Life, Death and Advertising

Anything can happen when you work in advertising - and it probably will. Pack your toothbrush and plan your life accordingly. One day you're on top and the next you're out the door.


So, the "real men of genius" won again. Grand prix.

For the love of all that's holy people, this has got to stop. Clients - buy braver stuff. Creatives - write better stuff - you can brush up on your radio writing skills with our tutorial. Execs - go for the big picture with campaigns and please scratch the list of "words that must be in script" down by at least half.
US creatives stop whining about radio being hard you have 60 frickin' seconds most of the time. Thats ages! Why, when I write radio I'll be lucky if I get twenty seconds, and usually the list of "words that must be included" take 30 seconds to say- and the brands "sound logo" plays for at least 5 seconds, probably ten. I so wish I was kidding.

Else radio will never see another winner than the increasingly annoying "Real men of genius" campaign, formely known as the "real American heroes" back in the nineties.


Maurice Saatchi talks about "The Word"

Reuters has a 5+ minute interview with Maurice Saatchi where he talks about a new business unit for for his firm called The Word. The group will help companies develop and implement "one word equity." What does this mean? They are going to attempt to find just one word to characterize their client's brands.

That business model is guided by the Bible, according to Saatchi, specifically the gospel of St. John, where it is written that "In the beginning was the word ... and the word was God."

"The word that guides everything that is the god, or the brand, is one word," Saatchi said. "You can't have two words. Two words is two gods and two gods is one too many."


Bob Garfield might be right for once.

La Croisette gossip is buzzing with the rumor of who won the grand prix in film - everyone is pointing at Guinness - Evolution / Noitulove.


Coca-Cola BlaK FR vs USA

It's interesting to see how a product is launched in two test countries at the same time. The case is Coca-Cola BlaK.

(Big images in post - continue reading more inside!)


Altoids does StreetFighter-style dance-off!

Altoids work continues with their latest. This is a Street Fighter-esque hip-hop dance-off between two of the characters in their show.

altoid's streetfighter!


Harley Davidson - Black Sheep - (2006) : 60 (USA)

Harley Davidson - Black Sheep - (2006) : 60 (USA)

The rebel black sheep break free to the tune of "Paradise City" by Guns N' Roses, and then join other black sheep roaming the roads. So, you're a rebel sheep, but still a sheep?


More Grand Prix Winners From Cannes 2006

Grand Prix for Press went to FCB Johannesburg for a newspaper ad for Lego entitled "Periscope".


Adlands Cannes Film Shortlist - who will win?

Contenders, start your engines - adgrunts, place your bets. What commercial will take home the Grand Prix?
To refresh your memory, links&screendumps to some of last years greatest ads inside. It's our shortlist - all the ads are on the real lions shortlist. Follow me!


No more Owen = No more Northen Rock ads.

My bad juju-vibes sent Michael Owen off the field two minutes into the match against Sweden (or perhaps it was just bad luck and nothing to do with me decapitating chickens and dancing naked smeared in their blood) - as he twisted his knee really nasty and was sent off the field. No more Owen in the cup.
Read more for the really unfortunate ad placement of the week.

Northern Rock has had Owen in their ad campaign, and featured featured him wrapped in the England flag alongside slogans such as "One of ours over there" and "Can we have him back in one piece please?". Well, the latter is a rather unfortunate headline - and inside is a rather unfortunate placement of the ad.