Slate [US WebMag] April 15, 2003 Puma ad debacle

Slate writes an article about the PUMA hoopla, missing out us being the first to publish said ads - but still linking to us - however to another post, the article about the Nokia Phone bogus advert. Oh well.


Propaganda [Norweigan tradesite]

Headlines with "only 15 kronor for 10,000 commercials"

See the article here.


Dancing Butchers Boogie Into Trouble With Sacred Cow

New Zealand Beef and Lamb bought and ran a commercial from Meat and Livestock Australia featuring butchers dancing and singing down a crowded street in a style familiar to many urbanites. Hare Krishnas were not amused. The Hare Krishnas complained. The commercial was pulled.

When the spot aired in Australia last year, it drew complaints from Hare Krishnas, Hindus, vegetarians and meat-eaters. In that case, the commercial wasn't pulled.

See the "Red meat. Feel good." dancing butchers spot here and judge for yourself.


Victoria's Secret - Hot Body, Cool Body (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Victoria's Secret - Hot Body, Cool Body  (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Sleek like a gazelle
Boobies are a man's best friend
All hot and bothered


New York Tourism Slugs It Out With Culinary Francophobes

NYC & Company, New York City’s tourism agency, is putting out a full page newspaper ad this week to convince ornery anti-French protesters that it’s ok to eat at French restaurants in the city. More...


true moan on the sad state of computer typography

Textism post on Quark express - he'll read through the lines of their press release for you. John Gruber translates it from PR-speak to english.

Adobe eventually came up with a project, codenamed K2, code-codenamed ‘Quark Killer’, now called Indesign. It’s good. It has native support for Opentype. Nobody uses it.


Bitter Beer Face Will Get You Out of Anything

The setting is an office. The guys are hanging out with their boss. One of them is making a joke, "Then she says 'Now that's scary!'." The boss says he's glad he hired him. Then a teenage girl comes walking toward them. The guy who told the joke says "Wow, check out this freak show." Then he learns it's the bosses daughter!


British Honda Accord Spot


"Ah'll be back. With a lawyer."

Fry's Electronics is getting burned. After putting out a newspaper ad using the images of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and Denzel Washington without permission, the owner is being sued for a combined $30 million bucks. Once again, oops.


Hong Kong Phooey

One word - Oops.