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Sarah Palin
Knitting Needles
The Electric Car
The Polar Ice cap

Zig’s new campaign for Newstalk 1010 is inviting people to make sense of what doesn’t – like the fact that Sarah Palin is a bestselling author – by listening and contributing to the conversation on the Toronto radio station. The campaign which shows some of the currently debated topics in graphic form, takes the form of billboards, TSAs, elevator wraps in Toronto’s downtown core and online banners. Speaking of the electric car, I totally want a Tesla model S, pretty sleek right?

Fans of iconic brands like the blue and yellow Chiquita should head over to Design:related and read the interview with the designer DJ Neff about the Chiquita Banana Brand Refresh for some great eye candy and howto bring an old icon into the new era.

Many times as designers we are tasked to help brands build or rebuild their identities. We may initially think that a clean slate is required to achieve a better identity, and in some cases that can be true if the existing brand identity has little to no value. But in most cases, there is always something that can be built on, discovered, or championed with any brand. It really just requires spending as much time as you can with the product, immersing yourself in it. Like method designing, you just have to live it and the work will flow through you.

Fans of old Chiquita should start humming I'm Chiquita Banana, and I've come to say
Bananas have to ripen in a certain way....
right about now.

Did y'all know I've gotten cynical over the years? Nooo, say it ain't so the crowd roars in mock shock, but yep, I have.

See, when I got this email, I did immediately think "is this a trick to get me to post it?", either way the most I could be bothered doing was deny it was our viral on twitter eleven hours ago. It was the 0 connections on her linkedin page that sealed the deal for me, well, that and no response to my email. Oh, and her lastname.firstname@gmail email was lacking a G. I may make typos, but I'm not blind.

Hi there,
There are rumors that the 'Master Kong' TV interview

is actually a self promo for Adland. Can you confirm this? and if not- do you have a hint who is behind this?
Many thanks
Jaia Rosenberg
free-lance journalist for advertising publications and creative ad blogs

And lo and behold, looks like Steve over at adrants got the same email: Master Kong A 'Viral' For Adrants?. So fess up fellow adbloggers, who else got it?

So who, pray tell, is behind this viral? Lets file this under: who gives a toss. Honestly, virals that make me hunt for the sender have bored me for years already.

Update: Arity, over twitter I got it confirmed from @griner and a few others that practically every ad-news-gossiper got this email, how clever.

The funniest? @creativitymag got a mail from Jaia too and at that time her Linkedin page stated that she worked for them. Do'h! @creativitymag knows that she does not.

Here's a new app that I'm sure will be used and abused by creatives everywhere, Stickybits is both iPhone and Android ready - with it you can stick barcodes to real world objects, and when scanned they unlock photos, vidoes, anything you want that you've attached to that barcode. You could create scavenger hunts, add extra digital stuff to your biz-card, add a digital guestbook to a real world location, attach digital assembly instructions to that plate you just shattered and glued together with a barcode sticker... The possibilities are endless.

I dunno about you, but I'm downloading this app right now. Momma's gonna have some fun.