Smirnoff - Mission (CA classic) - 0:70

Smirnoff - Mission  (CA classic) - 0:70

Subaru - Does the Thinking For You (CA classic) - 0:30 (USA)

Subaru - Does the Thinking For You  (CA classic) - 0:30 (USA)

Bermuda Busted!

A special lesson to lazy hacks: If one of your accounts is an island paradise, maybe you should get your ass down there once in a while and take some damn pictures instead of relying on stock photography - Otherwise, you're gonna get burned.


Stabbing your way to the top in Japan.

Agency presidents, be careful how you diversify. Story here, and additional reporting here. A tragic tale, but at least he wasn't stabbed in the back.


Nick and Norm, Doobie Brothers for a New Generation

If you live in the US and own a TV, it's highly likely your senses have been frequently assaulted by dippidy duo Nick and Norm in PSAs by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy and paid for by Joe Six-Pack's tax dollars. Well, it was just a matter of time, and the commercial parody has arrived, courtesy of the DC-based Marijuana Policy Project and using the same line of reasoning as the real deal. View it here and judge for yourself.


ASA lets gucci go

The jury is in : the Gucci ad featured earlier gets okay from ASA

LONDON (Reuters) - A Gucci advertisement featuring a woman with her pubic hair cropped in the shape of a letter "G" got the go-ahead from Britain's tough advertising watchdog on Wednesday.

The ASA, which has a reputation for taking a harder line than its counterparts in other European countries, judged the advertisement was targeted at sophisticated, adult fashion magazine readers who would not be offended.


Requim for an idea - Revised post

the link to the short film about the short sad life of an advertising idea has disappeared, but a new one has stepped up to take it's place. So if you're looking for the link to send to someone who hasn't seen it you can now find it here:


best yet?

New adgrunt in the real life adland? Keen to bite into briefs and make your mark? Perhaps the competition best yet is your cup of tea. You can compete with the partner of your choice - you need not be working at the same agency.

March 10 is d-day.

Best yet sweden, creative juice in the uk, best yet denmark, PQR france and last but not least, best yet netherlands


flirt, squirt and sex sells?

... OR does it?

Is this a case of dupliclaims - or are these just wet dreams of creatives?


Jobless adgrunt puts CV on billboard

Marco Duehrkopp unemployed adgrunt in Germany has recieved dozens of job offers after putting his CV up on billboard in Hamburg's busiest media and advertising district.

"Having gone through all the traditional job-hunting methods, there really only was one thing remaining," he told the Berliner Zeitung newspaper.

He subsequently received almost 100 offers, though many were for door to door sales posts, ananova reports.

The man depicted is not Mr Marco Duehrkopp, but Pete Cain (London, UK) pulling a prank in the early days of his adcareer while he was on placement, circa 1994. He did get a job in advertising later, several in fact as he worked at the Leith Agency, BBH London and at Lowe and Partners Worldwide.