Two black pencils at the D&AD last night

The black pencils are back after a two-year hiatus - two were handed out last night at the D&AD awards. 53 D&AD silver awards found new homes as well, in the Art Direction Category all nominees but the colorful iPod campaign got one. Apple was left empty handed.

Honored adman prize went to Dave Trott , founder of Walsh trott Chick Smith (and any other London agency with the name Trott in it). Nick Bell president of JWT motivated this with;
"Perhaps what separates out the few in this business who deserve to be called great are those who truly break fresh ground, who contribute something new and who, through their agencies, set a tone."
"David Abbott has done this. So too have John Webster, John Hegarty and Tim Delaney. To this list must be added the name of Dave Trott."

Read more to see the lucky Black Pencil winners.


Want to be a 1970s advertising star - today?

Get your type drums, Letraset, technical pens, border tape rolls and waxer ready, ITV is seeking creatives for a reality TV show, one that recreates a 1970s ad agency where the contestants will work on the iconic Raleigh Chopper bike brand. In the office, no mobile phones, computers or even the use of bike messengers are allowed. Are you in London and do you think you are ad man enough?

Assuming they have jobs, participants must have full consent from their ad agency to be away for two weeks in July when the show will be shot. Anyone interested in applying should email [email protected]. Via Caff who spotted it at Mediabulletin


Busy ad-banning season in Australia - toad ad caned

A Tooheys New beer has been pulled after complaints that it was cruel to cane toads - in the ad three men were seen using the poor critters as golf balls. Nearly 200 people complained they were not amused at watching toads being whacked with golf irons, even if the creative idea was a friendly poke at the NSW-Queensland rivalry.
The advertiser news reports of many other banned and withdrawn ads, a Coca-Cola ads depicting people surfing on photocopiers, and a BMX ad where bikers jumped over cars for were both sentanced for encouraging "dangerous behaviour". Another ad, for Just Jeans, showed a bunch of boys throwing chairs down stairwells and off rooftops was deemed to show "gratuitous destruction and vandalism".
They might seem trigger happy down under but according to The advertiser the latest figures shows that only 11 complaints out of 1191 were upheld.


Inaccurate Campaign Ads

A recent article written by Jim Rutenberg of the New York Times reveals a number of election ads in the current American Presidential race to be misleading. It is becoming an apparent tall tale campaign (by both Democrats and Republicans) leading most of the public to believe these phony facts. According to the one of the aides of a presidential candidate on these ads, "There's only so much you can do in a 30-second ad"...obviously a brainless reason. The question is, where is the democracy in this?


Grafill - Visueltkonkurransen Visual award in Norway stunning

Grafill award has just had a great year, the lines between illustration and design have blurred, the bar been raised and the only problem really is that you still can't view the winners work on their site. Read more to see some here instead.


Introducing the world's first grammatically incorrect vodka

Check this out: visit And then wait for the Level Vodka ad to load. (Or just read more, we have an image of the ad)

You'd think that with such premium space, they'd make sure that the claim "the worlds first perfectly balanced vodka" be spelled with proper attention to possessive apostrophes.

Apparently not.


Sure active response - print ad - (2004) UK

Since we've been looking at how you sell Axe for men in the print campaign in the USA and the print&poster campaign in UK, I thought a quick peek at the latest Sure active response print ad for women would be fun. Read more to see it.

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Trojan Games wins Viral awards

Remember last years Trojan games? Of course you do, how you could you ever forget about the precision vault and pelvic power lifting.

Digitalbulletin reports that the the Viral Factorys Trojan games have been named best creative of the year at the Creative showcase.


The Observer - Abba to Zappa (2004) :30 (UK)

The Observer - Abba to Zappa (2004) :30 (UK)

Adorable animated bands. The Observer Music Monthly brings you everything from Abba to Zappa.


HP: Another Love Brand

"Allison Johnson is senior vice president of global brand and communications for Hewlett-Packard Co. Her Ad:Tech keynote addressed how to foster customer loyalty, the importance of the user experience, and HP's Brand Love process. "
I bet Allison Johnson has been reading Saatchi & Saatchi's CEO book. Kevin Roberts' 'Love Marks' is changing the lexicon on the all marketing warfare biz buzz. Link here »