The Denver egotist show off Denver agency TDA Advertising's “FYC” (For Your Consideration) kit for the show "Burn Notice". The kit looks like a white box, with black book inside and for a moment there you might not get it at all, because it is in true spy-style printed in invisible ink. Only when you use the special blacklight flashlight that comes in the box can you read the contents. Tres sexy.

Agency: TDA ADVERTISING & DESIGN, Boulder, Colorado
CDs: Jonathan Schoenberg, Thomas Dooley
AD/Designer: Matt Leavitt
CW: Jeremy Seibold
Lithography: Cenveo Graphic Arts Center, Portland, Oregon

Stella Artois recently revived their sales team with the help of Rivet down under. Being the #1 international draught beer might sound like a nice chunk of market share, but In Australia this means that you have a long way to go before you catch up with the local giants, like Crown Lager or Victoria Bitter.
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So, what exactly was your brief, Rivet?
- "Our job was to produce a sales presenter that would get the team excited about Stella Artois, and make it easier to sell the beer to pub and bar managers.

Damn you TextURL, you've now made me follow Don Draper at Twitter. Like I'm not addicted enough to the previously mentioned tumblr blog What would Don Draper Do? As if I didn't spend last night scoring perfect tens on each episodes trivia game at I'm pathetic enough to even shriek of shock seeing as Salvator had what looked like a date or even a wife in the first episode - my dreams of being his AD-assistant/fag-hag now crushed. *cries*

For a trip down emory lane, here was my ad-paranoid recap of Mad Men Episode 1 season one.

However, I will admit that I haven't dressed up like the Mad Men posse and hung around my elevator lobby like Red Tettemer did. But that's because I already dress tres cool. ;P

Condomunity show us an odd little campaign from Elasun Condoms which injects condoms into all major olympic sports.


Swimming is done across a ribbed condom, basketball is played into a condom-hoop, and archery is one pile of condoms rolled into a target.


While some of these images are a bit of a stretch (ahem), Elasun still get two thumbs down for the horrible cliché of hijacking other brand names to make their point - and i still don't know what their point is - see that bit inside.


"By the way “avoiding pregnancy” in Chinese (”Bi-yun”) has become a way to say “to avoid the Olympics” (”Ao-yun” meaning the Olympic Games in mandarin Chinese)"

After 26 years of reassuringly expensive, Stelle and low split up reports the Guardian.

The decision, which affects the Lowe Worldwide network, ends a relationship begun by Sir Frank Lowe when he started the agency in the 1980s.
The beer brand's parent company InBev, which recently handed the advertising business for the launch of its new 4% Stella Artois variant to rival agency Mother, is understood to be set to hold a pitch to handle the business.

Lowe, which runs the Stella business from its London headquarters, will not be taking part in the pitch.

Where will Stella go with their new agency? While the commercials were always epic, Stella Artois has suffered a tarnished image in the UK, being blamed by health campaigners for the culture of binge drinking. While the ads showed a gentler time - albeit one where people would give up allied war pilots to save their beer, rather ungentle if you ask me - in reality Stella has a "wife beater" image together with cheap lagers. What tactic would you recommend dear adgrunt?

Still, it's one of the most famous brand and ad agency pairings - inside you can revisit some of the classic commercials.