Three Bears Attack! John West Salmon spawns stateside offspring 4 QTs at once

On November 20th of 2000, Leo Burnett released a commercial into the airwaves for a scrappy UK fish canner by the name of John West. Using a delightful blend of ursine humour, animatronic costumery and street-smart martial arts, the spot soon took off all over the Web, ending up in a plethora of in-boxes around the world. Then, in late January of 2001, three surprisingly similar concepts swam across the pond and leapt into the living rooms of America... (Would you like to know more? WARNING - four films in one go fast lines only!)


For those who missed the cat herding post-game show...

In preparation for Superbowl XXXV, a proud and noble sporting event certain to be overshadowed by the even prouder and nobler commercials made possible by companies willing to dish out seven digits of dinero for thirty seconds of possible legend-making eye candy, there's a certain spot which almost quietly aired during ABC's Monday Night Football on Nov. 20th and then again on Thanksgiving Day...


Ulf Dahlsten leaves Icon - effective immediatly

Ulf Dahlsten - the man who was chosen to head up the Cannes Lions Cyberaward mentioned earlier here announced today that he is resigning from his position as President of Icon Medialab.

Sarky comments at Resume say: "I heard he's leaving to learn how to make banners, so that he can judge the Cannes awards better. Good on him."

Will he still be in the Cannesjury?


I'll miss the dot-coms

They may not have had actual products, and we now know they never made actual money, but several dot-com companies ponied up some nice ads over the past two years. Even the Super Bowl won't be the same without them. and their funny little sock puppet? Buh-bye. and the baby girl who raised her fist high? Barely breathing.


Target - Graves (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

Target - Graves  (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

We change the way American thinks about design.


Is this an ad?

Thanks to Zeldman I find this bizarre review of a book about
a duck named ping (scroll down for the brilliant Unix-bullshit). Curiosity gets the better of me...


Back down to five agencies pitching on Diesel

This week is fashion week in Milan, the terribly hip are attending parties and Diesel is throwing their own party tonight to celebrate ten years of great ads and great clothes.

So how is that pitch going then? Well, the six agencies pitching are back down to five agencies....


Cannes cyberawards pick jury.

Considering entering some work into the prestigious Cannes lions award show this year?

Do so, the awards have high quality, good competition (from all over the world) and the week of the show is a blast. However, if you want to enter the Cyber-lion awards - you might spend your money better elsewhere.....


The worlds first dog-billboard?

It's true what they say, advertising has gone to the dogs. You might remember when pet-food advertising elevated from it's usual P&G-inspired bore-and-repeat style as Whiskas dared to venture out on the creative branch with the world first commercial aimed at cats. The commercial depicted things cats (apparently) would react to, and another ad showed hidden camera footage of cats in their homes trying to chase down the funny squeking and moving things on their masters tellies. My cats didn't much care for that ad, but then again, they only watch sheep-hearding and golf on TV.

Well - new ground has been broken again as the worlds first dog billboard - aimed at both dogs and their masters - is currently touring Holland.....


The Design of a Cool Cat

If you're like me, you've probably spent many a sleepless night pondering, "Gee. Why the heck aren't there any groovy serial comix based around the goings-on of graphic designers and slightly vicious office pets?"

Well, last night I happened upon a groovy site/strip going by the nomenclature of Cool Cat Studio based on life 'n' stuff of characters workin' at a design shop, and of course, using plenty of Apple product. Darn good stuff, with creds and nods going to artist/writer Gisøle Lagacå -- With a name like that, you know you're gonna dig it.