Lowe Bangkok give us this graphic - without being "graphic", geddit? - treatment for Pepper Spray. Now here's a product I never thought I'd see advertised with shiny double-page spreads. Heck, when I invested in my first imported (seriously illegal) pepper spray many moons ago, the packaging text was all I needed. On my mates French police spray it read "paralyse" and 10%, on my 16% it read "paralyse constant" - sold! And yes, I've even had to use it. Apologies to the now probably blind guy but I told you to leave me the hell alone three times yet you followed me into the graveyard at four in the morning - be glad you're still breathing.


Saatchi & Saatchi in Mumbai have cracked an Ariel brief with this very interesting, almost subliminal, execution. The tag "no stains, no memories" is illustrated by stains that tell you the story of how they came to be. In the lipstick stain, there's scenes of love. Neat. Two other executions inside.


Dear Adland adgrunts*, who here loves vinyl as much as I do? Raise of hands! Kay! This means you love music too - and quite possibly that you'll love this beautifully illustrated campaign from Young & Rubicam in France for French Radio FM. You can practically smell the vinyl. Much like with the music that each poster shows, I can't pick a favorite! All sorts of music styles are shown, and the Godfather of Funk James Brown gets his own execution.

James Brown illustrator: Richard Mongenet

* Yeah, I'm going to begin an annoying habit of talking about Dabitch in third person and naming the site constantly, as I get wigged out when I find posts on other websites, where Dabitch is talking about Dabich's life but the other websites seem to imply that some random dude was the writer and thus talking about random dudes life. Dabitch feels this is a really strange way of serving feeds and/or reposting posts. Dabitch has spoken.

Eight more executions inside. Young & Rubicam really go all out when they do a campaign.


I've been playing with the Sloganizer for a few minutes to see what slogans it might suggest for dear old Adland. Well:

Be alive with Adland
Endless possibilities with Adland
Adland - Now!
Adland, since 1845
generated by sloganizer.net
Naughty little Adland
Can you feel it? Adland.
Easy Adland

Sheesh! It's getting kinkier by the minute, don't worry, your jobs are safe copywriters. That's not to say it isn't fun. Go on, you try.


Over at Flickr a user called mr carl has scanned what seems to be the entire book "World of Logotypes" by Al Cooper and put every page up here - which is total logo porn for us fans of such things. Al Cooper's book can actually still be bought used, even on Amazon but has been out of print for many years, it was first published in the mid-seventies. Still, the flickr images carry the "© All rights reserved" bit, which means mr carl just copyrighted someone elses copyrighted work, ballsy! But we've learned by now that when it comes to copyrights, the big guys like Yahoo (flickr), Google (youtube) and even more recently the Associated Press play by their own rules don't they? It seems to go a little like this: "don't infringe our stuff but we'll infringe yours and blame it on our users, nyah nyah".


Eva Longoria Parker who plays Gabrielle Solis on Desperate housewives may want to call a lawyer - or just close her eyes and pretend she never saw this.


Pipedream products (link totally NSFW!) has come up with a series of blow-up dolls themed around stars characters in TV shows and films - I don't know if this is sheer genius or creepy as hell.


There's Sarah Jessica Parker as her sex in the city character, and Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba as her Sin City self. To save you from persuing any porn-pages you may click read more simply laugh at the packaging of these things. I hope I don't have to repeat that they are considered kind of not safe for work etc - I mean, it's blow-up doll packaging. There will be words on it that may offend you or your pets.