Taken from Everything's Better With Brentter: Lexus - Missing h

So Lexus just released this spot promoting their new hybrid line of automobiles. In it they try to show us what a typical day would be like if all of a sudden a letter in the alphabet (you guessed it: the "H") were to all of a sudden go missing. This was a product of Team One (LA) and I have to admit that I liked this spot, but that's just because I think I might have some sort of psychological disorder that makes me like 90% of all Lexus ads.....no matter how "off" they might be in concept (I'm still waiting to get the test results from the doc. though, so we'll just have to wait and see on whether this is treatable).


JWT France are doing another web spreading animation, perhaps encouraged by the success of last years epic animation Wilkinson Quattro Titanium which played off the Oedipus complex with that baby who fought daddy for moms kisses. This time it tells the story of a poor cubicle worker who needs a break from back stabbing co-workers and that alpha male in the cubicle next door.
The end of the film says that "the quest for the ultimate break begins" and directs you to Breakultime-kitkat.fr (Flash 9 req.)
Kit Kat - Break Ultime / the Ultimate Break


Did Wieden+Kennedy and DDB Chicago have the weirdest brainsync of them all? They both fancy using Jackie Moon as spokesperson. First he was in a hugely popular Bud Light ad during the 2008 Super Bowl XLII, now he's hanging around the same locker room espousing the virtues of le Old Spice in his trademark way. Didn't Will Ferrel at some point say "hay, guys.... I'm already playing spokesperson for another brand here, airing at the same time.." I guess not.

Sure sure, this is only a kindof a Badlander, but I think the sudden Jackie Moon trend is funny. Next up, lets see him hawk razors, hair gel and fast food!

Check the ads out:
Bud Light - Jackie Moon / Semi-pro / Will Ferrell (2008) 0:30 (USA)

Old Spice - Jackie Moon / Caveman - (2008) :30 (USA)


From - Everything's Better With Brentter : Louis Vuitton - A Journey

New :90 second Louis Vuitton ad done by Ogilvy Paris featuring award winning director Bruno Aveilla with score composed by famous movie composer Gustavo Santaolalla.They plan on airing the piece in 13 different languages in select cinemas, cable and satellite channels throughout 2008. Keep in mind this is the first TV commercial ever produced for luxury brand Louis Vuitton.