Repo Men- Jack Soda - (2010) :30

Jack Soda comically exhibits a boy's unrestrained hormones as he becomes excited by the image of a busty woman doused with soda.

Geordie Stephens and Erich Joiner of bicoastal Tool of North America have directed several morbidly humorous spoof spots, via Goodness Mfg, which will be interspersed throughout the upcoming feature film Repo Men, and are currently being featured on the film's promotional site: Repo Men is based off a novel by Eric Garcia and directed by Miguel Sapochnik via Universal Studios.

Target is launching a unique partnership with fashion icon Liberty of London, which combines the retail giant's budget-conscious ethos with Liberty's legendary styles. The announcement called for a memorable advertising campaign, and who better to deliver than A Very Small Office (AVSO) Director Mikon van Gastel, who collaborated closely with Peterson Milla Hooks (PMH) to buck industry trends and create a unique oversized practical environment that beautifully showcases Liberty's trendy clothing, home and table ware, garden products, bicycles and more.

The edgy Liberty spot follows AVSO's recent series of high-profile Target Frugalista spots - done in the iconic style of the retail chain - that aired during the Grammys, the Golden Globes, and the Winter Olympics. The spots are vastly different in tone and presentation from the Liberty spot, serving as both a verification of Mikon's incredible versatility and AVSO's ability to attract and maintain the world's most visible clients.

"It's a testament to PMH that they recognized Mikon's flexibility and gave him liberty (no pun intended) to create at will. What they got was something unique; a fashion editorial come to life; a slightly surreal and ethereal spot that goes far beyond traditional retail expectations," noted AVSO EP Saffron Case.