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Friday link lust for y'all. Finally the weekend is here!

The Fan Club here in Malmö won gold in Guldägget for this DM piece, a phone sent in parts which once it's put together has a message: "Hello, you seem tech savvy. We have a place for you at the technical college". l33t!


2007 Corbis Creativity for Social Justice Award Winners Announced

On Monday, Corbis today announced the winners of the 2007 Corbis Creativity for Social Justice Award in the professional and student categories. The Walker Agency won the award for its work on an Amnesty International campaign – "It's Not Happening Here. But it is Happening," which we all knew was going to take home some trinkets at the award shows; posted less than a year on Adland, the posters have become the 3rd most viewed post ever! Student scholarship winner, Jeanne Lee, was recognized for her creation of the "Plant a Seed for a Greener Apple" school project for Trees New York.

(click to see larger version of "Trees NYC" here)


ADC winners announced, well, most of them

Tuesday, The Art Directors Club announced the top winners in the categories of Advertising and Interactive Media for its 86th Annual Awards. Its top Gold Cube medalist in Advertising is TBWAChiatDay, and its Gold Cube medalist in Interactive Media is R/GA. Winners in the categories of Graphic Design, Photography and Illustration will be announced separately.

The ADC also announced five finalists in the Hybrid category, one of which will be presented with the Gold Cube at ADC's 86th Awards Gala in New York on May 31st. The category recognizes integrated visual communications work that utilizes multiple media platforms or transcends conventional uses of media. The top winner will also claim the Yahoo! Big Idea Chair.

"Our juries worked very diligently this year, evaluating some truly innovative work across disciplines, and our list of winners reflects that," says ADC Executive Director Myrna Davis. "As the only competition that reviews work across the board--from advertising and design to interactive and integrated media--the ADC Annual Awards has always been viewed as ahead of its time, even as it embodies the industry's longest-running record of creative excellence."

Read on to see the work.


Stuff that's shaking at agencies around the world

BETC Euro RSCG opens exhibit - BETC Euro RSCG and the Passage du Désir with the backing of the Paris Municipality, the Caisse des Dépôts, Havas, Partizan, in cooperation with the Amicale Austerlitz, Lévitan, Bassano yesterday opened an exhibition that looks at the looting of Jewish property in Paris titled "Retour Sur Les Lieux" which translates to "return to the scene". The exhibit shows 85 photographs from a small album of photos found in the German federal archives in Coblenz which were taken at the former Lévitan building "Aryanized" by the Nazis, now the Passage du Desir during WWII. Admission is free and the exhibit runs from 18 April to 20 May 2007, every day except Tuesday from 11 am to 7 pm at the Passage du Desir, 85-87, rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin 75010 Paris - Metro: Château d'Eau or Gare de l'Es.

tbd hires Kevin Smyth as AE - tbd, a full-service advertising agency, today announced that Kevin Smyth has joined its team as a new account executive. "It's great to have Kevin back on board at tbd," said René Mitchell, Vice President and Director of Client Services. "He's been on the client side and managed a national brand in a major category. For our team at tbd and our clients, he adds expanded strategic thinking on how to best communicate our clients' brands." One of the first employees at tbd seven years ago, Smyth was previously the finance manager for the company. He changed career paths, earned his MBA in Marketing at Indiana University and gained several years of job experience in the marketing field. His love of the Bend area, and tbd itself, brought him back.


Crayon and Coca Cola launch campaign using Second Life

Coca-Cola has just announced a design competition to create a Virtual Thirst machine - a device that delivers a refreshing experience within the virtual world of Second Life. It's open to all (not just Second Life residents), and entrants don't have to be an expert scripter or builder. The winning entrant, chosen by a group of in-world residents and builders, will be flown to SF to work with top Second Life company Millions of Us to see their idea become a virtual reality. Entries can be submitted via email or youtube.

The main site is at, which houses all the details, and where you can see videos of example prototypes that have been built, watch video diaries of some of the team, link through to a Second Life pavillion where you can see functioning machines, and read an extensive press release. You can also see images on flickr.

Joe Jaffe, president at crayon, said Coke's approach in SL is understated. "It's just one event in-world--25 people attended, but it's a seed," Jaffe said. "Our advice was to start small and then build conversation around the small idea. That's the long tail of creativity. This is less about a Second Life project and more about being able to take the whole concept of thirst and position it as a thirst for meaning, knowledge, love, self-expression and a thirst for an experience."

Submission guidelines for each and contest rules appear on MySpace, as well as on "crayonville Island" in Second Life. The entry deadline is May 2.


FAADA - Moda (2007) Print (Spain)

The fact which FAADA, the Foundation for the Adoption, Patronage and Defence of Animals, provided Contrapunto with was absolutely decisive: 80% of the people who purchase an animal do it on impulse - people who act on the same impulses as those involved when buying a bag, a pair of earrings or a T-shirt.


Carat Fusion makes armpit music for Mitchum's new website

Want to create your own original armpit music on the Internet? The Mitchum Armpit Orchestra is now at your command thanks to digital marketing agency Carat Fusion.

Visitors to can create and record their very own Armpit Orchestra songs and share them with friends. Visitors can also learn how to play favorite armpit-friendly songs such as "Take Me out to the Ball Game," "99 Bottles of Beer," "Happy Birthday" and even "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." If you want to personalize the Armpit Orchestra, upload a personal picture to see yourself among all the armpit action.

Mitchum Man


Attend the Kelly Awards in your Pajamas!

Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) is reinventing one of its most notable programs--the Kelly Awards--as a virtual awards show presented exclusively online.

The winners of the 26th Annual Kelly Awards, which award creative excellence and effectiveness using magazines, will be announced online beginning Wednesday, June 13. Created with Visual Mercenary of New York, New York, the microsite will feature an animated host, interactive gallery, commentary from judges and finalists, and even an exclusive after-party--complete with bouncer. Finalists for this year's Kelly Awards have been announced and are listed below the fold.

"For more than a quarter of century the Kelly Awards have stood for creativity and we feel that the new online event will reflect the originality, flair and cleverness that is characteristic of great magazine advertising," said Ellen Oppenheim, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of the MPA. "Additionally, because we empathize with everyone's busy schedules, we decided to show appreciation for the industry's work while giving attendees an entertaining and time-saving way to share in the celebration of the Kelly Awards. An inventive digital platform enables us to reach an even broader audience."


BSSP launch new ad for Priceline Negotiator campaign - "Falcon of Truth"

We were sent some "exclusive" footage of the new Priceline "Falcon of Truth" spot. In addition, we also were able to share a "making of" video and some rather funny Shatner b-roll footage.

The spot:
Priceline - Falcon of Truth (2007) 0:30 (USA)

Here's what Mr. Shatner had to say about working with his winged partner:
"It's a spot where I'm holding the "Falcon of Truth" on my arm to drive a bargain with a clerk. I'm wearing an eye patch and the implication is that the falcon plucked my eye out. So we're shooting at 3 a.m. and the falcon and I are both exhausted, but the falcon is more expressive about it. Anyway, I ended up treating it like a recalcitrant child and trying to amuse it. At one point, I took off its hood and stared right at it, risking my face and my other eye. There's a lot of drama going on in the shot you see in the ad."


Superfad and Sally Spends-a-Lot Illustrate for Chase

Superfad's Justin Leibow and a team of illustrators and animators bring to life a :30 second spot for Chase Card Services. With a catchy theme song (created by Beacon Street Studios, Santa Monica, CA) and fun concept, Superfad's use of bright colors, and bold typeface create a happy go lucky character.