Another countdown to 2010, lets look at how creative escalator advertising has become in the past ten years, shall we? From worst to best, here's the top ten (well, eleven actually), escalator ads in the past ten years.

#1 The Nivea shaving ad from DRAFTFCB switzerland uses the time spent on the escalator to make people read, and wait, for the point. Meanwhile the Revita beauty center ad from Brazil has people walking on the models back. Both of these are.... nice but no cigar, as the first one feels a bit too forced hoping people will read all that, and the second one just weird as I doubt anyone thinks "ah, how relaxing" when walking one someones back.

adverve logo

Adverve is yet-another-ad/marketing-podcast, but instead of talking about what happened last week, the hosts Bill Green of Makethelogobigger and Angela Natividad of Live and Uncensored have dug deep into 'isms'. They started with racism in advertising with Hadji Williams who has a few horror examples to share. People saying no to hispanic agencies that create better work? What? I'm honestly shocked.

This years last episode was about sexism. You can download here, or subscribe via iTunes. I was the special guest, and my post show wrap-up is here for cliff notes on what I wanted to say regarding sexist advertising.

Just for a refresher, this is what that Method Shiny suds ad looked like.

Carl's Jr - Kim Kardashian / Grilled chicken Salad - (2009) :30 (USA)

Really? I'm sorry, I can't help it but with Paris Hilton slobbering over a burger in a bikini (which was too spicy and won an AWNY award), and now Kim Kardashian in lingerie licking sauce off a salad, the fast food and sex connection is getting a bit apparent. We've seen beefcake prefers burger to babe, I'd hit it and the burger as sex object, not to mention the man who got all hot and bothered because a burger wrapper was confused with a dryer sheet. Yes, we get it, fast food is.... instead of sex? Better than sex? I'll leave it up to you to make the salad tossing jokes. I don't have the stomach for it.

Mother London just put everyones singing carols type websites and tedious cards to shame with one big suitcase filled with $10000. They sent out a "spam" mail, and Theo Delaney responded to it. When he received the package, he forwarded it to someone who needed it more.

Three EMI Music labels, Capitol, Caroline, and Virgin Records, have filed a suit against Vimeo since many of their videos have music in them, unlicensed music. EMI argue that Vimeo has encouraged users to create channels and groups dedicated to showcasing "music videos" (lip dubs), and moreover Vimeo has lip-dubs prominently featured (sometimes referred to "channels we like" or "Vimeo obsessions") proving that staff actively moderate and visit these channels. The suit even suggests that staffers have uploaded their own lip-dubs.


"Our website is about original videos, not original music," said one Vimeo staffer quoted in the lawsuit.

To make matters stickier, as Vimeo proudly states, lip dub was even a term coined on Vimeo "by Jakob Lodwick, founder of Vimeo."

Watching plenty of lip-dubs, it's clear to me that they are derivative works, the question is are they transformative? (The full suit is available after the jump, inside)

But Electronic Frontier Foundation lawyer Corynne McSherry says that a use can be transformative even when it incorporates the entire work. "If you can argue persuasively that your purpose requires the whole thing, that's okay," she says. "I've seen plenty of lip dubs that struck me as extremely creative and transformative and that put things in an entirely new perspective."

Lip Dub - Need You Tonight by INXS from sarahlane on Vimeo.