These posters from ask "are you bad enough?" and I realize that I'm not, because I filled the missing letters in to read Dock, Boots and Luck - so my head is still firmly at the shoe-sale in the harbor where I scored some seven inch heel fake fur cuff designer boots for like no money. Lets see if you do better.


Je regrette, mais... as you adgrunts know my French totally sucks, but not so bad I can't see what they've done here with the headlines. Perfect: "Turns grilled cheese sandwiches into croque-monsieurs" in English becomes "Transforme les patates pilées en pommes purée". You don't need to know the language well to see that they have the exact same tone of voice in those lines.

Link to larger French version


Storåkers McCann, Stockholm reminds people that they can save their precious digital photo memories in Telia's "Telia Photo Backup" backup system - by showing them ruined photos on adshels. The ruined photos on the adshels were water damaged, burnt, crumpled up and made messy by hand, so each adshel had their own version of misfortune that may happen to printed photographs.


For the launch of World Class new flagship gym in Stockholm, caricature artists were put on strategic places via Le Bureau Stockholm, making free portraits of Saturday strollers. Unsuspectingly they received a personal hand drawn ad with an opening offer and themselves made as fit body builders. World Class gave you the ad that you save, show your friends and put up on your wall.


Thierry Bezier has just joined the independent agency Fred & Farid (Paris) as the head of Fred & Farid Digital. He will be in charge of strategy, conception and development.

Thierry is a well-known actor of the web industry in which he has worked for over ten years. He first worked in France where he created a web agency to sell "ready to use" websites.

He then moved to Japan where he was in charge of the web development of special projects and of the monitoring of innovations at Dentsu for many years.

During this time, he imagined the concept of, an international Web-TV. It was on his return to Europe that he launched at an international level, in association with Vincent Camara .

From a common agreement, He will keep a toehold in, and develop as much synergy as possible between Intruders TV and Fred & Farid Digital.

He is already working on account such as Orangina, Schweppes, Wrangler, Van Cleef &Arpels, and his department has about ten collaborators (Web designers, experts on video, coders etcetera...)