I find it hilarious that a company (or rather, their ad agency The Escape Pod, Chicago I presume) has latched on to how impossible it is to use pennies for anything in the states and taken that to the ultimate extreme. They send a redheaded dude out to try and buy a decent chef-cooked meal paying only with pennies, and even a used car paying with only pennies. 2700 dollars worth of pennies. I love how the chef seems to grab his hair and start comparing the whole ordeal to him running a steak through a blender."The only reason a dollar is a dollar, is because it's worth a hundred pennies" replies our redheaded hero. Ah, that's so true - so those automatic toll-booths change machines should take pennies, right? Do they?

Holy mother of Gill* - what is that!?

Gawker calls it Montauk Monstergate because nobody believes this is the carcass of a racoon or possibly a smallish dog. Gawker even says: "Fox News Discredits Itself With Wildly Incorrect "It's Not a Monster" Reportage" - hahaha - ow, Fox news and discredit, aw gawker you got me right there. Funny. Instead everyone is suspecting that this might be a an ad campaign. Sheesh, we have people paranoid don't we? Some people are even using this as an golden opportuniy to send out their press releases: Like venom energy drink who blasts: "Venom Places Bounty on the Montauk Monster".

Either way, the tipster at Gawker today denied it being viral marketing for anything and particurlarly it is not for Cartoon Network's "Cryptids Are Real". Maybe it's just a slow news day over there. What do you think it is?

* yes I know that Eric Gill was a incestuous dogfucker. I still like the damn font, so his mother is holy anyway. Oh, and hat tip to the denver egotist peeps who have time to read Gawker. ;P

This ‘mobile’ on-ground communication created by Ogilvy Beijing makes use of a large silhouette of a computer cursor installed on a fleet of DHL’s runner vans, which shuttles around the Beijing’s Central Business District to announce DHL’s ‘24-7’ online tracking attribute. This simple stunt/ live activity has effectively resulted in an apparent drop in parcel enquiry recorded by the DHL phone tracking system while online tracking click counters surged.

Bigger image inside, cheap but very effective look!

Update August 4 - see also the DHL-arrow man version


Images were at one point removed at the Request of Y&R's Creative Director Craig Evans - until some "rights issues" have been sorted out. - no updates on rights issues yet, so I'm moving this to spec work.

Y&R in Irvine created these awesome looking posters to remind folks that Imperial beer is truly from Costa Rica and not anywhere else.


This Japanese-esque (it does look a little Japanese doesn't it? It's not just me who thinks that, right?) ad was created for Greenpeace by Scala JWT Bucharest. It points out that for every action there's a reaction, and what you do to nature - nature brings back to you.


ad agency Torke sent us this.

In order to communicate the premiere of FOX's new TV Show- Friday Night Lights, a guerrilla campaign was made inspired in the show's universe, bringing to Lisbon cheerleaders and football players.
Friday Night Light premiere was sunday, 2oth of July, on FOX Channel.

-Choreographed cheerleaders danced at TV Show soundtrack attracting attention to passers-by .

-A portuguese footbal team played with eachother in the streets, attracting passers-by, the players handed out flyers with info about the show.

-Several statues were dressed with football uniforms, communicated the premiere of the TV Show.