Altoids - the curiously chocolaty mint?

My my! Altoids are soon available in a limited edition flavours of chocolate mint! I hope they don't burn holes in hotel pillows.


NEWCREATIVES AWARD 2006 - Alessi brief

Today, newcreatives.com launches a call for participation for its 2006 'newcreatives award' competition.
Young, global creatives can compete for the best ideas for ALESSI, the renowned, high-end Italian 'Factory of Design'. The participants will look for the most impactful ideas in support of Alessi's soon-to-open US Flagship store on Greene Street, in Manhattan's fashionable SoHo District. (The store will open in mid-September of this year), as well as focus on branding ideas for the US market.

Interested creatives of all disciplines (advertising, graphic design, product design, free artists, photography, web design, film makers, fashion designers, illustrators, etc), up to the age of 30, and with a maximum of 3 years of professional experience, can get their copy of the briefing by confirming their participation at [email protected].

The competitors will have a month to complete a 2-category task on "How beauty can affect your daily life". Mid-September, an international jury of professional advertising and design creatives will select category winners, who will get a free trip to NY and will be invited to the newcreatives award ceremony and winners' exhibition in the new Alessi store in NY. At the award ceremony, the Grand winner will receive an additional $1000 in Alessi products.


Bank Audi brings 'sunshine' to Lebanon with advertising

Bank Audi in Lebanon decided to run an ad campaign in the middle of a war - when most businesses came to a standstill. On July 18 the head of Bank Audi's communication department called Leo burnett and told them that they had 24 hours to do campaign. "We knew that we couldn't just sit there and watch people get depressed and lose hope in themselves and in their country," said Nadine Abi Saab, head of communication at Bank Audi. The request came as quite a shock to Leo Burnett, "I was stunned. I made them repeat their request twice to make sure I understood well," said Valerie Bassil, account director to the Naharnet newsdesk.


The importance of proper punctuation

Kids, don't mock me the resident sausage fingered typo-queen for posting this piece here, remember that I am an art director who has reserved space in my brain for important skills like identifying a font from 500 yards and the ability to see the CMYK and hex# of any color.
The globe and Mail reports in 'A basic rule of punctuation' that a single comma cost Rogers Communications Inc. $2.13-million more than expected.

Language buffs take note - Page 7 of the contract states: The agreement "shall continue in force for a period of five years from the date it is made, and thereafter for successive five year terms, unless and until terminated by one year prior notice in writing by either party."

So, dear wordsmiths, the next time someone starts messing with your carefully crafted work, hand them a copy of Eats, Shoots & Leaves with this Globe and Mail clipping attached while reminding them of the copywriters mantra: "Nobody changes anything!"


I bought air time on eBay!

Super adgrunt Leslie Burns tips us to the latest for sale on eBay - commercial air time. I guess after seeing all the other valid ad media such as foreheads, boobs and body parts on boobs for sale there, someone thought it would be a good idea to join in. Exite news: Advertisers, eBay to Test Ad Sales Idea.

Several major advertisers are teaming up with online auctioneer eBay Inc. (EBAY) to test an idea for selling television advertising in an electronic marketplace, the group announced Friday. A group of marketers and advertising agencies wants to try what would be a vastly different way of selling TV ads, which are usually negotiated in closed-door deals between networks and advertisers.

Now, all I need to know is: can I paypal that superbowl commercial?


Absolut death - Absolut spoof ads against drunk driving

Spoofing Absolut while preaching an anti-drinking message, these ads from Jentera Intermedia, Yogyakarta, Indonesia are rather drastic.

(see ads inside)


AdCrap Recap - Week 31

Get your fill of Adland goodness with a quick recap of last week's ups and downs.

Down: Agency.com's video pitch for Subway gets mocked.
Up: Eidos and Loki create virals for Reservoir Dogs Game.
Up: Optical illusion ad shows effects of earthquakes.
Down: Jeffery West ad with gun gets banned.
Down: Tampax print ads show woman swimming in blue liquid.


Granny gives sex advice & cowboys swear for Eidos

There's nothing more viral than a grandmother talking to her grandkids about dicks and kids swearing while in a stalemate shootout in front of their father. Two new viral ads for Eidos Reservoir Dogs video game feature both. A joint creation by Eidos Interactive and Loki, the script from the 1992 movie was the basis for their idea. The result is something I'm sure even Tarantino would be proud of.

Check them out here:
Eidos Reservoir Dogs Game - Granny - (2006) :30 (UK)

Eidos Reservoir Dogs Game - Cowboy - (2006) :30 (UK)


Are too many choices frustrating consumers?

A study done by Catherine Heath, chief strategist at the advertising agency Kastner & Partners, says yes. She spent 2 months with 20 consumers in Sydney to see what they bought and why.

"Without doubt every single person I spent time with told me that they were fed up with the choices that faced them," she said. "They all said the same thing - 'We just want it to be made easier."'

I know I've seen the people who stand in front of a sea of choices, holding two or three different brands in their hands reading the packaging in an attempt to suss the difference between the items. Even I have fallen victim to the proliferation of products myself.


Stockholm Pride Parade a sponsors darling

Yesterday was the day for Stockholm Pride Parade, and as we hung around the park waiting for the party to start I noticed the difference in sponsors. Here there were international brands as sponsors, not like previous years parades in Amsterdam and New york where gay night clubs and bars would be the most visable brands around. Another difference from previous parades was all the political parties marching in solidarity this election year, it gave me hives.

Swedens "Dame Edna", comedian "Babsan" with her beefy troop of merry men rush toward the start of the parade where their float awaits.