Round two, coming at ya.

Second Quarter:
Budweiser - :60 entitled "Bridge" directed by Paul Middleditch of aWHITELABELproduct for DDB Chicago, with post/VFX from The Mill NY and music out of Elias Arts.
Review: @caff A human bridge? C'mon. Sure that would work. Who needs reality in a Super Bowl ad? Feels like Bud and Bud Light is trying too hard this year.
@Dabitch seriously? That's the funniest script they could think of? Do I need to be drunk on Bud to get it?

Here we go! That's right. It's game on for the in-game ads. Let's hope we see some winners tonight in the Ad Bowl. If only it's as epic as the Super Bowl intro with Jay-Z. Maybe next year they'll give a trophy to the best ad as well. ;) Based on what we've seen so far, maybe we need to call it the Trite Bowl. (ads will be filled in as we post them)

First Quarter:
Bud Light - :30 sec - Dude builds a whole house out of beer cans.
Review: @caff Typical Bud Light spot. Not very funny, it's like they tried too hard to be funny and failed.
@Dabitch yeah, it's very Bud Light. Like the beer, leaves no residue.