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Forty-four years after its launch, K- Swiss is finally telling The Classic’s story.

The timing of The Classic storytelling campaign comes on the eve of K-Swiss’s launch of a whole new era of Classics. Before introducing a whole new generation of Classics, K-Swiss thought it was time to set the record straight about its quietly iconic shoe. And it’s only fitting that the company a few secrets in the process. Like what the ‘K’ in its name actually stands for, or why its original owners only produced a single shoe twenty years long. The campaign tackles these answers and more in a story that stretches across 8 short chapters under the campaign motto: ‘You gotta know your classics.’

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Rainbow Parking

Look what color can do:

It can even give you free parking!

Free parking in Eilat, the country's #1 tourist city,

sponsored by Israel's largest paint retailer

As part of its "Color Month" campaign, paint retailer Tambour

sponsored free parking on Eilat's "Hotel Boulevard"

The Event - Tambour, Israel's largest paint retailer took over the entire Boulevard,

painting the sidewalk borders in all the colors of the rainbow.

Anyone parking on a color got to park for free.

Yesterday, Eilat's Mayor and Tambour's CEO launched the campaign

and cut the ribbon opposite one of the boulevard's main hotels.

In a city where parking spaces are few and expensive, Tambour's initiative is very welcome.

It's like Old Yeller... for beer lovers. – :60 (The Netherlands)

Bavaria beer’s "The Drop" depicts a long glorious journey for a pristine drop of water, which ends up not so pristine, finally meeting a not so gloriously end by a clueless bartender (and his best friend). The far from home theme has been done before, as well as the evolution theme (See Guiness), but the payoff brings it down to earth, and spins the seen it before execution nicely. (Supposedly, the intent was that the bartender is clueless, and that his block of the impure drop was accidental. Not sure that angle helps the cause, in that, Bavaria *sometimes* catches impurities?) An alternate song ending can be found here.

Canada supports LGBT Hyundai drivers. The U.S.? Not so much. – (2010) :20 (Canada)

Is America that uptight about showing anything having to do with the LGBT community? Yes, yes we are. (You need only look at the gay near-miss Super Bowl Snickers from two years ago or this year’s Mancrunch spots for further proof.) There’s a spot running now in Canada during the Olympics from Bensimon Byrne for Hyundai that features a play on a lipstick lesbian theme that would never fly further south. Underscoring the current homophobic vibe in the U.S. is that it’s *merely* suggestive of a relationship; there’s no physical contact whatsoever. But Sweden? Proud of ya! (Tip to The Auto Marketing blog.) (Update: Hyundai has now moved its Canadian account to Innocean Worldwide Canada, saying only that the move was to “unify its North American business on strategy, planning and creative.”)

From the press release:
Moon Media director Liz Hinlein made an appearance at the Olympics on Sunday, in the form of a new spot for Dove that aired during the evening's broadcast. "Misti" is a young woman who - understandably - was a little skeptical about whether or not a deodorant could make her feel stubble free longer...But after viewing this spot, no one should doubt Hinlein's eye for casting and performance. "Misti" brings just the right tone and energy to the proceedings, and - pardon the use of another deodorant's tagline - but she never lets us see her sweat.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Germany
Producer: Fresh Films, UK