AskACopwriter has found some interesting businesscards lying around Grand Central station New York - front and back posted here - yep, it's Sterling Cooper cards. Mad Men season two is coming and I'm beginning to get seriously annoyed with the hype JUST START AIRING THE DAMN SHOW ALREADY! Aaargh!
You can also download and print cards from the site, as if anyone would want to waste their time with that when you can't enter your own name and title. I want to be "Åsk Wäppling Chief Muse" please.

Host, Sydney Australia says:

This campaign was created to promote IKEA’s refresh and redecorate range, which helps people achieve the look they want for their home with simple, quick, affordable changes. The objective for the campaign was to demonstrate that is it easy and affordable to make your home feel fresh and rejuvenated. We wanted to inspire them with what is possible. Putting this through the filter of demonstrating that IKEA understands real life at home the campaign proposition developed was – Change a lot for a little. The creative idea was Small Change, Big Difference. The idea that you don’t have to do or spend a lot to make a big difference to the way your home looks and feels.
This idea was manifested in an integrated campaign.
• EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE: a live installation in Sydney, Perth and Brisbane that changed daily to show how new cushions, lighting, blankets and rugs can completely transform a room, even when the furniture remained the same. The change was shown each day at the campaign microsite.
• WIN THE DIFFERENCE: A competition which could be entered via SMS or at the campaign site enabling people to win the makeover each day, with the entire room contents available at the end of each week in each state.
• DO IT YOURSELF: daily press ads and radio spots with tips to inspire people about how easy and affordable it is to make changes themselves


"In 2066, Bin Laden will be caught.
Live to see it. Quit smoking now."

A new angle on the stop smoking ad scene? Instead of (trying to) scare the bejesus out of folks, Neogama/BBH,'s & client ADESF's reason to quit smoking now is that you'll otherwise miss all sorts of interesting future developments. Like Bin Laden finally being caught, temperatures rising to the point of spawning nudist cities and driving your car on top of the stranded cars of the standstill traffic jam in 2048.


AskACopywriter has been to Vegas and found this branded oddity - the eBay themed slot machine. I guess with the eBay vernacular using phrases like "I won it on ebay" it actually makes sense but it had me squirting coffee out of my nose when I saw it. It just seems so wrong.


Unlike those digital cameras I keep seeing in shops with the "youtube ready" stickers on them, eBay paid for their name to be on here. Did youtube pay for those co-branding stickers I wonder? That reminds me, have ads in the states stopped saying "AOL keyword..." finally? That seemed to me to be a huge waste of ones own branding space, but I bet AOL loved it.