Sing the praise of.. plagiarizing...

The singing body parts. Two commercials using a nifty post trick to make a body sing. Some body parts more gifted than others...


Singapore agencies cry foul against Ogilvy's "scam" Cannes winners!

Singapore agencies cry foul against Ogilvy's "scam" Cannes winners!

Good news for Upper Worli, we don't seem to be the only nation caught with our pants down on scam ads, the latest to be honoured with this distinction is Singapore. And this scandal involves as many as four Cannes Lions!


VW / Volkswagen Jetta - Wedding AKA The Big Day - long (2001) - 0:60 (USA)

The one minute edit of the man who drives all night to stop her wedding.


PETA's latest ad - the jaws of these people.

The PETA did it again, as Grant our caffinated adlistfriend points out, when they ran and ad with the headline: "Would you give
your right arm to know why sharks attack? Could it be revenge? Go Vegetarian, PETA."
. It's not the jr-forever copywriter style headline that is turning heads - it's their usual tasteless timing......


Agency of the Apes

By now just about everyone's heard of the "director's duel" between Tim Burton and Kevin "Clerks" Smith over "Planet Of The Apes."

Why is the alleged theft of a movie ending from an obscure comic book newsworthy, yet blatant ad pilfering is ignored by the press?


Do you work in advertising - or are you a prostitute?

Does this sound familiar? Twentythree pointers to clue you in to if you are a prostitute or simply an advertising creative. The similartities are endless.... (oh, and do please add yours!)


Opium Spikes Ale Sales

It had to happen. Deemed the most offensive ad of 2001, Opium's pale nude Sophie Dahl ad has inspired a Newcastle Brown spoof.


Cannes Fest Canned?

This might have been your last year to enjoy the topless bathing and naked ambition of the Cannes Ad Festival.

The Lions are reportedly roaring mad at Cannes city officials over some undisclosed issues (ironically, the mayor is an adman).

So now they're staking out new hunting grounds in either Barcelona or Venice.

Oh well, think of the bright side. At least you won't have to buy those overpriced drinks at the Carlton. Or a new thong.


Nine days left

You are sick of hearing me nag about it already - but here's another reminder about the YoungGuns award - ok??
September seven is deadlineday - and guess what - you can win a trip to Sydney!


Three out of Four aint bad

Usatoday reports this summers most provocative ads that were pulled due to heavy complaints.

Three out of the four mentioned are already on Adland.