McKenzie Schwefel told viewers that when she grew up she wanted to have a "brown nose." But at age 7, she didn't know what she was saying.

"I probably didn't know what that line meant until, like, three years later," says Schwefel, now 17 and a high school senior in Minnetonka, Minn.

Schwefel made her experience filming the spot and other ads a focus of her college application essays. "I even sent my clip from to schools," she said. "I think it made a really big difference. It was nice to be able to show people that I had this thing that made me unique." - When I grow up - (1999) 0:30 (USA)

I can stop asking if it'll be as popular as the drumming gorilla now, Cadbury's eyebrow dance viral has been viewed 4 million times, according to Cadbury.
To celebrate, or just be timely, Cadbury and Orange have gotten together and offer the dance-tune from the advert as a downloadable ringtone. Both Cadbury and Orange accounts are handled by Fallon - we know how to make things viral - London.

The ad debuted on January 23 during the Big Brother Finale on UK Channel 4, but soon appeared all over the web and even had celeb endorsements - Kayne west blogged it, so did Perez Hilton and Stephen Fry tweeted it calling it "...wrong. Wrong. Yet oddly right". You're so right Stephen.

click the image to watch the ad, you know you want to.

Personally, I love the songs they've dug up for each one of these commercials, except "Good morning" which honestly, felt a little wrong if you compare to the tone of the other ads. My faves? the machine and portraits - which one is yours?

It started with a bunch of gear heads on back roads across America. Now, the National Hot Rod Association, better known as the NHRA, is a battle between million dollar missiles-on-wheels.

And to kick off its first season as the NHRA's series title sponsor, Full Throttle (Coca-Cola) is unleashing a six-spot TV campaign that pays homage to the history, heroes, and the spectacle that surrounds the sport of drag racing.

It took us three crazy hot days at the Pomona Raceway in California and one passed out crew member to capture the soul behind one of America’s original motorsports.

The campaign includes interviews with some of the leading racers of today, including legend Don "The Snake" Prudhomme. One of the coolest guys ever.

The spots were directed by Mother's own Linus Karlsson and produced by Greencard Pictures. Superman Crille Forsberg was the Director of Photography.

Shortcut to all the commecials inside!

To demonstrate the super absorbance of 3M Scotch Brite sponges Y&R Bangkok attached some to drinking fountains ensuring that every drop spilled was soaked up.


"We wanted to find a novel way to demonstrate Scotch-Brite super absorbant sponge to our customers. We attached to sponge to water taps that are found all over the city. Whenever the tap was used, teh consumer saw a clear ad effective demonstration of it's superb absorbency. This created a buzz in the city and the clients saw an increase in awareness & sales."



Ad agency: Y&R Bangkok
Pornchai Wongki-La : Photographer
Trong Tantivejakul : Executive Creative Director
Jittra Thiutipsakul : Copywriter
Nares Limapornvanich : Art Director