Adgrunts know that Sedelmier shot the famous fluffy bun ad for Cliff Freeman and Partners back in 1984 when Wendy's had the beef, and Clara Peller wondered where it was. But did you know that in 1984 there was a one-hit wonder song written by Nashville, Tennessee DJ Coyote McCloud featuring Clara's crowing for more beef? Flashback to 1984 and that fantastic flash in the pan, here it is. Sing along: A woman can't live by buns alone!

The commercial:

Thanks @iboy for giving me yet another opportunity to bring up a fantastic story about Coke, the Olympics in Lillehammer, and a Norwegian brand of orange drink called Solo who pulled an "ambush marketing" move. Coke owned those Olympics, no other soft drink was allowed near it, and everywhere within the olympic area was Coke branded banners etc. Yet, when the closing ceremony was aired, the camera did a pan to the outside of the Olympic area and blinking lights on a hill spelled out the Solo logo. This has been told to me by silverbacked adgrunts (Stein Leikanger) and even confirmed in comments here but no photographic evidence yet. Luckily NYTimes Stuart Elliott who ad-reported about it back then saw it too;

The overwhelmingly banal and boring barrage of advertising had so deleterious an impact on this sore-eyed viewer that by Sunday night it had induced hallucinations that the name of a Norwegian soft drink, Solo, was visible in twinkling lights during the closing ceremonies.
Oh. According to the Reuters news agency, there was such an ad during the ceremonies, which the brand's marketer, Solo A.B., denies approving or authorizing.

Looks like that deny deny deny tactic is older than dirt.

If Adland sang in the shower, what would it sound like? It would sound like this, which for some reason makes me think I've coded something inelegantly as it's a bit out of tune... ;) What does your site sound like? Check out Code Organ from where you can tweet and Facebook any sites music.

This clever little toy was coded by Rodrigo Pereira and designed by Andy Goodridge at DLKW, London.