Citibank and Fallon get Emmy

Last night the Emmy awards were held in Los Angeles. And the Creative Arts Emmy for Outstanding Commerical went to "Outfit" for Citibank Identity Theft Card Protection by Fallon and Thomas Thomas Films, which beat out "Rubberband Man" for Office Max, "Born A Donkey" for Budweiser, "Dominoes" for Miller, "Door Music" for Saturn and, "Interview" for United Airlines.
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Leo Burnett and Young Guns exhibits in NYC

The Museum of Television & Radio in NYC will be showcasing the work of ad agency Leo Burnett, in the exhibit "Legendary Agency, Legendary Brands". The exhibit opens today in conjunction with Advertising Week in New York City. The "Legendary Agency, Legendary Brands" exhibit runs at the Museum through October 31, 2004.


AUDI internet film is personalised car marketing

This was a link sent to Sam Deutsch as part of a mailout this week. A short film showing technicians discovering a match between his DNA and the VDT of Audi. Vorsprung Durch Technik. In addition, people on the initial list were sent a personalised DM piece, but only if they clicked the link and saw the movie. So the DM was only mailed out to individuals receptive to an Audi message. The Perfect Match.

See Sam Deutsch's film here

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Coming Adtractions - win jewelboxings.

Yes fellow AdGrunts, we have another game on where you can use your creative writing skills to win a 20pack of pretty jewelboxings, also known as the only way for a digital portfolio to travel in style.

The game is quite simple, write the voice-over for our coming adtractions, movies about love, lust and advertising. The rules are even simpler - write your VO as a comment underneath this article, and you have a chance to win the 20pack. Monday October 4 is the day we will pick the winnah!


Nintendo flips switch on DS ad campaign in Japan

AGameSpot is reporting that Nintendo has begun airing ads for their new Nintendo DS gaming system in Japan, over half a year before the DS is scheduled for release in Japan.

TV ads for the soon-to-be-released Nintendo DS will begin airing in Japan tomorrow, according to sports journals Sports Houchi and Saneki Sports. The ad will feature popular Japanese music star Hikaru Utada, one of the best known female vocalists in Japan. This won't be Utada's first time getting involved in video games, as she is known for lending her vocals to the main theme of Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts. Coincidentally, the vocalist will be making her American debut next month with a new album, Exodus.


New Kerry ad attacks Cheney, Haliburton

ABC News is reporting that a new John Kerry ad attacks Dick Cheney and the Haliburton Oil Company.

The new ad seeks to paint Cheney with a conflict of interest for collecting deferred benefits from the time was Halliburton's chief executive and the work the company has done during the war and reconstruction of Iraq.


Nike ad aims for emotions of Canadian hockey fans

The National Canadian Newspaper "The Globe and Mail" is reporting that Nike has begun running telelvision ads that aim for the emotions of Canadian Hockey Fans. These ads are in response to the National Hockey League lockout that may result in no hockey being played for the 2004/05 season. More at the Globe and Mail
Barring any miracles that would obviate a work stoppage, Nike plans to begin running 30-second television commercials today playing on the emotions Canadians will feel from the withdrawal of the NHL game that is their national passion.

The stark image is that of an idle, soundless hockey rink, its 19,000 seats vacant. The "action" is that of the ice, melting away, right down to the concrete floor. The simple message is "bring it back."

"It's a statement ad that will be shown only in Canada, where our major hockey market is located," says Derek Kent, the head of corporate communications for Nike Canada.


Hear from Advertising Week NYC and Navigauge Inc. on The Advertising Show

Hear Matt Scheckner, Executive Director of Advertising Week in New York City (AWINYC), share how this commemorative industry event, celebrating the economic impact and fundamental creativity of the advertising business, got off the ground. Advertising Week is in New York City on September 20-24, 2004. Some of the events include a public vote to determine America’s All-Time Favorite Ads, Madison Avenue Walk of Fame dedication and Advertising Icon Parade. Matt is also the president and CEO of Empire Sports & Entertainment, a New York-based marketing and strategic consulting firm.


APA names top UK 50 adverts of the year

On Thursday, September 16th, the APA showcased of the best 50 commercials of the year made by UK agencies and production companies at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.


Going After Nike - Adbusters sues network for not airing TV spots

"With plenty of bark and maybe just enough bite, "antipreneur" Kalle Lasn is ready to leave his mark -- er, spot -- on the global sneaker industry. Watch out, Phil Knight.
" link »
Meanwhile in Canada, The Globe and Mail reports: "Adbusters, the Vancouver-based alternative media organization, is suing Canada's major television networks for refusing to broadcast advertisements that criticize consumerism."