Not Milk? Small Town Declares Lactose Intolerance to Commercial Cash Cow

It's had a good run. No, it's had a great run. It's had a long, long run. It even achieved status as an ubiquitous catch phrase. And every time we started to think that they milked it for all it was worth, they turned around and surprised us with something fresh.

They tried to rise to the challenge once again, but the best laid plans of cows and men don't always play out as hoped...


Audio Badland - Levis vs. Intel

You wouldn't think computer chips and denim would have anything in common, but these two spots tell a different story.

Yeah, the spots look different, but they sure sound alike!

Adgrunts, click continue and give these ads a listen.


Scandinavian Logos

Have you made any scandinavian Logos lately?

You should submit them to and you might just be one of the logo designers whos work is shown off in this book-to-soon-be. Get cracking.


banner art

The Banner Art Collective ( has implemented a new design created by Garrett Lynch. The new design brings a vast number of improvements to the site, which collects and distributes and poetry created according to the limitations of WWW advertising.


Fresh Squeezed Greed - Television Goes To Hell (or deeper, at least).

Man, it’s tough to be a TV station affiliate nowadays. Sure, the big nets have convinced Hollywood that a half hour program should be no more than 22 minutes long, which leaves eight glorious minutes of time to fill with happy fun $$ commercials, but then they go and burn up most of that time with six minutes of pesky and wasteful national spots.

So what’s a local broadcaster with a control room full of used car and lawyer commercials to do when he only has two minutes to use every half hour? Why, defy the rules of television time and space, of course! The evil Time Machine is back. (continue for more)


Porky Papers

Back in April, The Wall Street Journal advertised its new redesign by running a funny trade campaign. To announce a new, lean pork, Smithfield Ham is running a funny ad of their own. Too bad it's the same funny as the Wall Street Journal!

Click continue to see what's on the magazine racks in badland!


What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

Actor/Iceman Val Kilmer is the new pitchman for $18 billion defense contractor Northrop Grumman.

Now the big question is... Is this a work of real genius, or just plain batty?


Cut Off telemarketeers

Wired news teach a good trick on how to get rid of telemarketeers today.

If you're not the type to use the three-yes questions or the cheat-sheet to out-talk them that we showed you here earlier - Wired's way of screening might be just what you are looking for.

... First get a soundfile of the ascending three-note special-information tone you hear before the 'we're sorry...'


butterflies pollute new york city

Microsoft Corp. apologized to New York City Cnn reports.

The fashion police did not arrest the rollerblading butterfly winged spokespeople Microsoft sent out on New York city streets last week, but it's only a matter of time.

Wait! There's more on this latest flap...


Nissan Altima - Samplers (2002) - 0:30 (USA)

Nissan Altima - Samplers  (2002) - 0:30 (USA)

Sampling the sounds of the car to make a song. Clever, and rather geeky.