Buymusic predatory apple ads

Wired examines buymusic's ripoff of Apple's iTunes music store commercials. Mac News Network asks is it Parody or predatory?

See also earlier post BuyMusic Rips Off Apple - Twice! August 05 where each Buymusic and Apple commercial is linked with screenshots for comparison.


No more AOL?

Don't crack open the champagne just yet, but AOL Time Warner are considering dropping "AOL" from it's name. published an email allegedly written by Jon Miller on Monday.

" Yet since the merger in early 2001, the three letters AOL have ceased to stand for the Internet and the promise it entails, and instead have become the shorthand for the world's largest media company. As AOL Time Warner became known as, for all intents and purposes, "AOL," any controversy or criticism involving the corporate entity has actually hit our consumer brand. "

AOL reps would not confirm or deny the authenticity of the e-mail, Infoword has more on the story.


Volkswagen gets ad in deep water

Disasternews reports that this Volkswagen Touret advert made Ms Jane Yount steaming mad. She said the commercial was "reckless."

superadgrunts click to view.

For now, the Touareg ad is out of rotation, but when it reappears, it will run with a disclaimer.


Nissan's "Urban" Fakeout

Who's writing graphitti all over Nissan's billboards? Why it's Nissan, of course! The name of a website,, is being spay painted on Nissan's ads. What can be found on A "HyperSonic Transmission" of Nissan ads.


Terry Tate for Governor!

Hell - it's California.
Need I say more?


another banned Levi's ad

Yahoo biz! reports that Levi's are suffering from banned ad syndrome this week. Last night Levi's decided to pull the ad where a woman riding on horseback jumps over a train.

super adgrunts, just click the image to view the ad.


Levi's Ad banned in New Zealand

Levis "Born again" advert has been banned in New Zealand, reports

The complains argued that the baptism imagery was highly offensive as it was a sacred Christian sacrament. The Television Commercial Approvals Bureau said the advertisement had not depicted a Christian baptism and "born again" was a phrase that could be used in non-religious circumstances. However, the board ruled that the 52 complainants had found the ceremony depicted offensive.


Hong Kong fashion inspired by Nazi symbolism (link not currently working) made the worldwide news for their nazi fashions . The designer apparantly just wanted the clothes, and also the shop decorating concept, to have a military theme, he claims he did not realize that the Nazi symbols would be considered offensive.

Red banners and swastikas adorn the shop, and there is even a T-shirt with Adolf Hitler on it. This is one for the "what on earth were they thinking?" marketing tactic. We have all heard of now, but we probably won't be shopping there anytime soon.
Diplomats take Izzue with swastika promotion puns iol. Both German and Israeli diplomats were outraged.


Priceless Chihuahua

Economy Class Ticket to Japan: US$1,500

Digital Camera: US$250

Pet: US$15

Taking a picture of your pet Chihuahua, putting the picture on your Mastercard, and sell it to the Japanese public: priceless

There are some things you can't do to earn money. For anything else, there's Yahoo News! about the Japanese barking mad over a Mastercard. Who wants to put Hello Kitty on a Mastercard?


Luerzer's in america - jingle contest

Fancy winning a Luerzer's TV Archive Mag/DVD delivered to your desk?
Remember that Luerzer's TV Archive Mag/DVD coming to USA - they'll need a jingle, and we'll need your help!

Best three get gold-silver and bronze Luerzer's TV Archive Mag/DVD stuffed envelope. Read on to see the task at hand;