Around this time of year, practically everyone puts out a list of the "best" superbowl commercials. Or the worst. Two things these lists have in common include getting the year the ad aired wrong (no, really it happens a lot) and then 85% of the ads on their carefully chosen lists are identical to the ads on everyone elses list. ;)
So here's our twist on the lists, possibly most forgotten superbowl ads. It doesn't mean that they're bad, in fact some show up on other fun lists of good ads - people just don't seem to recall that they too were once superbowl ads.
Lets start at the beginning shall we? Way back in 1969 super bowl III commercials this Gillette - Techmatic adjustable ad could make me forgive all the other terrible Gillette ads if they just put this one back on the air. Please, pretty please Gillette, do it just once!

In the 1973 super bowl VII commercials, Joe Namath is so exited becaause "he's gonna get creamed" by none other than Farah Fawcett. I don't know what Joe thinks "creamed" means, but I'm sure it's naughty. This is hilariously cheesy.

In the 1975 super bowl IX commercials McDonald's test people on their jingle for the Big Mac, and they all fail. Sing it with me! Two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun. Now down a vodka and do it again faster! This should be a drinking game.

Hey kids. Since we're gearing up to watch yet another super bowl only for the commercials, I thought I'd do a little re-arranging in our 35 years of super bowl commercials namely making the ads sort by highest voted first.

You can now see the "best of" according to logged in adgrunts on each year. For example, this is the 2005 superbowl commercials, the 2002 superbowl commercials and the 1969 superbowl commercials listed by highest vote first.

Of course, this is also a sneaky way for me to get you guys to vote a little. ;9 Since some years - for example 2000 superbowl commercials, 1997 superbowl commercials and 1994 superbowl commercials have very few votes so one single vote can still make all the difference. Won't you make sure that your favorites are on top? :)

Agency - EURO RSCG Sydney
Rowan Dean (Creative Director)
Chris Johnson & Katrina Mercer (Copywriter)
Wendy Gilles (Agency Producer)
Prod. Co. : Nylon


Agency - Grey Oslo
Tom Nissen (Art Director)
Sverre Hytten (Copywriter)
Director Odd-Magnus Williamson
Prod. Co. Stig & Stein