SVT - Forbidden - (2007) :60 (Sweden)

SVT - Forbidden - (2007) :60 (Sweden)

Super reads:
Children advertising (advertising to children)
forbidden forbidden forbidden
in Swedish Television
TV3 and Channel 5
are not Swedish Television. They are English channels that air in Swedish.


Mac vs PC wars heat up in banner advertising

Lovely! Brandon Barr found this awesome ad banner placement of the Mac vs PC guys mocking Vista on a page reviewing Microsoft Vista. Nice one! They've surrounded the Vista review with a talking blinking ad insuniating that Vista will never work, and ask the viewer to "upgrade to Mac". Go check it out, but if the banner isn't there when you arrive Armit Gupta has posted a film of the banners actions here so we don't have to. Super.


Get your own napkin

Every Creative knows that the best ideas come from sitting in a bar or coffee shop while doodling on a napkin. Now you can buy a napkin notebook and napkin doodle where ever you go. Euro RSCG built a promotional site for this where you can buy a spiralbound napkin notebook with 20 sheets and sketch online and email your doodle to your CD or add it to their online gallery. (via threeminds)


Maxwell House Gives Toll On House

My morning drive to work today was nice and easy, as many people have taken the day off for their Thanksgiving travel and festivity planning. But, one thing that made it even nicer was not having to pay the Toll. No, not today. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to snap a picture of the toll booth before driving through, but there were signs with "Your Toll is on the House", which the unusually jolly toll-taker repeated as they denied my dollar and handed me a sample of Maxwell House coffee. Pictures of the free booty below.


D&AD student awards 2008 go live this week.

The new 30 year old D&AD Student Awards is on, a fresh set of challenging design and advertising briefs written by some of the world’s leading creatives and business professionals can now be downloaded from


Sky One - Prison Break - (2007) Print (UK)

From the creative team Dean Webb & Matt Allen at The Red Brick Road, London comes this almost painfully simple, beautifully branded print ad for Sky One. Ouch.


iPhone pilot commercial grounded

Consumerist tells you why the iPhone pilot commercial can't fly.


Mr. Whipple Dead at 91

Dick Wilson, the character actor and pitchman who for 21 years played an uptight grocer begging customers "Please, don't squeeze the Charmin," died Monday (Nov. 19, 2007). He was 91.


The Guardians colourful campaign by W+K, UK, previously Olvietti ads?

Man, that recent campaign for The Guardian is just yummy looking isn't it? But have we seen it before...? Oh we might have..........

To the left a Poster by G. Pintori for the Olivetti Tetractys calculator created 1956 and to the right spring 2007 w+k campaign for the Guardian.

Via seven colors who got it via acejet170 who got it via beeker somehow and that's enough via's for this post - of course the whole thing can be found on


Advertising Music - Ingrid Michaelson -The Way I Am

When singers/songwriters put brand names in their lyrics, they're usually cool like 409 (the car not the cleaner) and Cristal (the champagne not the misspelling of crystal).

But when Ingrid Michaelson wrote "The Way I Am", she decided to put in a not so cool brand (in my opinion).