Nike won't have it.

John Smiths are in trouble with Nike for their latests adverts - depicting the star of Phoenix Nights kicking a football and shouting "'Ave it" according to BBC news online.

A letter sent to Scottish Courage, which makes John Smith's bitter, by Nike's solicitors Dickinson Dees describes Mr Kay as "an overweight and apparently unskilled footballer".


Old Faithful don't need Metamucil

The National Park Service have gotten heartburn over an ad where a mav pours a glass of Metamucil into Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park to help the geyser stay regular.

Super adgrunts - click to view advert

Procter & Gamble Co., suggests Old Faithful's guardians lighten up a bit.

Besides Old Faithful is not as regular as many believe. It erupts every 45 minutes to two hours, on average every 92 minutes.


Moms outrage against Nike nudity

Onemillionmoms are encouraging mom's to send letters of complaint "urging Nike and The NFL to drop the disgusting commercial" which is currently airing.

Super adgrunts - click to view

"It is unbelievable the depths to which marketing has fallen. It's gotten so that you can't even watch a sporting event without exposing your children to nudity, sex and violence on commercials!"


dabitch presents The Claymore Project - Super Bowl Commercials Archive

Super Bowl commercials - so what's the big deal about them anyway? They're just commercials.
Then again, maybe they're big, extravagant, glorious, fantastically creative spectacles of free enterprise celebrating art and commerce at their best. Well... at least a bunch of them are.

Like it or not, commercials are mirrors of our society. As a result, they become an important part of our culture and history. So good or bad, nice or nasty, gorgeous or ugly, bland or spicy, we've gathered them here.
And because we are who we are, we decided to take things a few steps further by taking a few steps back.

Just click one of the bowls above and enjoy. - Clayton T. Claymore

Currently showing superbowl commercials from 1979 til 2004, plus special bonus early-early years: that's 30 years of superbowl ads, the years 1973 and the bigger 1976 are bonus years that are not complete. Counting 2004, that makes 30 years. Beat that! ;)


VW / Volkswagen Beetle Convertible - Bubble (post-teaser VAR) (2003) - 0:60 (USA

VW / Volkswagen Beetle Convertible - Bubble (post-teaser VAR) (2003) - 0:60 (USA

One Touch Ultra - BB King (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

B. B. King has diabetes. He also has one-touch ultra to help him.


And you thought pop-up ads were annoying?

Commericals on the web? You betcha.

"While viewing a content page, a streaming video commercial is downloaded in the background to the user's computer. Once the user exits the page (by clicking on any link on the page, manually inputting a URL, or clicking on a 'favorite'), the video clip is launched immediately and displayed in the same browser window, while the requested next page is being downloaded. Once the requested page is downloaded, the commercial is automatically removed and the requested page is displayed.

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Cinema advertising finally comes to the US

Commericals steal show at the movies- "Cinema advertising becomes a viable option when "you've got a brand that's connected to the fabric of the culture and if you've got great creative that fits the environment," said Steve Moynihan, managing director at ArnoldMPG, a media-planning agency in Boston. "It's not the best place to sell diapers or green beans."

Regal CineMedia plans to kick off a digitally formatted pre-show full of content and advertising, beginning in select markets at the end of this month. The pre-show is slated to begin about 20 minutes before the advertised movie time. "The idea is to give patrons a better experience and give the marketer a better environment," Mr. Marks said. "Rather than showing trivia, we'll give them a real entertaining bonus. We know they came there for the movie."


New anti-drug ads to hit during Super Bowl

More anti-drug ads to appear during Super Bowl According to the press release "The new ads have been extensively tested with target audiences".

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Dr Pepper - LL Cool J / Run DMC (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Dr Pepper - LL Cool J / Run DMC  (2003) - 0:30 (USA)