Toyota's Ultra-Violent Videogame reports on a strange online game created to promote Toyota. In the game you play a "Little Deviant" who drives around in a Toyota Scion and commits violent crimes on "Sheeple", including "pummeling, slicing, and dismembering" with lots of flying green blood.


New ad media: the back of envelopes.....™ think they have a winning concept with their free postage paid advertising supported envelopes available to anyone that lives in the US. Seriously, you can stop bothering with stamps now as long as you're cheap enough to use advertising supported envelopes. Nothing signals "I care" as much as a handwritten perfume-drenced love-letter with a Pizza-hut coupon on the back.


Brand Hook-Ups

Tom Fishburne does it again with this Brand Hook-Ups cartoon. The last one nearly caused a coffee/keyboard related accident!


Stark-raving plaid - Ian's back for Titleist NXT*


SCALA JWT Romania teaches us how to sell an ad

Hmmmm...Judging by this SCALA JWT's clients are a bunch of masochists.


What the hell is this? Brand suicide?

Someone just emailed me this "Hover" car ad, what the hell...? The torn middle suggests that the ad is real but would anyone really run an ad like this? Scam or portfolio piece, what do you think?


The Puppet Agency

Have you seen the Puppet Agency? It's a flash site with embedded flash youtube videos (sheesh!) where someone with a very wry sense of humor clearly spent a lot of time filming puppets act out ad agency stereotypes.


Nothing sucks like an ad myth

Oy vey. I've spotted this in a few Swedish blogs recently, and then to top it all off someone mentioned it at work - the old "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux" myth. It goes a little something like this and can be found on countless funny pages, in silly list emails, and spoken during water cooler chats in offices around the world.

Scandinavian vacuum manufacturer Electrolux used the following in an American campaign, "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux".

The funny of course being that Swedes are unaware of the double entendre.

Here is the mythical ad poster.

(originally posted in the comments for "both of these ads really suck")

So lets be clear, it was not an American ad, it was a British advertising poster, and the pun was intended. Look, the Electrolux sucks so hard it explains the leaning tower of Pisa.


Stride vs. Stride


Honda Civic hybrid generation - Suicide - with 0% CO2 emissions

Honda hybrid generation with 0% CO2 emissions means you have to resort to good old fashioned rope to kill yourself.

Note: spec work.