Advertising Music - Ingrid Michaelson -The Way I Am

When singers/songwriters put brand names in their lyrics, they're usually cool like 409 (the car not the cleaner) and Cristal (the champagne not the misspelling of crystal).

But when Ingrid Michaelson wrote "The Way I Am", she decided to put in a not so cool brand (in my opinion).


Shanghai Advertising - the rise of consumer culture in a communist country.

I've chatted a bit with Fredrik Olsson from Miami ad agency in Gothenburg about his recent trip to Shanghai. What is advertising like over there? Do they have really naive billboards, like ours used to be in the 60s? Do they have guerrilla advertising which is Miami's specialty? Do they have TV-ads?

Fredrik was kind enough to respond at length: The Guerrilla advertising business in Shanghai is not without its dangers...


Cutting edge advertising - excerpt.

Image of Cutting Edge Advertising: How to Create the World's Best for Brands in the 21st Century

As a cutting edge communicator, you need to know what is happening. You need to understand the changes. You need to see how they will impact on your own creative thinking process, because they will.

Strategies and briefs

The joke goes something like this: a copywriter and an account director were visiting a client in Paris. The copywriter asked the account director how to get to the client's office, and the account director handed him a map of Europe.

Too often, conventional agency methodologies produce strategies and briefs which are meaningless. Strategy is probably the most abused word in advertising.

A strategy is not a request to produce a campaign. It should be the blueprint for the campaign, the path through the mine field.

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Mike Huckabee ad is Chuck Norris approved.

Are you guys serious?


Advertising saves!

For some, billboards are little more than annoying eyesores. For Alec Keep, they're lifesavers.

Alec Keep credits this dramatic poster for the fact he is still alive today.

The 66-year-old chauffeur from Potton in Bedfordshire, was driving home when he spotted the British Heart Foundation poster and noted its dramatic imagery.

A few weeks later when he started getting chest pain the image started to flash into his mind.

"I got in the door and this pain shot across my chest," he said.
"I sat down and was just going to wait for it to go away.

"Then I remembered that poster with the man with the belt around his chest saying: 'If you have chest pain dial 999'.


The Hucksters (1947) [IMPORT, ALL REGION]

Image of The Hucksters (1947)

The Official Brazilian Release DVD, Sound in English..Paper insert in Portuguese~~~~Plot Summary: Victor Norman is just out of the Service and is looking for a job in advertizing. By playing hard to get, he figures that he can get a good job and a large salary.

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Miss Mad Men? Get your ad-movie fix here 11 advertising movies reviewed.

Ahhh, late November, it's cold and you are likely to catch one too (unless you're in Australia you lucky dog). Mad Men season is over, and you're stuck under a pile of down comforters and an even larger pile of used kleenex. There's nothing but infomercials on TV. You miss work and are officially in hell.

Fret not dear adgrunt, there are movies about advertising. Or, at least movies where the main characters work in advertising. It's nothing like the real deal, of course, but that doesn't mean it can't be amusing when you're running a fever and you're high off codeine and Vicks vapors. Below is a little list of 10, no, 11 adfilms for you or your sickly adgrunt pal.


North By Northwest

Image of North By Northwest

A strong candidate for the most sheerly entertaining and enjoyable movie ever made by a Hollywood studio (with Citizen Kane, Only Angels Have Wings and Trouble in Paradise running neck and neck).

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Lover Come Back

Image of Lover Come Back

Rock Hudson and Doris Day had one of the sweetest chemistries in the movies--as demonstrated in several light comedies, including this film's predecessor, 1959's Pillow Talk. The two similar films feature a handsome, duplicitous Hudson duping--then falling for--an earnest Day.

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The Arrangement

Image of The Arrangement

During the grim, glum cacophony of images and sounds that constitutes the first few minutes of The Arrangement, a self-loathing advertising wizard (Kirk Douglas) with a stultifying marriage and a career focused on selling "Zephyr, The Clean Cigarette!" impulsively hits upon a spectacular method of committing suicide.

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