Tribal DDB wants your shot-chain for Cuervo

Tribal DDB Worldwide created, a microsite for Jose Cuervo to promote its CuervoSeason campaign.


One Show launches OneShow.TV

The One Club has launched One Show.TV offering the public the opportunity to vote for their favorite television advertising of the year.

"Good ads are hard to find. Bad ads are everywhere," says The One Club President Kevin Swanepoel. "The One Club is dedicated to finding the best ads and this year we are showcasing them, for the first-time ever, by giving the public the chance to have their opinions heard."

Using video streaming, One Show.TV users will be able to preview all the commercials nominated for the 2007 One Show. One Show.TV is a direct response to the overwhelming popularity of audience participation and reflects the international scope of the One Show. One Show.TV features ads from all over the world, including the many outstanding commercials that Americans would otherwise never have the opportunity to see.

One Show.TV is part of One Show Festival Week, an annual event honoring the best in advertising from around the world. Highlights of the week include the 32nd Annual One Show awards, advertising’s equivalent of the Oscars, on May 9 at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City, and One Show Interactive, one of the most exciting and renowned events in the industry, on May 11 downtown at New York’s Skylight Studios.


New California Horse Racing Spots Suggest Things Don't Stay in Vegas

For the first time, the California thoroughbred racing industry has joined forces to launch a statewide TV campaign promoting the sport and on-track attendance.
Aimed at young men who often weekend in Las Vegas, the spots take a poke at the allure of Sin City. "A day at the races is a good time and a lot closer than Vegas," said Shannon McDonald, industry spokesperson. "It's even safer," she said, referring to the over-the-top storylines of the commercials created by Santa Monica-based ad agency RPA.


California Horse Racing - Convention (2007) 0:30 (USA)

California Horse Racing - Convention (2007) 0:30 (USA)

Cue awkward office flirting, ... oh and the co-worker spotted them too. You are better off playing the horses at home.


Ads with bugs are bugging me

Remember the ORKIN campaign? Last year Rethink Communications put flypaper type sticky plaques up around Vancouver and a few buggy days later the Orkin logo appeared, made up entirely of bugs caught in the sticky stuff. *shudder* Gross as I might think that is when seeing it for real I must admit it's one helluva away to make me remember the pest control guys, and at the same time clearly demonstrating the need for calling them. Good ad.

Guess what, I found something similar, another ad making bugs deliver the message - see inside.


California Horse Racing - Tattoo (2007) 0:30 (USA)

California Horse Racing - Tattoo (2007) 0:30 (USA)

Waking up next to her (presumed) husband, the wife discovers he has a tramp stamp tattoo with the name "Misty" in a heart. She slaps him and leaves. You are better off staying at home and playing the horses.


California Horse Racing - Doorbell (2007) 0:30 (USA)

California Horse Racing - Doorbell (2007) 0:30 (USA)

"Honey! You were so hard to find!
(perplexed wife) ... "Honey, who is that..?"
- "Is that your sister?"
This man is in a lot of trouble.


Webby's Peoples Voice Awards

Okay, I'll admit that I have a personal interest in this posting, as one of the blogs i'm involved in is up for a webby and therefor eligible for a peoples voice award...
The People's Voice Awards (and the listings of all the webby nominees) can be found here:

You need to be registered, so if you haven't yet done so, it will prompt you upon clicking the link below.
This link will take you straight to our category if you're already registered and signed in.
Another easy way to get there is from the drop-down menu at the top right, just pull down to bannerblog and release.

Besides the self interested aspect of this, there is a WEALTH of great interactive on the site, and one could spend hours browsing them all...

The background:
I'm a co-editor of BannerBlog - is the only blog focused on interactive advertising out there - or at least the only one big enough to get a nice stream of visitors and submissions from around the world.

Adland: is not

This flickr photo taken by Mark McLaughlin shows the red Biohazard stencil currently all over London where the sender is "", which isn't the same as which is a redirected adversite for 28 weeks later the zombie-virus movie.


Finally, a site that markets clothing to women by showing them naked men!