Hello Kitty says Hello consumer!

Little girls love Hello Kitty like they love horses. That mouthless cat with a bow is just so cute and adorable, and sweet and pink they have to have her, everywhere.
Hello Kitty bags, earrings, pens, phones, purses you name it Hello Kitty is there. Now she's even in your wallet. The only cute way to shop would be with a Hello Kitty MasterCard.
Washingtonpost (reg.req. try [email protected]/fedup ) writes in their article "Girls Go From Hello Kitty To Hello Debit Card":


Best seller in Japan - a breast enlarging ringtone

Engadget reports that Hideto Tomabechi has a new career, previously he's helped deprogram members of the Aum Shinrikyo cult in Japan, now he's into making "positive brainwashing" ringtones. He creates ringtones that’ll improve your memory, make you more attractive to the opposite sex, cure baldness, and help you give up smoking. Ringtones! He's even made a breast enlarging ringtone - you can listen to it here on engadgets site.


CAMPER: Talking about brand extension!?

"Europe’s craziest company has just opened the world’s weirdest restaurant. But being completely cuckoo is still second-placed to making lots of money. "
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Juan Valdez - coming to a coffee shop near you

Reuters reports that Juan Valdez is taking on Starbucks in NYC.

Colombian coffee icon Juan Valdez will lead his country's growers' federation into Manhattan on Tuesday to open its first New York coffee shop, and market watchers are wondering whether the challenge to Starbucks Corp. will amount to a hill of beans.
The National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers plans to open its first Juan Valdez coffee shop at Lexington Avenue and 57th St. on Tuesday in a modest challenge to Starbuck's dominance of the gourmet coffee shop market.

This isn't the first coffee shop for Juan either. In December 2002, The National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia opened its first "Juan Valdez" Coffee shop in the Bogota airport.

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Welcome to the neighborhood

The Arnell Goup, New York, who brought us Terry Tate for Reebok, are at it again. This time their campaign "Welcome to the Neighborhood" follows the idea of "What happens when a bunch of NFL players live in one house for a season?" - spoofing the reality TV craze.

The ads follow Reebok's latest athletic coup in becoming the official clothier of the NFL.

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Can these ads really tempt Americans to SMS?

Text messaging isn't all too popular in the states we hear, while mini-keyboard beepers have carried text messages for a long time, people use their cell phones - or "wireless phones" if you prefer, though Europeans call them mobiles - to actually make (*gasp!*) voice calls with.
So what is a company that serves prepaid cell phone packages with unlimited SMS services - I'm sorry "text messages" - to do in order to get attention? Prepaid mobile phone and cheap phone cards have been around for ages in Europe, and Europeans SMS more often than they make voice calls (though these days all the cool kids MMS, multimedia message service), perhaps that is what i-wireless took to heart when they decided to run a campaign that looks like an Americans idea of a European campaign. Read more to see a lot of flesh.


Norweigan recycle company advertises in Urdu!

Norway has understood what adapting a campaign to the target market really means. Norsk Resirk target market for the campaign that encourages recycling is "the entire population of Norway". Enter a clever media buyer working at an equally clever agency and you have ads adapted for where they are actually placed - common ad sense that is far too often overlooked or ignored.

During the Pakistani culture festival Mela in Oslo the recycling company advertised with a full page advert written in Urdu.

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Low-Carbs Killing the Twinkie? Hear The Supermarket Guru on The Advertising Show

Hear Phil Lempert, Food Trends Editor for NBC’s Today Show, delve into the latest products and trends in the ever changing retail landscape of the food industry. For more than 20 years, Philip Lempert has become an expert analyst on consumer behavior, marketing trends, new products and food trends and thus, evolving into The Supermarket Guru. Phillip is also the host of a syndicated radio talk show on WOR Radio Network, correspondent for BBC Radio 5 Live, columnist for Progressive Grocer magazine, and a regular on The View, Oprah, Discovery Health and Extra.


Women stereotypes in advertising

“They are better educated, earning more money than ever, and make the bulk of buying decisions. Yet when it comes to wooing women, advertisers could use a lesson in the art of courtship.”

A recent study showed that ads targeted to women were mostly cliched and offensive, more at CNN.com

The Belfast Telegraph agress and lists five typical clichés of woman (as portrayed by advertisers). There's super-granny, The Beauty Bunny, Alpha females, The Fashionista and good ol' Perfect Mum - but do these women really exist in reality and do real women identify with these caricatures?


Hollywood Pitches In To Help Put Coca-Cola On The Come Back Trail.

Two weeks ago newly appointed Cola-Cola CEO Nevill Isdell laid the blame for the company's less than stellar performance in the marketplace squarely on the shoulders of lackluster marketing. Instantly, Chuck Fruit, the new chief marketing officer for Coke scrambled the troops with a so-called "Iconographic Creative Brief" to the entire roster of company agencies around the world.