No Logo - Naomi Klein does documentary on brands.

British Adland readers take note: Naomi Klein - the author of
"No Logo" (excerpt here) has been scouting around Europe with a TV crew, making a documentary to appear next month on British TV - channel Four after the news.


Win the Epica Videos!

Here we go again - I asked Maureen Lynch and Andrew Rawlins over the Epica Awards if they might have an extra annual lying around - and they don't - they can never print enough of them it seems because everybody wants one, but they did send something even better.( Don't forget, deadline for entry in the Epica's is the 29th!)


Spike joins AtomFilms

Commercial and promo king turned feature director Spike Jonze joins atomfilms- see Ugo's little article about how we all should post nasty comments under various usernames. ;) ... Oh, but that would be mean...


SAG talks break down

At the sag site here a glaring headline will tell you "Negotiations between SAG/AFTRA and the advertising industry to end the commercials strike broke down very late this afternoon in New York City. Our negotiating team is meeting at this moment to determine future action."


Ericsson want us to see the everyday revolution.

Come october 2nd, Ericssons new campaign will launch, the message: "The Mobile Internet revolution. It's an everyday thing" is going to appear everywhere - TV, radio, billboards, newspapers, the Internet - making it Ericsson's largest ever advertising campaign.

In a message sent to Ericsson employees, Kurt Hellström and Torbjörn Nilsson, president and vice president respectivly share their vision of the future:


what we say to clients...

...and what we really mean.
-"We'll certainly consider that"
-Don't make me laugh!

There is a major opportunity
We need your money

Our advice to you
Our invoice to you

That's a good point, but...
I've heard some rubbish in my time...

We've been thinking
Because you obviously haven't

There's a lot of support for this concept
This is our only concept

May I make a suggestion
Do this or you're neck deep in shit

That's a challenging brief
What the FUCK do you mean?

We'll need to visit the factory


Spam in the name of Diesel

Spam is not advertising - it is the cancer of the web. We all know and agree on this - if you do not sign up to receive messages and still do, you are of course a tad mad. It is the advertising reserved for get rich quick schemes rather than the High Street brand name. What if you don't sign up for anything , and get spam SMS'sed to your mobile phone? What is that? SpaSMS! You have to get the message, press button or two read it delete it, and *beep* you get another identical one. *argh!* When signing your mobile phone contract you usually sign a clause stating that you do not want to receive unsolicited messages to it, hence, anyone spamming your phone is actually breaking a law. Some mobile phone companies sell your phone number to the highest bidder - the claus in the contract will protect you from such barbarism. Or will it? Diesels's King Frank has taken to spamming mobile phones in Holland with useless SMS messages, probably thinking it's another cool "ad virus" media in the making- and Dabitch is mad.


Olympic Chainsaw Massacre

NBC contributed the latest example of advertising "standards and practices" hypocrisy when it cut a new Olympics spot from Nike spot off at the knees this week.

The spot, a parody of slasher movies, features runner Suzy Hamilton being chased through the woods by a chainsaw-weilding masked man. The Nike-clad Olympian easily outdistances the psycho, leaving him panting in exhaustion as supers pop up stating "Why sport? You'll live longer."

The network cited an unspecified "number of viewer complaints" as the reason for its flip-flop on the previously approved spot. Once again, advertising is being subjected to scrutiny that programming in the same media is spared from.


Win Luke Sullivan's Book

I can't believe I'm giving this away, it looks so much better than mine - which I accidently dropped in the bath while reading it - a crisp clean paperback of "Hey Whipple Squeeze this" kindly donated by Luke Sullivan the chief good guy over at Westwayne. But yes I'm giving it way, in the tradition of the user-lottery, if you are a user, you have already bought a ticket, if you aren't, sign up now. And don't keep this a secret, tell a friend!


Chiat Gets Artificial Intelligence

Tapping into a new profit center, Chiat Day's futuristic LA office moonlighted this past weekend as a set for the new Spielberg film A.I. (Artificial Intelligence).

As reported by Dark Horizons, props including twenty or so flat-screen monitors were brought in to transform the agency for the sci-fi feature based on a Kubrick script.