Creative Review has a yummy photo-peek at Brooklyn-based artist/designer Scott Albrecht's exhibitions at at The Curiosity Shoppe in San Francisco called "Somethingmistakenfornothing".

Scott has re-represented popular sayings using second-hand and found materials, and the result is tactile beauty.

....and this shaking hand heart really reminds me of a logo for something. It's not united way, but strikes me as suitable for a similar type of charitable organization, perhaps a big brothers & sisters thing or a college fund? Anyone else recognize it? Anyone? Bueller? Post an image in the comments.

The Christian Democrats in Sweden have begin their election campaign and allow people to download their ads on their site with the caveat: "Please note that the posters shan't be worked up, changed or manipulated". Right, like anyone is going to listen to that. Predictably people have had lots of fun with these posters and twitpic has carried hundreds of variations between giggling social-media heads for days already.

The original posters seem to confuse most people, the leader of the KD-party is staring down wild animals, a gorilla, a hyena, an ostrich and an African buffalo, while the tagline asks for "a more humane Sweden".

"There's a bit of humor in it, and we use metaphors in this campaign" says Henrik Ehrenberg who worked on the campaign to SvD.

field print: 

Shark Week is upon us! Oh yes, here we go again watching Discovery channel's iconic show. These creatures are fascinating, creators of myth and bizarre food habits (Anna Anka eats cartilage every day because she's read the book Sharks Don't Get Cancer by Dr. William Lane and thinks any cartilage, be it chicken or shark, will work). Due to overhunting (because Hollywood bimbos eat cartilage), and and environmental degradation, shark numbers are declining.

Russell Athletic - Style Points - (2010) :30 (USA)

Sporting apparel innovator Russell Athletic® is debuting a new creative campaign by agency The Richards Group that kicks off with a TV commercial directed by Jeff Bednarz. The spot, “Style Points,” features real athletes and supports the launch of Russell Athletic’s moisture-wicking Dri-Power® line. The spot broke last night during the Little League World Series on ESPN and will air nationally throughout 2011.

“Style Points,” begins with the phrase, “Style points don’t show up in the box score,” and highlights the work, pride, blood and tears that shape an athlete. The imagery unfolds in lush detail with high-speed motion photography interwoven with 16 mm footage for a rich, organic quality and a nod to sporting provenance.

field print: 

So a bearded baby, a pipe-smoking baby and a tattooed baby walk into a bar.... I got nothing.

This campaign seems to be a great fit for what Fred said in Cannes last year about babies in ads, like the tattooed baby and pierced baby in pony family. "Before you only had the "idea" of a babies, you didn't understand." The babies are just prop, a visual translation of the line, and a rather creepy looking one at that.

OK Cupid call themselves the best dating site on earth, and I don't know about that but I will say that they now have one of the best branded blogs evah. At first they were digging up rather mundane stats from the site and sharing it, but now they've found their groove and here is their graph-laden backed up by science fun post on the best pose, camera, and time of day you should take your profile photo: "Don't be ugly by accident".

I mean, their graph's prove that iPhone users have more sex. Give'em some love.