Heathrow Terminal 5 - The world's largest mistletoe - (2009) :30 (UK)

The world's largest sprig of mistletoe hangs in the ceiling at Heathrow Terminal 5. It's a ten foot by eight foot structure, which took three weeks to construct, weighs 43kg and includes more than 50 feet of steel tubing and 25 stainless steel balls. Steel balls folks. It's officially the biggest kissing spot there is. If you fancy a snog you should camp out under it. ;)

Mazda - What's Inside (2009) :30 (USA)

Recently, Rhino's CD Vico Sharabani collaborated with director Jason Smith of Industry on an new :30 for Mazda via Doner, Detroit.

While the spot appears to be totally live action, it is really a seamless mix of CG and in-camera footage blended to show off both the interior and exterior of Mazda5.

"Both Doner and Jason Smith were outstanding creative partners," noted Sharabani. "They understood that making the natural flow work would require major `Frankenstein-type' surgery, and their insight and willingness to adapt were refreshing. We used multiple layers in post to fully integrate a complex composite, a process that was considerably easier than it could have been, since we took care of as many details as possible in pre-vis."