Amnesty banners brings the torture to your desktop

Over at Houtlust we've found these uncomfortable Amnesty banners which run on large sites in Turkey, such as CNN Turkey.


Have you seen this shaggy dog before ?

These days I received a new TVC made in Israel. Very intereseting and useful (in some situations) dog !

Maybe it is a relative to this one ?


Renault - Fisherman - (2007) :45 (UK)

Renault - Fisherman - (2007) :45 (UK)

The moss-clad giant outside the big city has an unusual bait on his rod. A shiny new Renault!

Best use of Yma Sumac soundtrack in an ad, IMHO.


Fishing People

This is the new Renault TVC made by Publicis.

Renault - Fisherman

And it reminds me very much one of the latest Bud TVC


New York Times: The High Price of Creating Free Ads

Advertisers are starting to find out that when it comes to advertising, you get what you pay for.


Link Lust: I Don't Know How To Link You

Brand New points to an obvious and silly two part article at Ad Age titled "Keep 'Attention Vampires' Out of Your Ads". Part One: How to Make Print and Online Ads That Engage. Part Two: How to Make TV Ads That Engage Viewers.


Sunnex Jeans. Not made in America. Thankfully - print, India

This campaign for Sunnex Jeans ran in March 2007. There was a far more un-US-PC (yeah, I just invented that acronym-combo, suck it up) one that ran in 2K as well.


Saatchi & Saatchi fired over Doc Martens ads featuring dead rockers

The Media Guardian reports today that Saatchi & Saatchi London has been fired by Dr Martens for running an advertising campaign featuring dead rock stars Kurt Cobain, Sid Vicious, Joey Ramone, and Joe Strummer wearing the their Doc Martens boots in heaven. The ads have been flying around the net recently, mostly posted on blogs. Quite a few have commented on the ads being in poor taste.


Saatchi fired over Dr Marten ads -"Den här reklamen hade Strummer nobbat" - SVD.se

Svenska Dagbladet had a nod to Adland in a posting here (english


Lee Cooper Ad Exec Arrested For Poster in India

Gyro Worldwide alerts us the launch of their latest campaign for the English denim company Lee Cooper, which has garnered "an extreme reaction in India".