJames Cape Town
Alistair King (Executive Creative Director)
Devin K (Creative Director)
Peri VP (Copywriter)
Simone O (Agency Producer)
Production Company: Spaced Out Sound


Font humor for font nerds.

If you laugh at this, you are a font nerd.

Also, don't miss part two. Hat tip to the Bold kids.


Heinz Hot Ketchup - Instant hot - print, Belgium

Instant heat


It's like a defrost for your bland food.

Retouching: Yelle AT livingroom.be


While we put you on hold, here's some lovely ads to listen to!

WSJ online report that marketers have found another spot with "captive" audiences - that time when you are put on hold as you call customer service.

The start-ups behind this new technology say customers are particularly susceptible to marketing pitches while they are on hold because they are attentively waiting for someone to arrive on the other end of the line.

Oh there's a special place in hell for the people who thought this up, right below the guys who turned ABBA, Beatles and White Snakes songs into muzak. Fully aware that this would be one of the most annoying places in the world to hear ads, it continues;

But marketers have to tread carefully. Being stuck on hold is a big consumer pet peeve, and there is a danger of riling customers -- or potential customers -- even more by blitzing them for ads. For that reason, ads tend to be short -- typically less than 30 seconds.


Outside's Jeff Ferruzzo Donates Talent to Empowering PSA Addressing NYC's Homeless Issue

Creative Director Rich Russo of ad agency Euro RSCG Worldwide called on the talents of award-winning editor Jeff Ferruzzo of Outside Editorial for a new Public Service Announcement (PSA) for the Coalition for the Homeless. The nation's oldest advocacy and direct service organization helping the homeless, the organization's new PSA entitled "When All Else Fails" features :90, :60, :30 and :15 versions; and is currently airing on the E-Health Network throughout New York.

Coalition for the Homeless - When all else fails - (2008) :90 (USA)

Concepted by Euro's Rich Russo and directed by Gary Lankford, with cinematography by Kevin McKnight, "When All Else Fails" informs New Yorkers about the growing epidemic of homelessness in their city. A diverse group of homeless (men, women, and even children) depicted in a montage sequence are empowered, given a voice, as each reads excerpts from a "New York Magazine" article addressing the issue. As an image of a man's face fades into that of a child, the narrator delivers an alarming statistic: the average age of a homeless person in New York City today is nine years old.


Ariel Stain Pen - book of stains (pen inside) ambient, France

The Ariel Stain Pen Book via Saatchi & Saatchi Paris - a self-help book' How to help get rid of stains on the go' was placed in cafes and bookshops.
Inside was an Ariel Stain Pen die cut into the pages for the reader to use.


The chances of mold decorating your ceiling are minimal.

Campaign for Anti-Mold Paint, which prevents mold in humid places - Coral Paints. A very elaborate set of patterns created by mold. Yeah, that ain't ever gonna happen.


Nandi - Before and after - print, India

Ah yes, the old "A and B" solution to a communication problem, topped with the classic waistline on product idea. I'm not sure what Nandi is, a diet drink probably.

Client: Nandi
Agency: Bhadra Communications, Bangalore, India
Art Director: Siju S Nair