She's a superfreak, superfreak.

In honor of superbowl sunday, adfreak are really freaking out and will host a superadfreak. Say that ten freaking times fast.


ANNA Top Newspaper Ads of 2006

Yesterday, the Newspaper Marketing Agency (NMA) announced the £25,000 ‘Winner of Winners’ award for the best national UK newspaper advertisement of 2006. Launched in December 2004, Awards for National Newspaper Advertising (ANNAs) awards top newspaper advertising monthly with a top creative judge.

The 2006 'Winner of Winners' award went to Chris Groom, Stuart Harkness and Guy Featherstone, of Wieden + Kennedy for their "St. Wayne" ad featuring Wayne Rooney. The billboard version of the ad caused a bit of an uproar back in June.


How the street Picasso does it

Those who know Julian Beevers work, or remember our post about him years ago, know that he does very skilled anamorphic illusions, guaranteed to stand out. ;)


Brickyard VFX Lights Up the Neighborhood for AT&T

Artist-owned-and-operated effects company Brickyard VFX did some really great work on AT&T's "Suburbia," a :30 spot directed by Robert Logevall for ad agency GSD&M. Promoting AT&T's Dish Network, the commercial features an AT&T van driving through a suburban neighborhood, turning on television sets in each house as it passes by.

The spot was shot through dark neighborhoods at dusk with lighting effects and CG added in by the Brickyard VFX team. Extensive compositing work was completed to add the glow and flicker of television sets as the van passes by. The closing shot in the spot is essentially a giant 2D matte painting of the neighborhood as viewed from above. Many of the houses are completely computer generated and a CG van was created to help bring the effects together. Superadgrunts see the spot below:


Adult Swim ATHF LED billboards cause havoc in Boston, MA

Aqua Teen


New Office Max spots demonstrate the importance of presentation

DDB Chicago have created two fun new ads for Office Max's ImPress Print Document Service with the help of directory Bryan Buckley and Editor John Dingfield of Cutters.


LG airs ad in Canada during Super Bowl asking "Show Us Your Set"

LG Electronics Canada will debute a new TV commercial on during Sunday's Super Bowl broadcast as part of a new promotional campaign, encouraging Canadians to 'Show Us Their Set'. The promotion is an interactive online photo contest that will collect images of Canadians' "sets" nationwide, as submitted through entries at www.lg.ca/yourset. The "sets" may include their out-of-date television set or a "set" of some other kind—entrants are encouraged to use their imaginations when entering.


Every Drive's a Thrill campaign launched by JWT Dusseldorf

JWT-Düsseldorf have created a new advertising campaign for Mazda Motor Europe's Mazda MX-5 with the theme "Every drive's a thriller". This new launch takes last year's "12 Second Thriller" prelaunch campaign one step further.

"Every drive's a thriller" boasts two films, "Casino" and "Desert Treasure", both of which take their cues from major Hollywood thrillers. They were directed by Luke Scott, son to the award-winning director Sir Ridley Scott, and produced by RSA Films. The campaign's print executions work as movie posters for the two films.

Kurt B. Geiger, Copywriter on the project stated, "The Mazda MX-5 is a thrilling ride, and we wanted to capture that kind of driving excitement with this campaign." Igor Karpalov, Art Director furthered, "So we used a film genre – and a director – that bring Mazda's Zoom-Zoom personality to life."

See inside for posters from the campaign.


Pjotro and DJ eFFeX music battle viral for Nokia

Eddie Yu tips us to the fact that Nokia has just launched a new viral campaign called Pjotro vs DJ eFFeX with the help of FarFar in Sweden. The original Pjotro campaign last year has received some very positive feedback and won a number of viral awards, now Nokia has extended the campaign and got the human beatbox DJ eFFeX involved. The aim of the viral is to help support the Nseries Music range devices.


Provocative online breast cancer awareness campaign: "Komen For The Cure"

Developed by TracyLocke of Dallas, this provocative online ad is part of a larger 25th anniversary rebranding by the Susan G. Komen For The Cure foundation. (The foundation was created by Komen's sister as part of a deathbed promise to do whatever she could to fight cancer. In 25 years, they've raised and disbursed over a billion dollars.):

Susan G. Komen For The Cure "Punch It, Strangle It, Kick It" 300x250

Says BrandWeek, "The Komen campaign, by contrast, would call for assertive brass and lots of percussion—again, an attention-getting change from the norm. The tone of the advertising is in keeping with the organization's new name and its take-no-prisoners motto, "we're on a mission." One comes away quite persuaded that these people think they can eradicate the disease and not merely ameliorate its effects. That will engage the attention of potential donors while also prompting women to do what it takes to protect themselves from breast cancer."