Here's a little something from Revision3 video where they imagine a world where everything can get bricked. I'm not posting it because I found it particularly hilarious, I'm posting it because - gag - there's a Candice Michelle GoDaddy ad tacked to the end and that was hilarious.

Robblink, ask and ye shall receive - after bemoaning not having the spot(s) in his Be Kanye post here TBWA scratched our backs and sent us the whole campaign and credits.

The infomercial teaser has been running on TV and online for the past couple of weeks, leading to the launch of ABSOLUT Kanye's Vision spot, 'Tablet'. Both can be viewed on The infomercial was accompanied by wild postings and small space print ads.

The partnership with Kanye West is the latest part the In An ABSOLUT World Visionaries campaign launched earlier this year. The campaign invites artistic luminaries and consumers to visualize and share their vision of an ABSOLUT World.

TBWA\Chiat\Day is the creative agency and Greatworks is the digital agency.

Inside is the wild posters seen in major metropolitan US cities now.


This new print campaign from FFL Paris for Wrangler depicts humans as animals, or how a nature photographer might see us if we were drinking from lakes late at night. (Many more images inside folks) These images were shot at night, right in the heart of a forest in "the wilds" of the New Jersey state (USA). The entire shoot team, together with the thirteen models, were deliberately subjected to a rough ordeal, in difficult conditions, to ensure that the models got out of their ‘acting’ roles, no longer posing but pushed to reveal their truer animal instincts. There's also a one minute mood commercial in the campaign.


Miljöpartiet de gröna in Sweden ran a full page ad in Dagens Nyheter (morning newspaper) today highlighting the fact that money with females on it, is worth less than money with males on it - and with this they want to draw attention to the fact that women still make less money than men.

- "The salary level is a symptom on how women are valued and what position they are in at work and in soceity at large. The systematic salary discrimination of women is an explanation to that the structural inequality exists." says Esabelle Dingizian (Miljöpartiet).
"It is unacceptable with gender-based irrelevant salary differences. With our ad the topic can get more exposure."

Large ad inside folks, click on.

artist: Roman Klonek
artist: Gary Taxali
Artist: Simon Peplow
artist: Gary Taxali
artist Roman Klonek

Repositioning itself as the source of whole soy, SoyJoy plays on its name and the feeling you get from being good to yourself - or as PRA put it "The 2008 SOYJOY re-launch campaign connects the energy and power of joyful exuberance to the healthy benefits of whole soy. It makes SOYJOY the catalyst for joy—the kind of joy you get from knowing that you are doing something good for your mind, body and spirit."
Since the target market are optimistic creatures this called for some happy illustrations so RPA got the visual artistic style for the campaign through Roman Klonek, Simon Peplow and Gary Taxali.


Personally, I had no idea that "whole soy" even existed let alone was something I'm supposed to eat, but perhaps the follow-up campaign can explain that to me. Then again, being the beer-guzzling cynical depressed person that I am, I'm likely not the target market. ;)



Converse is celebrating being a century old with a new ad campaign, and music to boot. The first video can be seen here: Converse - My Drive-Thru featuring Santogold, Julian Casablancas & N.E.R.D. and there are print ads featuring other artists, including MGMT, Bradford Cox of Deerhunter and Atlas Sound, YACHT, Kid Sister, Eleanor Friedberger of the Fiery Furnaces, Frank Carter of Gallows; Does It Offend You, Yeah?, and Sophie of Care Bears on Fire.

The idea of matching musicians not from the same genre together is explained by Geoff Cottrill, Chief Marketing Officer of Converse. “Converse has been embraced by an amazingly diverse group of musicians and artists over the years. As we celebrate the brand’s first century, we thought it would be fun to bring together Pharrell, Santogold, and Julian, to create new music together that bridges the styles they are known for. The results are everything we hoped for and we’re excited to add ‘My Drive Thru’ into the mix of music that fans will listen to this summer. We are also providing a platform for a number of emerging artists from around the world. The music industry is changing and this partnership is about the music and sharing it with fans for free.”

Inside there's an interview with Marie Hyon & Marco Spier who shot the converse commercials and “My Drive Thru” music video.