This campaign from Lifelounge, Melbourne showcases the seemingly impossible sneaker creations of Herr Fritz Träumer - an enigmatic adidas designer who dedicated his lifetime to constructing the world’s most original range of sneakers. Excerpts from Träumer’s detailed private journals plus images of his truly unique sneaker creations are presented in a limited edition book, exclusively available at sneaker retailers around Australia and New Zealand. The campaign is supported by Point-of-sale, viral films and a celebratory exhibition of Träumer’s sculpted ‘dream sneakers’ at Melbourne’s Dakota 501 store. For a campaign overview and exclusive downloads visit


The new Pepsi logo has many people scratching their heads in bewilderment. The idea is simple: "The brand’s blue and red globe trademark will become a series of “smiles,” with the central white band arcing at different angles depending on the product." ... But will it look like a smile? The denver egotist thinks it looks like an asscrack.


Insert "Joe the plumber" joke here.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - Liberal Party Leader in Denmark - uses his Facebook followers faces in ad campaigns to promote him says

The ads with Fogh in them pop up when you open the list of your friends, and typically carry a line like »NN is a fan of Anders Fogh Rasmussen - support Anders«.

The former editor David Trads is one of the unwilling "fans of Anders" used in the ads for Venstre, something he never gave permission for.

»I'm also a fan of Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Villy Søvndal on the net so I cover a big political spectrum. I have professional reasons for wanting to follow and see how the politicians use social media like facebook«, he said to Media Watch.

Now, I can't find anything about this on this Media Watch here - newspapers that don't link online sources quoted are a pain - but I did stumble on to another interesting story. Filleting Facebook at Media Watch where they are quite upset that a dead soldier family photo album was raided by journalists who printed the images in the newspapers.

For a start Facebook's terms of use mean it owns all the material on Facebook pages. Those terms prohibit someone taking the material for commercial use. That's called copyright law.

True, but have you considered this - perhaps the newspapers asked the new owners of those photographs copyright for permission. Don't forget, facebook states that it owns your photos and can do anything they please with them.

Back to the social media ads that use your face without you even knowing about it: see previous story: On Facebook, your face can be used in ads (without you knowing it) via SocialMedia - this quite possibly the engine for the current Fogh ad campaign. I'd check, but youknow, I don't have a facebook account. ;)

DDB New Zealand create a literal fruit burst by having a giant fruit balloon full of Fruit Bursts and blowing it up until it bursts in this poster.

"The deflated strawberry balloon has been erected onto a billboard, next to a giant pin. Gradually over the next month the billboard will fill with air moving it closer and closer towards the pin. Go to the website and check out the live stream to see how big the balloon’s getting, guess when it’ll burst and be in to win $5000. When the strawberry finally colides with the pin and pops, thousands of lollies will burst out giving the public a chance to get their hands on some free Fruit Bursts and New Fruit Burst Jellies."