Helvetica is 50 years old!

Helvetica is 50 years old. And it still sucks. Don't head straight to it, there are other fonts out there you know.


Celebrity spokespeople might no work out...


Even Crash Test Dummies Buckle Up in Finland

The Ministry Of Transport in Finland faces constant challenge from the growing attitude problem amongst youth. How do you convince teens to wear a seatbelt, or better yet change their attitudes towards increasingly reckless behaviour?


Ministry of Transport Finland - Crash Test Dummies (2007) 0:60 (Finland)

Check out that crash test squirrel!


Link Lust: I Said I Linked You But I Lied

Font clock for typenerds. Because you need it. ;) Described as "Twelve different fonts are printed within the mechanism of the clock providing a random, mixed display of graphic language within a single time piece."

Life is short--get a divorce. Corri Fetman, pictured at top, says: "Law firm advertising is boring…Everything's always the same. It's lawyers in libraries with a suit on and the law books behind them. They don't say anything. What, I should hire you because you have a law degree? C'mon. So we wanted to try something different." Different in her world means using the same old sex-appeal-idea, a headless male torso and tanned female cleavage heaving forth from a black lace bra, with the line "life is short get a divorce". Oh har har. Got them noticed, though.

Consumers now market themselves from the LATimes. Want proof? Check out this homemade Geico caveman action figure created by a fan of the campaign.

Unilver switches from svelte to slender models and gets loads of good PR.

Fox has sold about 30 percent of its available Super Bowl XLII ad units, which translates to 17 of the 58 in-game ads allowed by the TV rights agreement with the National Football League.

ASA's most controversal ads of 2006

118 118 flashdance (via Hidden):


If babies sells stuff, crying babies must sell twice as much.

Remember the hubub caused by Jill Greenberg's photographs of crying children? No? Here I'll refresh your memory of what was being said last summer about the "End Times" exhibit - Jill Greenberg is a Sick Woman Who Should Be Arrested and Charged With Child Abuse, and Jill's response. You can view the End Times at Jill Greenberg :: The Manipulator website.

Now pop inside to see some ads that might have been inspired by the End Times. Or they just like crying children.


It's good to be self-defecating

In this episode from David Jones cartoon Adland he shares some strange advice that he once got. Some would say that it was pretty crap advice. *

* ding! pun!


HONDA - Cruiser - (2007) :30 (USA)

HONDA - Cruiser - (2007) :30 (USA)

Sick of being caged by a sheet metal beast, this man climbs out and sprouts wings. Honda wings, specifically.


Advertising Dordles - like doodles, only sicker.

Nik, an adgrunt in the trenches has found a productive hobby during the downtime of his adjob - he creates dordles, they're doodles but with the subconscious full advertising briefs, brand names and strange strategic thoughts percolating in the background. In other words, they're weird in a way that we like.

"What can keep my dog's digestive system healthy?

Isn't food just poop on the other side?"


Link Lust: Why can't we link together...

The Other Paper tells the story of a street artist who calls themselves Vinchen. They placed this "Hilton class" poster in a Hilton hotel lobby, where the usual stock image has been replaced by a drunk looking Paris Hilton showing off a nipple and the headline reads: For over 80 years the Hilton name has been synonymous with elegance and class. A tradition that continues today.. Vinchen says: "Advertising tells you what you need, I try to make it a dialogue." Good on ya Vinchen.