90-Foot babe blogs for BuddyLee

A new commercial for BuddyLee jeans stars a 90-foot babe walking down the street to the tunes of Pretty Woman, view it here.
The star , named Natalia, has her own blog which like many blogs, starts each post with either I, I'm, My or It. Added bonus, you can call the number she writes on the wall in the commercial, 212-468-2817 and hear what the giant gal sounds like. But no, that's not her accent according to this post: I ended up recording the world's silliest message on my answering machine. I've been working with an acting coach, so I had the idea to do the message with a foreign accent. I'll admit it: my accents could use some work. Buddy thought I sounded Russian, my mom thought I sounded French and my agent thought she had the wrong number!


AAAA gets its panties in a bunch concerning Talent Zoo column.

Get this: The American Association of Advertising Agencies has rescinded an invitation for Talent Zoo to speak at an industry conference after they disapproved of a column that appeared on the Talent Zoo site

Columnist Danny G, an outspoken rank 'n file creative whose column appears regularly on the site, poignantly derided the AAAA-sponsored Advertising Week as a self-serving, self-congratulatory, ego-fest.

Check out this page at TalentZoo for more details; and to draw your own conclusion!


Selling lingerie with 'shocking' images

The tried and true tactic of doing something outrageous in order to get press-attention is being used by two lingerie companies simultaneously.

We wouldn't expect anything less from agent provocateur, and Elle Macpherson's Intimates is running a close second with their headless-voyeuristic images of women having a nude-knife-fight. The cherry on top is a woman on her knees scrubbing blood off from the floor dressed in a black and white negligee that nods to a french maid outfit.


A Grey WPP

It seems like Grey Global in the future will be a part of the WPP-network. According to Bloomberg.com WPP won the bidding-game of the last of the free networks. WPP beat Havas and a investorgroup formed by Hellman & Friedman, investors in Y&R in the nineties before the agency was sucked up by... WPP.

The transaction details isn't released but since the stockmarket was worth $940/share when Nasdaq closed Friday one can believe that WPP was bidding around $926-930/share.

Read the whole story at Boomberg


Priceline - William Shatner / Leonard Nimoy - 2 (2004) 0:30 (USA)


Viral Awards get a much needed image-lift.

The Viral awards have gotten a face lift and are now a far cry away from the glorified wet t-shirt images they launched with last year, Neville Brody cleaned up their act and site. Ah Neville, where have you been mate? Good job - the previous image of the award would hardly convince most marketers of the credibility of viral marketing, which is already suffering from the "not for serious companies - too many boobies" stigma. See the new site at Viral Awards.

But, something is still lacking. If you look at the jurors, it's nearly all Brits. This is not uncommon in advertising - but we are talking about a worldwide phenomenon, are we not? Virals are still spilled across the world wide web, right? OK, just checking.


Nike viral - watch out for squirrels


MadisonAve: New Ad Column From Hollywood

Clio Hall of Fame Creative Director Harry Webber has been tapped by ace Hollywood Journalist and Movie Critic Jeffrey Wells to write a twice weekly rant column on the declining influence of Madison Avenue on the level of creativity in advertising. The colum is here at MadisonAveNew.com


Not My Type IV animation

ABC brings us the typofile animations of John Lycette, Not my Type IV tells the story of an over-gadgeted office worker and his dysfunctional relationship to machines. In plain English, it's a typical day at the office.


Speak Up design a poster competition - extended

Designers see this, Speak Up’s Poster Contest is on - create a poster with your favorite Speak Up quote ever, and you may win $75 Amazon giftcerts and $75 good towards Veer's lovely eyecandy products. The deadline has officially been extended, your poster must be in by Monday, September 20 at 11:59 pm Central Standard Time.