Ford Mustang concept billboard, sadly impossible

People have been talking about this on adlist, and I've received a bunch of mails containing the images of Ian Hart's ford Mustang concept billboards, a few mails incorrectly stating that these ads were real and running right now because that's what they read on some random adblog out there.
Not the case.
(Here are posts that don't state it's a concept only: #1, #2, #3)

On Ian's concept page he writes:

"Constructed from GE Lexan semi-transparent resin, the billboard accurately blurs the scene behind it regardless of day , weather or season"

This seems like a great idea at first glance, but you know it's impossible....


Old lady and her Dew mashup creative credits.

Remember Sue Teller, the old lady and her mashup with the dew? She has her own myspace page with over 600 artist and musician friends (some really good ones too). She's been asked to go on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Ellen (as in Degeneres) show, and Indie 103.1 (LA's best indie radio station). Several radio stations have sampled the spot to introduce their mash up of the day - in short, the fictitious granny character created by 86 the Onions to sell soft drinks leads a more interesting life than you. Ouch.
Anyway, we like credits so we've updated the original post now that the cat is officially out of the bag.


Anti anorexia ad shows us what the anorexic see

Martin Stadhammar creative director at Grey Stockholm and Oskar Bård Director at Hobbyfilm in Stockholm got together and created a campaign for the national society called Anorexi/Bulimi-contact in hopes of raising aweness about the illness, and gathering donations to the Anorexi/Bulimi-contact soceity. (see inside)


Art Directors Club 86th call for entries poster causes catfights online

Caffeinegoddess posted the ADC 86th call for entries / end is nigh poster back in November and few raised an eyebrow. Not like last years pimped-Mc-bling poster where commenters here said "I've puked better concepts than this" as soon as the post went up. People seemed mainly offended at the visual barrage of ugly, mind you.
But fear not, all in due time, and now that people outside of the adworld have spotted the contemporary religious painter and devout christian Norbert Kox stoner-style poster for the Art Directors Club everyone is taking a second look.

This year, it seems ADC's tactic of shockingly 'bad' art and sarcasm in print might have paid off in the 'Buzz=free PR' department - everyone's now yapping about that "end is nigh" poster, AdAge even linked to little green footballs when commenting on it. Seriously. Be A Design Group posts on the controversial ADC poster wondering what exactly the ADC is attempting to say with this poster. (more inside)

VW pulls "jumper" ad

VW gas gun We've come a long way baby. The VW Jumper ad (inside for those who haven't seen it yet) created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami has been pulled after complaints from several groups among them Suicide Prevention Action Network, National Alliance on Mental Illness, American Psychiatric Association, Mental Health America and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Just last week General Motors decided to edit the Robot Superbowl spot where a depressed assembly robot dreams that he jumps off a bridge.

Right now, thousands of creatives are mimicking shooting themselves in the head with their markers, I bet. The VW "jumper" commercial is inside - not in youtubian format. It keeps getting posted and yanked there since it breaks their terms of service. (Do'h people!)


Creative Commons book sold on Amazon, Seth peeved.

Seth Godin's little mishap this week has been mentioned in The New York Times. Long story short, his free ebook published under a creative commons license Everyone's an Expert (about something) (.pdf link) was printed by someone and sold on Amazon for 9.99 USD. Just like said license alllows.

Seth wrote in his blog "This is partially my fault because the creative commons license I chose for the copyright doesn't preclude something like this. However, trademark law is really clear and there's no doubt in my mind that selling this as a new book with my name on it is not kosher". Partially his fault? I don't know much about trademark law, but did Seth Godin trademark his name? Seth Godin™? As for the CC license chosen it is CC 2.5. If you want to publish work under a CC licence which allows anyone to make use of a published work, as long as it is not for profit, try the non commercial share-alike version.

Seth seems less peeved in his update, and he got a mention in the New York times about his 2005 book, so that's good. Right? Plus, nobody broke any laws. Yeay.

I'm actually really surprised that there isn't publishers out there, who much like those adsense scraper blogs scrape the web for CC licensed material and publishing it to sell. At this point there's enough stuff out there to fill an entire bookstore. Pick up some material and do print-on-demand and presto - profit! ;)