VW pulls "jumper" ad

VW gas gun We've come a long way baby. The VW Jumper ad (inside for those who haven't seen it yet) created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami has been pulled after complaints from several groups among them Suicide Prevention Action Network, National Alliance on Mental Illness, American Psychiatric Association, Mental Health America and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Just last week General Motors decided to edit the Robot Superbowl spot where a depressed assembly robot dreams that he jumps off a bridge.

Right now, thousands of creatives are mimicking shooting themselves in the head with their markers, I bet. The VW "jumper" commercial is inside - not in youtubian format. It keeps getting posted and yanked there since it breaks their terms of service. (Do'h people!)


Truth in advertising, part 100 - Truth in Media Buying

Truth in advertising, part 100 - Truth in Media Buying

A British version of Truth in advertising (original 2000 posting) has made an appearance on the web. This is truth in Media Buying, where a media agency does their best to add kiddie care to the extreme sports week.


Creative Commons book sold on Amazon, Seth peeved.

Seth Godin's little mishap this week has been mentioned in The New York Times. Long story short, his free ebook published under a creative commons license Everyone's an Expert (about something) (.pdf link) was printed by someone and sold on Amazon for 9.99 USD. Just like said license alllows.

Seth wrote in his blog "This is partially my fault because the creative commons license I chose for the copyright doesn't preclude something like this. However, trademark law is really clear and there's no doubt in my mind that selling this as a new book with my name on it is not kosher". Partially his fault? I don't know much about trademark law, but did Seth Godin trademark his name? Seth Godin™? As for the CC license chosen it is CC 2.5. If you want to publish work under a CC licence which allows anyone to make use of a published work, as long as it is not for profit, try the non commercial share-alike version.

Seth seems less peeved in his update, and he got a mention in the New York times about his 2005 book, so that's good. Right? Plus, nobody broke any laws. Yeay.

I'm actually really surprised that there isn't publishers out there, who much like those adsense scraper blogs scrape the web for CC licensed material and publishing it to sell. At this point there's enough stuff out there to fill an entire bookstore. Pick up some material and do print-on-demand and presto - profit! ;)


Take a lump of Play Doh, some gaffer tape, a Benz...

How do you promote Paris without cheesy shots of berets, baguettes and old babes with poodles? Originally I wanted to emulate Claude Lelouch's famous 70's fang through the city in a Ferrari for his short 35mm film "Rendezvous" .


2007 Create Awards: $30,000 Best of Show Prize Package!

For immediate release


Feb. 16, 2007 – The 2007 Create Awards – one of the top creative competitions for professionals and students in advertising, film and video, motion graphics, graphic communication, photography, printing, interactive media, and copywriting – announces its official call for entries: March 15.


Which predictions came true? Which ones should?

Connected Marketing has a survey up where they want your input on which predictions covered in the book 2005 have come true. One of the predictions, number two reads: Prediction 2. ROI metrics will be mandatory for viral, buzz and word of mouth campaigns. This one is true already isn't it? Now that AJAX makes items on a page not appear when the page is loaded "hits" show their true colors as rubbish data and ROI is really the only thing to trust. We always knew this though, didn't we? 100.000 flat broke albanians laughing at your viral doesn't increase sales people!


Radio ads and TV commercials - not dead yet

After all the "sky is falling" reports we've heard on traditional media like TV and radio, two new studies claim those fears are not 100% founded.

During the Radio Advertising Bureau Conference, research was presented from a study done last August by Coleman Insights which claims radio commercial breaks have a retention rate of 92%, a number bolstered by strong results from four-minute and six-minute pods.

Additionally, Nielsen has found DVR owners watch 40 percent of commercials that they could skip over.

The new Nielsen data backs up the networks' claims that DVR owners do not fast-forward through all commercials. Nielsen announced the data as part of its preparations to release commercial viewing numbers for every TV program starting in May.

Nielsen's data, which is similar to estimates from TiVo, sets the stage for a renewed push from the networks to be paid for DVR playbacks. And advertisers may begin pressuring the networks to rethink the length — and even the concept — of commercial breaks to find ways to keep viewers tuned in.


1-800-POPCORN - Dale and Thomas Popcorn (2006) :60 (USA)


Aids info ad promotes monogamy with piercings

One of our submission emails had the subject: "gross tongue ad by Ogilvy Budapest". Gotta agree on the gross... Two people kissing is one thing.... but here...The old "ball and chain" expression will never conjur up the same image for me again. But the overall art directions is quite nice.


Deja vu - cleavage trick coincidence or recycled?

It was only yesterday that we posted that Saatchi & Saatchi, Stockholm wonderbra ad, but it seems it needs to be sent to the badland corner for a bit.

Last year this double-page spread which was a finalist at the One Show and Cannes Lions, sold naughty nothings in the middle east. How do you do that? Show nothing! (more inside)