Sara Lee Supports Whole Grain Campaign with "Crop Circle"

To support Sara Lee's Soft & Smooth Switcheroo: Take Your Whole Grain Sandwich to School Day campaign, Kansas changed its unofficial nickname, "The Wheat State", to "The Whole Wheat State" on Wednesday. Using 40 bales of wheat straw, 23 tons of crushed limestone and 50 bags of red mulch for the red Sara Lee logo, they created a "crop circle" or field art image to help support the program.


Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium lets readers smell cake.

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium is running an ad in The Los Angeles Times this Sunday which smells like cake. Yep, it's a scratch and sniff dealio - much like modern perfume ads - where the ad is printed with a soy-based ink that emits the smell of cake weather you scratch it or not. Neat.


Bazooka - Air Bag (2007) Print (Brussels)

Little kid and his big pink airbag. Nicely done, Duval Guillaume Brussels very simple.


Axe / Lynx : Lingerie stickers in mens restrooms

Lowe Ginkgo, Uruguay made these stickers of women's lingerie, complete with shadows so as to look very real, with the idea that only Axe would make women forget items of their intimate clothing in mens restrooms.


Link Lust: The greatest link.

Most annoyingly addictive game of the week: Jelly Battle. There's just something about the way all the little jelly-men go "splat" when you nuke them.


BFD: FCNY’S Tiffany Burchard Cuts Nu Spot

Reprising her role in one of the most memorable ad campaigns of the year, FilmCore’s Tiffany Burchard has cut a new spot for AT&T touting its unlimited messaging service.

The new spot from BBDO, New York, is a follow up to an earlier ad in which a mother confronts her daughter about the cost of her text messages. The girl responds in abbreviated "text" language, with subtitles providing "English" translations. See the first ad here. In the new ad, the same mom quizzes the girl again as well as other family members, including grandma. Challenged about her excessive texting, the older woman responds, "MYOB!" (Mind your own business.)

"The big difference in this spot is all the new characters," said Burchard of her role as editor. "This time, we've got a brother, a dad and a grandma, who provides the punch line. It was challenging to establish all the characters and get the funniest bits for the grandmother."

With the new spot, there was also the challenge of ensuring that it lived up to its popular predecessor. "Whenever you do a sequel, you always want to top the one before," she said. "I had a great script and great performances to work with. My role was to make the funniest possible spot and deliver the sales message."

The campaign has become something of a phenomenon. The earlier spot is a favorite on You Tube as well as many advertising websites. "I also came across a site that was selling merchandise related to the ad—tee shirts, wall clocks, hats and bags," Burchard said. "They all were marked with the girl's catch phrase, 'IDK my BFF Jill.'"

Will grandma’s zinger from the new spot achieve that level of market penetration? Burchard thinks the chances are XLNT.

Watch the spot:


AT&T Mobility - Family Meeting (2007) 0:30 (USA)


tbd wins Graphis Gold Award IronHorse Print Campaign

tbd out of Bend, Oregon shares the news that they have won the Graphis Gold Award for their print campaign for IronHorse, a mixed-use community in Prineville, Oregon. tbd is one of the 85 firms to win the Gold status in the Graphis Advertising Annual 2008.

"Creating compelling campaigns for a tough industry like real estate is a challenge that we savor," said Paul Evers, president of tbd. "With this particular campaign we really focused on the personality and character of the customer. The approach has driven real results our client, and we are pleased to top off that success with recognition from an international publication like Graphis."

Fly Fisherman (top)


Israel's websites black out to mark a year to the Israeli soldiers' abduction

Interesting stunt orchestrated by Y&R in Israel, if you're a newsjunkie you know that last year July 12 Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev were abducted, and since being kidnapped nobody has heard from them.

On July 12th this year, at precisely 9:05 in the morning - the time the soldiers were abducted - all leading Israeli internet sites blacked out for five minutes.


Pingdom flirts with Firefox, makes IE users convert in exchange for free Pingdom

Whomever said that advertising won't make people change their habits was wrong and we all know it. Pingdom set out to prove it.