Got Prostate Cancer?

It's not easy being Rudolph Giuliani. Besides dropping out of a US Senate race, a divorce, and a diagnosis of prostate cancer, the New York City Mayor is now suffering the aggravation of an ad campaign that exploits his misfortune.

PETA is milking the PR potential of his prostate cancer to advance their own anti-dairy agenda with a billboard featuring Giuliani sporting a milk mustache and the headline "Got Prostate Cancer?"


SAG takes its toll

Talent agency Cunningham, Escott, DiPene is suspending its Chicago
operations due the SAG/AFTRA strike.

They will lay off all employees except vice-president Dianne Herro-Sanford, who focuses on on-camera work, and voice-over agent Debby Kotzen. Employees will be laid off and operations curtailed as of August 31.

T.J. Escott, owner and founder says "the strike has been going on for too long, and there is no way to predict when it will end."


Winners have been notified

The winner of the Andy Law "creative company" book was user number 14. :)

Pip he's called.

Three other users will be sent secondary prizes/toys as soon as they respond what their address is (one already did).
In the neck to neck competition of cartoons between Marius@grapefruitdesign and, Wes won the signed KesselsKramer book and Marius will get the second prize.


Adformatie TamTam 2000

Adformatie -the dutch "adweek" linked both Adland and the Commercial archive in one go in issue 38, august 2000.

We can't understand all of it, but we thought it was quite sweet.

Headline reads: "Seven hours worth of viewing pleasure" and explains that the commercial-archive is run by yours truly Dabitch, founder of Adland - a "site full of gossip, jokes and discussions about advertising".


Lee is a social disease! The Buddy Lee strategy revealed!

I remember some of you wondering "What's the point?" of Fallon and Co. creating the rubberburner, borntodestroy and supergreg Web sites for Lee and how the heck they were supposed to sell pants that way. Well, Channel Seven has an article on the whole viral thing that may answer a question or two for y'all...


Big vs. Small

This is the simplistic theory of an industry that lives and thrives on simplification (of products, of brands): if your agency is small you are creative, your ideas sparkle like diamonds, you are so hot it hurts.

If your agency is gargantuan, you are a slovenly dinosaur, Godzilla Incorporated, a coldbed of creativity, so entangled in red tape that it would make any bondage fan faint with arousal.


Win the St Luke's Creative Company Book!

So you missed your chance to win the signed KesselsKramer book or toys, and now you want in? Well don't despair, thanks to our favorite St Luke's CW Andy Lockley and his lovely collegue Paula there is a Creative Company book to win! "Creative Company! or "How St Luke's became the ad agency to end all ad agencies" is written by Andy Law and published by Adweek.


Which comic do you think should win the signed KesselsKramer book?

Here they are, the brave pens who are competing for the signed KesselsKramer book and toys. The deal is, look through the images, choose your favorite one by number, and then vote. You can only vote once a day (based on IP numbers) and voting will continue until this friday, when the comic with the most votes wins and the others get the KesselsKramer toy prizes.
Click to see comics. (warning, several images on one page, 36 modems might take a while)


Hi my name is altavista! launched a contest where you can win a wad of cash -5000 USD - if you name your baby after their site.
A proud father has already won.

Iuma Dylan-Lucas was born to Jessica and Travis Thornhill last friday.

"My wife liked the idea because the child's grandma said this baby would bring prosperity, and this contest could be what she was talking about," he said. "Plus, the kid will have a cool story when he grows up."


More SAGgravation!

As if a months long strike with no resolution in sight isn't enough, now striking actors are facing the threat of synthetic scabs. The Hollywood Reporter, E! Online and Empire reported yesterday that Al Pacino will be staring with a computer-generated leading lady in his next film--"Simone."

The disturbing part of this news for the acting community is that the CGI starlet isn't a "character" like Jar-Jar Binks or Roger Rabbit, but essentially an actress who just happens to be digital. A SAG spokesman noted that "an actor is losing his job."