People don't like new. In fact, I always wanted to start an agency called HACK. We should do the worst crap, just get the job done, real fast, and just get out of there. New is more challenging to sell.

Right after Paul Lavoie, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of TAXI, was done with his creative solving problem lecture at the Eurobest 2009 in Amsterdam, where he had a pornographer, a knife-thrower and a Dakar Rally driver as guests, we dragged him aside and wanted to talk with him about trust, the must-have building block to create great ads. We ended up talking about the biggest deception of them all in adland, scam ads, and why they are made.

Adland in Amsterdam Eurobest 2009 - Paul Lavoie Interview

Paul's lecture at the Eurobest 2009 was called : Creative Problem Solving an was aired lived here

In 1992, Paul Lavoie co-founded TAXI with partner Jane Hope, successfully combining the disciplines of advertising and design. After 15 years, with six offices in Canada and the US and an expanded product offering, TAXI remains independent and committed to its original vision. TAXI has been recognised in the industry for its fresh, unconventional approach, creating consistently strong brands for companies such as BMW MINI, Nike, WestJet, Blue Shield of California, Viagra and TELUS.

L.L.Bean - Holiday 2009 - (2009) -30 (USA)

Commercial was shot with 1,500 frames per second for that slow-mo snow-globe feel.

"Snow Motion," for L.L. Bean via GSD&M, captures the crisp, fresh beauty of a winter day, as a family engages in sledding, snowball fights, and more. The visual treatment of the action underscores the message that every moment counts. So does every penny, something L.L. Bean understands, as it provides rewards to its customers this holiday season. Work by Arsenal FX included secondary color correction and graphics placement.

The Saatchi & Saatchi approved winner of the Clever Film Competition for Toyota has already garnered some pretty offended feedback on their facebook page.

The competition, part of Toyota’s live social media pitch, gave $7000 to the winners for this ad, which was created by Play TV. The Clever Film judges consisted of Saatchi & Saatchi creative staff and Toyota representatives - which makes me wonder if this was voted upon just to scare brands off from using crowdsourcing.... - but then the top ten were simply judged on views and comments, and there is no doubt this one would garner plenty of views.

TAC Transport Accident Commission - Everybody Hurts 20th anniversary ad - (2009) 3:00 (Australia)

Adfreak has me ruining my mascara Monday morning by pointing out "Australia celebrates brutal road-safety PSAs". TAC has a way of pushing every button I've got, and this one adds Michael Snipe crooning "Everybody hurts" which only floods my tear canals even more.

This ad was created to reminded all Victorians of their responsibility to drive safely, as TAC marked 20 years of road safety campaigns and drivers across the state switched their headlights on for road safety. The ad is a composite of the previous 20 years ads, each one a jarring tearjerker in its own right. For extra impact they air this ad across all networks, there is no escape.

Now that Tiger Woods, the main celebrity vehicle of so many brands, has tarnished his brand and stepped away from golf to spend some time with his family and become a better man - which brands are dropping him? A handy list, for those at home keeping score.

  • NYT says "Gillette to limit the role of Tiger in advertising, which is marketing speak for "we're not shooting more ads with him, but we're also not spending money on recalling the ones currently on air" - which may explain why I keep seeing that Gillette Fusion stuff starring Tiger on TV here.
  • the same article we can see that "AT&T said Friday in a statement that “we are presently evaluating our ongoing relationship with him.” so that sponsorship deal seems gone.
  • Accenture is not mincing words, they're the first sponsor to drop Tiger Woods completely.. They explain " determined that he is no longer the right representative for advertising". Say buh-bye to that check, Elin.
  • Gatorade has another cold shower : they dropped Tiger like a cooler of drink.
  • Nike is sticking by Tiger, he has Nike's full support, as do posterboys Michael Vick, Andre Agassi, and Ronaldo. Spot a trend!
  • Tag Huer takes down posters with Tiger down under, but deny this has anything to do with his recent transgressions. Hmmmm.
  • EA sports says they're sticking with Tiger, then again he's hard to drop after they've created the Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online, it's not like they could reanimate that game and make the main golfer somebody else....
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