Melanoma Casts A Deathly Pall With Help From Northern Lights

"There's no such thing as a safe tan" is the jarring message of a new PSA by the Colette Coyne Melanoma Awareness Campaign (CCMAC). Shot by Bryan Litman and edited by David Gioiella of Northern Lights, the PSA reveals that one person dies from melanoma every hour.

The spot uses a simple, striking visual concept of a tanning bed morphing into a coffin. A teenage girl lies down to a session of sun bed tanning, hoping to give her skin a healthy glow. Motion graphics state that, "UV rays can cause melanoma no matter where they come from" - thus, shattering the notion that tanning salons are safer than outdoor tanning.

To raise awareness of the astonishing death-rate statistic, Northern Lights' editor David Gioiella used jump cuts and frame removals.


Beckham asks soccer fans to help for Malaria cause in PSA

A Public Service Announcement featuring David Beckham of Real Madrid urges soccer fans to donate $10, the cost of one mosquito net, towards the fight against malaria. Malaria kills over 3,000 children every day in Africa, yet the disease can be easily prevented with a $10 mosquito net. In the announcement, David Beckham kicks a soccer ball into a goal with a missing net. The PSA closes "We need nets" and points viewers towards MalariaNoMore.org. This follows on the heels of Major League Soccer taking on malaria as an issue. David Beckham will become a MLS player with the Los Angeles Galaxy in July.


Buenos Aires gets turned into Fruit City for Tropicana

OUTSIDER's Jorn Threlfall helped bring to life DDB London's concept for a Fruit City where luscious fruit of all kinds is found absolutely everywhere.


Tropicana - Fruit City (2007) 0:45 (UK)

Tropicana - Fruit City (2007) 0:45 (UK)

Air Date: April 16, 2007


FAADA/Save The Children - Clare/Lucy (2007) Print (Spain)

Contrapunto in Barcelona sent us their latest work for FAADA. Here's what they had to say about the ads:

All of childhood should be like a fairytale. But there are several children that instead of living in a tale, live trapped on a nightmare due to the unfair difficulties present on their lives. Taking that under consideration, famous fairytale were transformed into nightmares showing that harsh reality. This campaign tries to seek volunteers to the cause.

Read more to check out the ads.


Top 50 Bullshit jobs

.... and the winner is (drumroll, please)... Advertising Executive. Motivation, because they:

Create perceived need/value for inherently generic or worthless products

Trident - Trident Factory (2007) 4:50 (UK)

Trident - Trident Factory (2007) 4:50 (UK)

In he colorful Trident factory pleasure research is done by men in lab coats. It's nicer to be kissed by a pretty girl, than by a dog.


Hummer Ads: Unintentional Irony?

The current print ad series for Hummer feature the tagline "like nothing else" and bewitching images of exotic wildlife in its natural habitat.

Presumably the ads are meant to compare the Hummer to these rare and beautiful creatures. However, with the Hummer taking a lot of heat from environmentalists over its notoriously low gas mileage, these images serve as a reminder that owning one of these vehicles is damaging to the environment and to the survival of the very creatures to which Hummer likens itself in these ads. Perhaps the Leo Burnett agency of Mumbai is saying "oops" right now…. on the other hand, maybe the message was intentional—the ads are clearly not meant to appeal to the environmentalist consumer anyway!


Link Lust: Link In The Nick Of Time

Our Industry is Broken is a manifesto disguised as game from Fletcher Martin in Atlanta. (hat tip Brandon)

Brandweek reports TV ad clutter was no worse for 2006.

Four ways to use Twitter in marketing. And if you have yet to check out the hypnotic Twittervision, you might want to.

PageFlakes is an umbrella site for marketing/advertising blogs which launched yesterday. Basically another way to get your rss feeds. If you're looking for Adland, we're under the advertising tab.

Sprig is a new site about green design and ways to make your design and office greener.

And speaking of design, Istanbul Design Week will be taking place between the 4th and 10th of September. Istanbul Design Week is held on the historic Galata Bridge in Balat, which is one of the most interesting areas of the city. The event will include several other projects, workshops, exhibits and joint events. Marti Guixe, Matali Crasset, Alberto Meda and Shin Azumi are some of the returning guests from last year's Istanbul Design Week. See the website for more information.

The Art and Science of Creepy takes a look at how advertising has turned the buzz factor into the bizarre factor. (hat tip Clay)


Iams - Doggie Door (2007) Print (USA)

Got a fat dog? Saatchi & Saatchi NY's recently created this print ad for Iams touting the fact that it contains less fat.