Taxfree coca-cola and Nestle?

Interesting to note is the large Multinationals march across the world and the advantages they might have in different markets. Did you know that Coca-Cola corporation, Crafts Food, Nestle, Unilever and other like them don't pay taxes in Denmark - despite flogging quite a lot of products in .dk?


Standing on the shoulders of Giants.

I knew exactly what to expect - I thought - as I got review copies of Herman Vaske's new book
"Standing on the Shoulders of Giants"
sent over. I already have a collection of in my opinion, best interviews from Lurzers Archive photocopied and slammed in a binder at home, with two available in the Ad books section - Paul Arden and Tim Mellors - but there is a vast difference between my photocopied binder and the real deal.


Scam ads' place in Cannes

Scam ads' place in Cannes
By Claudia Penteado

Scam ads have gotten out of control in Cannes. But it's not just the scam artist agencies that should take the blame. It's little surprise that things ended up like this. Let me explain: for many countries in the world „ like Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Japan, China „ from the very beginning the Cannes Festival has been essentially Anglo-Saxon. The jury has historically been made up by Americans and Europeans (usually the British). (read more of this article..)


Take me out to the lawsuit

Restored 1966 Volkswagen Microbus: $25,000

Summer-long cross-continental commercial shoot and production involving dozens of baseball stadiums and a whole bunch of location setups: A million or two

Massive media placement to saturate the airwaves with your epic multi-part tale of how two young and unemployed buddies can spend a summer driving a classic vehicle around the country to attend expensive baseball games and buy a bunch of $150 jerseys with their no-limit credit cards during an economic slowdown: $30-60 million

Getting sued by the guys whose documentary film you stole the idea from: Priceless


"Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: A Guide to Creating Great Ads."

The Hack
by Luke Sullivan.

Many thanks to Luke Sullivan for e-mailing me this part of his book. - Dabitch

Yes, clients can misbehave. Thank God, most of them don't. And to account for all that awful work you see on TV every night, those bad clients must have a few friends in the business. They do. Like everything else in life, America's list of agencies makes up a big bell curve. There are a few truly great agencies, then a whole bunch of agencies that are just okay, and then a few bad ones.

Ad Books: 

Post Boards Summit Party Dec. 5th

Trade mag Boards and directing combo Traktor are having a partay down Santa Monica way to close out the Boards Summit and wind up the Holiday season.

Sponsors are The Lift and Whitehouse Post. The party is by invitation only and is guaranteed to shake yer shit.

For more info contact Traktor, Boards (Sandy), Whitehouse (David B.) or The Lift (Pablo or Ana). Cheers.


Quiet Man Flames away.

Everybody wants to be a star, and in a newly reprised Freeman and Partners, MacKenzie-Cutlercampaign for Fox Sports' National Basketball Association, basketball wannabes Alan and Jerome live out a sport fan's dream thanks to Flame artist Johnnie Semerad and his teamat Quiet Man.



Alert! Warning, drinking soft drinks causes funny hair. and apparently, so does TV.


Last and final day of the ADCG

Sunday 11th Nov Day 3

The final day of AGDC. The first round of presentations started at 9:30am. Not surprisingly, alot of ppl did not attend these early presentations after last nights round of endless drinks and hitting the pub after 11pm. I got about 3 hours sleep and I arrived like a zombie :)


Day two - Saturday - of the ADCG

Day 2 of AGDC

Saturday proved to be a dissappointment for AGDC. There were very few booths/stalls. Alias|Wavefront, Discrete and Intel were the prominent ones. Other companies include Auran, Infogrames, AIE, Mad Academy and a couple of others.