man with monkey on his back playing golf

We all know now that Chrysler will be the only U.S. automaker to advertise in this year's Super Bowl, spending millions on a 60 second spot, trying not to peeve the public who paid for their bailout. It's the first time since 2004 that Dodge appears in the superbowl, though they've been a regular staple since 1979.
Here's their 2004 effort, where a man has a monkey on his back.

"What better way to illustrate to our customers that we are still here than to air on the Super Bowl, which is not only watched for the game, but also for the advertising spots," said Chrysler spokeswoman Dianna C. Gutierrez.

It will be the Dodge Charger that's advertised in a 60-second commercial showcasing "the passion of Dodge."

Other automakers in the bowl: Audi will also air ads during the superbowl, calling on rock legends Cheap Trick to create the soundtrack for their ad.

Reminder - keep an eye on our Super Bowl XLIV Ads *Spoiler Alert* post for any changes in the schedule. Warning for those who want to be surprised, it has spoilers.

Just as 5.1 is becoming the standard surround mix for broadcast, Pirate NYC has signed a superstar in the medium. Grammy-nominated expert commercial audio post mixer Gary Tole is one of the top 5.1 engineers in the United States and has earned a reputation for consistently delivering mixes that are superior both technically and creatively. With more than two decades of experience, he is one of the few mixers who combine true audio post expertise and artistry to make his projects perpetual sonic stand-outs.

"I've been around so many world-class clients and studios that I know excellence when I see it, and Pirate is sound producing at a level as good as anyone in the industry," stated Tole. "I'm eager to join the crew and help Pirate as they continue to grow in the U.S."

Lowe Brindfors and NTF Stockholm just launched this campaign showing cell phones in car crashes, or cell phones as crashed cars, to visually tell people to hang up while driving. (Is it just me or could that be Princess Dianas cell phone car crash?)

It reminds me of the lesser photoshop skilled Wataniya cell phone car crash which in turn reminded me of the Land Transport New Zealand & New Zealand Police "Sleep" campaign. where we see beds crashed instead. Aw.

Moral of the story: If a visual idea is nice and simple, you can bet money on it already being done.

Fun one from the Reuters wire, apparently a billboard was hacked and instead opf showing the usual sexually suggestive advertising, it showed hard core porn. Stunned motorists slammed on the breaks at the sight of the billboard, backing up traffic on the highway.

The owner of the advertising screen, which sits atop a main road about two km (1.2 miles) south of the Kremlin, told the state-run RIA news agency that hackers had broken into the screen's computer system and turned on the porn.

So, it wasn't the interns that decided to watch a little porn at night and forgot that the station monitor was connected to the billboard, then?

If you like to be surprised by the ads you see on February 7th during Super Bowl XLIV, close your eyes, hum a tune and click to read the next article. *Do not read on*. You have been warned.

With some of the usual suspects like FedEx, GM and Pepsi sitting on the sidelines for the first time in years, here's what and who you can expect to see during this year's Super Bowl. As more becomes available, we'll be updating this post.

First Half: will continue its ’Confidence’ campaign by DDB Chicago with one 60-second commercial that will air in the first half.

First Quarter: - 1 :30 in 1st Quarter featuring Danica Patrick done my GoDaddy Productions (in-house). One of the two spots is titled "Movies" and will feature Patrick in spoofs of movies from “Weird Science” to “Flashdance" with an internet extended version.
Bridgestone - 1 :30 in 1st Quarter by Richards Group, Dallas.

Second Quarter:
Dockers - 1 :30 in 2nd Quarter by DraftFCB
Careerbuilder - 1 spot in the 2nd Quarter. UGC part of a "Hire my TV ad" contest.
Dr Pepper Snapple Group - :30 in 2nd Quarter promoting Dr Pepper Cherry line with Gene Simmons and the rest of KISS. Agency is Deutsch, Los Angeles
Hyundai Motor - 1 :30 in 2nd Quarter by Innocean Worldwide Americas, Irvine, CA for unknown car lines
TRUTV - :30 promoting the cable network with creative by Grey