Louis Vuitton's :90 TV Commercial To Air Later This Month

From - Everything's Better With Brentter : Louis Vuitton - A Journey

New :90 second Louis Vuitton ad done by Ogilvy Paris featuring award winning director Bruno Aveilla with score composed by famous movie composer Gustavo Santaolalla.They plan on airing the piece in 13 different languages in select cinemas, cable and satellite channels throughout 2008. Keep in mind this is the first TV commercial ever produced for luxury brand Louis Vuitton.


Steve Novick's political ads, injecting funny instead of mud slinging

Something is going on with political advertising in the states, first we have Chuck Norris cameos, now we have ads so funny that I want to move to Oregon just to vote for Steve Novick. Check out these two.

Would you have a beer with Steve Novick?


If you ever get a THX sound ident brief......

If you are ever given the gig to do a THX cinema sound trailer, please, pretty please with sugar on top hand it over to whomever created this so that I may go to the movie theatre and experience this at full impressive THX blast. Kthxbye!


Pedigree makes little dogs extra perky - ambient sticker campaign

TBWA\ Hunt Lascaris South Africa created this little personally delivered stunt for Pedigree.

Pedigree wanted to create awareness of their Pedigree puppy formula and the nutricious energy it gives small dogs and puppies. Because the dogs are smaller they generally use a dog flap in the door to get in and out.

Here's the kicker, look where they placed that dog flap. Waaay up there. Yep: "We placed dog flaps on doors all around the suburbs. However, instead of placing them low where they are usually found, they were placed at the top implying that the dog had the energy to jump through the top. We also slipped a sample of the Pedigree puppy formula under their doors for their dogs to try".

Let me "put my client hat on" for a moment here. This door has no other dog flap, how do you know they have a dog? Slipping dog food under the door where dogs live sounds like a recipe for a really messy hallway - could you put it in the mailbox outside plz? I try to avoid getting bombarded by advertising, I don't know how if I'd get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you just used my property as your free media space. Ok, that taken care of, lets see more pics and credits inside!


New Diamond Shreddies Cereal

This had me fooled for a second. It is a subtle joke.

New Diamond Shreddies Cereal

London, Ontario, Canada


Throttleman posse beams shops co-ordinations to your bluetooth phone

TORKE 2.0 Throttleman in Lisboa - Portugal (doesn't Lisboa sound so much cooler than plain old Lisbon?) did this little "Guerrilha" (again, way cooler than "guerrilla") city stunt for their client Throttleman fashions shops.

In order to communicate Throttleman's Autumn-Winter collection several people dressed with Throttleman's clothes walked around the city of oporto with giant tags outside their clothes . Wherever this group would pass, people around them with which had bluetooth turned on would receive an alert SMS of what was happening around them and to invite them to the nearest Throttleman shop.


Link Lust: Linking like it's 1999

This truly terrifying ad for the NSPCC with the line "Don't lose control" found via AdFreak "Uk Child abuse ads don't skip on gore". Don't know when (or even if but we assume) these ran. AdFreak found them via Mark's Arthole on flickr. I don't know about you but this image makes me cringe and want to hug puppies, look at rainbows and lock out the bad bad world. Go away!

Ralph have done another TV show tailored viral, this time it's for a show called Breaking Bad where a mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher unexpectedly adopts a criminal new lifestyle when he finds out that he has cancer - he opens a Meth lab in a a trailer. In the viral, Walter White - our meek high school chemistry teacher - dishes out advice that I should get off the computer and live life now. I think I will. Sounds like it'll be a good show too - course Walter's advice to stop watching too much TV becomes rather ironic when it is for a TV show.
BREAKING BAD is created by highly acclaimed writer, producer and director Vince Gilligan (“The X-Files”), executive produced by Oscar® winner Mark Johnson (The Chronicles of Narnia, The Notebook, Donnie Brasco), with the pilot episode photographed by two-time Oscar-winning cinematographer John Toll (Braveheart, Legends of the Fall, The Last Samurai).

Today's really difficult timewaster: Labyrinth spin the black circle Flash game... If you get past level eleven let me know. I suspect it's impossible.

Getaway Magazine Radio Spots - South Africa - (2008) :40 (South Africa)

These Radio spots are from The Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town, for client Getaway Magazine. The "little Angels" ran in December and the beastiality featuring second one (inside) ran this January.


Tesco Lotus seafood "Fresh" ambient on tanks, Bangkok

Tesco Lotus' idea is "always fresh" so BBDO Bangkok created these stickers to go on glass tanks in front of restaurants showing live fish, with the copy reading "as fresh from Tesco Lotus" in a sticker that looks like the Tesco price tag.


Is your client the client from hell?

If you can't figure this out by yourself, there's a simple test at http://yourclientfromhell.com/.