USATVADS.COM will do a free showing, February 3rd.

It is not easy pulling together the top top TV Ads in America and presenting them on your website. We should know we have be collecting TV Ads for 27 years. It is impossible to do this for free. USATVADS charges for its services Ad Critic didn't.


5 surgeons

Five surgeons are discussing who makes the best patients on the operating table.


Not Blatt's butt.

Melanie Blatt used a 'stunt bum' in TV advert.

She stars in an advert featuring drunken workers at an office party photocopying their body parts.

But the bottom seen in the advert for Virgin Mobile does not belong to the former All Saint, instead it belongs to an "unknown model".


Give the gift of Spork.

This holiday season, Spork Design of Columbus, Ohio dished out a most tasty and well-endowed interpretation of the classic agency Christmas card.

View it here, and sorry ladies -- they're booked solid at the Blue Oyster Club for the next two months ;-)

Hot stuff! Bea Arthur would be proud.


For those of you already suffering from severe adcritic withdrawel I might recommend watching Swedish TV commercials at the site called
Lots and lots of quite surreal, good and bad films to go through. Widen your broadband experience with foreign commercials. No subtitles - often the joke is international and in some cases the dialougue is in English. Do not click on the non-existent read more link - there is no more to read.

ps - they also have trailers.


Xmas card

DeVille O'neil blows up the fruitcake.

See QT movie here:


Campaign Brief Online

Campaign Brief is now online... well actually a while back but, better late then never.

click thru to

just a little more ad news from another part of the world


AdCritic Critically Wounded

Apparently, all the advertising and traffic in the world still won't keep a website alive these days.

According to dotcom death chronicler , has found that it's uncommercial and pulled the plug.

A lack of response from their URL confirms this.


Don Tennant doesn't feel so great.

Tennant died Saturday at his Los Angeles home. No cause of death was given. In 1950, Tenant was hired at Leo Burnett, in 1952 he conceived of Tony the Tiger.


Women washing their face in face wash commercials

Dear Ad Agencies, and whomever this may concern:

We see shampoo commercials featuring women washing their hair in the shower. Prell, Pert Plus, and Herbal Essences commercials feature women washing their hair in the shower.

Now, let's look at your typical face wash commercial. Women with her hair tied back, splashes some water on her face, at the sink. Then she lathers up with a face wash, and then splashes water on her face to rinse it.

So the question is: Why don't we see women washing their face in the shower in face wash ads?