McDonald's - Animated Egg Billboard , USA

Wow, what a fun billboard! Leo Burnett Chicago created this huge egg billboard for McDonald's, it only opens up between 6am and 10.30am, the time that eggs are on the menu at McDonalds.


Humanitarian Lion - press SPEC

Remember that humanitarian lion idea that showed up on youtube in May? Yeah, it had slipped my mind too, anyway the guys behind it tried making some ads for it.



When they sent me the first one, which was basically a badge pointing to the youtube film again, I responded "Oh you know that'll you'll have to do better than that. I'll be happy to publish it when you do." so here's their second shot at an ad advertising the Humanitarian Lion. They explain: "we created this ad to communicate people about our website. Our idea is to collect the most signatures and companies support we can, to convince Cannes Festival. Thank you"

Double BLT magazine covers, NYT's "T" vs Coast a.k.a Toast.

New York Times blog finds that Coast Magazine is doing ye old 'sincerest form of flattery' thing regarding their own Spring 2007 cover of T (left).


Damn Tasty New York Pizza - Jus / Sauce - (2008) :30 (The Netherlands)

Damn Tasty New York Pizza - Jus / Sauce - (2008) :30 (The Netherlands)

This is serious, he says, as he gets the golf club out again. His pizza is damn focken tasty.


Absolut Kanye (2008) Print(USA)

Now Be Kanye - Sometimes when I'm at work sweating over some impossible deadline, I would daydream of being a rapper. My life would be filled with yachts, gold chains and girls wearing booty shorts. Yeah!

Now Absolut has something to help my dream come true. I found this small ad hidden in the personals section of the latest New York Magazine. Side-effects include inflated ego and temper tantrums.


Brazilian Beauty - Tidy up - print, Australia

....And with this little reminder about personal grooming, I'll bid you a great Friday and head for the beach.
link to larger image
Brazilian Beauty


Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer - Bus Hands - print, Australia

Germophobia was never this creepy.... Look at those arms, ew, ew, EW! *wipes brain with bleach*

Commercials: becomes Researcher DIGG clone.

I interrupt this Friday to bring you what I was tinkering on most of the night - Researcher DIGG. Researcher is a Swedish advertising/planning/strategy blog that's been around for a long time, but its founder Niclas is finding less and less time to spend there. I suggested that I'd make a Digg-clone + blog, and he (SUCKER) let me have at it. Now, any Swedish net-head (it helps if you know the language) can sign in and post links to the upcoming page - if they get enough votes from other users, they end up on the front page.

I know, it's not the prettiest at the moment, but it works, so bite me. Also, I managed to import every post Niclas has made since 2003 to it, and keep the URL's they were posted to (like this one) intact, so *raspberry*. I was originally working on this dealio to make Adland a digg-clone, but then jesus, this place is so big it gives me a headache already. ;9


Why web 2.0 won't work with tradepress sites (like Resume)

Resumé in Sweden (which is either adage or adweek, take your pick) has decided to start a 'community' and force people to stand for their comments (as users). I get that, they're sick of "anonymous". Hell, that's why I only allow comments here from anyone who signs up - you could be "jacktheripper" both here and at Resumé and your comments will always be yours, yaknow?

But then they did the extra-weird thing and allowed signed-in-users to be anonymous. Ah, okaaay.... Wait, you didn't want anon comments, right? Wait a second.... Wasn't that the problem?


Translate server error reveals serious priority error.

Get a REAL WRITER already!

This Epic FAIL brought to you by Dear Jane Sample via Adfreak