Peeping Tomfoolery -- OR -- Close Encounters of the Ad Kind

All the big companies are doin' it: that is, sending glorified voyeurs into people's homes to analyze their interaction with various consumer products. Apparently, since traditional focus groups just aren't cutting it anymore, big brands have found the need to go a few steps further by invading the personal lives of willing guinea pig people.


Advertising about advertising

It all started as print ads designed to communicate the power of advertising to corporate decision makers (advertise more dammit!). Now, the iconic "Great Brands" campaign, commissioned by The American Advertising Federation, has fully bloomed into 15-second commercials. The agency responsible to this propaganda is Carmichael-Lynch (our saviors).

You can view the print ads here:


Diesel's Donald

Diesel has launched their latest campaign which you may have spotted in magazines already - now with a warped mascot called Donald who promises happiness.

Do read more to see some great images of Donald, an example of an ad, and the link to Donalds homepage. (updated)


Storm Clouds over Cannes again.

Ogilvy & Mather worldwide are pulling a classic ad agency vs awards tiff out in the press. Though as it is "worldwide" and "Cannes Lions" were talking about here - it's not your regular agency boycott of awards.....


How to write a newspaper ad

The only thing worse than reading a newspaper ad is writing one....until now.

The Newspaper Association of America recently asked (bribed?) top notch advertising gurus to create newspaper ads, selling, uh...newspaper ads.

Featured on their website are newspaper ads by Neil French, Luke Sullivan, Mike Hughes and Lee Clow.


Enjoy the Show

The Client: Loews Cineplex Theaters in the US.

The Pitch: Open to all moviegoers.

The Brief: Create a short film/commercial that communicates the following:

No Talking
No Smoking
Turn Off Cell Phones & Pagers
Visit the Concession Stand
Deposit Litter in Trash

The Media: The winning spot would play before the start of every movie.

The Results:
Eight really good spots by wannabe Spielbergs.

The Spots:



Err umm there is a disturbing similarity between the D&AD award winning campaign from Mother and the ADCNY award-winning L.A. Museum of Contemporary Art campaign from TBWA/Chiat Day. This is probably old news but it's my first post so there.


First Bankrupt Creatively, Now Financially

As readers of ad-rag know, justice isn't always swift for ad plagiarists. In fact, often they're rewarded for their misdeeds.

That isn't the case for Kmart, which in an act of desperation recently lifted the marketing strategy, broadcast campaign and tagline of retail leader Wal-Mart.


NYC Miracle. Be a part of it.

The pro bono spots first started with Woody Allen, Barbara Walters, Ben Stiller, Kevin Bacon, Robert DeNiro, Billy Crystal, Henry Kissinger, and Yogi Berra. BBDO/New York has now added Christopher Walken, Al Roker and Vanessa Williams to the roster.

You can check out all the spots here:


Ad/Culture Convergence and the Sales Pitch Society

Do you ever wonder how your ads and marketing strategies impact culture and society? Sure you do. Still, sometimes living in the agency vacuum can narrow your perspective a bit.