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Hammer and Tongs to do Hitchhikers Guide

All HHGTTG fans, either rejoice or cry into your towels - the increasingly inaccurately named trilogy is going to be a movie after all. Don't panic, the fine folks at Hammer & Tongs will direct and produce the film - the people behind the 'Coffee and TV'-video for Blur and the 'evolution of man'-video for Fat Boy Slim know a thing or three about irreverent craziness. Karey Kirkpatrick is the screenwriter who will try and channel Douglas and coax the old radio-script into a movie script.


The Advertising Show - Marc Schiller

Hear Marc Schiller, CEO of Electric Artists, re-write the book on how brands should approach marketing. Marc Schiller is an accomplished industry executive with a wealth of knowledge in marketing, branding, and public relations. At Electric Artists, Marc develops strategies that tap into social networks and harness the power of tastemakers and influencers to drive word-of-mouth. Some of his clients include Nestle, Purina, Pfizer, FIFA, Schlumberger, Proctor and Gamble, Imagine Entertainment, Universal Films, BMG Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and Sony Pictures.

Tune in Saturday 8-10 p.m. CET (2-4 p.m. EST) to for their live webcast. Or check out their commercial free archives.


September Tapes tries a Blair Witch viral approach

Read Carefully the site advises, "If you’ve found me, you’ve seen the clip and you’re someone willing to dig a little deeper". The clip is at and carries the text "E. Bruderton, property of Bureau section7" on it.


Philly home of great beer and gay tourists


"It's a global first, and Philadelphia has it. Philadelphia today becomes
the first city anywhere to debut a gay-themed tourist destination

More at Seattlepi; "A new TV ad campaign featuring a same-sex couple in colonial costume invites gay tourists to come to the City of Brotherly Love, and a gay media group said it's the first time a television commercial for a U.S. tourist destination has targeted homosexuals."

Tagline: "Come to Philadelphia. Get your history straight and your nightlife gay." You can read the description, see a story board and watch the QT of this ad at the CommercialCloset. Hat tip to Claymore.


Vetting clients & care and Feeding of Freelancers

Hmmm; don't see anything here about sucking it up and/or "just praying really hard".

From CreativePro: Vetting Clients For Peace of Mind, bonus Care and Feeding of Freelancers


RFSU - Chosan Express / Condom ambulance - (2004)

RFSU - Chosan Express / Condom ambulance - (2004)

Here's the story behind the condom-ambulance: Have no fear the condom-mobile is here. Condom mobile? Stupid pharsing, more like condom ambulance.

condom ambulance

Have no fear - the condom-mobile is here

RFSU the Swedish national organization for information about sex wants people to protect themselves when they do the nasty. A campaign to promote protection and their own condom brand Cho-san will begin this Friday - amorous couples who find themselves short of a condom can call the number (0771) 69 69 69 and the prophylactic ambulance will drive to their door with fresh supplies! The condom ambulance!


Kellog's Pop-Tarts to sponsor "Dumb-ass"

MTV is coming out with a new show, a take on Jackass called "Dumb ass" and Pop-Tarts will be the sponsor. Pop-Tarts will use the line "Parents don't get them", and will run on-pack promotions for the show as well as air ads during it.

Why "Dumb-ass"? It fits Pop-Tarts target market like a hand in glove, a quick look at a pack shows inane Warming Instructions, as if one couldn't figure out to "Remove pastry from pouch" before "warm pastry in toasting appliance". Crazy kids out there have already done jackass/dumbass combos and set strawberry pop-tarts on fire in toasters just for the heck of it.


Ad Age on ad creep

There's a fairly comprehensive article at Ad Age on the potential for backlash against "ad creep," the Mr. Hyde name for guerilla marketing tactics that push advertising into untraditional spaces.

The article cites a lot of examples of what I would call media buy expansions rather than "guerilla marketing"--the expansion of ad buys of block long scaffolding billboards is an expansion of traditional media rather than a true guerilla tactic. The studies they cite regarding public outcry are probably a bit overblown--people say they don't like TV ads either, but that doesn't stop them from watching them.

Part of the problem is that much of the ad creep is uncreative. People don't mind happening upon an ad, but it has to be subtle and make it worth their while. Ads don't HAVE to creep to be effective. And they aren't effective just because they creep. Bad advertising in new spaces is still bad advertising.