Shaved Publicis

It's an Amsterdamned shame, but the Publicis office in this Netherlands city recently trimmed seven creatives.

Seven - out of 10! (Not counting the Creative Directors)


I am Rudy - I am director

You must see Scumco's spec Kodak-film - I suggest you press this link and have a laugh.
This film was directed by Mo Husseini at Kaboom, and he graced the email wires to tell us the story behind the film....


Did Nike say that?

If you haven't seen it already - here is that email collection between Nike and "Jonah H. Peretti" - Jonah tried to buy some personalized Nike shoes from them, with the word "sweatshop" under their logo.

At Nike's site you can open a " Design your own shoe " link, a very popular feature that looks like the idea was stolen from the "design your own shoe" site.

The idea is that you customise your own shoe by submitting a phrase or word to be stitched on to you personal pair. So Jonah Peretti filled out the form and sent them $50 to stitch "SWEATSHOP" on to his shoes.

From: "Personalize, NIKE iD"


Captain Morgan's secret pirate treasure - uncovered after 25 years!

You can picture it now: An advertising agency standing before the formidable board of rum lords Joseph E. Seagram and Sons, pitching an earth shattering idea in a pitch that will make all other contenders pale by comparison...

Seagrams: Is your idea original and innovative?

Ad agency: Hell yeah!

Seagrams: Will it sell boatloads of our Captain Morgan rum?

Ad agency: Hell yeah!

Seagrams: So what's your original and innovative idea that'll sell boatloads of our Captain Morgan rum?

Ad agency: Fake facial hair!

Seagrams: Excuse me?


How to tell someone you love them

An apropriate stunt for Valentines day - or "how to suprise your agency". Yesterday, Stefano Caputo the advertising and media manager and Maurizio Marchiori head-ad-honcho at Diesel, walked in to a pitch-meeting with Kesselskramer wearing big pullovers and secretive smiles.


Diesel picks KesselsKramer

It looked like a tight race in the end when only two were left. This morning KK presented for the second time to Diesel and they were pleased.

So pleased in fact that KesselsKramer are their new agency as of now according to Resume's latest newsflash. The first campaign produced by KK will be the fall and wintercampaign.


Yotvata - Sleepwalker - (2001) :30

Yotvata - Sleepwalker - (2001) :30

Man walks in his sleep just to get that tasty drinking yogurt.


For the creative who has everything

The book Cutting Edge advertising has found it's way here thanks to Neil French, who wrote the foreword, and Jim Aitchison who wrote the book, he promptly donated a signed copy of the book as soon as he heard we'd been naggin the publishing houses for a copy.

I heard the book was a good read - nine out of ten Adlisters prefer it - and with a shiny new copy in my lap I am about to find out.


It's sacrilege! It's funny! It's blasphemy! It's advertising! It's your call.

This has been an interesting find -- Never before have I found a(n) homage to advertising that has created such enthusiastically opposing responses from those I have shown it to. Produced in 1998, it somehow remained underground... until now.

It's a short film entitled New Testament, created by the folks at Swankytown. It won a handful of US film festival awards, received a nifty write-up by Apple, and miraculously cost under two grand to make.


If you can read this - the slogans inflated!

If you haven't read this line yet - what rock have you been hiding under? ah yes - that shirt. I remember it well. A colleague and I saw this image and promptly made such a shirt for our harley-crazy co-worker's leaving due. Did we see that shirt in an ad or in one of those images that get sent around emails? Can't remember. These two feel like they were an adaptation of each other..