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Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne
James McGrath (Executive Creative Director)
Paul Reardon (Creative)
Julian Schreiber (Creative)
Prod. Co. : Flagstaff studios


It is not easy to pick the top five worst superbowl commercials of all time.

There's bad, like those mens razors ads which make my teeth hurt every year, then there's really really bad like backfiring (literally) jokes, and then there's so bad that masses of people protest and your company sues the ad agency who created the ad bad. With that said, here's Adland's pick of the top five worst super bowl ads of all time. We've combed through the 35 years of Super bowl ads in The Super Bowl Commercials archive to bring you these fantastic turds.

Eleven of the world’s top designers have been chosen to judge the One Show Design awards, the industry’s most prestigious international awards competition honoring the year’s best in advertising design, corporate identity, environmental design, publication design, direct mail and package design.
“Due to the increasing number of entries received from around the world and the growing emphasis placed upon good design in the consumer marketplace, last year marked the first time design was given its own separate event,” said Mary Warlick, CEO of The One Club. “One Show Design honors only the very best in design, so naturally, we only invite the very best designers to judge the work.”

How god are they? Judge by checking out their homepages below. Judges for this year’s One Show Design competition are:
Marian Bantjes, Quatrifolio (Bowen Island, Canada) - Love that clock btw
Jenny Ehlers, King James (Cape Town, South Africa)
Vince Frost, Frost Design (Sydney, Australia)
Keiko Hirano, Communication Design Laboratory (Tokyo, Japan)
John Jay, Wieden + Kennedy (Portland)
Diti Katona, Concrete Design (Toronto, Canada)
Clement Mok (San Francisco)
Emily Oberman, Number 17 (New York)
Alvaro Rego, Mumedi (Mexico)
Laurie Rosenwald, Freelance (New York)
David Turner, Turner Duckworth (San Francisco and London, UK)


Full strength but low carbs means that fit men can crave it too.

Agency : AJF Partnership, Melbourne
Writer: Joshua Stephens