Obama is getting a little desperate, judging by the fact that he's now advertising in Canada.

An election sign with a difference is making drivers on the Pat Bay Highway wonder if they missed the border.
The red, white and blue billboard proclaims "Obama for President" and underneath, just in case there is confusion, adds "United States of America." The full-size billboard was paid for by Dean Park residents Reg and Karen Mooney with the dual purpose of provoking family debate and putting in a personal push to get troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

I guess there's dumber things to spend your money on, though I can't think of any right now.

There's a wikibased Ad Dictionary on the web now, where you can add words like photox and Copysloth. more words that our ad dictionary gathered during the years (contributions in that are mine and Claymore's).

Ad agencies are like "American Idol" now - where one major agency in Canada recently collected staffers into two different rooms. 60-odd people in one room were told that they were fired, the other room was "safe" (for now..). Oh, that's nice.

Bob Garfield gets really angry at bloggers in his... wait for it... blog.

Fine fine, I'll post a link to the dumb beatboxing dog that everyone but me adores. Why do I hate that suave dog so much? Because that's my cellphone provider, and the deal they offer with this dog is so much sweeter than the deal I got and am stuck with for another 24 months. My bills are so salty, I think I'm paying for this dog single handedly. So enjoy it kids, I bought you a beat boxing beagle.

These links brought to you by "Beggin' - Frankie Vallie - Pilowski edit" just 'cuz I've fancied him ever since I saw Grease at the age of five. Five times. With five different dates. Yes, start young girls. Never mind that two of the dates were my brother and father, there were slim pickings of cute boys in my kindergarden. Btw, Hi Freddy! I won't go steady with you now stop calling..


PETA will reveal a new ad pushing the use of pleather instead of leather using ex porn-star Jenna Jameson as spokesperson. In the ad which will be available March 10, Jenna Jameson is dressed in a black pleather bikini and black wig doing her best Bettie Page impression.

Inside sources reveal that PETA contacted Jenna Jameson because she's a huge animal lover, who even went so far as to have her plastic surgeon make her look like a duck. True story!


Stuart Elliot reports that "Firebrand Burns Out". Basically, they ran out of money. With the sums they were spending, I'm not surprised; "Firebrand was led by John A. Lack, a veteran of television networks like MTV, and Román Viñoly. Mr. Lack said last September that the company would spend $30 million by the time the television version of Firebrand began on Ion."

A spokesman for NBC Universal, Cory Shields, said on Tuesday afternoon, “we are not putting any additional capital into the company.”

Mr. Shields responded to a question from a reporter who was told by an executive of Firebrand that the company had shut down, effective immediately. The executive was not authorized to discuss the status of the company and as such declined to be identified.


The love affair (which didn't seem very loving), between Pizza Hut and W+K London has ended today.

Wieden & Kennedy has resigned the £13 million Pizza Hut account, calling time on its three-year hold on the business. The account will now be put into review.

Some gossip that the account lost any creative allure back when Whitbread, Pizza Hut's UK franchise partner, sold its 50% stake back to its US parent Yum! Foods making it all corporately bland again. Much like their cheese actually.

Check out lots of Pizza Hut commercials here. There's one where they have footage where astronauts eat pizza in space:
Yum! Brands - Pizza Hut - 91 Countries (2006) :30 (USA)