Hazards of adgrunts life - kidnapping.

You thought inhaling large amounts of marker pen or spraymount, and getting a paper cut was the only hazards of adgrunts life as a student. You soon discover that alcholism and broken family lives are another due to the hours.

Well count yourself lucky - in Brazil, admen get kidnapped on a regular basis.


Hasbro's "Cubicle" does a "Fahrenheit 451."

The electronic age has swept through the workplace without much resistance from employees, many of whom do not even remember a time without email and instant messaging.
Just how much technology is too much is the question Hasbro ponders in a spot for its platinum edition electronic board games, from agency Jordan McGrath Case &
Partners. Partizan director Phil Brown, with editing and music by Editing Concepts' Nelson Leonard and Peter Lopez.


UK's ten most irritating ads last year

The votes are in - in the UK, the ten most irritating ads have been "chosen" by the consumers who watch them.

Apparently, no one can bear the annoying "go on, go on, go on" Mrs Doyle from the Inland revenue tax ads, but wish she would just go away go away go away...
Two in five people questioned in the Adwatch poll, conducted for Marketing magazine, said they could not bear the advert.

(read more for top ten list and add yours)


Graphis annual - and Graphis new talent 2002

Aaah, bless Graphis, for I have in my lap a complete drool package or books I shall review, and then give away in the usual adland recycle style - we don't keep our review books here. But you'll have to work for it. ;-)

Two Books: Graphis Advertising Annual 2002 and Graphis new talent Design annual 2002 are up for grabs kids. Click continue to find out more.


USATVADS.COM will do a free showing, February 3rd.

It is not easy pulling together the top top TV Ads in America and presenting them on your website. We should know we have be collecting TV Ads for 27 years. It is impossible to do this for free. USATVADS charges for its services Ad Critic didn't.


5 surgeons

Five surgeons are discussing who makes the best patients on the operating table.


Not Blatt's butt.

Melanie Blatt used a 'stunt bum' in TV advert.

She stars in an advert featuring drunken workers at an office party photocopying their body parts.

But the bottom seen in the advert for Virgin Mobile does not belong to the former All Saint, instead it belongs to an "unknown model".


Give the gift of Spork.

This holiday season, Spork Design of Columbus, Ohio dished out a most tasty and well-endowed interpretation of the classic agency Christmas card.

View it here, and sorry ladies -- they're booked solid at the Blue Oyster Club for the next two months ;-)

Hot stuff! Bea Arthur would be proud.



For those of you already suffering from severe adcritic withdrawel I might recommend watching Swedish TV commercials at the site called http://www.kaminsky.nu.
Lots and lots of quite surreal, good and bad films to go through. Widen your broadband experience with foreign commercials. No subtitles - often the joke is international and in some cases the dialougue is in English. Do not click on the non-existent read more link - there is no more to read.

ps - they also have trailers.


Xmas card

DeVille O'neil blows up the fruitcake.

See QT movie here: