Follow your nose. It always knows.

In days of yore, true believers fired up the ol' barbie with sacramental oils to make God/Gods happy. Today, we have "Palmolive Aromatherapy Liquid Soap, Anti-Stress" and a bajillion other specially scented products to flare your nostrils into a sense of well-being whilst you toil away at the drudgeries of modern life.

So is aromatherapy real or a bunch of hooey? One thing's for sure - it appears to be a damn good marketing gimmick. However, this brings up an additional question - Is "aromatherapy" as used in marketing real or a bunch of hooey?

Nelson Handel smelled a story for the LA Times in a rather lengthy but very well researched and written report. Give it a read while I go downtown to try and score some Clorox Spring Mountain Meadow Multiple Orgasm Fresh Blossom Bleach from my local dealer.


Driving and lipstick application

Harvey Nichols insists the advert, which shows the driver nearly running over a man while using the rear-view mirror to apply her lipstick, was tongue in cheek.

Tongue in cheek or not, the ASA has banned this Harvey Nichols lipstick ad after receiving 12 complaints that the ad was "irresponsible, because it showed unsafe driving, and offensive to people who had been, or who knew people who had been, involved in road accidents."

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Badland does Album covers

Some people believe that every ad that is similar in idea to another ad, is a rip-off. Others know that the idea God messes with our heads from time to time, and two people can come up with the same idea to solve the same problem.

After all, we are megaphones for the memes - we stand on the shoulders of giants. All artists borrow, get inspired and sometimes even steal. We also add ideas together in a classic 1+1=3, a winepress and metal type combined made Johannes Gutenberg famous as the inventor of the printing press.

Lets have a look at the amusing world of similarly designed record covers.


Boeing goes on the defensive - in an ad

Accused of all sorts of misconduct and facing a federal investigation, Boeing Co. is expected to run a full-page ad in newspapers today featuring an open letter that defends the company's "integrity" and "honesty."

"It has become clear that some of our employees did not behave properly during the competition" over the rocket pact, Boeing Chairman Phil Condit says in the open letter.

By defending themselves in a 'public forum' Boeing is acknowledging for the first time publicly that some of its employees "behaved unethically".

LA times has the story reg required (free).


Last orders for alcohol ads?

The Independant reports that the Government believes the drinks industry has gone too far with their laddish jokes and sexy puns. The ads, it says, encourage antisocial behaviour and unsafe sex.

Chief executive of the Marketing Society, Mr Burkitt told The Independent: "If you go back five years there were very few complaints about alcohol. We are seeing more and more now. The ads are stepping over the boundaries of taste and decency."

Alex (adlist) weighs in: "Britain has always had this ambivalent attitude to sex. We do it like rabbits, but we don't talk about it. Not directly anyway. "Cover up the piano legs, Dorothy, the Vicar is coming for tea." And it will never change until the last people born in the 40s and earlier have died. Maybe not even then.
I do think though, that creatives -especially male ones - will always try to get a sexual angle into a campaign where they can. Not me, of course, oh no. Never."


all ads have gone to Cannes.

Yes folks it's that time of year again - Cannes Lions time. While some agencies have worried about the failing airlines where their tickets were booked, the advertisments have already gotten there.

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Snuggle gets sexy

The Snuggle bear is getting a new image. Apparently consumers are tired of seeing the inside of laundry rooms, so a new campaign was developed for transforming the Snuggle bear into a more hip and suave character.

Below is the new Snuggle ad. It's said to pay "homage to the surreal "Share the Fantasy" campaign for Chanel No. 5 and the arty, black-and-white campaigns for myriad Calvin Klein scents."


welcome to Orange county steals IKEA

New creative agency Welcome to Orange County has created quite a stir already by nabbing IKEA as a client - they made it into the Financial Times and adageglobal. We had a little chat with one of the founders John Schoolcraft about danish agencies and Ikea...


IKEA, the Stockholm-based Swedish furnishings company, has rattled Danish pride by snubbing local agencies to hand its $6 million creative account to Spanish ad-agency Welcome to Orange County (WTOC), headquartered in Mallorca. Ikea executives in Denmark described the country's leading creative agencies as "old-fashioned and straitlaced" in their thinking.

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Taking a look at ad "puffery"

Playtex won the lawsuit against Procter & Gamble for false advertising claims used in the launch of it’s Pearl Tampons.
Now take a look at this article, which takes a look at past legal battles that have ensued over false advertising, “puffery”, and other “better than” claims made in ads.

Adland:'s new site by Grapefruit Design

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