Wendy's - Breakthrough (2007) :30 (USA)


Barclays goes from Eagle to Shield?

Barclays has taken down its iconic giant metal eagle from the top the Barclays House in Poole, Dorset, UK.


Baby Spice for Prego?

Back in May, TV spots featuring Baby Spice, aka Emma Bunton, began airing in the US. Now they are running print ads (or at least I've come across one) to go with the campaign.


Tom Ford Perfume For Men - sold by hot wet naked women.

No strangers to controversy Tom Ford decided to launch his new scent by placing the perfume bottles on the shaven genitals of very naked models. No more G's shaved into pubic hair, this time we have no pubic hair at all! Does this mean it smells like pee? I'm not sure, but Terry Richardson probably had a grand old time instructing the model to squeeze the perfume bottle between her breasts as if she was in a porn movie. Whomever the fluffer... sorry... makeup artists was must have been amused too, likely called in to re-apply the shiny oil on her skin every five seconds.

And then they all went home and did more coke. True story.


That headline doesn't mean what you think it means.....

Adlister Michiel had me in tears when he emailed this delicious combination of people in red shirts declaring "you deserve the red shirt treatment"


Adland on Mad Men Episode #1 (Pilot)

Mad men. The show on AMC by Matthew Weiner focuses on advertising in 1960, right as the creative revolution is about to send shockwaves through the industry, while smoking was still on the tail-end of cool and sexual banter wasn't harassment yet. In short, it's like advertising today only with better hats. The shows tagline is where the truth lies. Ding! Double entandre! Dollar in the tipjar please!

Title sequences are like X-ray specs on the next thirty minutes. We know it's going to be a good show where a man falls between skyscrapers of advertising posters (visual puns!) only to end up this cool. Yes baby, lets go.


French paper ad inserts make me forgive that they are inserts.

Can I be honest with you? I know that it's totally wrong of me, I am an art director after all. I love paper, great prints, the smell of markers in the morning and all that goes along with it. But, I'm afraid to admit this, I can't stand paper ad inserts.

Sure it started innocently, I used to rip ads out of the Joe average mags like Wired or Newsweek, just rip and go so that I could concentrate on reading the magazine that I had paid for. That was fine, I figured, I'm not missing anything important that way. But you know what the graphic design an art mags look like right? Every fifth page there is an ad insert about paper, with the paper advertised as the insert. This is stuff I should know about, but at some point it got so bad that I stopped buying my HOW's and CA annuals and Graphis and whatnots because I just couldn't read the articles I wanted to read as those paper inserts were annoying the hell out of me. I stopped looking at them, I stopped feeling the paper, I stopped paying any sort of attention to these inserts even though they were directed at me and contained information I'd find useful because they bugged me so much.

Let me introduce you to the exception to the rule.
French paper ad


Hacking web banner networks sends banner ads from hated to feared

Seems I need to update the post Worst banner ad ever - system doctor takes over the browser as I've found more information, particularly this scary sounding article at the WSJ: Hackers Can Now Deliver Viruses via Web Ads.
In this article one can smell the near death of online ads, for example:

Clicking on ads that appear in the sponsored-link results section of Web-search engines can also be very dangerous. Web-security firm McAfee Inc. found in May that 6.9% of sponsored links led to suspicious sites that might have automatically downloaded malicious software.


Peperami - Exfoliate - (2007) 10 (UK)

Peperami - Exfoliate - (2007) 10 (UK)

The Peperami bloke stays young by moisterizing and exfoiliating. Good to know.


The new 5 gums are here! The new 5 gums are here!