Allan Gray Investments and King James Advertising Cape Town created this puzzle-billboard that took four weeks to reveal the sender. Placed next to a busy commuter road, each day for four weeks a little bit more of the headline was revealed. After four weeks you could read "Purpose is nothing without patience" and the sender, Allan Grey Investments.

Every year thousands of men, women and children are trafficked into the UK for forced labour and sexual exploitation. To help Stop The Traffik (a global coalition against people trafficking) to raise awareness about this trade in human lives, Saatchi & Saatchi X London advertised a ‘HUMAN SALE’ in the centre of London. For maximum impact, the ‘sale’ coincided with the last few days before a ban on this kind of familiar hand-held banner advertising in London came into place.


A new commercial for Direct Insurance Catastrophe coverage, which as teh name implies is meant to cover unpredictable damage, began airing in Israel two weeks ago. The star of the commercial was none other than "Murphy", the mastermind behind "Murphy's Law" renowned for bringing on catastrophe wherever he goes - as popular opinion knows Murphy's law.

The ad shows clips from Murphy's life, and all the disasters that follow him around as he is born, growing and finally visiting Israel. Check the 45 seconds here:

This Saturday night, Murphy's "bad luck" spread to the commercial itself - see that much shorter version here:

Aired during a commercial break on the "A star is born" show, (no.1 TV show in Israel), the Direct Insurance commercial broke out in flames and burnt Live. The commercial, which could not be broadcast in its entirety, boasted a surprising ending as a slide appeared with the following title:

"We apologize for the technical difficulties but catastrophes can happen to anyone"
Ad agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay / Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv

Along with this integrated online and print campaign there's also a unique collectors’ book. The online campaign is at - and the book will be featured at events taking place in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou among other cities in China.

“The Beetle campaign reflects DMG’s deep understanding of Chinese culture,” said Dan Mintz, founder and chief creative officer of DMG. “All of our creative work integrates and maintains Chinese tradition, while emphasizing the stylish and iconic values of the classic Beetle brand. The New Beetle is as timeless as the original. Our integrated campaign holds a mirror up to its heritage and Chinese culture to position the car as an icon of style,” continued Mintz.


The Objective: To make Queensland the number one choice for a winter holiday.
The Idea: To have bikini-clad ladies and bathing suited boys in heavy coats flashing people all over town. 24 male and female models ran about Melbourne and Sydney flashing people, targeting commuters in the chilly gray mornings.


This ad is in three parts and ran on three consecutive in the politics section of Newsweek magazine. Continuing on the concept of “A Fuller Spectrum of News,” this execution via SS+K New York use a graphic metaphor to demonstrate the news site has extensive political coverage without the one-sided bias of some of its major competitors.


The agency who does Svenska Spels Trisslotto outdoor campaign has bet on using irregular types of posters to get attention. That doesn't always work though - last one I saw was a plastic one, shaped as if it was "swelling" placed on the outside of regular backlit busposters. However, there was an old poster underneath it so when it lit up at night you could not read it. I missed photographing that one, but I found this one yesterday. Looks like it's ten minutes away from blowing off and causing havoc as it flip-flopped in Malmö's notorious winds. Moral of the story, when doing something unusual, make sure it works. (closeup inside)

Bad puns for Swedes: sen kan man ju klaga på att själva kampanjen är jättetrist också, hehe.