I admit that I feel a little sorry for Derek Powazek here, since he has the awesome trackrecord being one of the founders of JPG Magazine.

His new toy, Pixish isn't receiving the rave reviews one might expect. Why not? Because it smells like spec work and spec work is shit as we all know. Even if Powazek doesn't think it really is spec.
If you didn't realize spec was bad for you (and me, and everyone else) here's ten reasons to ponder over at No Spec! which we've shown you y'all before.
PDN Pulse sums it up with "Will Work For Prizes"

What's really scary is that young, tech-savvy artists are being groomed to think they are contestants reaching for a prize, rather than creative professionals with valuable talents.

Beckley works says "I beg to differ. Pixish is work on Spec".

The whole “contest” concept is the problem. If the winner gets paid it doesn’t mean the many others who submitted work didn’t waste their precious time, and undermine their field. The only party guaranteed payment in this scenario is Pixish.

Psyop directors Marie Hyon and Marco Spier share the dirt on their recent work for TBWA China's Adidas Olympic 2008 spots "Zheng Zhi" and "Together".

What was the creative brief from the client/agency?
The brief from the agency was to create a poetic, sophisticated, and awe inspiring Olympics campaign that embraces the idea of, “impossible is nothing” for the people of china. With the agency, we created four spots in total. The first spot was an anthem called “Together”. For this spot, we created a landscape of the nation supporting their athletes. It was important for us to create the intimacy between the supporters and the athletes. We wanted to make sure the fans were not seen just as the masses but to feel their emotion of being part of something big.

The other three spots were athlete specific spots that told their personal stories of their Olympic journey. With these spots, we were able to explore the world of imagery that is very dream like, allegorical, and surreal. Along with the agency and their Asian sensibility in storytelling, we were able to imagine three very unique looking spots with the type of stories we haven’t really encountered in the western market.

Visual effects design company a52 (www.a52.com) contributed its visual effects expertise to two CareerBuilder.com spots from advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy and The Directors Bureau director Mike Mills which debuted on ESPN's SportsCenter following this year's broadcast of Super Bowl XLII.

"a52 and RPS were meticulous with all the technical details, which allowed us to focus on the performances, script, and art direction," said Wieden+Kennedy copywriter Jason Bagley. "The whole process was very smooth and we couldn't be happier with how the effects turned out."

Total Beverage is a super-huge, enourmous, gigantic, really really big liquor store in Westminister Colorado. Denver based Sukle Advertising & Design has created a fresh new identity for Total Beverage that is the total opposite of cluttered booze-shops. Inspired by the simplicity of European road signs and informational graphics Sukle brought order to a store large enough to contain all sorts of chaos. (Did I mention that the store is, like, big?)


Agency : 303 Perth
Lindsay Medalia (Creative Director)
Dav Tabeshfar (Copywriter)
Jo Booth (Agency Producer)
Brad Habib at Soundbyte (Producer)
Director : Ralph Van Dyke at Eardrum
Prod. Co. : Double G