Magic Carpet?

These two advertisers couldn't be more different, and their commercials couldn't be more similar.

Superadgrunts, click read more to view "sleepy" spots from DuPont and Sealy.


UniBond's No More Cracks fills screens fast

manchester online reports:" Last night, an ad for UniBond's No More Cracks filler was rushed onto to TV-screens - just hours after the last shakes from a tremor measuring 2.8 on the Richter scale."

The slam-dunk topical ad was created by Didsbury agency BDH/TBWA, which has lived through the "swarm" of Greater Manchester earth movements first hand lately.

Danny Brooke-Taylor, creative director at BDH/TBWA, said: "We're usually asking for more time on projects so we've probably shot ourselves in the foot here.


Anti anti drug ads?

These Anti Drug ads linking drug money (QT commercial) through murder, violence, corruption to terrorism (QT commercial) have sparked a discussion over at :: Got parody? .

It was only a matter of time.

"I helped blow up a Bali nightclub -- by driving my SUV to work every day!" appears in Salon, and a day later it seems Salon will raise money for, and air the best parody.

" Salon and I have been flooded with hundreds of e-mails from readers in response to yesterday's column, "I helped blow up a Bali nightclub -- by driving my SUV to work every day!" The column called for a citizens' ad campaign aimed at getting people to stop driving gas-guzzling cars and SUVs -- and readers loved the idea.

To make it happen, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) on Tuesday opened a special account for these donations.

... Let's do our best to get these ads on the air."


Do cocktail weenies sell perfume?

Gals, this one's for you.
And guys, cover your eyes.
Do not click on the following link if you have a weak constitution or prefer to leave things to the imagination. Oh, and hide the children. Supposedly this is the first big brand advertisement featuring male full frontal nudity.


Dirtier than they thought.

David LaChappelle's latest video "Dirrty" with Christina Aguilera is a lot dirtier than they initially thought.

Raunchy images of Christina Aguilera dancing isn't the scandal, neither are her exposed buttcheeks or sucking of bottles.. It's the posters in the background added by some set Art Director that doesn't read Thai.

"I had absolutely no knowledge that this poster contained such offensive words, and I sincerely regret the insult." said David LaChappelle.



one excuse short...

This is the season to practice for the awards.

Drink heavily each night - and with weary eyes line up the One Show excuse generator to whine about why you didn't get in to the One show...



out-talk telemarketeers

You've just sat down to dinner when the phone rings.

On the other end a telemarketing person is prepared with a telescript - a guideline for a telephone conversation. Now you too have the consumers telescript and can out-question the telemarketing person until they give up the conversation.

Download and print this PDF and hang it next to the phone.


friday funny film dose

Droll friday when you need to waste office hours one something?

amuse yourself watching william shatner priceline outtakes in both quicktime and media player formats over at

If that doesn't tickle you - how about the japanese Apple switch ads? Their very own version of Ellen Fleiss is the charming student momoko kikuchi (i hope i got that name right).


ESPN SportsCenter Commercials

What's your favorite ESPN SportsCenter commercial? View 18 of their best spots (streaming video) and vote for your favorite one here.

My favorite one wasn't listed!


Microsoft switch goes sour

Microsoft pulled a switch. To be more specific, they posted a cute ad on their sales pages supposedly written by a freelance copywriter who switched after eight years of mac-dom over to XP. It beat the same drum as the apple switch campaign but with a lot less personality. An entire personality it seems.

The slashdot community thought they recognized the woman, and found her to be a Getty images stock photo. Was this a testimonial without a testimonee?