Citroen - Transform - (2004) 0:30 (UK)

Citroen - Transform - (2004) 0:30 (UK)

A Citroen doing his best Michael Jackson moves? What is in my coffee?


Is it advertising or is it graffiti?

Reuters reports: In the neat-nick city of Singapore a controversy over Nike ads is brewing. Apparently about 50 people compained that the bus stops suffered "acts of vandalism" or "graffiti". Little did they realize that the graffiti was posters put there on purpose.
The ads, featuring U.S. basketball star LeBron James, were posted over other ads- causing folks to think they were indeed graffiti.

Graffiti is a sensitive subject in the wealthy island known for obsessive civic orderliness. Its authorities famously caned American teenager Michael Fay in 1994 on charges of spray-paint vandalism in a case that shocked the West.


Rubberbandman back for Xmas - animated!

The Rubberband Man is back for the Holidays in a new 60 second commercial, this time he's a cute animated puppet though.

"The stop-action idea developed while reminiscing about those classic holiday specials from our childhood that have aired for decades now," said Don Pogany, DDB Chicago Group Creative Director. "The thought of the Rubberband Man as a puppet and a kids choir of carolers as backup singers made us smile, and led us to believe that this could be a magical opportunity to make OfficeMax synonymous with the spirit of the season."

The original "Rubberband Man" television commercial, probably the most popular ad here with a cult-like fanclub, was nominated for an Emmy award and led to appearances on NBC's The Today Show and in People magazine.
Office Max - Rubberband Man 60 sec

The Holiday Rubberband man commercials can be found on this Rubberband OfficeMax website, where you can send the Rubberband man some holiday cheers! The animated commercial will air nationally in the USA from November 21 through to next year.


Come get your copy copied here.

AdHacks has "stocky copy to go". Oh sorry, I meant stock copy to go.
All you writers who have been so envious of us art and designers in the past when we get to play with all those stock books, now you too can get to feel the thrill of limited choice!
Zing, gotcha, it's just a joke from Chicago Blue Ant, but they might have been a tad inspired by such lovely site as this one; HeadLine Creator Pro, a real program that creates headlines for you! No more pesky copywriters and their silly needs like salary, time off and dental plans. Just fire up Headline Creator Pro and get killer headlines instantly! It's so easy a 7-year old child can use it! Extra exclamation marks not included!


Twins to a tee - golf game on the run. (update!)

Adgrunt HaHaSoup - creator of one of these ads said: "Go ahead, Badland it, why not, even if it isn't completely bad, it's fun in their similarity."

Perhaps not identical twins these two have many similar traits, which is quite funny.


Le Tigre - Tattoo (Print) (2004) (USA)

Le Tigre aired commercials in the '80s saying "catch that tiger". Well, they finally caught bed!

Click read more to see their newest print ad.

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PR Exec Louis Capozzi on The Advertising Show

Is PR doing its job? Hear Louis Capozzi, CEO of Manning Selvage & Lee Public Relations (MS&L), give insight into this fast paced industry, what successful ad agencies and PR firms are doing now and how the traditional model has changed dramatically. At MS&L, Capozzi counsels clients on public policy, crisis management and marketing. He has developed corporate communications strategies for Nike, Philips, General Motors, P&G and many others. In his career, he has previously worked for Ketchum Public Relations, Hill & Knowlton, and Aetna. Capozzi is also the current chairman of the board for the Council of Public Relations Firms.
You can tune in Saturday 8-10 p.m. CET (2-4 p.m. EST) to for the live webcast. Or check out the commercial free archives


Vodafone, Xmas comes once a year

Jordan pointed this one out... he was however at a loss for words.. one could see why. Wanna look?


PSP is so shocking even mannequins jaws drop

PSP has launched a weird ambient campaign in Japan, walk into any of the upscale elite caf'es and bars in Tokyo and you are likely to stumble onto mannequins holding a PSP and looking right shocked, PSP corner of IGN reports.
The thirty different mannequins were designed by Yamato Creation, and each one has their own 'story', each one holds a PSP looking surprised - so that you dear punter shall conclude that the new PSP is really really cool. ;)


Tivo shills with pop-ups and avoiding ads becomes illegal...?

It's official folks, you can't run, you can't hide, and you certainly can't Tivo away any ads. TiVo Will No Longer Skip Past Advertisers. Nopesiree, now they're the latest in market research tools and even planning to rollout a "couch commerce" system that allows users to purchase products and answer surveys using their remotes. We knew this was coming: Tivo - advertisers best friend. Coupled with some news that wordsmith Holger brought to my attention today, it looks like it might soon become illegal to not watch ads! Keep reading!