Does God need advertising?

O&M's God Campaign

A recent newspaper columnist reports that O&M Singapore
has done a campaign to increase awareness about God..............
A few questions for God:

1. Why did you not invite other agencies to pitch for your account?

2. Did you do this ad blitz because you saw a threat from the competition, Satan?

3. There are no contact numbers in the ads, how do I get in touch with you? Via knee mail?

4. What is the size of the account?

5. Did the ads work? How many atheists now believe in your existence?

But I nit-pick dear Lord. Forgive me.

Bottomline is your ads are brilliant, cutting-edge stuff, and deserve to win at the One Show, D&AD, CA, Cannes and Clio.


We have officially run out words people...

When making good headlines - have a thesaurus at hand. MMk?


An aspirin a day will keep the heartattack away?

Like Bayer already has done St. Joseph aspirin will now market itself as not only the fever and pain killer - but also as a heart attack prevention medication.
Whats the matter? People don't have enough headaches lately?


Pigeon-Holed in Spanish

Creatives in advertising agencies fall into 7 categories. We know who you are. Do you?
Translation provided by
1) El creativo resignado.



Clayton alerted me and the adlisters to a new site out there this morning,, and I looked it over briefly, not all too suprised about it's similarities with Adland, until I read the part on how he found it:"FYI: This was found via a June 5 mention at Jeffrey Z's usually against this sort of thing, 'specially since his site's been scavenged by others so many times - is this Alanis Mor


Time to buy some alka-zeltzer

Cannes Lions is far too soon! Their site revamped, they collected previous winners in a searchable database - bliss! It might be the most 'boring' Cannes Lions site you have ever seen, but it is by far the most useful one they have made. "which seminar did you go to?" is not as common of a question as "which party were you at last night?" , which reaches "did you see the shortlist?" levels of popularity by the middle of the week.. So do your homework: Where will you party once in Cannes?.............. listing here.


Turks live on minimum wages in `Survivor' style reality program

From AdAge Global:

ISTANBUL - Turkish broadcaster Kanal D will monitor two contestants 24 hours a day as they attempt to survive on a monthly income of $68 -- like millions of other minimum-wage earners struggling in Turkey's financial crisis.

For the full story see adeageglobal


Ambient media - in and out of fashion?

Last years D&AD winner and one of the recent best examples of an ambient media campaign was Mothers campaign, where everyday objects such as lamp-posts and park benches were labeled as works of art available to buy via britart, gets a slight backlash in the Guardian.

"There are signs that Britain is beginning to rebel against the rising tide of advertising. Figures recently published by the Advertising Standards Authority show complaints about ambient advertising have soared from just six in 1999 to 61 last year. "


Capitalism is Dead and the Commercials are Great!

What better way to promote Six Feet Under, "HBO's newest drama series takes a darkly comic look at a dysfunctional Pasadena family that runs an independent funeral home," than with fake commercials from the Death Care Industry!

There's four killer spots thus far:
Living Splendor Embalming Fluid
Crown Royal Millenniun Edition Funeral Coach
Wound Filler Molding Putty
Franklin's Leak Proof Earth Dispenser from Franklin Funeral Supplies

For big versions of the commercials, go here.


Latest Columbia Pictures release gets thumbs up its own butt.

What can a film studio do to get around the fact that film critics hate their movies? Easy four step answer:

1. Get their advertising department to create a critic of their very own.

2. Have the fabricated critic gush and rave about the studio's films.

3. Use the gushes and raves in their press releases, print ads, posters and commercials in order to boost ticket sales.

4. Try not to get caught.

Well, when it came to Columbia Pictures (parent company Sony Pictures Entertainment), three out of four ain't bad. It's nasty.