Thorn works with Welcome to Orange County

Thorn has made it official, them and Welcome to Orange County, the European exploration agency in Copenhagen Denmark, are an item.
A campaign to re-launch the Thorn brand is scheduled to break this summer across Norway and Sweden but here at AdLand you can have a sneak peak already. This partnership entails all of Thorn's marketing activities in Norway & Sweden

Thorn - Abandonment

"A lot of people hear the term "rental" and pretty much stop listening. Our job was to find a way to get past the mental roadblocks and reveal a side of Thorn they've never bothered to see. The many enhancements to Thorn's business, made possible by the re-finance, makes that job even easier. We've tried to reflect that positive change outward" explains Michael Lee, a partner at Welcome to Orange County.


Flatiron update: Surely this violates the Landmarks Preservation regulations?

Swedish adblog Researcher tips us to this update of the flatiron H&M story. asks: "Surely this violates the Landmarks Preservation regulations?"
He sent a photo to the Landmarks Preservation Commission and witjin a week, they replied that he was right! The huge H&M poster is five out of the nine violations in total that the Department of Buildings issued the Flatiron building.

1. Sign creates hazardous wind load.
2. Prohibited advertising sign on scaffold.
3. Sign exceeds the 40-foot height limit.
4. Surface area for the sign is too large.
5. Failure to get permit from Buildings Department.


Building Sin City from scratch

When director Robert Rodriguez started working on Sin City he knew it would have to look just like the original style from the classic comic books, so much so in fact that Frank Miller is listed as co-director. Making a comic book look come to life isn't easy, for this he employed CaféFX.
"The panels of the comic were our storyboards," said CafeFX visual effects producer Edward Irastorza. "In fact, the only reference we were given was a copy of the book, which at first, seemed like a pretty simple task since most of the action takes place on either a plain black or white background. But, Robert wanted actual environments. In the entire 45-minute segment, I think only two walls were shot. The rest we created from scratch."


Coors doesn't understand biology

Coors unveils new ads for 2005. The press release states :

The new advertising engages consumers with humor, familiar social settings, and great music. The spots reinforce that Coors Light delivers the ultimate in cold refreshment, with the coldest tasting beer in the world.
"The heart of Coors Light marketing is to communicate that in every bottle, can and glass of Coors Light is the taste of Rocky Mountain cold refreshment," said Buxton. "In everything we do this year, we will engage our drinkers and dramatize our unique Coors Light benefits."

Unfortunately the ads continue on with the bastardising of the language with the tagline "Taste the cold".


Adland's Birthday - Nine years old today!

Congratulations kids, we're nine years old today! Or 121.5 if you count in internet years my collegue here insists, but don't ask me to explain the math on that one.

In honor of our birthday were having a competition where 100 adgrunts can win a super adgruntship! Yes, one-hundred of you. That's a lotta chances to win innit? Read more.


April fools everyone.

Finally it's April 1 here in Denmark, last night I was had by the "hacked" waferbaby front page before I realized that yes... It's April 1.

This morning I snickered loudly at the well executed BoringBoring, where the suicide girl ads really look like suicidal teenage girls and the topic of each post could knock the edge off a packet of NoDoz. " Watch 10 years of PBS pledge drives, without the interesting programs" and " Watch Paint Dry"... oy...that's boring.

We're bound to see more as April 1 begins across the globe. Have a good one.


How young is too young to be a marketer?

State Rep. Mike Festa has sponsored legislation aimed at protecting children from exploitation by youth marketers on the Internet. To townonline he said that: "he was drawn to the issue after reading news accounts, including a Dec. 5New York Times magazine cover story, that described the ways in which buzz marketing companies support deceptive practices among agents, including minors, who are employed to participate in their promotional campaigns."


Tampax gets interactive

So going through the latest issue of InStyle, I came across this ad for Tampax. I had to laugh. One has to wonder if they really think anyone would cut out the clothes and dress up their tampon.

(much more inside)


How much should agencies be paid?

In a Creativity article, Tim Broadbent writes about proving the value of advertising. He discusses that as many agencies are no longer being paid based on media commission, they need to figure out a new standard for payment. And one that is equivalent to the worth of the work that they(we) create. Broadbent takes a look at some ad history to see how we got to the point we're at today.

Read more for an excerpt...


M&M's new member - Darth Chocolate.

One X-wing Fighter spacecraft, a host of stormtroopers, RCD2 and C3P0, evil Darth Vader with his M&M'S® Brand Character counterpart M-Vader gathered in Time Square today to unveil secret cargo captured from "the other side of the universe".
Dark Chocolate M&M's were given away to all passers by. The dark chocolate candies was developed to coincide with the new Star Wars film, and they couldn't do all this without making a trailer... right? Click on the image to see M&M's version of Star wars.