Nike Soccer - Jim Mike, PR Manager - Immortal (2007) :90 (USA)

Nike Soccer - Jim Mike, PR Manager - Immortal (2007) :90 (USA)

"Hello women's national soccer team, it's me, Jim Mike, Pr manager..."


Nike Soccer - Jim Mike, PR Manager

Rainn Wilson is Dwight-tastic, errrr... Jim Mike-tacular?
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Ad dictionary.

The advertising dictionary is useful for both adn00bs and adknowing and everyone in between.

Note: this ad dictionary was hosted in another place where adgrunts could add words before our recent redesign; Most of these words were created/ added in 2001. I figure I'd simply repost it as a regular blog post now since submissions declined.


Sony Bravia Play Doh spot in production

Earlier this month I posted about the 3rd Sony Bravia spot featuring Play Doh rabbits. This week we were sent some info now that the filming's wrapped and the advert is in production.

The BRAVIA advert will be made up of stop frame / motion animation, in which objects are moved by very small amounts between individually photographs frames – a very long and arduous process.

Over a period of three weeks, 40 animators were responsible for 189 2ft bunnies, 150 1ft cubes, a 30ft giant rabbit and a 10ft x 20ft purple wave – all made from 2.5 tonnes of plasticine. Never before have so many animators worked together on the same scene.

For one of the multiple bunny scenes, four hours was spent with around 40 animators and sculptors to generate four seconds of footage!

Up to six cameras recorded each shot and the final 60 second spot will be constructed of approximately 100,000 stills.


What does KFC smell like?

Smellvertising is KFC's latest marketing stunt. I've heard of restaurants and fast food places pumping the smell of their goods on to sidewalks and in mall hallways but this has a bit of a different twist. Here's an excerpt from the press release that was sent in to Adland headquarters:

In a marketing first, KFC is highlighting the launch of its $2.99 Deals by placing the mouth-watering aroma of Kentucky Fried Chicken in the halls and offices of corporate America.

Grow Interactive creates BigStae

Grow Interactive, recently launched Big State Games, a website to promote the inaugural Big State Festival, the biggest Country music festival in Texas. Putting on the festival is C3 Presents, producers of Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits. On the site, fans can try their hand at managing a grill full of fast-cooking sausages, outpacing a mob of adoring fans, changing tires in pitroad, and more.

"Just reading the list of events is enough to make you want to go – Country music’s biggest performers, a stock car racing exhibition, one of the nation’s largest prize purse barbecue competition, and more”, said Drew Ungvarsky, Creative Director and Owner of Grow Interactive. “Our goal was to immerse fans in that fun and excitement the festival is sure to offer, encouraging ticket sales and the spread of information about
the event.”

“The games are fun and fast-paced…simple to learn, but difficult to master,” continued Ungvarsky. “If the site is even half as fun as the festival promises to be, we know we’re in great shape."


Jockey wants you to stop your squirming

Jockey's new web site draws attention to the taboo topic of uncomfortable underwear situations by showcasing the comical ways that people try to alleviate discomfort caused by ill-fitting underwear. The site was created with the help of Periscope.


Sloggi makes big asses out of themselves in Scandinavia, has website shut down.

Sloggi, the straight-laced die-hard plain cotton underwear brand recently launched a "show us your Sloggi" campaign on the web, just like the Sloggi and Daewoo competition of 2004 where the biggest, err, best ass wins. Visitors could upload a nice shot of their behind and other visitors could then vote on the best bum - the most popular gluteus maximus was naturally the one with the minimum of product covering it which seems to backfire (pardon the pun) if the intention was to actually show off some Sloggi's.

Soon plenty of marketing and media people remarked on the cheeky campaign with sarcastically spewing facts:


Vertigo Candy - Clueless (2007) :15 (USA)

Vertigo Candy - Clueless (2007) :15  (USA)

The creepy animated faces are even better when voiced by airheads.


Vertigo Candy - Birds (2007) :15 (USA)

Vertigo Candy - Birds (2007) :15  (USA)

Inside the gape of an alligator the one bird says: DON'T TOUCH THE STICK! Famous last word: whatever.

Truly bizarre looking animation.