Alka seltzer - Piranhas and crocodiles - print Thailand

Another print ad execution for Alka Seltzer from JWT Bangkok, Thailand. Confusing since BBDO Bangkok just did this awesome high-speed stroboscopic photography style campaign which easily falls under the category "teh ossom". So who in Bangkok has the alka-seltzer account, I wonder? Everybody?


Film geek T-shirts for sale.

Last Exit To Nowhere is "home to a collection of unique shirt designs which are inspired and pay homage to some of the most memorable places, corporations and companies in modern fiction – from the sunny shores of Amity Island (Jaws) to the frozen climes of Outpost #31 (The Thing)."

That's right, show your movie-geekdom on your chest kids. My fave T-shirt depicted on the left. What kind of movies do I like? :) Oh yeah! Zombie films!


Taj Tea - Divine tea - print, India

Holy stunning photography batman!


The Taj Tea Trail is a tea-tasting event organised by Brooke Bond Taj Mahal tea. Here people get to sample the finest collection of teas and discover fascinating trivia about the drink. These posters, via O&M Mumbai, were created as masterpieces using actual Taj Mahal tea granules. Displayed on easels like work of art, these posters helped glorify this golden drink.


I don't even drink tea anymore, but these ads are mighty tempting if only to watch the swirls of golden tea escape in the hot water... Mmmm.





Football Resistance - No Racism - billboard, France

CLM BBDO, Paris and football resistance wants to kick racism out of football.


Schick Quattro - smooth as ice - Ambient, Australia

JWT Sydney says: "The superior quality of Schick Quattro razors ensures exceptional smoothness. To demonstrate this, we fitted a zamboni machine at Sydney's largest ice arena with a giant Schick Quattro razor."


Miss Epil - a hairy djungle - print France

Lowe Strateus, Paris, has created this campaign asking women to please use Miss Epil. Looking at this campaign my first reaction isn't to go hairless, but to get a bigger man. (oh yeah, I went there.)


Young & Rubicam's campaign for Novo FM Radio continues with commercials


NOVA FM - Electro - (2008) :30 (France)


NOVA FM - Funk - (2008) :30 (France)

NOVA FM - Funk - (2008) :30 (France)

Do the funky animation dance!


World Water Day - how to make water out of urine - print, India

For world water day Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai decided to go the educational route and actually tech us how to make your urine drinkable water in this poster, which looks a lot like old school posters in its Art Direction/ Illustration style.

It's pretty simply actually, all you need is a hole in the ground, a bucket, some tarp and rocks, the sun itself and then of course, your pee. In fact I hear that the übertough French foreign league men and Chilean army soldiers do this all the time. So next time you're at a loss for water, here you go.