Hat tip to Pleasecopyme who found the class where Luke Sullivan teaches "simplicity" to the students at the Miami Ad school in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He opens with the bit of always using lions in all of your ads like he did when we interviewed him when he was in Denmark. But that's just to get under your skin, where he can teach you how to be good. The man was once a standup comedian, from that he learned that nervous is good.

If you can't catch Luke Sullivan live, I promise that his book Hey Whipple is just as funny. Read a bit from it under that link and you'll see.

Funny or DIE UK has come out with a spoof of Microsoft 7 House party which is almost as funny as the censored version with all the bleeping. It's the "Hosting Your Windows 7 Torrenting Party" infomercial. Of course, someone has shamlessly pirated the skit to youtube which is triple-funny. Youtube is the torrent-party for people who can't figure out how to torrent, after all.

[yellow tail] wine - Tragedy - (2009) :30 (USA)

is launching a new multimedia campaign, entitled “Open for Anything™,” that will debut on Friday, October 23 and air throughout the holiday season.

The ‘Open for Anything’ campaign reflects the brand’s attitude in a humorous, unexpected way.

The broadcast spots, created by the BurnsGroup, were directed by Tarsem, winner of the Cannes Best Director award. His acclaimed directorial work ranges from the award-winning R.E.M. music video “Losing My Religion” to the 2000 feature film “The Cell” (starring Jennifer Lopez) and dozens of commercial advertising spots for the likes of Nike, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Levis.

It was bound to flare up, the mainstreaming of non-traditional media has advertising using (or looking like) street art a lot lately. Like the Vespa Street art 'vespa-head' posters and the streetart Volkswagen head response, the dance between the space reclaimers and the space-owners has turned into a war.

NYT reports about A Battle, on Billboards, of Ads vs. Art. But the street artists aren't targeting just any old poster site, they going after the wild poster people that they believe don't have permissions to poster. The examples of flyposters paid for by taxpayers, and the chalk outline symbolic language of street art has been co-opted most recently by "Snakes on a cane" for the show House which might the drop the cup runneth over by.

“We’re bombarded by ads every day,” he said. “Advertising frames the public environment as being for sale but public space is not inherently commercial.”
At 10:30, Mr. Seiler and his confederates broke up into pairs, bringing along five-gallon buckets of white paint and long-handled rollers to use to spread the paint over ads.
There were ads for drinks (Bulldog Gin, Hendrick’s Gin and Dr Pepper), movies (a comedy called “Black Dynamite,” along with a documentary about President Obama called “By the People”) and albums (“World Painted Blood” by Slayer was pasted next to “Soulbook” by Rod Stewart).
Some passers-by liked the commandolike cover-ups; an artist named Jane Gennaro, who was not connected to the project, approved of the men painting over an ad for the video game Grand Theft Auto, saying, “We need to get rid of all the visual noise.”

"Sweat bicycle chain grease perfume" never sounded this good.

Client: Novartis
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland
Production Company: Jeff Wayne Music
Director : Steve Sidwell
Account managers: Stephanie Rupp & Melanie Foucher
Creative Director: John Pallant
Creative Director: Roger Kennedy
Creative Director: Jean-François Fournon
Copywriter: Dave Govier & Levi Slavin
Producer: Rebecca Williams
Sound Engineer: Tom Heddy


Don't you just love a campaign that is so graphically stylistic you know who the sender is before your brain has worked out the image riddle? Image of different plugs worldwide, sender is the multi-plug. In conclusion, get plugged in.

Gun-toting MILF pinup
rollerskate waitress pinup
tom boy pinup

The gun toting MILF, the rollerskating waitress and the blowtorch wielding tomboy pinup are all nodding their retro curls to past eras while showing off the clothes you can find from said era at the Midwest Trader shop in Adelaide, South Australia which specializes in U.S. vintage apparel.