MSN Launches "iLoo"

We've been laughing at this all morning - seriously believing that this is a joke.

Alas, it's not a joke, MSN Launches World's First 'Internet Loo' brags a pressrelease from Microsoft today.

Apparantly, The iLoo will be mobile and is part of MSN’s mission to allow instant logging on "anytime and any place".

Their old tag - "Where do you want to go today" could be changed to "Where do you need to go today".


Is it News or an Advert?

Aaron Brown of CNN, Walter Cronkite and some other broadcast journalists have been hired to appear in "news breaks" produced by a company called WJMK Inc. in Florida. Picking up the baton where Morley Safer left off. Is it pre-packaged news or a thinly veiled advertisment for the drug companies that pay $15,000 for the segments, and are allowed to edit and approve them?

Morley Safer of CBS, has appeared in hundreds of the videos but has concluded that the work "does not meet the standards of CBS News". Safer won't be doing any more ad-news segments for WJMK in the future.


These4walls network night - featuring free boooze
t4w_cnn two: account handlers in advertising, direct marketing and media there is a party waiting for you!

When: from 6.30 pm, Tuesday, 20th May 2003

Where: Bar Red, (Downstairs bar)
To be found on Kingly Street, off Carnaby St, London, W2

What are CNN's? The creative bods behind these4walls are proud to announce the second career networking night, or CNN.

This event will focus on account handlers from advertising, media and direct marketing. Future events will be held for PR and public affairs practitioners, market researchers and design and new media professionals.

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SHOCK & AWE Advertising

Wrigley's Dog Breath, FCUK, Gucci's pubic displays, and more recently PUMA's bodily secretions and Nokia's cat spinning tricks.

Does controversial advertising sell?


1-800-CALL-ATT - Where's the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog when you need him?

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Slate has analyzed the use of Carrot Top as commercial spokesfreak for 1-800-CALL-ATT. Run away! Run away!


Tim Henman gets arrested for shoplifting a new ad. No its not a repeat of the Winona Ryder story, it's an advert for Ariel washing powder. It starts out innocently enough, Tim Henman goes shopping clad in his tennis whites.....

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ACLU proudly waves flag

Despite the recent warnings not to create "flag waving ads" and the new trend for multinationals to emphasise their local roots - ACLU did it different and went all out flagwaving in their latest campaign shot by Peter Gerke.

We wouldn't expect the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to do it any other way.

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American Express - Martin Scorsese - One Hour Photo (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

American Express - Martin Scorsese - One Hour Photo  (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Abso-*&@%$#-lutely perfect, even if Deniro wasn't available to play the part of the clerk.


Honda Accord - Cog (2003) - 2:00 (UK)

Honda Accord - Cog  (2003) - 2:00 (UK)

Takes: 606
Cost: est. £750,000


Britney all day and all of the night.

Japanese beverage co GG tea promotes tea soda and Peach tea with a little help from Britney Spears and 1960's pop classic tunes. After dancing through the times with a Pepsi, has Britney been typecast in the soft drink category?