Adweek now ad-every-so-often-week

I bothered enough to raise an eyebrow when I read the thanksgiving news about adweek becoming more digital, and thus publishing only 36 weeks a year making it ad-overy-so-often-week, which is really hard to fit on a masthead.


Adland's Commercial-Archive now has over 40,000 commercials.

Bragtime! At last count we had 41497 quicktime commercials in total, so it's high time to hang up the brag-sign here. Adland's Commercial Archive, including the superbowl commercial archive now has over fourty thousand ads in it. Yikes! No wonder I keep having to get bigger servers, aye?

You can browse the archives by month and year or use the advanced search to find all commercials for "bud", for example. Just change the "bud" in that URL to what you want to search instead.
OR search commercials only WITH images via this link - no advanced options there.


LIAA 2007 Gold Print Winners


Entrant: Leo Burnett Chicago
Clima Bicycle Lock - "Railcycle"
Client: Clima Co., Ltd.
Agency: Leo Burnett, Bangkok
Executive Creative Director: Keeratie Chaimoungkalo
Creative Directors: Keeratie Chaimoungkalo/Sompat Trisadikun
Copywriter: Noranit Yasopa
Art Directors: Pipat Uraporn/Sompat Trisadikun
Photographer: Chub Nokkaew


LIAA 2007 Gold Poster & Outdoor Winners


Entrant: Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen
World Wildlife Foundation - "Save Paper, Save The Planet"
Client: World Wildlife Foundation
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen
Executive Creative Director: Simon Wooller
Copywriters/Art Directors: Silas Jansson/Cliff K. Holm


FAADA - Mujer fin Copia (2007) Print (Spain)

FAADA, the Foundation for adoption, sponsorship and defense of the Animals, turned to Contrapunto in Barcelona to build, once again, on a very appellant topic: The use of fur. More than 20 million baby animals are slaughtered for the manufacture of luxury goods. Contrapunto thought, "Maybe we should put ourselves in their shoes", and created the ad inside.


Set Your Buddy Free

Not a real Buddy trapped in not a real computer makes sort of sense for a not a normal microsoft production. A low budge, nicely realised game featuring a poor sod in a BUDDY helmet trapped in a nightmarish gondry-esque analogue computer prison. He has a nice horse too.


The current Domino trend in advertising.

Adgrunt Hlebarov though we should send the Guinness tipping point to the Badland corner for doing the domino-thing that the Honda Cog (inspired by Der Lauf Der Dinge) already did way back in 2003, and I promised an honorable mention if we could get a hold of the Claes Ohlsson campaign. Thanks to another adgrunt, deep.ed a.k. Swedish ad blogger Researcher's tracking of the trend we have not one but five six more things to put in here with it!
Without further ado, Guinness vs Claes Ohlson, vs Sony vs Tekserve vs a Fat Boy Slim video. Seems Fat Boy slim videos are the main source of badlandian inspiration for some. Oh dear, I almost forgot Miller's "Dominoes" which fits here as well.


Swedish state television mock commercial channels while proclaiming they are the only "free" one

SVT - Swedens state television - are currently airing an ad campaign which states two simple truths, but in doing so court controversy.


VB Symphony

George Patterson Y&R Melbourne and Foster’s Australia have refreshed the long standing VB theme music in a departure from the current campaign. The blue singlets and stubbie shorts traditionally associated with VB were replaced by black ties and tuxedos as 95 musicians from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra Victoria took to the stage at the Melbourne Concert Hall. Performed solely on 451 VB bottles and 6 timpani drums, the VB Symphony recreated the 40-year-old VB theme music, note for note. The ad is part of an online campaign which can be viewed at


SVT - (2007) :60 (Sweden)

SVT - (2007) :60 (Sweden)

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