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Actual ad which will run in Toronto newspapers. The text reads:

"At Virgin Mobile, you're more than just a number. When you call us we'll treat you like a person, not a client. Whether you're #9 or #900, you'll get hooked up with somebody who'll finally treat you just how you want to be treated."


OMG stunning!

To advertise their sharp knives, the brand name which I can not read (is it "long term"?) and ad agency "invisible", guangzhou cut really intricate motifs in thick paper posters and hung them in appropriate places.

A door God, a few lucky fish and a gorgeous looking vase inside.
Who said Chinese advertising was naive? This is fantastic! I want some!


At extensis typecaster you can mix and match your fonts to see who might hit it off in a little TV show thingie - and try and suss out which font you are. No matter how many times I took the quiz, I ended up stencil. Ack! This thing would have been so much better if there was a choice of non-insulting fonts as the characters. Ok, fess up, who here got Comic Sans as their type? Anyone? Bueller? Hahaha *points and laughs* I'm only doing that to make me feel better. I mean, sheesh, I got STENCIL man!


Jung von Matt/Elbe, Hamburg wanted to not just talk about how awake k-fee Caffeine Drink makes you feel, but to actually "wake people up" direct, straightforward way. "Sleeping policemen" were made to look like K-fee cans. As a result, cyclists bumping over those things would wake up, and notice the cans. The target group - young people - are far more likely to ride fast across these things thus getting the extra bumpy-ride.


Holy wtf, the christians have caught on to the hype, learned a few buzzwords and invented a few more and now there's Christvertising where prayer can make your product be positioned in a positive light in the eyes of that guy in the sky. If he likes it, everyone else will. Talk about the great influencer, right?

No, really. Srsly. Check out Try not to let your jaw drop all the way down to the floor. Or die of laughter.

At the festival Mena Cristal Awards 2008 the agency Leo Burnett Beirut won Corporate Cristal for the commercial "Tribute to the Lebanesse Army", an ad that shows a soldier being saluted by civilians as he walks the streets.


Modernista! no longer has a site, just a clever way of redirecting the visitor, so they're using what everyone else said about Modernista! on the web as their site instead of wasting time building their own. (Hmm, I wonder if this mention will make our site end up as part of Modernista!'s site... Time will tell). What do you think about that kids? Humble? Pretentious? Clever way of getting rid of their big old server and replacing it with someones iPhone? Kidding. Hat Tip Brandon Barr with the ever growing beard.

Speaking of sexy facial hair, moustache me is one of those places that encourages you to mess with advertising which is taking over the pubic space. They reckon it'll be fun if we all carried pre-printed moustaches to stick on all those smiling models everywhere. Stickers, yeah. "What that ad needs is a good moustaching". Seen it before, except these guys print special stickers that'll cost you three bucks or more.

That's all for today folks, sorry I didn't have time to post anything but there was a fun (work) booklaunch today. At least I have a good reason for going MIA, I had lunch with whatshisname Husk Mit Navn. And now, I must sleep. Night! ;)