Based on the French Parlor game of the same name, this series of short films known as "Exquisite Corpse" was created by the commercial production company Little Minx, a division of RSA Films to allow their talented lineup of new directors to strut their stuff.

Assembling a roster of unique directors that work in film, television and commercial production, Little Minx chose four directors – Chris Nelson, Josh Miller, Malik Hassan Sayeed and Phillip Van to write and direct their own short films, all following two golden rules: they must respond to the last line of text from the previous director's script and they must feature the Little Minx brand in some unique way. Every played the game blogstop? Well, it's like that but with film.

What resulted is anything but ordinary. You can see the results of this hybrid of filmmaking and advertising at and you can rate the films here in the archive as well giving the guys props as you see fit.


Coming soon - AdLand's favorite North Dakotan advertising agent* heads to Miami for a production that blows, but in a good way.

*Well, ok, he's also our only North Dakotan advertising agent, but we don't hold that against him.