Barnardo shocking ads gets complaints.

Barnardo's uses shock tactics to tackle child poverty, this strategy has backfired. More than 60 people contacted the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) through its website, and dozens of people called the within hours of the ads appearing.

The first in the series of newspaper adverts from Barnardo's shows a new-born baby with a cockroach crawling out of his mouth. Another advert in the "silver spoons" campaign features a baby with a methylated spirits bottle in its mouth while a third shows a baby with a syringe.

The headline on the adverts says: "There are no silver spoons for children born into poverty." Read more to see the ads.


bloggers strike back against comment spam

Spam (not the ham product) is the lowest form of
"Advertising". "Marketing" is a word that encompasses even the fly-by-night get rich quick and/or enlarge your penis 'businesses' who SPAM.

Spam is an ever growing problem, as peoples emails are getting more protected with blacklists, spamassasins and the likes, and those human authentication systems, where a human eye must pass a spam test before the mail is let through. Email is getting to be near worthless as a communications medium as many marketeers predicted in 97, and spammers are now turning to more fertile grounds.

Blogs, of course! Kalsey has written the anti blog spam manifesto and is getting hundreds of comments and trackbacks from blogs that agree.

Spam in blogs serves not necessarily to advertise the penis enlarger or free cable to the blogs readers, but to jack up the spammers Google Ranking. Rest assured that with MT comment spam blacklists and people who prune their blogs ever since the referral spams started to show up, this tactic is not very likely to work for very long.


VW Touareg can't do what the ads say it can do.

In both commercials and print ads, the VW Touareg is shown towing a massive Airstream trailer with ease, tagline "Touareg, the Volkwagen that does what other Volkswagens don't."

Except it can't do it. CBSNewYork reports.

"We did make a mistake." Volkwagen's embarrassed Press Relations Manager spoke with us via satellite from Detroit. Tony Fouladpour admitted the tongue weight of the trailer in the ad is too heavy for the Touareg, a fact VW's marketing department failed to check, said Fouladpour: "They got a little too excited, they took too much artistic license."

Hat tip to Leslie, and belly laughs to Alec who wondered if "Foul Ad Pour?" was really Tony's last name.


Pefect Day team start ad agency "Vinnie".

The 'Perfect day' UK ad team Ian Ducker and Will Farquha are not freelancing anymore - instead they have set up an agency named after their mongrel bull terrier, Vinnie. They've teamed up with Graham Collis, who used to run maverick director Tony Kaye's production company K-Media, to launch the agency.

"We are determined to offer clients a way out of bland campaigns. We see Vinnie as a way that clients can achieve more innovative work beyond traditional advertising media," said Mr Collis.


Boone/Oakley auctions superbowl ad on eBay

North Carolina based ad agency Boone/Oakley are auctioning away a 'creatively brilliant' commercial to be screened during the Super Bowl on eBay auction, hurry if you want it as the auction is soon closing.

Asked why his agency would make such an unusual offer, creative director David Oakley explains, "we must be nuts."


Inquiry into obesity 'timebomb' may lead to advertising ban

The research that found advertising does work on obese children might have influenced the launch of an official inquiry into fast and fatty food advertising.

The Independant reports that an inquiry is launched today into the sale of unhealthy foods to children.

The investigation by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) could lead to a ban or tough restrictions on promoting fattening, salty and sugary products on television and in stores. Using popular cartoon or TV characters to promote unhealthy foods could also be banned.

The proposals, which have alarmed the advertising industry and food manufacturers, come after a series of official reports that have revealed child obesity is reaching epidemic levels in Britain.

Meanwhile the Telegraph wonders "Where are the TV ads for carrots?".


Victoria's Secret - It's Time - (2003) :30 (USA)

Victoria's Secret - It's Time - (2003) :30 (USA)

Who the *explitive deleted* is Ted?

Who is Ted?
People in Denver, Colorado, US have been wondering who the heck is Ted. The city has been taken over by signs about Ted, people roaming the city on Seguays wearing signs that say "I'm not Ted", free lunches with stickers that say "This one's on Ted", and more.

As it turns out United is behind this guerrilla marketing campaign, attempting to create a buzz for it's new low-cost, low-fare carrier TED.


15 Logo Design Trends

Top fifteen Graphic Design Logo trends.
Even adgrunt GrapefruitDesigns logo is trotted out as an example.


Comparing ad culture to Islamic militant culture

Here's an exerpt from the article by N.D. Batra, a professor of communications at Norwich University, Vermont, USA:
"How advertising creates and transforms our desires and wants into compelling needs is a fascinating field of study that should not have been ignored by counter-terrorism experts.

Just as the culture of consumption has been driving people, for example, to McDonald's to consume billions of hamburgers and tons of French fries, the culture of paradise/afterlife that Islamic militants, such as al-Qaida and its decentralized networked franchisees, preach to Muslim youth has been driving them to jihad suicide. Both cultures promise fulfillment: here or hereafter. So did communism."