Dove's new pro-age campaign for real beauty, banned because of nudity

Dove is at it again with their campaign for real beauty, currently airing several different parts of the campaign. Or not airing, as the case is with their Pro Age ad. Six over-50 gorgeous women do their best 'calender girl' homage in the latest ad posing buck naked in the ad, which is banned from airing because - get this - it "shows too much skin". Seems the TV ads don't adhere to FCC regulations.
GettyImages blog says:

This whole debacle is fascinating to me on two fronts. 1) How can it be that Ms. Spears is allowed to gyrate in a bikini top on MTV with a snake whilst singing "I'm a slave for you" to 12 year olds, but 50-something women are not allowed to be shown sans clothes in what I would argue is a completely tasteful, if not downright elegant manner? And 2) why is said "debacle" not more of a…well…debacle? The only mainstream coverage I was able to find on this was here, and that's on a Canadian news site.

It gets better - or worse - pro-family and women's groups are urging a boycott of Dove products for "contributing to the sexualization of women as a commercial tool, as well as exposing children to adult nudity."


Link Lust: Baby I Link Your Way

Geico Cavemen ad is being developed into a sitcom, the three "cavemen" battle bigotry in modern-day Atlanta. Oh joy. Will it be anything like the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer? If the show doesn't work out, the Caveman can always pitch for Quiznos.

Yet another study, this one from the University College London, finds that Sex does not sell. "Television viewers tend to have a poor memory for ads that appear on sex-laced TV shows." True.

RFIDs make ads talk to you - to which Leslie/ Burns Auto Parts quipped "Great...just wait until the tampons start screaming at women in the aisles: You've got ice cream and Motrin in your cart--don't forget about us!"

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Åkestam Holst speed life up a notch for Bredbandsbolaget

Åkestam Holst has created a new campaign for the ISP called bredbandsbolaget (the broadband company) in Sweden. The BBB have served Swedes with fast & fat pipes of delish internet since day one, so the campaign proposition - and tagline - is "our customers are used to things going fast".

In the above poster, the lines read:
- "Anna. You seem to be a really nice girl..."
- "My name is Hanna."

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Coke to sue itself

The New York Times reports about Coke Zeros new campaign in: Can’t Tell Your Cokes Apart? Sue Someone. The campaign created by Crispin Porter & Bogusky in Miami touts the "tastes exactly like original Coke" idea by showing Coke having a hissyfit and wanting to sue Coke Zero for taste infringement. It plays down the whoe "diet" thing while playing up the taste thing quite well.

The "notion is to show what happens inside the company when the company sees people getting confused between Coke and Coke Zero," Mr.