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Don't be sucking on free services hospitality.

Anyone else getting a little sick of all these hoazes, er, fictional ad people getting their own blog-pages, myspace profiles and livejournal accounts or is it just me? I hope that the free services they leech on are getting paid for the ad placement at least, which is what it is lets be fair.

Most recently I stumbled onto Miss Helga's myspace profile where I've got the chance to download ringtones, desktop images and learn that every idiot on Myspace thinks "advertisment" for short is spelled "add". Gah!


Greed: Flynordics new film

Johan Renck aka Stakka Bo, the director who did those Nike 'choose your ending' ads and a bunch of music videos including Madonna's "nothing really matters" has just directed a film for Flynordic - the low budget airline.
The film, which looks a lot like a music video since it's rather long, asks "what are you really paying for?" and if we are supposed to deduce the answer from this film I guess we are paying for expensive ego directors , some editors coke habit and a lot of stock footage. Click image below to get to flynordics website, where you can click "filmen/låten" to bring up the commercial in the flash interface.


Orange 3G banner follows you through websites

Y&R in Israel created a banner for 3G playlist cellular service that was a little different. The banner, once clicked, takes you on a journey through the leading websites and back to where you started. It might be the first time in Israel that the leading websites have co-operated to show the same banner and get "travelled through" as that's what the banner does. Y&R claims not only a 4.5% click rate, but also that this banner propelled the internet advertising as a whole since it opened new doors.

See the banner in action.


Altoids is at it again... this time with an advergame!

Interesting advergame from Altoids -- a bend the contortionist game. Really, really nice and fits well to their campaign. Lot of cool stuff at that site.


Burger King - The Whoppers - Bedroom (2006) :30 (USA)

Burger King - The Whoppers - Bedroom (2006) :30  (USA)

She's just lusting for his buns.


Apple wants you to "Get a Mac"

Last night Apple unveiled a new ad campaign "Get a Mac" continuing on its course to get PC folk to make the switch.


RAB touts radio in the UK with talking chip in press ad

The RAB (Radio Advertising Bureau) in the UK is launching a similar campaign to what we saw earlier last month by the RAB in the US. JWT London has created a press ad for the group to tout the effectiveness of advertising on radio.

The ad will appear in Media Week today and will be placed in the centre pages of the magazine, which are blank.

When the pages are opened, the talking chip is activated with the message: "You are three times more likely to get your ad noticed on radio than you are in press. For more information contact the Radio Advertising Bureau at rab.co.uk."

The timing of this ad ties into the release of their ad avoidance study, which you can download here.


One show naughty video

Those who fancy that green-hued film in the dark type dirty video might enjoy the demonstration by Jeff Kling of his "travel with your pencil workout program for rising executives."... Yes, it's strange.

Stranger still though is that I had to hop on the trail of that page-title of the top level on futureadstar.com, which was ncmmedia.com, owned by Eileen Turkel whom I gather is really good at doing medical transcriptions from home and looking for more transcription work. For a moment there I thought I was getting lost in an advergame... I'm not am I?


The Attention Economy and Hoax Marketing

The information age has become an attention economy. Michael H. Goldhaber states: "If the Web and the Net can be viewed as spaces in which we will increasingly live our lives, the economic laws we will live under have to be natural to this new space. These laws turn out to be quite different from what the old economics teaches, or what rubrics such as "the information age" suggest. What counts most is what is most scarce now, namely attention. The attention economy brings with it its own kind of wealth, its own class divisions - stars vs. fans - and its own forms of property, all of which make it incompatible with the industrial-money-market based economy it bids fair to replace. Success will come to those who best accommodate to this new reality."

How can internet marketers tap into this attention economy? Well, one surefire way of capturing the attention of millions is to implement a "hoax marketing" strategy. In SEO terms, a hoax marketing campaign can generate thousands upon thousands of quality backlinks; which, as I'm sure you know, is a prerequisite for a high PageRank.

Hoaxes are also excellent fodder for viral marketing campaigns. People go nuts for a weird or controversial story; they feel empowered because they are privy to a gem of secret knowledge. Inevitably, they then feel compelled to pass on the message via word of mouth/mouse. Within no time the knowledge of the hoax has mushroomed.

Hoax marketing campaigns have been popping up all over the net recently. An excellent example would have to be the one orchestrated by the graffiti site stillfree.com:
(more inside)