Dr Pepper - LL Cool J / Run DMC (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Dr Pepper - LL Cool J / Run DMC  (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Ads get gross

Article in Slate about a gross Hyundai ad and old people in ads in general. The article also uses the phrase "ad-land"!


b3ta - if ads told the truth

B3ta challenge : "if advertisments were honest" photoshopping game - plenty of creativity out there when you can mock advertising. Some could almost run ironically, others are quite refreshing or adbuster style.


Gucci's hairy ad

Gucci marks the spot with a G in their latest press campaign, model Carmen Kass* is pictured pulling down her knickers and showing off body hair shaved into the letter 'G'.

Mario Testino shot the image he calls 'Pubic Enemy' and it's displayed in Vogue's February edition. Some people have called the image 'vile, coarse and degrading to women'.

The Advertising Standards Authority in the UK, which has the power to ban offensive material, said it was investigating after receiving a number of complaints.


Why the 87 Pieces of Spam I Recieved This Morning Suck

Here's an article about the spam I recieved this morning! Spammers lie to me, try anything they can think of to get my demographic data, try to get me in on a pyramid scheme, insult my luck with the ladies and just send me lots and lots of Chinese. Yes, it's high comedy.

Part of the reason I wrote this was to have something on YankTheChain that was appropriate to be linked from Ad-Rag.


P&G walks like a duck....

Ah, procter and gamble's marketing geniuses have come up with yet another brilliant plan in order to sell some soap.

Learn how Dawn helps clean up ducks victimized by oil spills.

Perhaps they think this will make us all forget that Procter and Gamble products and the company frequently feature on top of PETA's list of bad guys because when they aren't hawking soap by washing ducks, they're testing their other soaps on animals. See PGinfo.net . In 1991 the company was criticized for continuing to pollute the Fenholloway River with up to 50 million gallons of waste water each day from its cellulose plant in Florida. Fish in the river were being contaminated with dioxin.

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The Dude's a Riot on Red Square

This one goes in the "What the...!?" file.

A Russian ad agency's showing of a clip of "The Big Lebowski" has been fingered by a Russian court as the catalyst for a hooligan soccer melee, and upheld on appeal. Full story here.


Microsoft pulls an MLife.

It appears that Big Bill's blasé behemoth is backpeddling on its bazillion-buck-promoted .NET thingy. Why? Because nobody could figure out what the hell it was. And how are they planning to fix things? ... ... (wait for it ... ) ... ... With a new logo.

Christ Almighty Mouse. I'm suprised that they didn't just go and change its name to .DUMBASS


Driving SUVs promote terrorism?

First there were ads linking doing drugs to supporting Terrorists. Now there are ads linking driving an SUV to supporting Terrorists. The two ads are already generating controversy even before they begin airing.

A group opposed to U.S. reliance on foreign oil are behind the 30-second ads, which their creator said are intended to be humorous parodies.

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Bringing back an old idea in the age of TiVOist viewers

"Envisioning the possible demise of the traditional 30-second television commercial, a number of advertisers have banded together to buy six prime-time hours on an American broadcast network this summer to present a variety show that will contain no commercials at all.

The advertisers, which so far include Pepsi-Cola and Nokia phones, aim to create what the program's producer, Michael Davies, called "a contemporary, hip Ed Sullivan show" for the youth-oriented WB Network. The program will try to highlight the companies' products in creative ways, like building them into a singer's performance or a comedian's routines."
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